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Ta Petro

Advanced Truck Repair Diagnostics

Diagnostic Truck Service Technology

Advanced diagnostics for improved truck services.

Today’s trucks are more complicated than ever with multiple ECU’s, multiplexing, hundreds of sensors and over 28,000 diagnostic trouble codes.

Combine this with the complexities of new truck technologies, and it is crucial to ensure a repair is done right - and that takes professional technicians with professional diagnostic tools.

TA Truck Service facilities offer the latest diagnostic tools and technologies operated by professional technicians who are constantly seeking new training and certifications, so you can have confidence in our truck repair services.


  • Fleet truck comes to our location with a diagnostic concern or issue.
  • At fleet's request, perform an initial assessment with the diagnostic tool.
  • Quickly communicate all findings back to the fleet.
  • Quickly determine if the repair needed is within our scope of work.
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