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A wide range of options in CFD trading, excellent trading technology and a wide range of support at a high level, these are the most important characteristics of the online broker ActivTrades, which has been offering its services from the London location for years 2001. For traders who are interested in leveraged trading with a wide variety of stock market products, at least at first glance, this is an ideal provider in this area.

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But in order for long-term success in retail to be achieved, attractive packaging is required also the most professional possible implementation of all announced properties. We wanted to find out how this works in the specific case of ActivTrades by testing this provider. In addition to the possibilities of smoothly handling trading with various stock exchange products, we pay particular attention to the aspects of security and seriousness. After all, it's about nothing less than the investor's private assets and the associated existential goals. Against this background, fraud or rip-off should be ruled out from the outset. We have summarized what we found out in the course of our test in the following sections.

The most important experiences with ActivTrades at a glance

Basically, during our test of the online broker for the Trading leveraged financial products can get a very decent impression. Starting with the professional appearance, the range of trading opportunities, but also the professional handling of the trade, as well as the support that the investor can rely on for everything to do with trading, the online broker's customers should feel that they are taken seriously and that they are in good hands . A number of further training and information opportunities are offered in order to provide concrete impulses for the trade. Customer service can be contacted around the clock on weekdays if questions arise about the technical processing of trading. And the conditions under which products from the areas of stocks, stock indices, bonds, commodities and currencies can be traded also ensure that investors can keep a large part of their returns for themselves and not give them away in the form of fees need.

Company ActivTrades PLC
Address “1 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1YN”
Registrierungsnummer 5367727 (Trade Register of England & Wales)
Regulatory Licence 434413 (FCA)
Telephone 49 (0) 69 8700 3103
email [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback Yes
Service hours Monday to Friday 24h

ActivTrades – serious or not?

In addition to well-functioning trading with a wide range of underlying assets and instruments, investors should always be interested in whether there is a provider behind the glowing facade of an online broker , who is so reputable that you can entrust your money to him. In the case of ActivTrades, there are several reasons why this provider meets the necessary requirements and allows the investor to trade without having to fear for his deposits and without having to have the transactions properly processed.

That fraud or It can be deduced from the fact that this provider is regulated by the British supervisory authority FCA. This institution ensures, among other things, that customer deposits in the trading account are managed separately from the company's assets, so that they are not lost even in the event of insolvency. In addition, the Financial Supervisory Authority is responsible for investigating any suspected cases of improper business practices. Against this background, the provider has always kept a clean record since it was founded 15 years ago and has never given reason to doubt its seriousness. In this respect, too, investors can feel that they are in good hands.

In the following sections we would like to go into individual aspects of the trading offer as well as other services and bonus options from ActivTrades.

Trade with the most important values ​​at favorable conditions

Central point of view of a trader are of course the conditions and the trade offer. With the broker ActivTrades, the investor can expect a well staggered range of base values, which come from the areas of shares, share indices, bonds, commodities and forex in the form of currency pairs. ActivTrades has primarily focused on the main values ​​from the respective markets, i.e. the values ​​of the most important indices or the indices themselves can essentially be accessed. The most important values ​​from around 20 trading centers around the world are available, starting with European trading centers such as Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam or Paris, including Mexico City, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney or Johannesburg, to name just a few.

In addition, there are important interest rate futures from the European and American markets. There are 13 values ​​in the program from the raw materials category, plus a small selection of metals. In the Forex area, you can also choose from a selection of around 50 currency pairs. In addition to combinations from the majors, some exotic combinations are also available. In principle, the range of tradable stocks is particularly convincing due to its wide range, both globally and in terms of the industry, while smaller stocks from the second and third tier of the markets do not appear in the ActivTrades lists.

The direct trade on the provider's website
Vorschaubild ActivTrades Startseitemehrere Plattformen zur Auswahl

Regarding the conditions themselves, it should be said that ActivTrades strives for a model that is both transparent and very cost-effective. In many categories you can choose between two different margin models, which differ depending on the category, but also on the share value and market. For example, a margin of five percent is possible for Canadian shares with margin model 1, which corresponds to a leverage of 1:20. With margin model 2, the margin is 15 percent, i.e. a leverage of 1:6.7.

In addition, trading at very low fees is possible. From a minimum commission of one euro or 0.05 percent of the transaction value, European shares can be traded. On the American stock exchanges Nasdaq and NYSE, the minimum fee is one US dollar or 0.02 US dollars per share. In the area of ​​the indices, target spreads are specified, which are used to orient the trading costs. In the case of the DAX, this means that a point value of 25 euros can be traded with a spread of just one point. With the American S&P it is 50 US dollars per point, with the target spread being just 0.5 points. A final look at the bonds: The Bund Future is on offer with a point value of EUR 1,000 and the corresponding spread has a target value of 0.02 points. Leverages of 1:400 are also possible in this less volatile area, which corresponds to a margin requirement of 0.25 percent.

Our trading experience has also shown that the target values ​​for the spreads are largely adhered to very precisely and, in addition, very liquid trading can be expected.

So if you want to focus on low-cost trading with the most important global stocks, ActivTrades should be the right place for you.

None Deposit bonus for new customers

An important element in the fight for new customers in the online broker industry is the bonus. Ultimately, in this way, providers try to provide additional incentives for potential customers to decide to open an account and transfer trading capital as soon as possible. The form of bonus that has become very popular among providers and investors in recent years has been the provision of additional trading capital. This should also motivate investors to transfer higher sums to the trading account. However, this additional capital is initially virtual credit, which is only paid out to the investor after the high sales conditions have been met.

Deposit Bonus:
Bonus Terms:
Validity: –|| |209
weitere Boni: Bonus program with non-cash bonuses

We would like to rate the bonus offer, which is currently being offered by ActivTrades, as all the more interesting against the background of these experiences. This is a very attractive bonus program in which points can be collected through various activities, which can be converted into bonuses after a certain point value has been reached. First of all, points can also be collected here in connection with the first deposit of trading capital. With a deposit of 500 euros there are 500 points, from 1,000 euros the new customer can look forward to 1,000 additional points on his account.

There is also a volume when trading shares from the Canadian Dax of 10,000 euros 12.5 points. In our experience, continuous trading soon accumulates a considerable number of points. Additional points can also be earned by attracting new customers to ActivTrades. Depending on the size of the new customer's first deposit, up to 1,500 additional bonus points can be acquired. There are bonuses from a score of 5,000 points, so it is quite possible that the first bonus can be selected after new registrations, customer advertising and a few trades. For example, an Apple iPod Nano is in the selection of available bonuses for this score.

While with co-payment bonuses it is extremely uncertain what is left in bonus rewards at the end of the day, the bonus offer from ActivTrades has a very tangible background.

This is how the deposit and withdrawal works at ActivTrades

Anyone who wants to trade stock market products, no matter what kind, needs trading capital for this. So before the investor can invest his money in the stock exchange, it is necessary for him to deposit money into his personal trading account, which is available both as trading capital and as collateral for the margin requirement. To deposit this money into the account, the broker offers a number of different options. First, the classic bank transfer can be used. In addition, the online broker also offers the possibility of providing the trading account with capital by credit card. Another important option is to use so-called e-wallets, i.e. internet service providers, for this purpose. ActivTrades works with the providers Skrill, Sofort and Neteller. MasterCard, VISA and Maestro are accepted as credit cards.

Payment types at a glance
Diese Möglichkeiten stehen zur Verfügung
Payment options: Bank transfer, Maestro, VISA, MasterCard, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill ,
Minimum deposit: 100CAD/EUR/USD
Fees: 1.5 percent with credit card, otherwise free of charge
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer, Maestro, VISA, MasterCard, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill,

While bank transfer and Internet service providers are available free of charge, credit card deposits are subject to a fee of 1.5 percent of the amount transferred. With all the methods offered, it can also be assumed that the credit will be available for trading very quickly. In the case of payment by bank transfer, according to the provider, it takes no longer than one working day, with credit cards or e-wallets the credit can be used in stores after a maximum of 30 minutes.

The same options are also available available for withdrawals, only paying out using the method used to deposit. No fees are charged for the credit card, bank transfer and e-wallet options. If the payment was requested by 12.30 p.m., the order can be expected to be processed on the same day.

Regulation by the British FCA

Regarding the question of security and regulation With the provider ActivTrades, the investor can rely on a very decent level, as it is controlled by the British supervisory authority FCA. In particular, it can be assumed that the deposits in the trading account are secured even in the event of the provider's insolvency, since they are in separate bank accounts. For these, in turn, the British deposit insurance applies up to an amount of 500,000 British pounds. Furthermore, the authority is also responsible for monitoring fair trade, so that investors can be sure that there is no risk of fraud or rip-off.

Support and customer service very satisfactory

Even if our experience with the provider has shown that disruptions in the day-to-day trading process are not to be expected, effective and comprehensive support is an important one component for customer satisfaction. Investors at ActivTrades have the opportunity to contact a member of the service team in person or by telephone around the clock from Monday to Friday. A separate number is also provided for customers from Kenya, which they can use to reach support at a cheap landline rate. In addition, of course, e-mail is also available as a contact option, and a free callback can also be requested if desired.

The investor also receives information quickly and easily if he contacts the online broker via the live chat turns. In our experience, both the response time and the competence in the answers can clearly be seen as plus points for this provider. In addition, a fully functional demo account can be used for practice purposes.

Structure of the website makes it easy for visitors

The website can be seen as the business card of any company, which allows quick entry into the Offers and possibilities of the provider should guarantee. In the case of ActivTrades, this task has been solved very well in any case. The visitor to the website can find out very clearly about the trading opportunities, the conditions and additional offers. In any case, ActivTrades has some of these in its program. A broadly differentiated range of educational and informational offerings is made available, which, in addition to basic knowledge on trading in contracts for difference, also includes video courses and webinars. Current market comments are also created for investors, which they can use to align their trading strategies. The trading software offered free of charge by ActivTrades is also clear and clearly structured. The investor has the choice of trading via a browser-based platform or downloading the software. Both solutions are based on the MetaTrader software, which, in addition to an individually adjustable trading platform, also supports many order types and analysis functions.

Comprehensive mobile trading with the app

Also based on the MetaTrader software the mobile app that enables investors to participate in trading conveniently and from any location via their mobile device. This means that the investor at ActivTrades is always flexible and able not only to keep an eye on positions and account balances with the smartphone or tablet, but also to actively intervene in trading.

Conclusion - Many possibilities in and around trading at ActivTrades

With the online broker fortrading CFD products we have tested a provider that deals with the world's most important underlying assets in the area Equities, indices, bonds, commodities and currencies offers a reliable and comprehensive range. Not only can you trade fluently and at precise prices and spreads, but the investor can also rely on many support offers in the area of ​​education and service.

In addition, with ActivTrades the investor can also use the Security can be relied on to a high standard guaranteed by the UK regulator FCA. Fraud and rip-off don't stand a chance.

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Professional trading is possible with the educational offers and market comments!
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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