Our BitQT Experiences 2022

You heard about BitQT and want to invest in Bitcoin on this platform? You are not the only ones, because the company advertises in a variety of ways and even promises users that they can become a millionaire by trading cryptocurrencies. But:Some users reported this platform, which is why we took a closer look at it and made our own BitQT experiences. First of all, it should be said: At this point we recommend to rely on providers likeBinance, who are undoubtedly safe and reliable.

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What can you read below? We will show you whether BitQT acts seriously and securely - and which characteristics you use to determine this. We also give you good alternatives to the provider along the way, as well as the most important information on how you can recognize a scam yourself. In short: Here you will find out everything you need to know before registering yourself in order tonot fall for a fake broker on the market.

BitQT experiences in the Overview

So let's talk about the BitQT experiences that real customers have had with the broker. We read a few reviews and were able to suspect that thispossibly a Ponzi scam scheme. This cannot be fixed, but there are several indications that speak for it.

Die Webseite von BitQT.

If you enter BitQT Broker online, you can discover some supposed ratings. Some customer opinions were also noted on the company's website itself - but we are almost certain that these were written and published by the provider himself. Because: The opinions seem almost too good to be true. Ratings can also be found in some BitQT fake forums – these arehowever rather negative. It becomes clear: A BitQT fraud no longer seems so far-fetched when you notice the difference in the ratings.

That's why we suspect BitQT fraud

So what indications can we give that point to a BitQT suggest fraud? Here you should first of all ask yourself how the company was able to bind or attract so many users. The system is based on a very simple principle and consists of several steps thatshould inspire trust:

  1. Users are addressed who are looking for investment opportunities searched about Bitcoin.
  2. If you have subscribed to the newsletter of various information sites, you will often receive an e-mail from the broker.
  3. A registration is suggested, which should be very simple and only take a few minutes.

The goal of this procedure is toget you to register. Since this was kept very simple and supposedly costs you nothing, it can attract some customers.

You can recognize possibleBitQT Fraud:

  • Aggressive online advertising
  • Simple registration form
  • Calls from call center employees
  • Fake advertisements and celebrity quotes

Once you are registered, you will usually be called by a call center. The staff will encourage you to make a first deposit while providing you with security and seriousness. Yourtrust should be significantly strengthened through human contact.

Eine gefälschte Rezension von einem Prominenten zu BitQT.

Although we could not find this for BitQT, most fake brokers also work with supposed | ||145Aussagen von bekannten Persönlichkeiten about their own platform. Fake news articles online can also mostly be discovered about the providers that explain why everyone should make use of this profitable bot platform. These two features alone would show that BitQT could be a scam, so if you stumble upon such things, treat them with caution.

BitQT Test: What we know about this broker

What do we finally know about the BitQT crypto platform? Although one cannot say with certainty that there is a BitQT rip-off here, various factors make us suspicious. You will also quickly find out about comparison websites of a trustworthy kind:You can't really make money here.

As our BitQT test has made clear, this company shows Similar features to the providers we do not trustBitcoin Circuit,Patron FX,BitQH andUsi Tech and should therefore be avoided.

You think you have already been scammed ? Here are our tips

Feeling like you've already been scammed? Then we first recommendno more deposits with money. Depending on the losses you have suffered, you should take a look atBaFin judgments and seek legal advice if necessary. There may be ways to make claims.

Safe Alternatives to BitQT

There are many good alternatives if you want to invest in Bitcoin. It is about licensed providers who arereally regulated and also subject to controls. The best online brokers not only enable you to make secure transactions in different currencies, but will not let you down even if you have less experience. Such a provider is, for example,eToro.

Why do we recommend eToro to you? The Cyprus-based company was licensed by CySec and works with more than 170 cryptocurrencies, so there should be something for every customer. Incidentally, thecustomer service there is very easy to reach - and even in different languages.

BitQT compared to eToro

Although BitQT appears on various social media and should also be very easy to reach via this - in practice, however, contact with customer service turns out to beKontakt mit dem Kundenservice jedoch als schwierig difficult. When compared to eToro's live chat, this company just can't compete. The lack of support alone shows that BitQT fraud cannot be ruled out. This also applies to the missing licenses as a feature. With ourBlacklist of all fake broker platforms you can see which other companies should be avoided - for the same reasons.

BitQT vs eToro BitQT eToro
Is the broker registered and has a European trading license? ✔️
Is the broker listed in the CONSOB register? ✔️
Is the company located in a country that is not blacklisted by the tax havens? ✔️
Does the provider point out investment risks? ✔️
Are the ads and testimonials real? ✔️
Have users made real profits with this broker? ✔️

At this point we would like to remind you again that eToro is not a money printing machine and profits from trading cannot be guaranteed. The provider is absolutely reputable - buteveryone must be aware of their own risks.

Introduction to the safe investment in Bitcoin

Wenn auch ihr auf sichere Weise in Bitcoin investieren möchtet, empfehlen wir für den Start eToro. Denn: Hier kommt ihr sicher auch als Anfänger gut zurecht. Wenn ihr euch anmelden wollt, braucht ihr nur eure Benutzerdaten anzugeben um ein Konto zu eröffnen – jedoch kann das Nachreichen von legitimierenden Dokumenten wie eurem Ausweis gefordert werden, wenn ihr eine Auszahlung aktivieren wollt. Seid ihr registriert, könnt ihr eine first deposit and start investing in cryptocurrencies.

BitQT conclusion

You want to invest in bitcoin? Then you're sure to be happy that you stumbled across our BitQT review. Our BitQT experiences will certainly help you to decide against registering. To the seriousCFD Brokers andForex Brokers the company does not seem to be owned, as many features suggest.

Roland Herrmann
The eToro customer service is one of the most compelling features. But the license also speaks for a serious offer.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann

Nachdem wir uns die App, Software, Zahlungsmethoden, das Trading und die Funktionen angesehen haben, haben wir eToro als sicherste und beste Anlaufstelle gewählt. Unseren BitQT Erfahrungen nach solltet ihr euch nur an die besten Plattformen halten, die can be described as serious without reservation. This includes eToro for us as a top company.

Frequently asked questions and answers

At this point we would like to answer important questions on the subject. Our answers will give you an idea of ​​whether registration is really recommended for you - wehowever, we clearly advise against it.

Funktioniert BitQT wirklich?

OurBitQT experiencesaccording to this platform doesn't really work for making money. Even if this is suggested by the advertisements, some customer opinions in particular show that one should keep a distance from this. There are also the missing licenses, but also the poor customer service.

Why is BitQT a scam?

From aBitQT scam ist die Rede, weil viele Merkmale gegen ein seriöses und sicheres Auftreten des Unternehmens sprechen. So fehlt es an Lizenzen, aber auch vertrauenswürdigen Servicemitarbeitern. Darüber hinaus liefert das Unternehmen mit eigener App kaum Informationen darüber, was euch Kunden hier erwartet.

Are there safe alternatives?

There are a few about this company name safe alternativesthat can give you a much better investing experience. We have clear favorites, but we also give you various safe contact points. So you have a wide choice if you want to get to really safe platforms and enjoy advantages.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

If you have your ownComparisonyou should take eToro as an example. Licenses are mandatory for a reputable provider, but first-class customer service should also be waiting for you here - otherwise there is no point in registering. Also read real reviews on forums to discover the opinions of previous customers.

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