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Clear the way for a true giant of the industry. Bitstamp is a British bitcoin exchange platform that has been on the market for over six years. The company can convince with some very interesting points in terms of security and protection measures and has already inspired more than a million users. In terms of traded volume, Bitstamp is still one of the top exchanges on the market. But is the offer really that strong? We got an impression of the portfolio, collected our own experiences and summarized them below.

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Einer der wichtigsten Kritikpunkte vor dem Einstieg in den Handel mit dem Bitcoin ist natürlich die Seriosität einer Plattform. Es liegt auf der Hand, dass der Handel nur dort getrieben werden sollte, wo auch wirklich ein seriöser Rahmen zur Verfügung gestellt werden kann. In den letzten Jahren hat es immer mal wieder Meldungen über unseriöse Anbieter auf dem Markt gegeben, Bitstamp gehört aber erfreulicherweise nicht dazu. Die Schlagzeilen der Plattform waren in der Vergangenheit ausschließlich positiv, zudem sprechen noch weitere Argumente für die seriöse Arbeitsweise. Dazu aber im weiteren Verlauf noch mehr.

Our experiences at a glance

Bitstamp is nothing less than one of the largest platforms for Bitcoin exchanges in all of Europe. The provider serves more than a million users and is one of the few representatives that has an official license from a regulatory authority. But that's not all, because users have to verify themselves for trading. So there is a big focus on security here, which should give every trader a good feeling. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash are also offered for trading. In addition, customers can also make their deposits with classic Fiat currencies.

Company Bitstamp Ltd.
Address 5 New Street Square, London, UK
Registration Number
Telephone 44 20 8133 5474
E -mail [email protected]
Live Chat No

By the way, the history of the provider goes back to 2011, so we can speak of a very experienced representative on the market. This is also reflected on the website, where the individual areas are all easily accessible. For questions or ambiguities, a support center is offered, which consists of an FAQ area and direct contact with support. By the way: Bitstamp is also represented in the social networks of Facebook and Twitter. If you want to get additional information about news or developments, you can try your luck there.

Bitstamp Check: Fraud or serious?

With regard to seriousness, there are several good reasons to to plan his investment in Bitstamp. The provider has been successfully active on the market since 2011 and is therefore one of the most experienced companies in the industry. Within the last six years since it was founded, no complaints from other users or the like have surfaced, which of course can also be seen as a clear indication. Even more important to mention is the official license that the provider received from the British authorities. Another proof of the serious way of working can be found in the verification of the users. In short: It can be said with absolute certainty that Bitstamp fraud can be ruled out.

Of course, the provider also protects its users from attacks by outsiders. For example, the well-known two-factor authentication is used, which requires an additional security key in addition to the login. In addition, Bitstamp secures its traders' data with SSL encryption.

Overview of what Bitstamp offers

The functionality of Bitstamp is very simple and can be understood within a few moments. Users can make deposits using fiat currency or cryptocurrency and then trade through Bitstamp. Numerous currency pairs can be traded without the need for additional software. The secret in this case lies in a web-based platform in which trading is carried out directly in the respective browser.

The Bitstamp website
Die Website von BitstampLive Trades bei Bitstamp

As soon as your own trading account has been created with the provider , users can enter daily trading. There are no costs for registration, and at the same time the process is completed within a very short time. The account is then topped up with their own credit and the users are ready to trade. You can choose between so-called instant orders and limit orders. It is certainly interesting to mention in this context that margin trading is not possible with this provider according to our Bitstamp experience. But an order book is offered in which all current purchases and sales can be found. With just a few clicks, the coins can be bought or sold directly via the order book.

The provider not only lists Bitcoin as valid coins, but also XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. This in turn results in 15 currency pairs that can be traded at any time with the provider. Among other things, with the help of a very good API interface. The currency pairs include BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, XRP/USD or BCH/EUR. Interesting: If you like, you can even trade the EUR/USD fiat pair.

What are the fees for trading?

The first positive news regarding the fees is that Bitstamp handles this information very transparently. The trading fees can be called up with just a few clicks, so that no user can be “nasty” surprised by additional costs. The traded volume of the last 30 days in US dollars is decisive for the amount. If this is less than $20,000, the highest fee must be paid, 0.25 percent. As the volume increases, the fees decrease. For example, if you can turn over 400,000 US dollars in 30 days, you only pay 0.20 percent fees.

In the best case, over 20,000,000 US dollars of trading volume are produced, since the fees then drop to 0.10 percent be lowered. A little tip: If you are already trading large volumes, you should contact customer support and you may be able to get even more favorable conditions. Certainly not unimportant in connection with the fees is the fact that an investment of at least five euros or 0.001 BTC must be made - and payouts can be carried out with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies according to our Bitstamp experience. As a result, not only the eWallets of the currencies can be used, but also classic deposit methods such as credit cards, debit cards, international bank transfers or SEPA transfers. When depositing with a debit card, a fee of 10 CADs applies to all deposits up to US$1,000. If larger amounts are paid in, a fee of 2.00 percent will be charged. A fee of five percent is charged for deposits made by credit card. Also associated with fees is the international bank transfer, where at least 7.50 euros (0.05 percent) fees are charged. SEPA deposits are again possible at any time free of charge. The same applies to deposits with the coins, which can always be processed free of charge.

Ein- und Auszahlungen

Die Ein- und Auszahlungen lassen sich nach unseren Bitstamp Erfahrungen mit Kryptowährungen und Fiat-Währungen durchführen. Genutzt werden können folglich nicht nur die eWallets der Währungen, sondern auch klassische Einzahlungsmethoden wie die Kreditkarte, Debitkarten, die internationale Banküberweisung oder die SEPA-Überweisung. Wird mit einer Debitkarte eingezahlt, gilt eine Gebühr von zehn Euro für alle Einzahlungen bis zu einem Betrag von 1.000 US-Dollar. Werden größere Beträge eingezahlt, werden 2,00 Prozent Gebühren erhoben. Bei Einzahlungen mit der Kreditkarte wird pauschal eine Gebühr von fünf Prozent erhoben. Ebenfalls mit Gebühren verbunden ist die internationale Banküberweisung, wo mindestens 7,50 Euro (0,05 Prozent) Gebühren erhoben werden. SEPA-Einzahlungen sind wiederum jederzeit gebührenfrei möglich. Gleiches gilt für Einzahlungen mit den Coins, die immer gebührenfrei abgewickelt werden können.

Payment options at Bitstamp
Payment options: Wallets, international bank transfer, SEPA, debit card, Credit card
Minimum deposit:
Fees: variable, SEPA deposit free of charge
Account management possible in : USD
Withdrawal options: Wallets, international bank transfer, SEPA, debit card

When it comes to withdrawals, users can access almost the same Revert options as when depositing. Of course, there are various aspects to consider here, including possible fees. When paying out via SEPA transfer, there is always a fee of 0.90 euros, which can certainly be described as acceptable. Withdrawals to a debit card incur a $3.45 fee, and withdrawals to credit cards are not accepted. Of course, the withdrawals can also be made inexpensively with the wallets of the coins, because no fees are charged for the withdrawals here.

Security and Regulation

At Bitstamp, the security of the users and platform has absolute priority. The provider works with a license from the British authorities and can therefore ensure that the offer is monitored and regulated at all times. That alone is rock-solid proof that Bitstamp works seriously and that fraud on the part of the provider can definitely be ruled out. In addition, the provider protects itself and its users through the verification that every trader has to go through and with which possible fraudsters can be filtered out before the first trade.

As already mentioned, the website also features an SSL Encryption is used to encrypt all sensitive user information. This is extremely important protection, because criminals never have the opportunity to access user data. Two-factor authentication for access to a user account should not be neglected at this point. Although this is considered the absolute standard, it can still be described as effective protection. The bottom line is that Bitstamp delivers a whole series of arguments that speak for a secure offer.

Customer support

Of course, customer support plays an important role for a provider as large as Bitstamp. After all, around one million users are looked after and they often have a few questions or get stuck at certain points. An e-mail address can be used for this, which of course can be written to around the clock. It can take a few hours for an answer, but the quality of the advice is still high. The answer here can only be in English. Those who are not afraid of foreign fees and who also speak English can also use a telephone hotline. A third alternative would be the letter, after all the address of the provider can be found directly on the website. In practice, however, this option should only be of interest to very few.

The FAQ area of ​​the provider is much more attractive. Here, users can not only find out about the basics of cryptocurrencies, but also have general questions about the platform answered at the same time. A great option for quick help, even if only an English-language FAQ area is offered here.

User friendliness of Bitstamp

Bitstamp can be viewed as a absolutely user-friendly. The provider actually only provides the most important information on the start page and thus encourages users to click through the portfolio. The different areas can all be discovered in the footer, so that you can navigate through the entire website structure with just a few clicks - that's how it should be. In addition, the buttons and control surfaces are all easily recognizable, only the main menu is somewhat hidden behind a small list symbol on the right edge of the screen. Important to mention: Unfortunately, the offer is not available in Canadian, which may make control a little more difficult for some traders.

Mobile App

Bitstamp is used for trading not only at home on the computer, but also on the go with the help of the Bitstamp app. The provider provides two different variants that can be downloaded free of charge by all Apple and Android users. The download is done quickly with a stable internet connection, as is the subsequent installation. There are no losses to be felt in the trade itself. The mobile offer was designed intuitively, which makes it extremely easy to use. A good alternative that makes trading much more flexible.

Conclusion: A major player in the industry with a great portfolio

Our Bitstamp experience shows that the provider is a good mix in many respects could set up. Deposits and withdrawals can be processed with coins and fiat currencies, and the selection of tradable currency pairs is neither too large nor too small. Not every x-any minor coin can be traded, instead Bitstamp successfully focuses on the well-known and popular coins. Operation and trading are extremely easy - despite the English-language website. In addition, a flexible mobile solution is available, which can be used without any losses. When it comes to security and seriousness, the performance is outstanding, so that we can make a very positive judgment and rule out fraud and rip-offs.Compared to other bitcoin exchanges Bitstamp can present itself really well.

Steffen Breitner
Bitstamp is clear, versatile and offers a transparent trading interface.
4.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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