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Bithumb is a real "big player" in the field of bitcoin exchanges. The provider plays an enormous role in the Korean region and has developed into the largest platform for trading cryptocurrencies there in terms of volume in recent years. However, the name has already been associated with a sad incident, as numerous assets were stolen here during a hacker attack. Of course, the provider then promised improvement - and that's exactly what we want to check now. In addition, our Bithumb experiences show numerous other interesting details about the offer.

Rating 4.0 / 5.0
🐂 Cryptocurrencies 12 cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and much more.
📈 Fees 0.15%
💻 Bonus No, but promotions. After all, the exchanges usually have an enormous stock in the portfolio and are therefore a first-class destination. The Bithumb offer is of course somewhat biased in this regard, but according to our assessments it can be spoken of as a safe and reputable provider. We will, of course, explain why this is so in more detail later on. To get started, every user should first know that trading can be done here with complete peace of mind.
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Im Bereich der Bitcoin Exchanges befürchten einige Nutzer, dass es zu Angriffen von Hackern kommen kann. Immerhin haben die Exchanges meist einen enormen Bestand im Portfolio und sind somit ein erstklassiges Ziel. Das Angebot von Bithumb ist in dieser Hinsicht natürlich etwas vorbelastet, dennoch kann nach unseren Einschätzungen von einem sicheren und seriösen Anbieter gesprochen werden. Warum das so ist, werden wir im weiteren Verlauf aber natürlich noch genauer erläutern. Für den Start soll jeder Nutzer erst einmal wissen, dass der Handel hier vollkommen beruhigt erledigt werden kann.

Our experience at a glance

Possibly the name Bithumb is already known to one or the other trader , because it is a Korean giant of the scene. In principle, there is no way around the provider in South Korea, and more and more users in Europe are also making use of the portfolio. All traders can rely on a web-based trading platform, which is firmly anchored on the provider's website. In terms of user-friendliness, this is definitely an advantage, because no additional software is required for trading. In addition, the portfolio is properly sorted and offers a total of twelve different coins. The provider not only offers Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, but also Zcash, EOS, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, Ripple or Bitcoin Cash.

Company BTC KoreaCom Corporation
Address Theran-ro 16-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Registration Number 220-88-71844
Phone 82-1661-5551
E-mail Ticket System
Live Chat| ||121 Nein

As befits a decent trading platform, Bithumb offers its users helpful support, such as current price charts. In addition, expired transactions can be viewed again at any time. Customer support is presented in the form of an entire support center, which, in addition to a conversation with support, also includes access to a guide and an FAQ area. All in all, a convincing impression that the experienced platform from South Korea can deliver in the test report.

Bithumb Check: fraud or serious?

In our experience, the provider has a Bithumb fraud nothing to do. This is mainly due to the enormous popularity of the platform, after all it is a real giant on the global market. In addition, Bithumb has been doing good work for several years and therefore provides no reason to doubt its seriousness. After there had already been a hacker attack on the offer in the past, the security precautions have been significantly tightened again.

All users can now rely on a secure framework that is maintained with several protective measures. Despite the partly negative reports from the last few years, the offer can be described as completely serious and reliable. There are no known complaints, such as missing payments or the like.

Overview of Bithumb's offering

The foundation stone for starting trading at Bithumb is of course laid with your own user account. Fees do not have to be taken into account when registering, but the registration should always be based on true information. Immediately afterwards, the first deposit can be made into the account before you can start trading. As already mentioned, no special software is required. Trading takes place directly on the provider's website, and an API interface is also available.

The Bithumb website
Die Homepage von BithumbTrading bei Bithumb

For all newcomers, there is a note here that A Bithumb Guide can be found in the provider's support center. This makes it much easier to get started with the offer and the platform, as many important steps and processes are explained. In general, however, the offer is not confusing anyway, so that even the most inexperienced newcomers should be able to trade without any problems after a short time. Trading itself is extremely easy on the platform. The desired value of the coins is only set in the trading interface and then the purchase or sale is carried out with Buy or Sell. A total of twelve coins are available, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Gold, EOS, Qtum, Ethereum Classic and Zcash.

Current exchange rates and prices can be called up with a single click, and one-click trading is also offered, which means that your own orders can be executed even faster. A Bitcoin price chart can also be found in the trading interface and shows the price developments over a specified period of time. Pleasant: Not only the last day can be viewed, but also the last week, the last month or even the last two years. It is a pity that the operation is not possible in Canadian. However, since this is only the case with very few Bitcoin exchanges, there is no clear point deduction for it in our test report. By the way: If there is a need for discussion, the Bithumb Café can be accessed, which serves as a community and in which various questions and topics are answered.

Fees for trading at Bithumb

In matters Bithumb can definitely secure a plus point in our test report for transparency, because the overview of the fees can be opened with just one click from the start page. We give another plus point for the fact that the fees are equally low at 0.15 percent for makers and takers. A flat-rate commission is paid here, which fortunately remains the same for all values ​​and volumes. By the way: Every now and then there are various promotions in the provider's portfolio with which the commission can be saved completely or at least partially According to our Bithumb experience, you can only use the wallets of the respective coins. Of course, there are no problems, but you should pay attention to the respective minimum or maximum for the payments. It can be particularly positively emphasized that the deposits to the trading account can all be made free of charge. Thus, no additional costs have to be feared, which of course makes the whole thing much more pleasant. The transactions are all processed immediately, so that the respective amount on the account can be used immediately.

Ein- und Auszahlungen

Die Ein- und Auszahlungen lassen sich nach unseren Bithumb Erfahrungen ausschließlich mit den Wallets der jeweiligen Coins durchführen. Probleme tauchen dabei natürlich nicht auf, allerdings sollte auf das jeweilige Minimum oder Maxim für die Zahlungen geachtet werden. Besonders positiv hervorheben lässt sich, dass die Einzahlungen auf das Handelskonto allesamt gebührenfrei durchgeführt werden können. Somit müssen keine zusätzlichen Kosten befürchtet werden, was die ganze Sache natürlich deutlich angenehmer macht. Abgewickelt werden die Transaktionen allesamt umgehend, so dass der jeweilige Betrag auf dem Konto auch sofort in Anspruch genommen werden kann.

Payment methods at Bithumb
Payment options: eWallets
Minimum deposit: variable
Fees: none for deposits, withdrawals variable
Account management possible in:
Payout options: eWallets

For the payouts from the trading account, users can again choose between the different crypto wallets. Again, the minimum and the maximum must be observed. In addition, there are always fees for the payouts, which unfortunately cannot be avoided. With Bitcoin, for example, 0.0005 BTC must be planned for withdrawals. With Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin, 0.01 ETH, 0.01 Dash or 0.01 LTC are due. Our tip therefore: Before processing a payout, you should always check exactly what fees are to be expected for the transaction in the checkout area.

Security and Regulation

In a way, Bithumb is of course already branded, having suffered the consequences of a hacker attack in the past. But: You learn from mistakes and so you can now speak of a highly reputable provider. Two-factor authentication is used here by default, so that access to the account can only be carried out with an additional key. In addition, all user data is secured using SSL encryption.

There is no reason for concern on the part of the provider either, because Bithumb has been successfully active as one of the largest providers in the industry for several years . If it were an unreliable or possibly even criminal provider, this would of course not be the case. So even without the official license of a regulatory authority, we are talking about a completely reliable provider. In any case, only very few companies can show a license, because the market is relatively unregulated. In short: Every user can start trading with a good feeling.

Customer support

A helpful contact point in customer support is the Bithumb Guide especially for all inexperienced users. Here, the provider provides a type of guide that new users can use to get an initial impression of the processes and functions. If there are still unanswered questions, a direct conversation with customer support is available. Logged-in users can access a ticket system for this and send their request in writing to customer support. If you are not logged in, you have to use a telephone hotline. Pleasant: Telephone support is available in several languages, and the hotline can also be used around the clock, 365 days a year. Of course, the answers to the questions are also a little quicker than waiting for a ticket response from support.

If you want to get a quicker look at various questions and answers, you should go to the FAQ area of the provider. Here the most frequently asked questions are asked and of course answered directly, so that many problems are already cleared out of the way here. Important little thing: The FAQ area is not offered in Canadian. In our experience, however, your own questions can also be answered with rudimentary knowledge of English.


When designing your own website,the Bitcoin Exchanges| ||222 nicht selten abenteuerliche Designs einfallen. Nicht immer wird dabei voll ins Schwarze getroffen, die Homepage von Bithumb kann sich allerdings erfreulich gut präsentieren. So sind hier zwar auf der Startseite durchaus wichtige Informationen zu finden, die Anzeige wirkt aber zu keinem Zeitpunkt überladen. Stattdessen bleibt durchgängig ein geordneter Aufbau zu erkennen, der auch den Wechsel zwischen verschiedenen Bereichen einfach macht. Hierfür muss lediglich im oberen Bereich der Webseite auf eine Schaltfläche geklickt werden, welche allesamt eindeutig beschriftet sind. Mit Blick auf die Handelsfunktionen sollten ebenfalls keine Probleme auftauchen. Zum einen ist das Spektrum hier natürlich begrenzt, zum anderen sind aber auch in der Handelsoberfläche alle Buttons und Bedienfelder eindeutig deklariert.

Mobile App

The provider's mobile offer is still in limits. There is no native Bithumb app that can be used after a previous software download. Instead, a mobile alternative is used, which can convince with an adapted variant of the portfolio. The implementation is quite successful here compared to many competitors, but a native download app would probably be a bit more reliable. All in all, we can't find any major points of criticism, after all, the display of all areas is adapted to the small screens of mobile devices.

Conclusion: You can rely on the offer

With Bithumb we could In our test report we take a close look at a very interesting provider, which is of course mainly important because of its size. In Korea there is no bigger one, at the same time, according to our Bithumb experiences, the attack should also be launched in Europe. The potential is definitely there, because the platform relies on simple and beginner-friendly trading in various cryptocurrencies. The focus is primarily on the prominent coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. The trading interface is easy to use and clearly laid out. The same goes for the mobile app, which is also one of the Bitcoin Exchanges’ better mobile offerings. So we are completely satisfied with the impressions from our test report and can recommend the provider without hesitation and rule out fraud or rip-off.

Steffen Breitner
Bithumb is a giant in the industry and offers an interesting portfolio.
4.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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