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There is hardly a currency that has been able to take off as much as the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in recent months and years. There are many reasons for this, but at the same time the electronic currency has fueled numerous discussions. Bitcoin trading places, such asBitcoin.de, are always in focus. But is Bitcoin.de also a secure provider? Or does the friends in the trade turn out to be a nasty surprise after all? We took a close look at the offer in the test and want to present all the results below.

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As in every other industry, there are not only reputable providers in the Bitcoin marketplaces. After all, the rise of bitcoin in recent years has been unprecedented and for this reason has of course also cast a spell over many criminals. However, we can state right at the beginning of our test report that Bitcoin.de is a reputable and reliable provider. There are several reasons for this, which of course we want to name in detail later on. Important for the moment: Nobody has to worry about the seriousness of the provider.

Our experiences at a glance

An important argument for the provider can be found, for example, by looking at Background: Bitcoin Kenya AG is a listed company that acts as an intermediary for Fidor Bank. This bank, in turn, is a full-fledged online bank, which of course is licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Even this background reveals: Here everything is done properly. By the way: With a good 220,000 users, Bitcoin.de is the largest Bitcoin marketplace in Europe and stores around 98 percent of Bitcoin user stocks offline. The provider can finance itself with a small fee that is required for all transactions. This is always divided equally between buyer and seller.

Company Bitcoin Kenya AG
Address Nordstraße 14, 32051 Herford
Registration number
Telephone 0049 5221 85411-25 (not available)
E-mail [email protected]
Live Chat No

At first glance, Bitcoin.de represents exactly what expected in a marketplace. You can always see offers from buyers and sellers, which are updated every few seconds. In addition to this, the clear design runs through the entire website, which, in addition to the trading place itself, also includes a forum and a news section. So before a few bitcoin trades are made, the traders can first find out about the current state of affairs. The most important requirement for this is your own account, which can be opened free of charge.

Bitcoin.de Check: fraud or not

A Bitcoin.de fraud is probably the worst for every user represent scenario. However, we can reassure you at this point, because every user is dealing with a highly reputable provider. As already mentioned, it is one of the largest bitcoin marketplaces in the world. In addition, behind the whole thing is a stock corporation, which is therefore also financially strong in every respect. The deposits of all users are protected by the statutory deposit insurance up to an amount of 100,000 euros. In this respect, every user enjoys an extremely serious framework and can rely on all transactions being processed reliably and securely.

Bitcoin Kenya AG also acts as an intermediary for Fidor Bank. This company is a fairly young bank that only makes its portfolio available online. Fidor Bank is equipped with all the necessary licenses, and at the same time the bank has already made a name for itself in its young history, especially with regard to alternative currencies and online business.

Overview of what Bitcoin.de has to offer

The main figurehead of the provider are of course the activities as a marketplace for Bitcoin. Every user can open a free account with the provider and then take part in the lively trade. Current purchase and sale offers can be found directly on the start page. In addition, the development of the Bitcoin price over the last 48 hours is shown in a chart here. This is definitely a plus point, because a separate provider does not have to be accessed for a brief analysis of your own.

The trade itself is very easy, since the provider also focuses on the needs of newcomers. All buttons and control surfaces are clearly marked, so users can find their way around without a long familiarization phase. It is important to know that there is a fee for trading cryptocurrency. This always depends on the amount of Bitcoin traded between seller and buyer. The fee is then also shared between these two parties. In general, the marketplace fee is 0.8 percent if express trading is used. By the way: If a Bitcoin amount is to be sold, it must be at least 60 euros, which are offered at the current Bitcoin rate. Purchase requests are also at least 60 euros.

In addition to its activities as a marketplace, Bitcoin.de is also busy keeping users up to date on news and developments relating to Bitcoin. The news section on the website, where numerous exciting articles can be found, can be accessed for this purpose. In addition, there is a forum area where users can exchange information with other users.

The website of Bitcoin.de
Die Webseite von bitcoin.deDer Handelsplatz bei bitcoin.de

Deposits and withdrawals at Bitcoin.de|| |163

Generell sollten die Nutzer beachten, dass die Verwendung des Marktplatzes nur mit dem Euro möglich ist, bzw. nur diese Währung für den Kauf von Bitcoins verwendet werden kann. Abgewickelt werden die Zahlungen mit Hilfe der SEPA-Überweisung. Sicherlich interessant ist dabei zu wissen, dass keine Gebühren für die Einzahlungen erhoben werden.

Payment options at bitcoin.de
Payment options: SEPA
Mindesteinzahlung: 60 Euro
Fees: variable
Account management possible in: EUR| ||197
Auszahlungsoptionen: SEPA

In order to be able to make payouts, users must also use the SEPA transfer again. Payment is possible from an amount of 30 euros, at the same time the constantly changing payment fees must be observed. The fee that a user has to pay for the withdrawal depends on the fee charged by the Bitcoin network. However, the current price can be viewed on the Bitcoin.de website at any time and is therefore not a nasty surprise. In general, it can also be said that the processing of payments can be done very easily, since all the important information can be read on the marketplace's homepage.

Security and regulation

The issue of security plays an important role in bitcoin trading. The currency has an enormous value and is therefore of course a valuable asset for criminals. However, Bitcoin.de knows how to protect itself, because all user data is protected here with SSL encryption and only transmitted securely. When opening an account, there is therefore no risk of unauthorized persons tampering with your own data. Another important aspect is the protection of your own funds. When trading via the marketplace, these are protected by the deposit insurance of the European Union and, thanks to state security, are safe up to an amount of 100,000 euros.

As already mentioned, the enormous background also speaks for the serious offer of the marketplace. Bitcoin.de is backed by a strong company, Bitcoin Kenya AG, which in turn is part of the even stronger Bitcoin Group SE. In the meantime, more than 200,000 users are active on the marketplace, so that a secure and serious offer can be assumed at any time.

Customer Support

Customer support at Bitcoin.de essentially consists of two parts. On the one hand, a direct conversation with the employees is offered, which can be implemented by e-mail. Of course, a certain waiting time has to be taken into account here, but this is usually only a few hours. In addition to an e-mail, the provider also provides a very extensive FAQ area in which users can search for the answer to their question at any time. If you are only looking for general information about the trading venue, you will definitely be well served here.

The customer support staff can be reached by e-mail around the clock. It is also commendable that Canadian users always receive feedback in Canadian. A little tip: Anyone who discovers a bug with the provider can secure a reward for this. It is therefore definitely worth pointing out errors or technical problems to the provider.

User-friendliness of Bitcoin.de

In our experience, the user-friendliness of the provider can be regarded as high for various reasons. On the one hand, the basic structure of the website is extremely clear. The most important areas are immediately visible at a glance, and you can switch between the different sectors with a simple click in the navigation bar at the top. The presentation of current offers, which can be discovered directly on the start page, is also great and helpful. The current bitcoin price of the last 48 hours rounds off the overview and ensures that every trader is immediately "on topic". All in all, there are no points of criticism at all, the marketplace has implemented its appearance extremely well.

Mobile App

Mobile trading plays an important role for many Bitcoin users and is increasing accordingly also an important place at Bitcoin.de. The marketplace has optimized its portfolio for all mobile devices, although it is not possible to use its own software with every device. Users of an iOS or Android device are a little better served here, since a download app can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Playstore. There are no costs, at the same time the subsequent installation is carried out automatically. Trading with the Bitcoin.de app is as easy as on the website, as it works with an intuitive design. Another alternative is the Bitcoin.de mobile web app. A download is not necessary in this case, the web version can be used with any mobile device.

Conclusion: Fair offer on a huge marketplace

The trade in Bitcoin is based on of course, has become more and more interesting in recent years due to the increasing value of the cryptocurrency. Many inexperienced users also get on board and, according to our Bitcoin.de test, find exactly the right marketplace with this provider. The offer iscompared to other bitcoin exchanges designed so that even newcomers without much experience can find their way around. All buttons and functions are clearly labeled, and the provider deals transparently and fairly with the subject of fees.

The reputable background in the form of a stock corporation is impressive, which gives a good feeling in the stomach with every single transaction . In our experience, there are further plus points for the fact that a large group of users can be called up, which in turn produces some particularly attractive offers. In addition, Bitcoin.de also provides a forum and a news area. All in all, a really successful appearance by the provider. And it can be said with absolute certainty that Bitcoin.de is not only one of the best Bitcoin marketplaces in Europe. All of these points combined could definitely rule out fraud or rip-off.

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Bitcoin.de is the largest Bitcoin marketplace in Europe and shows why.
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