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Who hasn't dreamed of turning the big wheel of the financial world with just a few clicks and making a lot of money at the same time? But as easy as this possibility may seem to many at first glance, you should proceed as carefully and cautiously if you want to enter this segment. This applies in particular to traders who want to specialize in CFD or Forex trading. In short, financial levers are used to develop different financial stocks. Not only are high profits possible within a short time, but of course also significant losses. Inexperienced traders in particular should always be aware of this danger, which in principle is part of trading in financial products. This also applies to the online broker Alpari, which has been offering its services in this area for several years. Leverage of up to 1:1,000 can be used, which should probably secure the company a top position among the providers in this area.

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📈 Underlyings| ||63 44 Währungspaare, 5 Rohstoffe, 10 Indizes
💻 Software MT4, MT5
⚖️Regulation| ||75

Alpari also offers another advantage, namely that no minimum deposit is required. In principle, trading can also be started on the basis of very small amounts. This means that the risk of loss cannot be limited in relative terms, but at least in absolute terms. The range of underlyings themselves, on the other hand, is very focused at Alpari. A total of around 60 base values ​​from the areas of currencies, commodities and indices are available for trading, with a focus on currencies. Here traders have the opportunity to trade with leveraged products in the areas of currencies, commodities and indices. While the selection of trading options seems interesting, other factors are also important when choosing the right online broker. These include the quality of the support, the options in the area of ​​retail support and the available payment methods. We took a closer look at all these aspects as part of a detailed test. The results and our experiences can be found in the following sections.

Our experiences at a glance

Before we devote ourselves to the individual aspects in detail, we would first like to present our most important ones in this section Present experiences around the provider Alpari. First of all, the appearance looks absolutely professional. However, and this may disappoint some customers from Kenya, the website is only available in English. The same applies to all other offers, such as support options, market information or support. With a look at the range of trades made available to traders by the broker, it becomes clear that there is only a rather manageable selection of values ​​on offer.

Traders who also want to specialize in one trade , in which you can rely on freely selectable titles from a wide variety of areas, will not find anything at Alpari. Rather, the offer for trading was tailored to traders who see their focus clearly in the area of ​​​​currency trading. The range is also supplemented by underlyings from the areas of commodities and indices. On this basis, however, very interesting trading is possible, in which one can also benefit from a number of different global trends. In addition, the information and training offer can be much better aligned with the available titles.

Company Alpari Research & Analysis Limited
Address 17 Ensign House, Admirals Way, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 8449 869559
Email [email protected]
Live Chat yes
Callback no

For the conditions, according to our experience, a very wide-ranging model is available, which is quite capable of meeting the different requirements and trading strategies of different traders. And also with regard to the already mentioned support services that investors can use at Alpari, we have had very positive experiences overall. The range of technical and fundamental analyzes is very wide. Furthermore, not only beginners have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with various strategies on the basis of videos. Competent support is also offered for direct support in trading, with which investors should feel that they are in very good hands. Versions four and five of the Meta Trader are available for download for trading purposes. In addition to classic forex trading, Alpari also offers its customers this trading option. Finally, we would like to emphasize that customers can also use a demo account to prepare for trading accordingly. Another important aspect when evaluating a broker is its trustworthiness. In the following section we would now like to go into detail as to whether traders can expect a reputable provider.

We got to know Alpari as a reputable provider

Before traders decide on a particular online broker , it is important to compare thoroughly to identify the most suitable candidate. In our experience, it is just as important to check carefully whether you are dealing with a reputable representative of your trade. While this is very easy for providers who have their own regulation, this check requires a little more time for non-regulated providers. Because here the traders cannot rely on a state authority that makes sure that their interests are taken into account accordingly. In the case of non-regulated providers, on the other hand, the lived practice and experiences that other providers have made with this online broker offer clues. During our research, neither level gave any indication that fraud or rip-offs are to be expected. In our test, we have only had good experiences that indicate a fair partner for trade. And beyond that, we are not aware of any information that raises doubts about the seriousness of this provider.

Offer offers a choice of account model, underlying assets and instruments

Traders who are looking for a partner for the processing of trade, of course want to act first and foremost. Once the basic aspects such as security and language have been clarified, the actual offer for retailers naturally comes into focus. And especially when, like Alpari, it is an online broker that only provides a comparatively small selection of underlying assets for trading, it is important to ensure that the desired values ​​are also included in the selection. Before that, however, we would like to go into the Alpari model with which the conditions are regulated.

Conditions depending on the account model

At first it may seem a bit confusing when you as a trader first look at the respective Alpari account models. A total of six different versions are available. While there are no differences between the individual account models for the use of additional services such as market information or education, it primarily depends on the selected account model how the trading conditions are calculated. In addition, it makes a difference whether the account is opened on the basis of MetaTrader version 4 or 5 trading platforms. The nano account can be opened as the simplest account, which, however, is only offered for trading via MetaTrader 4. The absolute advantage of this model is firstly that there is no requirement for a minimum deposit. Nevertheless, you can already trade with a leverage of up to 1:500.

The fixed spread starts at 2 pips. The minimum trade size is 100 lots. Next, the standard account is available, which can be opened in connection with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. There is definitely a difference between the two options. While the leverage can be freely selected between 1:25 and 1:1,000 in the version with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 has a fixed leverage of 1:100. In general, a standard account can be traded from a spread of 0.3 pips. While no commissions are charged, as with the nano account, the use of limits costs extra. In addition, only currencies and commodities are available for trading, while indices can only be traded from the Pro account version. While the standard account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 100 euros, the requirement for the pro account is 500 euros. Here you can now trade on a commission basis with practically no spreads. The commission will state 16 euros per transaction. All in all, we got to know a structure of conditions from the provider that offers beginners in particular the best opportunities to start with very small amounts and to get fair conditions for trading. But even advanced users will find outstanding trading conditions at Alpari.

Offer for CFD and Forex

While currencies and commodities are available for trading for all traders, regardless of the selected trading account, only holders of the Pro account version can also trade with indices. In the area of ​​currencies and commodities, the range of underlyings includes around 50 positions. In particular, the possibilities in Forex offer traders a decent program that includes all important and also some less important currencies. Of course, the four important majors, i.e. the US dollar, the euro, the British pound and the Japanese yen, could not be missing. In addition, combinations are available with currencies such as the Danish krone, the Swiss franc, other dollar currencies from New Zealand, Singapore or Canada or the Mexican peso.

All in all, a very wide range is available in any case. This only applies to a limited extent to the area of ​​raw materials, where you can only choose from five individual titles. However, gold and silver, for example, can be traded both in US dollars and on the basis of the Russian ruble. When it comes to energy commodities, two types of oil and natural gas are available for trading. Finally, let's look at the indices that can be traded at Alpari. Among the ten titles that are made available for trading are the most important values ​​from the American markets, i.e. the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. From the European markets, the French CAC and the UK FTSE and Spanish IBEX available. And some titles from the Asian or Pacific region can also be bet on in the trade. The Japanese Nikkei, the Chinese Hang Seng and the Australian ASX are available for trading here. By selecting titles from different regions of the world, you can also trade here practically around the clock, although usually only a selection of titles is available.

No deposit bonus

Customers, those who choose Alpari for the first time cannot count on any special bonus when they register and deposit money for the first time. Nevertheless, a small selection of interesting additional services awaits traders. This includes a cash back program, for which traders can register when opening an account. Points are credited for each transaction, which can be converted into trading capital from a certain number. In addition, there is the possibility of acquiring additional bonus points by placing articles relating to Alpari's trade and offers. However, the trading capital redeemed with the bonus points is not paid out directly as cash, but must first be used in trading.

Deposit bonus: no
Bonus conditions:|| |169
More Bonuses: Cash Back, more

Vielfalt bei Einzahlung und Auszahlung

There is also a great variety in terms of deposit and withdrawal methods. All three common ways, i.e. credit card, bank transfer and e-wallet can be used. In our experience and according to Alpari, the Internet-based payment service providers are the fastest. So if the services of providers like Neteller, FastPay, WebMoney or Skrill are used, it can be expected that the money will be immediately available in the trading account. On the other hand, when paying by credit card, a few hours must be expected before the money can be used in retail. It also takes several days if bank transfer is used as the method. Various fees are also to be expected. Depending on the method, between 0.5 percent (FastPay) and 2.5 percent (credit card) are due. A processing time of one day must be expected for withdrawals. Fees also apply depending on the method used. In addition, the providers MasterCard and Visa are not available for withdrawals.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
Folgende Zahlungsmethoden stehen zur Verfügung
Payment options: VISA Card, MasterCard, China Union Pay, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, FastPay, Bank Transfer
Minimum deposit: none
Fees: no
Account management possible in: US -Dollar, Euro
Payout options: VISA Card, MasterCard, China Union Pay, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, FastPay, bank transfer

Sufficient security is guaranteed| ||236

Der Anbieter gibt als Unternehmenssitz u.a. London an. Weitere Niederlassungen befinden sich aber auch außerhalb der EU, wo auch die eigentlichen Transaktionen abgewickelt werden. Rein rechtlich findet die Dienstleistung von Alpari also außerhalb der EU statt, so dass auch keine Regulierung vorgeschrieben ist. Dies hat für die Anleger den Nachteil, dass bestimmte Standards nicht vorausgesetzt werden können. So ist dieser Anbieter nicht dazu verpflichtet, Kundengelder getrennt von den eigenen Geldern zu verwalten. Insbesondere für den unwahrscheinlichen Fall, dass Alpari Insolvenz anmelden sollte, kann dies zu dem Problem führen, dass die Gelder der Anleger nicht mehr ausgezahlt werden können. Dies heißt jedoch nicht, dass Einlagen bei Alpari per se als unsicher gelten. In jedem Fall sollte dies aber bei der Bestimmung der Höhe der Einzahlung durch die Trader berücksichtigt werden.

Support and customer service are available in English

Also in a way that is easy to reach and competent overall The traders at Alpari can access effective customer service. It is possible to contact both by phone and live chat. An e-mail address is also available for reporting concerns. However, customers without a profound knowledge of English should note that the offer is only available in English and not in Canadian.

Website is very informative and user-friendly

Even if only a manageable number of underlying assets for trading, Alpari offers a complex range in view of the different account models and trading options. The design and implementation of the website does justice to this complexity. The account models and the calculation of the conditions depending on the selected model are presented transparently and clearly. In addition, there are numerous offers on the site for targeted further development in this area of ​​trading.

The mobile app can also be used to trade on the go

Mobile trading has gained enormously in importance . The proportion of transactions that are processed via a mobile device is constantly increasing. A mobile platform is therefore actually part of the basic equipment of an online broker. And Alpari also has a corresponding offer in its program. The mobile platform is available in versions for iPad and iPhone as well as for Android-based devices and can be downloaded as an app free of charge. With regard to the functions that can be used in mobile trading, we did not notice any limitations during our test.

Conclusion - Wide range for trading and support

Alpari does it In our experience, this isan online broker for trading in Forex and CFD, who makes a very professional impression, but is definitely suitable for beginners. Above all, the fact that well-structured and useful offers are available for everything to do with trading has a professional effect. With the different trading accounts there are also offers for different demands of the dealer. With the simplest account, there is not even a minimum deposit to be expected. Although Alpari is not regulated by a European authority, we still got the impression that it is a reputable provider. So the traders will not have to deal with fraud or rip-off here.

Roland Herrmann
Alpari offers a wide range for trading and support. The website is well structured.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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