Our Bitcoin Pro experiences 2022

You have heard of the Bitcoin Pro trading platform and would like to try it out? Then we would like to advise you to be careful at this point, because we have received some reports about this company. This gave us the opportunity toexamine the online broker very closely. Based on our own Bitcoin Pro experience, we can recommend not relying on this provider. As a good and safe alternative, you can useBinanceBest Online Casino Bonus

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What can you find out here? We put Bitcoin Pro to the test and found out for you whether a Bitcoin Pro fake is likely. Also,how you can recognize a rip-off and what distinguishes really secure platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, we will tell you below. In short: You will find out everything you need to know before registering with one of the trading platforms in order to put yourself in safe hands.

Bitcoin Pro experiences at a glance

Have the first step we deal with the opinions on the crypto broker. We noticed thatvarious indications of a Ponzi scheme, so that Bitcoin Pro fraud can by no means be ruled out. We'll tell you below what features we mean by that.

Die Webseite von Bitcoin Pro.

Have you ever typed in the broker's name online? Then you will surely notice that there are some positive news articles or even positive reviews about the company. In our Bitcoin Pro review, we found that there are even reports that this is thefastest and safest way to trade cryptocurrencies to make money earn.

But at second glance it becomes clear: This could be an indication of Bitcoin Pro fraud. Because: A real evaluation based on various test criteria does not come about here, but aprimarily advertising language. The suspicion arises that this article was posted by the operator himself.

That's why we suspect Bitcoin Pro fraud

But how did the broker manage to get customers at all? And that for three years now? Many people who are concerned with whether it is worth registering with the provider ask themselves this question. The answer is very simple: Bitcoin Pro also works according to a certain system to attract customers and encourage them to deposit:

With such a system Fake is all about targeting people who want to invest in Bitcoin and are looking for ways to do so accordingly. Have you already registered for one or the other newsletter on the subject? Then you will surely soon receivee-mails from providers like Bitcoin Pro, which should show you how easy it is to register. Once you are registered, the game goes into the next round:

This will tell you about possibleBitcoin Pro Fraud:

  • Praiseworthy online advertising with many promises
  • Simple registration form
  • Call center calls
  • Fake celebrity comments

This is usually followed by human contact in the form of a "service employee". This usually calls from a call center and has only been trained to give yousecurity for your first deposit. Basically, this person should ensure that you really make a deposit - and that the provider can earn money from it.

Ein Ausschnitt aus der Webseite von Bitcoin Pro.

Dubious companies often make use of celebrity advertising or a bot. Of course, this is not real and should | ||First and foremost convey trustworthiness to generate more customers. Bitcoin Pro does not use this type of advertising, but we would like to mention this as a general indication of a possible Bitcoin Pro fraud.

Bitcoin Pro Test: What we know about this broker

What you can know about the provider is very easy to find if you look around on comparison websites. Our Bitcoin Pro test also showed very quickly: With this online brokerit will be difficult to earn money with Bitcoin. Therefore, the trading provider finds itself on a par with brokers likeBitcoin Code andPatron FX, from which we tell you would advise against.

Our Bitcoin Pro test makes it clear: YourSecurity cannot be fully guaranteed. So that you don't have to fall for a company of this kind, we have summarized all providers to be avoided in ourBlacklist of cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

You think that you have already been cheated? Here are our tips

You're sure you've already encountered a rip-off? Then you should stop paying right away and protect your capital. Try to have your payments reversed through your bank and secure proof of previous deposits to be able to use them in the event of legal action. It is also important that you inform yourself about the company viaBaFin. Then all you have to do isEnlist legal assistance to make claims.

Safe Alternatives to Bitcoin Pro

Of course you can also seriously head for some alternatives to Bitcoin Pro, which will provide you with advantages and unquestionable security. Theseoperate under a European license and are regulated so you don't have to worry about fraud. Because of the good service, we can recommend, among other things,eToro – a provider who even puts aside security in the event of insolvency. The company secures up to 20,000 euros per person as a reserve.

Bitcoin Pro does not have these properties. Although the provider clearly points out risks and seems very serious at first glance, there is no imprint or licenses here. You will also find anpossibility to practice via demo version at eToro, which is particularly suitable for beginners.

Bitcoin Pro compared to eToro|| |182

Wegen der oben genannten Punkte haben auch wir Anlass zu glauben, dass ein Bitcoin Pro Betrug nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann. Nicht nur a license for the market is missing here, but also a customer service. For comparison, eToro is waiting for you with a live chat and staff in different languages ​​if you have any questions or concerns.

Bitcoin Pro vs eToro Bitcoin Pro eToro
Is the broker with a European trading license? ✔️
Is the broker listed in the CONSOB register ? ✔️
Is the company located in a country that is not on the black list of tax havens? ✔️
Does the provider clearly point out investment risks? ✔️
Are the ads and reports genuine? ✔️
Have users already made profits with this broker? ✔️

At this point we would also like to remind you that there is always a risk to invest your capital in the exchange of crypto currencies. After all, even thebest broker in the world cannot make any promises because profits are never guaranteed.

Introduction to safe investing in Bitcoin

You would like to invest in Bitcoin as an investor and be able to act very safely? Then we also recommend the providereToro at this point, which even deals with thedeposit protection up to 20,000 euros per customer has taken care of. Register for free and provide truthful personal data so that there are no problems with verification. In the second step you can make a deposit and use it to start your first investment. We recommend: Use the demo version of eToro in advance to practice the process without risk.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Pro

What can we finally give you on the way? If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you'll be happy to have come across our Bitcoin Pro experiences. Because: We have discovered too many indications that could indicate aBitcoin Pro rip-off - and therefore recommend not to rely on this company.

Roland Herrmann
eToro scores with a security of up to 20,000 euros, which no other broker offers.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann

After looking at the various apps, payment methods, software, account registration and most important selection criteria, we come to the conclusion come that eToro is the most recommended provider. In our Bitcoin Pro experience,dubious platforms are to be avoided at all costs – which is why we offer you eToro,CFD Broker and || |286Forex Broker recommend as alternatives.

Frequently asked questions and answers

You have now heard a lot about our Bitcoin Pro experiences, but always any questions on the topic? Then you should read on below: We have ouranswers to the most frequently asked questions from users that occur, for example, in the Bitcoin Pro Forum. So you can find out more without research.

Does Bitcoin Pro really work?

OurBitcoin Pro experiencesthis is the case a platform with which you can hardly make profits when exchanging cryptocurrencies. Not only the opinions of previous users speak for this, but also some other criteria, such as the lack of licenses from the company.

Why is Bitcoin Pro a scam?

ABitcoin Pro scamwe can't rule it out because the provider can't show any licenses and otherwise doesn't appear very serious. However, the provider's advertising is less aggressive than many fake companies in the industry. For example, there are no celebrity ratings to discover.

Are there safe alternatives?

You wantsafe alternatives make use of? You can find these under ourBitcoin Exchange Favorites finden, die uns aufgrund verschiedener Details überzeugt haben. Sie alle haben gemeinsam, dass sie euch sichere Zahlungen und wirkliche Gewinnmöglichkeiten ermöglichen, aber auch Sicherheit durch ihre Lizenzierungen bieten.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

If you want tocompare your own favourites, you should definitely make sure that the respective provider works with a European license. It is also important that the company acts transparently and informs you about all risks. If the advertising is only exaggerated, you should initially refrain.

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