Our Bitcoin Investor experiences 2022

You have heard of Bitcoin Investor as a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and would like to invest in Bitcoin there? Then you should not miss our Bitcoin Investor experiences. Why? Because we received reports about the company that are the reason why we took a closer look at the provider. First of all, it should be said: It is better to choose a provider likeBinance, who has proven to be really serious.

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What can you find out below? We will show you exactly why we believe that Bitcoin Investor isnot a reputable platform - and what factors suggest that your money is anything but safe invested there is. Although the company does not aggressively advertise for customers, a potential Bitcoin investor fake hides in the details. In addition, we also show you CFD brokers and exchange providers that are available as safe alternatives.

Bitcoin Investor experiences at a glance

In our Bitcoin Investor Test, we first looked at the opinions about read through the broker to find hints for a dubious procedure. We noticed that real customer reviews in particular are rare to find. If anything, they are quite negative. So we have reason to believe thatthis is a Ponzi scheme. This, in turn, is often practiced by dubious companies.

Die Webseite von Bitcoin Investor.

Although a Bitcoin Investor scam is not immediately obvious, we noticed various features that indicate such a scam. For example, we checked the company's website and found that thecompany does not operate under a license that would indicate regulation. Therefore, you can by no means be sure that your money is being handled safely here.

Therefore we suspect Bitcoin Investor fraud

If there is no license, how was the broker able to win customers at all ? This company also proceeds in a very specific way: Users are specifically addressed who arelooking around for investing in Bitcoin – and maybe even sign up for a newsletter for more information.

The possible Bitcoin Investor Fake becomes clear when e-mails are sent specifically to such users in order to convince them of an easy registration. The aim of the e-mail spam is toencourage you to register - and in doing so to receive even more information about you.

You can tell by that possibleBitcoin Investor Fraud:

  • Brightly online advertising
  • Simplified registration form
  • Call center calls and spam emails
  • Wrong reviews

After you have registered, you can usually expect that the respective broker company will contact you by telephone via a call center employee. This should convince youof the seriousness of the broker and you decide to make a deposit. According to the statements of the employees, the latter is absolutely certain.

Ein Ausschnitt der Bitcoin Investor Webseite.

Use is often made offalse celebrity ratings within this scheme. They are also intended to make it clear how serious the provider is and what options can be used with them. In the case of Bitcoin Investor, however, we could not find such bot reviews. But that doesn't mean that Bitcoin Investor fraud can be ruled out.

Bitcoin Investor Test: What we know about this broker

If you look at trustworthy comparison sites, you can quickly find out that it is hardly possible to make real profits with Bitcoin Investor. Although the broker's presentation seems serious at first, a look behind the scenes quickly shows thatYour security is not taken care of here.

According to our Bitcoin Investor test, you should therefore avoid similar companies likeThe News Spy andPatron FX also keep away - these work on the same principle and are therefore on ourblacklist for dubious cryptocurrency brokers.

You think you've already been scammed? Here are our tips

Think you've come across a Bitcoin Investor rip-off? You areafraid of your investments and would rather have asafe forex broker orbest CFD Broker Claim? Then you should first stop all payments at Bitcoin Investor and try to get legal advice. A look at the information and registered companies fromBaFin may also be helpful.

Secure alternatives to Bitcoin Investor

The good news is that you don't have to miss out on good alternatives to this company. We are talking about trading providers whowork with a European license and are therefore also regulated, which increases your security. One of these companies iseToro, a trading platform with many advantages for you as an investor.

For example, eToro offers the opportunity to try out a demo version oncefind your way around the website. You can also try out the functions risk-free. eToro also holds a European license and is particularly courteous when it comes to security.

Bitcoin Investor compared to eToro

If you compare eToro seriously with Bitcoin Investor, it quickly becomes apparent that the from providers tested by us could represent a dubious company simply because of the lack of properties and features - and should therefore be avoided by you. eToro, on the other hand, takesall the security measures that matter: from the license to a reserve in case of bankruptcy.

Bitcoin Investor vs eToro Bitcoin Investor eToro
Is the broker registered and licensed? ✔️
Is the broker listed in the CONSOB register or CySec? ✔️
Is the company located in a Country that is not one of the tax havens? ✔️
Does the provider transparently point out risks? ❌|| |224 ✔️
Are the ads and reviews really real? ✔️
Have users with this broker at all already made profits? ✔️

At this point we would like to remind you again that youalways remember the risks that investing capital in cryptocurrencies entails. Even with the best provider in the industry, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit on your capital. Be aware beforehand that you have to expect a loss at any time.

Introduction to the safe investment in Bitcoin

You really want to be able to safely invest in Bitcoin and be able to trade with it? Then as an investor you should first go to a reputable provider likeeToro for your trading. First, look around to see if a trading provider has a trading license. Because: Dubious companies rarely pause. You can complete theregistration at eToro quickly by entering your personal data. After that, your first deposit and first investment are possible.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Investor

You wanted to join Bitcoin Investor? Then it is an advantage that you now know about the provider's untrustworthy approach and our Bitcoin Investor experience. This saves you having to register and create an account, whichmay have led to a rip-off - and the loss of your deposits.

Roland Herrmann
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eToro offers many security features such as protection in case of bankruptcy.
4.5 / 5.0 bewertet von Roland Herrmann

Although this provider is not recommended according to our Bitcoin Investor experience, you don't have to do without trading with cryptocurrencies. A platform like eToro can promise you the desired effect andprovides you with a number of advantages - for example first class customer service and top software.

Frequently asked questions and Answers

At this point we would like to answer frequently asked questions on the subject in order to clear up even more ambiguities. So you can prepare yourself even better for your registration with one of thereputable bitcoin exchange platforms in order to make the right decision.

Does Bitcoin Investor really work ?

OurBitcoin Investor experiencesaccording to it is difficult to earn money safely with this provider. Among other things, you will not be able to discover a license here, but also no customer opinions that speak of real earning experiences. Because we have received reports about the company, we suspect that the provider is not trustworthy.

Why is Bitcoin Investor a scam?

By a Bitcoin Investor Fraudwe don't assume it directly, but we want to make it clear that this provider is anything but serious. Here you will not find any license and regulation, so you cannot be sure of the protection of your capital. Previous evaluations also do not show that real investing is made possible here.

Are there safe alternatives?

Safe alternatives to this provider can be found in a large number discover. Because: There are some trading platforms on the market that we have checked, whose offer is presented really transparently and which are equipped with a European license. If you are looking for a good place to go, you can also find this with us underForex Brokersfind.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

You want your owncomparison start? Then you should know about the most important selection criteria. A license is an important factor for a decision, as it shows seriousness and regulation. Furthermore, very good customer service is a must for the provider if he is to convince users all round.

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