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Trading in forex values ​​and CFDs has offered great potential for many years and as a trader you can now participate in trading with numerous brokers. The broker Blackwell Global from Great Britain is one of these providers and not only convinces with an extensive range of trading. The required regulation also offers a lot of comfort for traders and of course makes it clear in the first place that the broker is very serious and safe. This also means that fraud can be ruled out.

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Our experiences at a glance

Anyone who wants to participate in the stock exchange or at least trade with interesting stocks must first find a suitable broker. This makes it possible to enter the trade and invest your capital there. It is important that as a trader you also trust your broker and have no inhibitions about investing your money there. At Blackwell Global, this shouldn't be a problem. After all, the provider has been active on the market since 2010 and since then has been able to benefit from some empirical values, which ultimately also benefit the trader. The service offered also plays a role here and even the selection of trading values ​​is of great importance. In this respect, the Blackwell Global test report shows that as a trader you can expect a lot and that many options are available. Ultimately, this is what sets the broker apart.

Company Blackwell Global Investments (UK) Limited
Address 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN, United Kingdom
Phone 0800 707 2050
Email [email protected]
Live Chat no

Extensive offer for trading and a lot of security for traders

CFDs, currency pairs and precious metals characterize the broker's offer and ensure that you as a Traders can choose from a more than diverse range of trading options. Versatile trading is possible at any time and you can always participate in trading with other values ​​– if you wish. Attractive spreads ensure a lucrative trading opportunity and the overall very wide range of trading offers in any case enough variety for all traders. More than 10 CFD offers for trading and a large number of currency pairs provide variety, plus there are precious metals, with which trading is always interesting are very interesting. Examples include EUR/USD and GBP/NZD. But other currency pairs also provide an opportunity to trade with a lot of variety. Be it USD/SGD or USD/TRY, GBP/JPY or even EUR/NOK - the diversity at Blackwell Global helps to keep finding new trading opportunities. Those who are familiar with the financial markets can trade foreign exchange and CFDs with the broker Blackwell Global and always benefit from it. In addition, the existing precious metals such as gold and silver ensure diversity. Interesting trading is also possible with this.

Bei den Forex-Werten stehen diverse Handelspaare bereit, die sehr interessant sind. EUR/USD sowie GBP/NZD sind hier beispielsweise zu nennen. Aber auch andere Währungspaare sorgen für eine Möglichkeit, dem Handel stets mit viel Abwechslung zu begegnen. Sei es USD/SGD oder USD/TRY, GBP/JPY oder auch EUR/NOK – die Vielfalt bei Blackwell Global trägt dazu bei, immer wieder neue Handelsmöglichkeiten vorzufinden. Wer sich an den Finanzmärkten auskennt kann mit dem Broker Blackwell Global Devisen sowie CFDs handeln und dabei immer wieder aufs Neue profitieren. Hinzu kommt, dass auch die vorhandenen Edelmetalle wie Gold und Silber für Vielfalt sorgen. Auch damit ist somit ein interessantes Trading möglich.

The website of Blackwell Global
Der Handel bei Blackwell Global im BlickDie Konten bei Blackwell Global

When trading with the different values, the broker not only promises sufficient variety. In addition, trading can also be made very attractive in terms of conditions. Spreads from a low 1.6 pips make trading very interesting and contribute to the fact that high profits are possible with comparatively low stakes. The leverage should also be mentioned here, which can be up to 1:400 at Blackwell Global. In this way it is possible to use the broker's capital to increase your own stake and thus maximize the amount of possible profits. However, one should always keep in mind that trading with leverage also leads to a higher risk. If you lose a trade, sometimes more money is lost than you actually invested.

In the Blackwell Global experiences, the trade offer stands out as well as the cost models. This means that every trader has the opportunity to start trading very lucratively with this provider.

You can also make deposits with the provider just as easily. Various payment options offer a high degree of convenience and show once again that the broker seems to focus primarily on security. All payment options offered are not only fast, but also secure. In addition to Skrill, Neteller is also available and deposits are also possible via credit card. The most common credit cards are available here. Depositing by bank transfer is also possible, but this may take some time. Here the paid-in amount must first be booked so that it can be used for trading. With the British broker Blackwell Global, payouts are possible from a sum of 0.01 US dollars. A minimum amount of 100 dollars is required for transfers.

Mobile App

More and more areas of daily life can also be used with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Not only is shopping possible on the go, but also, in more and more cases, trading with different values. This is also the case with the broker Blackwell Global, which provides a mobile app for trading for its traders. The app is available for Android and can also be downloaded for iOS devices. The app itself is free and offers direct access to the various trading options. Thanks to the Blackwell Global mobile app, you can not only access your own trading account, but also easily participate directly in trading. The same conditions apply to this as to the software for the computer. Thus, a simple and comfortable trading with CFDs, Forex and precious metals is possible and as a trader you can invest in trading from almost anywhere.

Within the app, trading with more than 60 stocks is possible and it analysis, charts and more can be used. The Forex courses can be called up directly at any time via a live stream and there is also the possibility of always viewing your own trading account in detail.

Overall, the provider with the free mobile app can definitely convince and the Blackwell Global test report is positively influenced by this in any case. With your own tablet or smartphone you always have access to the trading account and can invest in trading regardless of where you are.

Bonus offers are a lucrative basis for many traders

With a bonus As a trader, you often have the opportunity to start trading with a higher capital. NumerousCFD– andForex brokers offer their customers bonus payments when the first deposit is made. Other brokers pay bonuses when a certain turnover is exceeded and other brokers pay no bonus at all. And there are also several camps among traders. A camp likes to claim bonus payments, other traders usually reject them. At Blackwell Global you don't have to ask yourself this question as a trader, since there is no bonus payment here - at least at the moment. This means that no new customer bonus is paid out and you don't get any other bonuses here as a trader.

Deposit bonus: No entry
Bonus conditions: No details
Validity: No details
Other bonuses: No details

A bonus does offer There is always the possibility of being able to start trading with an increased budget and thus often creates better financial conditions, but a bonus is always subject to certain conditions and cannot always be used flexibly or even paid out. A minimum turnover is almost always required so that you can even benefit from the bonus when making a payment.

So you can see it positively and negatively that Blackwell Global does not offer a bonus. The lack of a bonus does not detract from the positive experience. Even without such a financial benefit for traders, trading can be done reliably, attractively and, above all, extensively here.

Support around the clock for traders

As a trader, you may have questions or if you have problems, you cannot avoid contacting support. It is positive if you can reach the support easily and quickly and if they are helpful and competent. Although you may not have any technical questions, you may get stuck at some point in the trading or have other questions. With the broker Blackwell Global from Great Britain you are not left alone, but can reach the support quickly and easily. Even if there is no live chat, you have the option of reaching a contact person quickly. This is possible, for example, via Skype. The broker is active in Messenger and helps his customers promptly and easily.

There are also various e-mail addresses for contacting and there is a contact form on the website. A free hotline – for Canadian customers alone – rounds off the broker’s support offering and helps ensure that you can get help quickly and directly with all sorts of questions. Blackwell Global support is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. This gives the traders enough time to clarify open questions and other concerns.

All in all, the support offered by the broker Blackwell Global can be described as very extensive and reliable. For traders, this always offers the opportunity to reach a contact person easily and directly if they have any questions. Above all, the contact via Skype is to be rated positively and shows that the broker takes care of its traders intensively and extensively. You always have the opportunity to reach a contact person quickly and get rid of your questions easily and conveniently. All possible problems can thus be discussed easily and it is then possible to invest safely and easily in trading.

Training offers and the demo account at a glance

It is for the individual trader Due to the extensive range on offer, it is not always easy for retailers to keep an overview and find their way around. For this reason, training courses are a welcome opportunity for many brokers to deal more intensively with trading and to improve oneself at the same time. Various training content often offers a lot of comfort and helps beginners and experienced traders to understand trading more easily.

This broker also offers such a range of training content, so that the test is positively influenced. As a trader, you can optimize your own trading with little effort. Various manuals are available at Blackwell Global to educate traders and there is also a trading encyclopedia that traders can access. It is therefore possible to improve one's own knowledge of trading with CFDs and Forex and to achieve higher returns when trading.

In addition, the provider also provides a demo account for its traders, which can be used free of charge can. This makes it easy for traders to deal with trading without their own risk and to get to know it from the ground up. With a demo account, individual trading processes can be trained and simulated and, as a trader, you can also try out strategies or make your own trading with Forex and CFDs more intensive and finer. Thus, a demo account is not only suitable for new traders who have no experience. Even experienced traders can learn something new with a demo account and have the option of participating in trading more extensively or with more training.

The range of training courses at Blackwell Global can therefore be classified as very extensive and helpful, although seminars or webinars do would round off. Nevertheless, the provider is particularly convincing with the free demo account.

Regulation and deposit insurance ensure security for traders

Security in trading naturally plays a particularly important role for many traders. It provides information on whether serious trading is possible and to what extent the individual trader is protected. In many cases, regulation by the responsible supervisory authorities makes it clear that a provider is reliable and can convince with seriousness. In many cases, there is also deposit insurance, which protects the trader's capital accordingly. Thanks to this regulation, fraud can be ruled out.

Blackwell Global Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Overview
Die Zahlungsarten bei Blackwell Global
Payment Options: Skrill, Neteller, Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit: 100 Euro
Fees: none
Account management possible in: Dollar, Euro, GBP
Auszahlungsoptionen: Skrill, Neteller, credit card, bank transfer

Most brokers with an existing regulation can be classified as safe, but brokers without this protection mechanism can also be classified as safe. At Blackwell Global, that question doesn't even come up. The FCA from Great Britain is responsible for regulating the broker and ensures that the provider is subject to inspection and monitoring by the authority. All activities and activities of the broker are thus monitored accordingly, which means a high level of security for traders in any case. In addition, there is also the deposit protection that every broker within the European Union must offer. The legal situation stipulates that all customer funds must be secured up to a sum of at least 100,000 euros per customer account. As long as Great Britain is a member of the EU, the EU-wide deposit guarantee also applies to Blackwell Global. What will happen after that remains to be seen. However, it can be assumed that there will be at least similar regulations.

Simple account opening with just a few clicks

In order for a trader to be able to trade in foreign exchange or CFDs at all, one has to First open a trading account with the relevant broker. At Blackwell Global this is very easy and uncomplicated and there is the option of entering the trade directly and quickly. The account can be opened directly via the broker's website and the first deposit can then be made immediately. Once this has been booked, you can start trading CFDs and forex values ​​immediately.

The offered demo account can also be opened with little effort and is then immediately available. In any case, it is possible to start quickly and easily with this provider, which plays an important role in the Blackwell Global test report. Only a few details are required to open an account and there is no comprehensive check before the start of trading. In this way, as a trader with this provider, you can start trading quickly, directly and very easily.

Conclusion: Blackwell Global offers its traders many options

The broker Blackwell Global from Great Britain can definitely convince overall. It quickly becomes clear that as a trader you have numerous options and can particularly benefit from the many training courses. The low spreads make lucrative trading possible and the large number of tradable values ​​means that as a trader you always have a wide selection when trading and that it is child's play to participate in trading. All in all, a varied trading with CFDs and forex values ​​is possible and traders have the opportunity to participate extensively in trading. Even if there is no bonus for the first deposit with this broker, trading here can still be worthwhile.

Blackwell Global is also convincing in the area of ​​security and offers a high level with FCA regulation in any case Safety. So one cannot speak of rip-off or even fraud, instead the broker offers a lot of comfort for its traders. Of course, deposit protection, which is mandatory within the European Union, also plays a decisive and important role. With this provider, safe and reliable trading with CFDs and currencies is therefore possible, the wide range of trading also plays an important role and contributes to the fact that you can trade here with a lot of variety.

Auch bei den angebotenen Möglichkeiten für den Handel überzeugt der Anbieter. Es gibt eine mobile App, die viel Komfort bietet und den Handel auch vom Smartphone oder Tablet aus möglich macht. Mit wenig Aufwand kann man somit bei Blackwell Global auch unterwegs am Handel teilnehmen und hat die Möglichkeit, somit alle spannenden Trades auch tatsächlich wahrnehmen zu können. Der Anbieter bietet am Ende für Anfänger eine ideale Anlaufstelle und erlaubt einen einfachen Einstieg ins Trading. Dabei ist das kostenlose Demokonto ebenfalls zu nennen. Zudem kann man aber auch als erfahrener Trader zuverlässig bei diesem Broker am Handel teilnehmen.

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Trading can be tested with a demo account at Blackwell Global.
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