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Ashley Madison has been around since 2001 as a platform for non-committal, sexual adventures as well as for infidelities and also offers users in Kenya the opportunity to find adventure and more in this way. As a user, you don't have to have a guilty conscience and instead you can benefit from more than 53 million users from all over the world who have the same or similar goals. But how serious is Ashley Madison and can you actually find a real adventure here as a man or woman? Reason enough to take a closer look at this provider and carry out a corresponding test.

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WithCasual Dating, as offered by Ashley Madison to its users, you are in good hands if you are looking for non-binding sex, erotic adventures and more.

Every day new members find their way to Ashley Madison, whose platform offers a Canadian-language website and an overall very serious appearance. Here you can not only find users from Kenya, as the provider is active in many different countries. In this way, the number of profiles that can be considered for oneself increases overall. This offers the advantage that you can definitely find what you are looking for according to your own preferences.

With a free registration you can already use some basic functions and Ashley Madison's network is also completely free for women usable. As a result, there are also a large number of female profiles on the platform, but fake registrations are also increasing. In other words, profiles that are either not looking at all or profiles that are not honest about their gender and could therefore annoy other users. In addition, you can also buy credits from Ashley Madison and thus enable premium access. The prices for this are reasonable, but also depend on how many credits you buy. This starts at 100 credits.

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Address 9 Karpensiou, 2021 Nicosia, Cyprus
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As a user at Ashley Madison, you should exercise caution if individual Offer members to engage in sexual activity for money. This is not the goal for most users of such networks and would also be possible by visiting the brothel. Therefore, such profiles - whether they are fake or not - are often excluded and no longer considered.

If you want to use all the functions of the platform and find sexual adventures, infidelities and other non-binding activities in this way, you should definitely think about purchasing credits. This gives you the opportunity to unlock additional functions and use Ashley Madison even more extensively.

In summary: Fakes should ideally be recognized early and then either reported or ignored. Otherwise, the portal offers many options and is in any case classified as safe and also serious.

Video preview of Ashley Madison

In the following video you get a first impression of the possibilities with us with Ashley Madison. In addition, the opening of an account is shown and the focus is on the experiences with Ashley Madison. In this way you can get to know the first steps right away.

Watch the video here and get a preview of Ashley Madison:

The entire range in focus

Die Mischung der Nutzer bei Ashley Madison ist vielseitig und umfangreich. Männer und Frauen sowie auch gebundene Personen sind hier auf der Suche. Anders als auf anderen Plattformen gibt es allerdings keine Profile für Paare – darauf ist Ashley Madison also nicht ausgerichtet. Das Alter, der Beruf und auch der soziale Stand – alles ist hier vertreten und auch bei den sexuellen Vorlieben, den Gesuchen an sich oder bei der Experimentierfreudigkeit der Nutzer ist alles vorhanden. Auf diese Weise ist es beinahe auch sicher, dass man hier den passenden Flirt, Seitensprung oder auch das nächste sexuelle Abenteuer finden kann. Dabei gibt es nicht nur Nutzer aus Deutschland, sondern eben auch aus anderen Staaten.

Because women can use the platform for free, there are also a large number of women on this website who are looking for eroticism and more. Ashley Madison is also known to a large number of users for actively advertising and drawing attention to themselves on the Internet and on TV. This also explains why more than 53 million members are searching here.

Ashley Madison's website
Die Startseite von Asley Madison. Im Hintergrund sieht man einen Mann, der kurz davor ist eine Frau zu küssen.Eine Erklärung zur Diskretion des Anbieters Ashley Madison.

With just a few clicks you can create your own when registering Name preferences and thus lay the foundation for a new adventure, a love affair or even erotic contacts. When filling out your own profile, you should be careful and name your own preferences as specifically as possible. This gives you the chance to find suitable contacts directly and also reduces the probability of finding fakes. It is definitely easy to get to know adventures without any obligation and new people. And thus also has the opportunity to take your own interests and fantasies into account in the best possible way.

In the test, however, it became clear that if the information about your own wishes and ideas was too unrealistic, a larger number of fake accounts were created shown as appropriate. So instead, you should limit yourself to your own actual preferences and you're sure to find what you're looking for at Ashley Madison.

With a paid membership via the credits, you can also take advantage of other functions. But even then you should never believe that you will always land the right hits immediately. Through chat and messages, it is still the easiest option to meet face-to-face and to find common interests and preferences.

It is particularly striking - in a positive sense - that Ashley Madison can also register very spontaneously and easily and then do not have to fear any costs. Instead, you can create your own profile with just a few clicks and with just a few questions and have the option to look around and get your own picture without obligation. So you can then determine whether you want to search Ashley Madison or whether you feel less comfortable with this platform. Thanks to the short questionnaire, new users are not overwhelmed and they do not have to provide any sensitive or private data.

Bonus offers for new customers

New customers can Ashley Madison – as well as existing profiles - can be used free of charge and are therefore not forced to buy credits that make premium membership possible. However, the costs incurred for this are manageable in any case and make it possible to unlock more comprehensive functions for little money. However, this does not mean that this provider also has bonus offers that are valid for new users.

There is the option to benefit from vouchers that are offered from time to time, as a user, however, you have to select them yourself. You can sometimes find such coupons or special offers, especially on dating portals - but these are generally not made available by the provider.

One positive thing is that even if there are a large number of customers and users, the prices are for the premium features in the frame and not so high. So you can also buy the credits for your own test run.

To the costs and payment options

Even if you can register for free and there are no costs for using it initially, In some cases it is advisable to stock up on credits and thus unlock premium functions. These make it easier to establish contact and it is therefore also easier to get in touch with other users and to arrange an adventure.

Introductory package 100 credits for 49 euros| ||178
Elite Paket 500 credits for 29.80 euros per 100 credits
Top package 1000 credits for 24.90 euros per 100 Credits
Payment options: PayPal, credit cards, vouchers

Basically, you can easily shop at Ashley Madison with the credits offered. But first you have to decide what kind of credit package it should actually be. You can already say in advance that you naturally pay less per credit if you buy several of them. For example, 100 credits alone cost 49 euros. If you buy 500 credits, you only pay 29.80 euros for 100 credits, which is significantly less overall. If you plan more activity and want to "let off steam" here, you can also buy 1,000 credits immediately. In this package you only pay 24.90 euros for 100 credits and thus save significantly more.

It can therefore be advisable not only to buy 100 credits, but to purchase a larger number directly. This way you have a lot more options afterwards. Incidentally, you can pay for the credits very easily and there are two very simple and easy options available with PayPal and credit card, for example. In addition, there are also vouchers in retail that you can use to pay easily, securely and completely anonymously at Ashley Madison. In this way, nobody in your environment will know where you are active and you don't have to justify yourself when your credit card is debited.

However: If you also want to use Ashley Madison's mobile app without any problems, there is an additional fee for this. You should also take this into account in your planning. And if you don't want the automatic purchase of new credits, you can also deactivate this function in your own account.

Privacy and data protection

The topic of data security is certainly of great importance, especially with such a sensitive one When it comes to topics such as the search for erotic adventures, your own private sphere plays an immensely important role. This is especially true because some sites do not take the issue of data protection too seriously. However, this is by no means the case with Ashley Madison and you can benefit from extensive protection of personal data here. The encryption of all user data is always guaranteed and is always optimized and improved by this provider.

Other users are also not informed of their own data and only see the details that the user has set as publicly visible has. Thus, your own privacy is also protected and you don't have to run the risk that all users suddenly know everything about you.

Thus, the security for the users is guaranteed in any case and you have the possibility to change the settings of your own account individually and flexibly.

Customer service

If you have any questions or encounter problems, you want them to be solved quickly. In addition, you can easily deal with the FAQ on the website, in which many questions are answered directly. These are questions that are asked by many users and are therefore fundamentally important to answer. In addition, you can also contact Ashley Madison and the team behind it via a contact form and present your request in writing.

There is also a hotline, with Ashley Madison even offering a free one for users from Kenya customer hotline. You can use this to reach an employee quickly and directly and get information in advance or clarify open questions even if you are a member.

Overall, the options for making contact are very extensive and you can get help quickly and directly with questions that arise .

On user-friendliness

The website has a simple but modern design and offers quick access to all relevant functions. Thus, as a user, you can easily create a profile and then go on a search very conveniently.

Mobile App

Ashley Madison convinces - unlike many other platforms of this kind - also with its own app. This makes it possible to access the platform with an Android or iOS device. However, the app can only be used to its full extent if you pay a fee for it. So there are additional costs here if you want to find infidelities, adventures or flirts in this way.

Basically, however, the app is a real asset and provides a flexible option for searching for sexual adventures.

Conclusion: At Ashley Madison you can find sex, dates and more

On the whole Ashley Madison convinces. This casual dating platform has nothing to do with rip-off or even fraud. As a user, you have the opportunity to register quickly and easily and can also benefit from some functions at a free level. The platform can also be used entirely free of charge by women. Otherwise you have to buy credits as a man and can then use additional functions.

With an app, encrypted data transmission and easy-to-reach support, Ashley Madison then skilfully and comprehensively rounds off its own offer.

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With a registration Ashley Madison is a place where you can easily find casual affairs.
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