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There are currently two important trends in the area of ​​the system. For some years now, investment opportunities with a high level of security have yielded almost no interest. On the contrary: through negative interest rates or custody fees, but also with very low interest rates, money loses real value over the years. On the other hand, there is a second trend that suits investors who expect returns but at the same time do not want to take extremely high risks. The variety of alternative investment opportunities for private investors is constantly increasing. The spectrum ranges from relatively safe investments abroad with higher interest rates to highly speculative stock market products and the opportunity to invest money directly in certain projects.

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In our test we would like to take a closer look at aescuvest's business model. We wanted to know how the investment process is actually handled, whether there are additional costs for the investor and how quickly the return can be expected to be paid out. Of course, the question of security and seriousness is very important for a private investment. We want to know whether fraud can be ruled out with certainty. After we would first like to present an overview of our most important experiences, we will go into the criteria mentioned point by point in the following test report.

Our experiences at a glance

All in all, we have with the Crowdinvesting platform aescuvest has had very good experiences. The business principle is based on private investors being made aware of selected projects via the online platform, in which they can then invest directly. The corresponding projects are usually not financed 100 percent by aescuvest, but only to a certain extent. For the overall financing, however, this private capital represents so-called equity, so that more favorable conditions for classic credit financing can be claimed from the banks. This is associated with somewhat higher risks for private investors who invest via crowd investing. However, investors are then rewarded with significantly higher returns for their willingness to take risks.

Company aescuvest GmbH
Address Hanauer Landstr. 328-330 60314 Frankfurt am Main
regulation no
telephone tel.: +49 (0)69 254741644
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat yes

The risk itself can be reduced by investing a reasonable amount as well as can be effectively controlled by spreading over several projects. The actual investment process can be handled very easily via the aescuvest online portal. The essential information is also made available via the website. Of course, it is also possible to contact them directly and ask for information. Of course, aescuvest's offer also includes detailed information about the course of the project. The conditions differ depending on the project. However, a medium to long term in the range of several years is usual. Normally, the agreed interest is paid at the end of the year, although project-specific regulations are also possible here. There is also the variant that the interest is only paid out in full at the end of the project. Additional costs or fees are not to be expected in connection with the investment via aescuvest. In general, the effort involved in this offer is very limited and only includes the registration process and the payment of the respective amount. Payment will then be made automatically at the agreed time. In the following we would now like to go into individual aspects of aescuvest and first deal with the question of seriousness.

aescuvest checked: Fraud or serious?

When it comes to their money, Canadians are traditionally very cautious. This is of course quite justified, since there are always cases of fraud in which investors are robbed of their money. From a purely legal point of view, the investor at aescuvest enters into a contract with the respective project sponsor. These are standard contracts, which can of course also be checked independently in advance. It regulates the amount of the returns as well as the payment modalities and liability issues. In our experience with aescuvest, these are absolutely standard contracts with no pitfalls or disadvantages for investors. The contracts can then also be legally enforced in an emergency. aescuvest is a young company that has only been active in this industry for a few years. During this time, a large number of projects have already been successfully completed, with the investors always being paid out within the agreed framework. All in all, the concept gives a very serious impression. From this point of view, we can rule out the possibility of fraud or rip-offs.

To the aescuvest offer

Crowdinvesting works a little differently than customers save through their accounts, for example are used to at the bank. First you have to decide how much money you want to invest. Normally, investments can be made in several projects at the same time. New projects are regularly launched, so that investments can be made continuously. In the following section we would like to outline which projects are available for selection.

The website of Aescuvest
Vorschaubild Startseite aescuvestVorschaubild Projekte aescuvest

New projects are constantly being launched

Currently, on the aescuvest platform presents two projects in which customers can invest their money. The first project is a project called LIQUI-Patch, which is being implemented by the company epinamics GmbH. In the second project of the company Rodos BioTarget GmbH, capital is collected for a project of the same name. Both projects are designed for a total term of five years. The investment phase lasts several months and in the first few weeks customers can secure a so-called early subscription bonus. So if you decide early on to invest money in the project, you can expect a slightly higher total interest rate. This is eight percent over the entire term (LIQUI Patch) or 7.5 percent for Rodos BioTarget.

The first project called LIQUI-Patch is about a transdermal patch, which is in Can be applied very easily in the form of a spray. The project is presented in great detail, among other things, experts comment on the economic prospects and the year in which the breakeven point is expected to be reached is also mentioned. In addition, an elaborately produced video is available, with which investors can also find out about the business idea.

In the second currently available project, a novel therapy method is to be brought to market maturity. This is based on a nanotransporter, onto the surface of which certain cells can then dock. From this, precise conclusions can then be drawn about certain clinical pictures. The method can be used to develop highly effective preparations for diseases such as diabetes or urea cycle defects.

The information available on the projects includes overviews of the team, a description of the specific strategy and of goals and milestones or for the specific use of funds. Of course, the project description also deals in detail with the return expected. In the following section, we show what investors can expect in concrete terms and what the total return is made up of.

Returns also depend on project success

Overall, investors in projects that exceed aescuvest, expect very high returns that are well above the current market interest rate. However, the specific returns are flexible in each case and also depend on the actual economic success of the project. The total return is therefore always made up of at least two components. The overall return on investment spent on the project therefore represents only an ideal value that will be achieved if everything goes as planned.

First, a base interest rate is offered, which is paid regardless of the progress of the project. Depending on the project, this is in the range of one to three percent. In addition, there is a performance-related bonus interest, which is only paid if the project goals are achieved as planned. This bonus interest ranges in a region between three percent and five percent, so that ideally, total returns of up to ten percent and even more are possible. Investors should always keep in mind that with this investment opportunity, opportunity and risk are an inseparable pair. By staggering interest rates, companies also protect themselves against having to bear excessive costs and risking insolvency in the event of an unexpectedly negative development.

No deposit bonus - but smaller bonus options

Aescuvest does not currently have a classic bonus on deposits. Nevertheless, based on our experience, we consider the principle of the provider to be quite attractive. In addition to the bonus interest just described, which is paid out if the project is successful, there is also bonus interest for early bookers.

Incoming and outgoing payments are only possible via bank transfer

Not having a large selection the investors when it comes to deciding on a particular payment method. The only option for making the investment is the classic bank transfer.

Payment methods available from the provider aescuvest
Einzahlungen nur per Banküberweisung
Payment options: by bank transfer
Mindesteinzahlung: 250 Euro
Fees: no
Account management possible in: Euro|| |211
Auszahlungsoptionen: by bank transfer

For this purpose, the individual bank details must also be transmitted to aescuvest when the investor registers with the platform. Nevertheless, the selected amount is not automatically debited, but the customer is asked to transfer the agreed amount to a trustee account. On the other hand, the agreed interest and the investment sum are automatically paid out at the end of the project.

Security can also be influenced by the investor himself

The question of security is and remains an important issue. We have already pointed out the connection between opportunity and risk. In terms of security, it is important for investors to deal sensibly with the risk, which is undoubtedly present. Because the project sponsors are usually small and medium-sized companies, which as GmbH are subject to limited liability. In concrete terms, this means that in the event of insolvency, almost no claims can be asserted by the creditors. However, insolvency can be considered unlikely, since the companies are well financed and well positioned overall. This is also checked in detail by aescuvest in advance. The chances of success of the individual projects are also carefully examined by the experts from aescuvest. From the point of view of private investors, it is also important to only invest money that is not directly dependent on and the loss of which can be tolerated in an emergency. The risk of failure can also be minimized by continuously investing in several projects at the same time. With the minimum deposit amount of only 250 euros, this is also very easy.

Customer support

Support and service are mainly handled via the website, which we will deal with below. In addition, direct contact is also possible. If questions arise about the processing of the investment or about the individual projects, customers and interested parties can contact an aescuvest employee directly at any time. In order to avoid waiting times, telephone advice is organized via a callback function. aescuvest gives customers a callback guarantee. A simple online module can also be used to make simple inquiries, which in our experience with aescuvest are answered very quickly and reliably. The third option is an online chat. Website provides all relevant information We were also able to get a very good impression of the website as part of our aescuvest test. The business model is presented in great detail. The process for an investment is also described in great detail, and videos can also be used. The information on the individual projects, which has been compiled according to a fixed template, is also very well prepared. This makes it very easy for investors to obtain targeted information about aescuvest and the projects brokered here. The investment process itself, i.e. the registration in particular, is carried out completely online.

Website provides all relevant information

In the course of our test of aescuvest, we were also able to get a very good impression of the website. The business model is presented in great detail. The process for an investment is also described in great detail, and videos can also be used. The information on the individual projects, which has been compiled according to a fixed template, is also very well prepared. This makes it very easy for investors to obtain targeted information about aescuvest and the projects brokered here. The investment process itself, i.e. the registration in particular, is handled entirely online.

Mobile App

On the other hand, an app is not available so that you can use the offer on the go. Of course, it is possible to access the aescuvest website via smartphone. However, ongoing monitoring of the investment and the ability to react quickly to changes are not required at all. After the decision has been made and implemented, the customers actually only have to sit back and wait for the returns.

Conclusion – Invest directly with aescuvest and benefit from attractive returns

With aescuvest there is a highly interesting opportunity to specifically expand the range of private investments. The platform for crowd investing aescuvest has specialized in small and medium-sized projects in the medical sector. Private investors can collect up to 10 percent return per year with investment amounts between 250 euros and 10,000 euros. However, the project-specific return is graded according to the base rate and bonus interest, with the bonus interest only being paid out if the project is going according to plan. In the past, all of the previous projects have been carried out successfully. However, no guarantee can be derived from this that this will also be the case in the future. A certain risk must therefore be taken into account by the investors. In order to minimize the risk of non-payment or a lower interest rate, aescuvest carries out a detailed examination of the respective company and the projects in advance. The customers themselves can also contribute to minimizing the risk by spreading the work across several projects. All in all, we got a consistently serious impression from aescuvest. Fraud is therefore not to be expected in any way.

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aescuvest offers top returns with solid projects from the medical industry!
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