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The online broker1Broker has been around for five years now, who is making a name for himself because he is the only broker working on the basis of bitcoin. On this basis, customers can benefit from extremely favorable conditions - apart from the spreads, there are no trading fees. Another important feature of 1Broker is the freely selectable leverage, which can be used in trading up to a maximum of 1:200. Around 40 base values ​​from the four classic categories are currently available for trading via CFD.Sorry, this provider is currently unavailable.

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In our review, we first want to find out whether traders can fully trust this provider or whether fraud and rip-offs have to be feared. After all, experience has shown time and again that there are also a few less serious representatives up to mischief in this industry. However, 1Broker is a trusted online broker that also has a regular license at its headquarters in the Marshall Islands.

Our experience at a glance

As part of our test by With 1Broker, we initially found that this is an extremely innovative provider that is breaking new ground in the meanwhile well-established scene. In addition to the already mentioned fact that deposits and withdrawals are processed exclusively on the basis of bitcoins, this also includes an absolutely minimalist interface for trading. With a freely selectable lever, traders can rely on absolutely stable trading via web-based software. Trading with a total of 40 underlying assets from the areas of stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs can be handled smoothly and effectively. Several order types are available, which enable professional trading.

Company 1Broker as a project by 1pool Ltd.
Address Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island Majuro, Marshall Islands MH 96960
Registration Number Reg. No. 85182
Regulation/License no
telephone no
email [email protected]
Live Chat no

Traders at 1Broker don't have to worry about hidden fees either. No additional fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals, but also for trading itself, but settlement is based solely on the spread, which is very closely based on market conditions. Another advantage that traders can use at 1Broker is the uncomplicated participation in social trading. Here, too, they can use a transparent cost model that calculates exactly two percent per transaction as part of social trading. The support offer, which we got to know in our test, is also minimalistic but quite effective. Direct contact is only possible via email, but on weekdays a quick answer can be expected, but at the latest within 24 hours.

1Broker checked: fraud or serious?

Before we go into the possibilities and conditions in trading as part of our test, we would first like to address the question of how serious this online broker can be assessed at all. After all, both the mode for processing deposits and withdrawals and the location on the Marshall Islands represent a certain special feature. To put it bluntly, according to our knowledge, the customers of this provider do not have to reckon with fraud or even rip-offs. This is initially evident when looking at the past five years, in which 1Broker has proven to be a reliable and absolutely reputable partner for trading CFDs. Since then, both the transactions in connection with leveraged trading and the handling of customers' capital have run without any complaints. The security of the deposits is also provided by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is now an internationally accepted means of payment. Over 95 percent of 1Broker deposits are in the form of hardware wallets and paper wallets. Only the majority shareholder can access these deposits. The wallet backups are also distributed across different regions. So if you are fundamentally convinced of the innovative currency system around Bitcoin, you will find very decent conditions with 1Broker in terms of seriousness and security.

Offer currently includes 40 base values

With regard to the offer for trading, 1Broker can initially be described as a completely normal online broker. The core of the offer is a compact selection of underlying assets. A total of 40 individual stocks are currently available for trading. These are divided into the classic categories of stocks, stock indices, commodities and currencies. Also with a view to the technical execution of the trade, some interesting instruments can be used.

The website of 1Broker
Homepage von 1BrokerAngebot von 1Broker

Trading instruments

Trading is exclusively via CFDs settled. A total of 40 base values ​​are available for this purpose. First of all, traders can choose from eleven indices. With the selection of values ​​in this category, 1Broker represents an absolutely interesting spectrum of different regions in our experience. In addition to the leading global indices such as EuroStoxx, Dow Jones, Nikkei or the DAX, lesser-known titles are also represented, such as the ASX from Australia or the ATX from Austria. You can also trade individual shares. Here, too, 1Broker's customers have a compact but well-assorted selection available that reflects different industries and regions. The spectrum of available values ​​ranges from Internet values ​​such as Alibaba or Alphabet, to automotive values ​​such as BMW, Tesla or Ford, to financial values ​​such as Banc of America and or Deutsche Bank.

And also with the values ​​of the food companies Pepsi and Coca Cola can be traded. The trading offer at 1Broker is rounded off by base values ​​from the areas of commodities and forex. In addition to the three commodity values ​​of gold, silver and oil, various currency combinations are available, including US dollars, euros, Japanese yen and British pounds, as well as Norwegian and Swedish krona, as well as other dollar currencies. And you can also speculate on the performance of the Russian ruble, the Swiss franc and the Mexican peso. The offer consists of a total of 16 combinations.

CFD trading with leverage up to 1:200

Trading is exclusively based on CFDs. The traders can set the desired leverage, with a maximum leverage being set depending on the value. In the area of ​​equities, the maximum leverage is 1:15, indices can be traded with a maximum leverage of 1:20. 1Broker offers significantly higher leverage in trading in commodities (1:50) and in currency combinations up to 1:200. However, a leverage of only one to one can also be selected, which enables relatively low-risk trading and, in principle, also allows long-term investments in the capital market. No fees are charged in trading, as trading is settled solely on the basis of spreads. Here, too, traders can use transparent conditions as a basis, which can vary depending on the value and the market situation. The average spreads for shares are between one and two points, currencies can even be traded from a spread of 0.0001 (Euro/US Dollar).

Several order types are available

Im Handel kann außerdem auf eine breite Auswahl von wichtigen Orderarten zurückgegriffen werden. Gebühren werden für den Einsatz dieser Instrumente nicht erhoben. So kann zunächst etwa die klassische Market Order eingesetzt werden, bei der der beste verfügbare Preis berechnet wird. Im Gegensatz dazu wird bei den ebenfalls verfügbaren Varianten „Limit Order“ und „Stop Entry“ der Auftrag zu einem vom Trader festgelegten Preis ausgeführt. Vergleichbare Orderarten stehen auch für den Verkauf von Positionen zur Verfügung.

1Broker does not offer a bonus

As part of our reviews, we checkthe online CFD brokers also whether and if so what types of bonuses are in the program. Basically, the bonus has recently developed as an important tool when it comes to attracting new customers. The creativity and generosity of online brokers often seemed to know no bounds. For customers, this meant at first glance the opportunity to benefit extensively from various bonus services. The spectrum ranged from additional payments, which were granted depending on the amount of one's own deposits, to free participation in webinars and training material, to software packages for trading. In many cases, however, the actual value of these bonus offers was not entirely clear. Financial bonuses in particular proved to be so opaque in the long term that traders could only benefit to a limited extent. In any case, you should always take a close look at the respective bonus.

And above all, it should not be seen as a disadvantage per se if an online broker does not offer a bonus. The online broker 1Broker in our test also currently has no bonus in its program. This circumstance gives traders a clear view of the actual offer. In addition, he is completely free to decide how much trading capital should first be paid into the account without looking at a specific bonus. In the following section, we will show how deposits and withdrawals are actually processed.

Deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin and without fees

The online broker 1Broker has taken a look at the regulation of deposits and withdrawals opted for a method that has rarely been used up to now. The trading account is managed and billed exclusively in the Internet currency Bitcoin. According to their own statements, the offer from 1Broker is even explicitly designed for users of the cryptocurrency. But of course everyone else can also use the offer of 1Broker. For this, however, it is first necessary to create your own Bitcoin account and then to equip it with the appropriate capital. Funds can then be transferred from this account to the 1Broker trading account. In our experience, the money is available for trading in less than an hour.

Payment methods at 1Broker
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei 1Broker
Deposit methods: Bincoin account only|| |215
Mindesteinzahlung: None
Deposit Fees: None
Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin
Withdrawal methods: via Bitcoin account only

The same method used for deposits also applies to withdrawals. For this purpose, a special page in the area of ​​the personal online account is accessed and the payment can be ordered directly. In just as short a time, the corresponding amount is then booked back to the original Bitcoin account. All bookings made in connection with the 1Broker offer can be traced in a special log. Fees are not charged for either deposits or withdrawals. From the trader's point of view, however, a certain risk can be seen in the price fluctuations of bitcoin compared to the home currency, which have been quite strong in recent months and years.

Everything is fine with security and regulation

In order to be able to concentrate fully on trading as a trader, one should be able to rely on sufficient standards of security and regulation. From our point of view, a high level of security at 1Broker is given by a number of technical requirements. So it relies on tried-and-tested software that reliably wards off any hostile attacks by criminals. Neither the trading software nor the customer accounts can be accessed due to the security measures used. According to 1Broker, there has not been a successful external attack since it was launched in 2012. The deposits are also protected by the use of hardware and paper wallets and also secured by regular backups.

Traders, on the other hand, have to make concessions with a view to regulation. 1Broker does have a license at its headquarters in the Marshall Islands. However, the local regulation cannot be compared to the standards that traders are used to from providers based in Europe. Nevertheless, the provider can be classified as absolutely trustworthy and serious. 1Broker also does not offer a classic deposit guarantee, as is required for providers regulated in Europe. Instead, the security standards associated with Bitcoin apply.

Support is simple but effective

As we have already reported at various points in our test, this is an online broker , who wants to offer his customers absolutely favorable trading conditions. Against this background, you have to be content with a somewhat spartan support offer. Above all, this means that direct contact by telephone or online chat is not provided. Instead, contacting them via email is the only way to ask the support department for assistance. For this purpose, there are four separate email addresses to choose from, which customers can contact depending on the form of their request. In our experience with 1Broker support, however, the promise to reply within 24 hours at the latest is kept. Longer waiting times are only to be expected on weekends. In addition to English, support is also available in Canadian. If you have any questions about the offer, you can first consult the FAQ area, which is currently only available in English.

The online presence follows a clear structure

Our experiences with 1Broker have also shown that the offer of this online broker is characterized by a very high level of user-friendliness. This starts with the website, which is characterized by a very clear structure. The trading software is also designed for simple and uncomplicated operation. Especially due to the minimalist structure of the interface for trading, very short loading times without delays can be expected, which is very beneficial for undisturbed and effective trading.

Mobile App

Similar to the general ease of use can also be reported for the conditions that we found in mobile trading as part of our 1Broker test. However, the app, which is required for mobile trading, is only available for the Google-based Android system. It can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and enables uncomplicated trading via smartphone at any time. In principle, all functions can be used that are also available in normal trading via the PC or laptop.

Conclusion - Effective and cost-effective trading with 1Broker

With 1Broker we have tested an online broker who is innovative in various ways and thus offers traders some interesting perspectives. The absolutely favorable cost structure can be seen as a clear advantage. No fees are charged for either deposits or withdrawals, and there are no additional costs to be expected when trading. Only the spreads have to be considered. However, absolutely favorable levels are offered.

You can trade on the basis of CFDs with 40 values ​​from the categories shares, share indices, commodities and currency pairs. A maximum leverage is specified for each value, but this can be set individually in trading. Trading in a ratio of 1:1 is also possible, which makes this online broker also interesting for strategically oriented traders. The fact that the trading account can only be managed in the Internet currency Bitcoin is likely to be a novelty in the broker scene. As part of our test, we also got to know an absolutely reputable provider. Against this background, fraud or rip-offs are not to be feared.

Roland Herrmann
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Innovative broker who handles all payments on Bitcoin basis!
3.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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