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For more and more people, a successful investment strategy also includes direct investment in the capital market. In order to implement such a strategy in a targeted manner, you need above all a reliable partner through whom the transactions can be processed. The variety is great and the choice is not always easy. A provider with whom you as a trader will probably do a lot right if you decide to go with him is the online brokerAvaTrade. This provider not only impresses with an extensive and, above all, well-structured range of tradable underlying assets. In addition to a broad value index, the provider also supports its customers with extensive technical and content-related support.

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The basis for long-term successful trading is thus given. For lasting success, however, investors should also make sure that their online broker is dealing with a reputable partner. In a test, the framework of which we have gained a lot of experience with AvaTrade, the main question was whether it is a trustworthy representative of this industry. Because nothing jeopardizes individual trading success more than an online broker, where fraud or rip-offs must be expected.

Our experiences with AvaTrade at a glance

First of all, we would like to say something in general express the experiences that we have made in the course of our test. The first glance at the online broker's home page makes it clear that the investor is dealing with a provider who attaches great importance to seriousness and professionalism. The most important information is put together in a sober and clearly structured way, and with just a few clicks the visitor can go straight to the content and information he is looking for. However, a good appearance is one thing, but of course the question of how a provider performs in the implementation of the specific trade is at least as decisive for the vast majority. Here, too, our experience has shown that this provider plays in the top league. This begins with a very wide selection of underlying assets for trading via CFD. The selection goes well beyond the well-known or usual categories of stocks, stock indices, currency pairs and commodities. In addition, government bonds, ETFs and digital currencies can also be traded.

Companies AVATRADE
Address AvaTrade Financial Centre, Five Lamps Place, Amiens Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Registration number C53877
Regulation Bank of Ireland
Telefon 49 [0] 8006644879
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With such a widely differentiated trading offer, it is of course important that the investor can rely on an optimal trading environment. This point is also fulfilled with this online broker. Investors can choose between several platforms. But not only from a technical point of view the offer is absolutely top. In our experience, AvaTrade also has a lot to offer in terms of content support. Which offers can actually be used also depends on which account type is used or how much trading capital was paid into the live account. In addition to current market information and the offer of extensive basic knowledge, personal support from an AvaTrade employee is also offered for higher account versions. The offer is also available in several languages, including Canadian.

However, the best offer is of little use if the investorregards the seriousness of a CFD broker cannot be absolutely sure. In the case of the provider AvaTrade, however, all fears or doubts are unfounded in this regard. Investors can rely on a company that is active in a number of countries around the world. AvaTrade's headquarters are in Ireland, so the company also falls under the jurisdiction of the strict EU regulations. This means that investors can not only assume that the transactions will be processed fairly. The provider can also be considered reputable and safe because the deposits are protected by deposit insurance even if the company should get into financial difficulties. All in all, it can be assumed that there is no need to fear fraud or rip-offs with this provider.

Very wide range of tradable underlyings

An absolutely important aspect for selecting the optimal online Brokers is and will always be offering trading opportunities. Our test has shown that this provider primarily relies on class instead of mass. With a total of around 250 underlyings, investors also have a quite impressive selection available numerically. What is remarkable, however, is that the offer goes well beyond the classic categories. But first it can be noted that the provider is quite broadly positioned in the areas of shares, share indices, commodities and currency pairs. In the case of equities, the supply is divided between the regions USA and Europe. You can trade with some of the most important values ​​​​of the respective countries via CFD. The equity indices also include a number of stocks from Asia and Australia. A total of around 80 stocks and 20 indices are available for trading. There are also almost 20 commodity stocks, with precious metals and commodities being offered for trading in addition to energy stocks. The range of currency pairs is also very wide. Of course, you can bet on combinations between the most important currencies in the world, i.e. the majors. In addition, there are also numerous combinations with less heavily traded currencies, such as the Hungarian forint or the Mexican peso.

In addition to trading in classic currencies, AvaTrade also offers the possibility of developing so-called set internet currencies. In addition to the now relatively well-known Bitcoin, Litecoin is also available for trading. But even that is by no means the end of the range of tradable underlyings. One of the interesting things is the possibility of using ETFs to benefit from the development of individual economic segments or specific regions. Last but not least, AvaTrade investors can rely on the price development of government bonds from the USA, Japan and Kenya. In any case, the offer offers a wide selection, with which the most diverse strategies are possible.

Preview of the provider's offer
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Anyone who wants to start trading must first open a trading account . Here, too, AvaTrade customers have different options. A total of four different account versions are available, which are allocated depending on the amount of the deposit and offer certain extras for the investor. From a deposit of only 100 euros, the simple account version silver is awarded, from 1,000 euros there is the status gold and from 10,000 euros platinum. With a trading balance of more than 100,000 euros, the AVA Select can be opened. While various support options, such as analyzes by a senior analyst, can also be used with the simple account version, the holders of higher account versions can benefit from automatic trading signals transmitted free of charge. In addition to flexible trading conditions, faster payout times are guaranteed and personal contact with professional analysts is guaranteed. The bonus offered to new customers also depends on the amount of the deposit on the trading account. We would like to deal with this in the following section.

Incoming and outgoing payments by credit card or bank transfer

The basic requirement for trading naturally includes the deposit of capital. Here, too, investors should find out beforehand which methods are available for this purpose. In the case of AvaTrade, our experience has shown that investors can in principle choose from a wide range of payment methods. However, the availability of each method also depends on the country in which the investor is located. In principle, bank transfers as well as credit and debit cards can be used. While the minimum deposit for payments by credit or debit card is 100 euros, bank transfer is only offered from a deposit amount of 500 euros. In addition, various online-based payment providers are also available. However, the services of PayPal, Skrill or WebMoney can only be used by customers outside the EU. In addition, no fees are charged when depositing trading capital. The same applies to the withdrawal of funds from the trading account. The same methods can be used here as with the deposit.

Overview of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Diese Zahlungsmethoden stehen zur Verfügung
Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, VISA Card, MasterCard, WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Webnoney, Neteller
Minimum deposit: 100 euros
Fees: no
Account management possible in: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar
Withdrawal Options: Bank Transfer, VISA Card, MasterCard, WebMoney, cashU, Maestro, Bankwire, JCB, postepay, Moneybookers, Neteller| ||224

Sicherheit und Regulierung auf hohem Niveau

An important issue when trading stock exchange products is of course the security of the provider. In addition to the long-term experience that is available with an online broker, it is of course always good if investors can also rely on external regulation. In the case of AvaTrade, this standard is definitely met. The company operates worldwide and is regulated in a number of different locations by the relevant authorities. The Irish central bank is responsible for European customers and reliably ensures that the EU regulations that apply here are also fully complied with and implemented. This includes, among other things, the requirement that trading balances and company funds must be kept separate from one another in order to protect customer deposits. In this specific case, the renowned Danske Bank is responsible for managing the funds. Both in terms of deposit security and in terms of a serious and fair trading environment, customers can therefore rely on an optimal level without fraud and rip-offs.

Support and customer service in different languages ​​- also in Canadian| ||230

Als hilfreich und effektiv haben wir in unseren Test auch den Kundendienst kennengelernt. Beeindruckend ist dabei, dass dabei für fast alle Kunden rund um die Welt ein Service in Landessprache geboten wird. So steht auch für deutschsprachige Kunden eine eigene Hotline zum Festnetztarif zur Verfügung. Allerdings sollte diese Möglichkeit nicht immer als erstes genutzt werden. Vorher ist es nach unserer Erfahrung sehr empfehlenswert, das reichhaltige Angebot auf den Internetseiten von AvaTrade zu nutzen. Im Prinzip finden sich hier alle Informationen, die für den konkreten Handel benötigt werden. Darüber hinaus stehen weitere Angebote, wie ein Wirtschaftskalender, diverse Schulungsangebote und auch Marktanalysen zur Verfügung.

The website offers a lot of information

The best information offer is worth little if it is on a poorly structured and confusing website was put together. Here, too, the online broker AvaTrade proves that a comprehensive range of information and a good structure do not have to be contradictory. A clear menu always makes it easy for the user to find the information they need. All the necessary information on both the tradable underlyings and the available platforms has been put together in a compact form. Here the investor can find out how which platform can be used specifically in retail and what advantages it offers. And according to our test, there is nothing to complain about when it comes to handling the trade itself. In addition to the AVA Trader and the MetaTrader 4, a Webtrader version is also available. From a technical point of view, AvaTrade customers can also rely on a high level.

The mobile app enables trading via the mobile device

The absolute standard for private investors can today in stock exchange trading, the possibility of intervening in trading via the mobile device should be counted. Investors with a short-term focus in particular can use this option to ensure that they are flexible and do not miss any opportunities in fast trading. Technically mature solutions are available for both the iPhone and Android, which are hardly inferior to their basic versions for the PC in terms of functionality. This means that you can also trade in real time on the go and use various limit functions. And of course it is also possible to use numerous analysis functions and obtain current market information on the go. In addition, investors have direct access to all account data with their mobile app and can find out about the account balance, current margin and net liquidity value. With a view to the possibilities of mobile trading, AvaTrade customers can also rely on a professional standard.

Conclusion – AvaTrade is an online broker with a strong offer

With the online broker AvaTrade, we have tested a company that is one of the best representatives of this industry, primarily on the basis of the available trading opportunities and the extensive support offers can be counted. We come to this conclusion first of all because of a very well structured trading offer, which goes well beyond the usual standard in the industry. With underlying values ​​in the field of digital currencies or ETFs, very special strategies away from the mainstream are also possible. At the same time, of course, you can also choose from the classic base values ​​from the areas of shares, share indices, commodities and currency pairs. The offer, which is offered to support the traders, is also absolutely convincing. However, it also depends on the selected account format which concrete support offers can be used. However, current analyses, training courses and relevant business news are made available to all investors. With higher account versions, you can also benefit from personal advice. Last but not least, with AvaTrade we got to know a very serious provider. The company, which is based in Ireland among other places, is regulated by the Irish Central Bank in accordance with EU standards. Investors can also rely on a deposit guarantee from Dankse Bank.

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A clear recommendation due to the selection and the available instruments!| ||252
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I've always liked investing, but never dared to do it myself. With AvaTrade Broker, however, I have found a strong partner when it comes to day trading. Thanks to professional advice, I have made some sensible money decisions to date.

written 64 months ago


The AvaTrade broker's services have impressed me, so much that I stayed. In addition to a 24-hour service, I also found information material, a quick account opening and a risk-free demo account.

written 63 months ago

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