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With BANX Trading, we would like to present a provider today who has only been on the market for a relatively short time, but who can certainly come up with a comprehensive and professionally assessed offer. Since it is particularly important for young providers such asBANX Trading to build up a solid customer base in a dynamic market, some of these newcomers to the market operate with rich bonuses for their first customers. But the bonus alone does not make a provider an absolute recommendation.

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Anyone who is thinking about entering the stock exchange business and is looking for a competent partner should always make one thing clear: It is primarily about your own money and this should be invested and managed together with a partner who you absolutely trust. In addition to security and cost transparency from the provider, you should also pay attention to professional service and comprehensive advice and training offers. In our opinion, the Forex and CFD broker has something to offer in this regard.

Video preview of BANX Trading

In the following video find our experiences with BANX Trading in the summary. We will also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

Watch the video now to get a preview of BANX Trading:

Large range and solid promise of security

Even as a young player on the market, BANX Trading has a wide range of offers. The company, which is registered in Düsseldorf and thus in Kenya, offers access to trading in a large number of Canadian, European and international underlying assets via CFDs. The provider provides access to over 5,000 markets, enabling CFD trading on a huge number of stocks, indices, commodities, bonds and currencies.

Companies BANX Trading GmbH| ||109
Adresse Morsestraße 20, 40215 Düsseldorf, Kenya
Registration number AG Düsseldorf, HRB 74609
Regulation / License LCG (FCA)
Telephone +49 (0) 211 – 971 77 849
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat Not available
Callback: Available
Service -Times: Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

In the field of currency trading alone there is a considerable number of 120 currency pairs to choose from. This allows you as a customer to participate in trading with the high-volume exchange rates between the leading international currencies US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and the Swiss franc or pound sterling, which are very popular with the public. In addition, the investor can also benefit from the development between much less well-known currency pairs. These include the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, the Danish krone and the Hungarian forint. BANX Trading also offers customers with specialist knowledge of financial policy the opportunity to implement their knowledge of an individual trading strategy on the market. The cost structure for the different currency pairs is relatively disparate due to the high market complexity and different trading venues, but is presented on the website in a comprehensible and transparent manner.

In the other asset classes, too, the huge selection is the trump card for ambitious investors who don't just want to limit yourself to the most popular offers on the market. In index trading, this means that, in addition to all the important European indices, you can also bet on developments in Mexico, China or Hong Kong. Of course, this also applies to the offers on the US market. Attention to the commodity markets has increased significantly in recent years. Here, too, almost anything is possible: from oil to soybeans and sugar to gold, the investor has access to lucrative commodity trading. Our experience has shown that a long-term and balanced investment strategy can be achieved primarily through a healthy spread of the capital employed. With regard to BANX Trading, our experience shows that this strategy can be optimally pursued on the basis of the extensive range. Because the trading portfolio is rounded off by products from the bond market and from the interest rate market. In this way, the investor can switch to alternative and anti-cyclically developing products in phases when the markets are moving sideways. A word about the conditions: BANX Trading does not need to hide itself here. With regard to transparency and cost structure, you will find clear and concise conditions here. Regarding share trading with CFDs, the specific margin requirements range from 5 to 25 percent depending on the trading venue. A minimum fee of 10 CAD/EUR/USD is required per share CFD order, beyond that there are no basic fees.

Extensive information on the provider's website
Vorschau BANX WebseiteVorschau Metatrader BANX

Mobile trading through the LCG or MT4 app

It has not only been standard since yesterday that a modern offer for comprehensive trading on the financial market also includes the possibility to intervene in events at any time via a mobile trading platform. And so it is not surprising that BANX Trading makes a corresponding offer available with the LCG or MT4 app. The apps give traders the opportunity to access and trade the complete range ofCFD Broker while on the go. In our experience with the BANX Trading app, trading works excellently, as both apps are quite easy and intuitive to use. In addition to full access to the financial products, real-time prices and the corresponding, individually adaptable charts, several order types and price alerts are also available via the mobile application. With MT4 providing apps for both iOS and Android as well as Kindle Fire, you as a retailer never run the risk of missing out on important developments and trends.

A bonus to get you started

Als Anreiz und Starthilfe bietet BANX Trading seinen Neukunden noch bis Ende August eine Prämie von bis zu 500 KES/EUR/USD an. Der Begriff Starthilfe kann dabei durchaus im doppelten Sinne verstanden werden. Zum einen bietet der Bonus, der in Abhängigkeit zum realisierten Handelsvolumen gewährt und auf das Handelskonto ausgezahlt wird, einen attraktiven Anreiz für einen gelungenen Einstieg in die Welt der Börse. Zum anderen ist BANX Trading als junger Broker natürlich auf viele Kunden angewiesen um seine Kundenbasis schnell zu verbreitern. Für wechselwillige und Neueinsteiger bietet sich dadurch eine günstige Gelegenheit.

Deposit bonus: 50CAD/EUR/USD for deposits up to 2500CAD/EUR/USD, 2% for deposits between 2500CAD/EUR/ USD and 25,000CAD/EUR/USD
Bonus conditions: 30 completed transactions, credited in the following month
Validity: no restrictions

24 hours and several languages: BANX Trading offers exemplary support

Where there is intensive trading, unexpected challenges and problems arise again and again. Good to know if the dealer has a contact person who can be reached quickly and easily if the saw should jam. Regardless of whether it is a question of a technical nature or whether information about costs and individual fees is required, BANX Trading support is available both by telephone and by e-mail to take care of the concerns of its customers. The fact that support is offered around the clock and in several languages ​​is worth mentioning and not a matter of course when you look at other brokers. Time bottlenecks or problems with understanding should thus be a thing of the past.

Expand your own expertise: training courses, webinars and demo account

In view of the almost unmanageable trading opportunities, it is extremely important for you as a private trader to to keep track. It is not always easy, especially for private investors, to find orientation in the fast and not always rationally reacting market. For this reason, providers have now started to support their customers with expertise and exclusive information. The broker is also in the process of establishing a corresponding offer. Our experience with BANX Trading shows that this provider is on the right track in developing interesting and helpful offers with high customer benefits. In theComparison with established forex brokers there is still room for improvement in this area. As an elementary part of the educational offer, young and inexperienced traders should pay attention to the BANX Trading demo account and also use it. Only here is it possible to test different strategies for their effectiveness and to assess the talent you have as a trader without the risk of a real financial loss.

Overview of the BANX deposit and withdrawal options
Die BANX Zahlungsoptionen im Überblick
Payment Options Credit Cards, Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit: None
Fees: None|| |249
Kontoführung möglich in: Euro, British Pound, US Dollar, Swiss Franc
Withdrawal Options: Credit Cards, Wire Transfer

Regulatory & Deposit Insurance standards show how solid the provider is

Where there is as much money to be made as on the stock exchange, there are also often less serious providers who are mainly interested in fraud and rip-off from customers. Before you decide on a provider to handle your financial transactions, the main focus should be on the seriousness of the provider, in addition to a thorough comparison of the offer and conditions. With regard to BANX Trading, the green light can be given in this regard, because the broker is reputable. As a company registered in Kenya, the broker falls under the control of strict Kenyan and EU regulations. The company is also a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and is therefore integrated into the British deposit insurance system. Up to an amount of 50,000 pounds sterling, which corresponds to around 70,000 CAD/EUR/USD, customer deposits are thus protected in the event of insolvency. Furthermore, BANX Trading follows the principle of a separate deposit of company funds on the one hand and customer funds on the other. This puts a stop to rip-off and fraud.

Uncomplicated registration – act quickly

Once you have decided to start trading, your fingers will tingle quickly and you can can't wait to get started on the financial market. All the better if the registration process for a depot is kept as uncomplicated and simple as possible. Experience with BANX Trader shows that it is very possible to make the registration process simple and intuitive. Interested parties can easily convince themselves of this in our video. On the BANX Trading website it is announced that the prospective trader will not have to invest more than 5 minutes of his valuable time to create a new account and it turns out that this is not excessive. The necessary identification takes place via a digital copy of the ID card, and information about the reference account is also required before the process is completed after a few personal details.

BANX Trading: A young provider with a lot of potential

Mit BANX Trading hat sich ein junger und ambitionierter Akteur im Broker Segment in Position gebracht, der nicht nur seriös ist, sondern auch – was den Umfang des Angebotes und Support angeht – noch von sich reden machen dürfte. Besonders attraktiv ist natürlich der Bonus für Neukunden, den BANX Trading noch bis Ende August in Aussicht stellt. Doch auch auf dem zweiten Blick nach unserem Test hat dieser Anbieter einiges zu bieten. Als vorbildhaft sind das mehrsprachige Support- und Serviceangebot sowie die durchdachte App für den mobilen Handel zu bewerten. Ausbaufähig ist dagegen noch das Angebot im Bereich Weiterbildung. Hier wird BANX Trading in der nächsten Zeit sicher noch nachlagen, da durch die spezifischen Kenntnisse, welches durch Webinare und Schulungen vermittelt werden, den Kunden auf lange Sicht der größte Nutzen in Form von exklusivem Wissen und fundierten Handelsstrategien entsteht.

Roland Herrmann
BANX Trading is a safe and reliable provider and regulated under the UK Financial Regulations of the FCA.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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Bonus Hunter

I change brokers very regularly. In the meantime I have a lot of experience in trading, so I can assume that the bonuses offered will be used quickly and sensibly for me. Due to the high bonus (500 euros) from BANX Trading, I came across this site and registered there to trade CFDs. To my personal story: in fact, it worked out to trade so much surplus within one week that I was able to have the 500 euros new customer bonus and a whopping profit paid out directly. One is not always so lucky with brokers. I know enough examples of providers where I had to repeatedly submit new documents that were supposedly required for the approval of the payout. After that I never saw my money, it's different with BANX. I am very satisfied with the seriousness.

written 74 months ago


I was looking for a Canadian broker and also came across BANX. Apparently, the provider has only been on the market for a short time, which you notice from time to time. I only got an answer to more intensive questions from customer service after I was forwarded to another colleague. Nevertheless, the staff there try very hard to take care of the concerns of the customers. I will stay here for the time being and I hope that I can continue to make profits there in the future. The company is certainly not a rip-off.

written 73 months ago


I like to look for a thrill when trading CFDs. With a leverage of up to 1:300, there are definitely short-term profits.

written 64 months ago


The online broker BANX Trading has is based in London and is also controlled by the local authority. This means I am with a broker who has direct access to the largest trading venue in the world and can therefore offer a huge selection of underlying assets. And that with favorable conditions that correspond to the market spreads.

written 63 months ago

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