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Anyone who wants to start trading with Forex or CFDs these days will find a complete selection of suitable brokers on the market. However, this is a real problem for many new traders, because it is not always possible to actually discover the best providers for your own trading from the masses. The portfolios of the brokers are too similar, and the differences that are visible at first glance are too small. The offer from BrokerDeal, which deals with exactly this problem, can help. In plain language, this means that traders can compare countless brokers with one another and get an overview of the entire market at a glance. In the following, we will examine in detail what experiences we have had with BrokerDeal and how the broker search works via the platform.

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What exactly is BrokerDeal?

BrokerDeal is not a broker or even one Bank, but much more about an intermediary. This means that the platform cooperates with numerous banks and brokers and can make many different offers to the website visitors. But that's not all, because in our experience the comparisons provide the actual nutritional value of the platform. Not only comparisons for Forex or CFD brokers are offered here, but also for futures or certificates. The offer is rounded off by the ratings of real and active traders, who can also rate other trading services. This gives every visitor and user a comprehensive overview of the numerous brokers and their strengths and weaknesses. These impressions are supplemented by the valuable experiences of the remaining traders, as well as some other useful features.

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In the test: How does BrokerDeal work?

In our experience, the use and functioning of BrokerDeal can be divided into three main steps. First, the traders have to go to the platform's website and get all the important information there. This is quite easy due to the numerous facts, at the same time, for example, a calculator is also offered with which every trader can find the cheapest offers for his needs. In order to then secure additional information about, for example, the service or the functionality of the trading software, the experience reports of the other traders should also be consulted. Once the right offer has been found, the traders can register with their own account with the broker as usual. All you have to do is state that BrokerDeal drew attention to this broker. As soon as your own account has been opened with the broker, you will also be able to register with BrokerDeal free of charge. This has a number of advantages and always provides traders with interesting news or offers, among other things. The third step in this sequence is then the trading itself, whereby the traders can also take advantage of certain promotions and rewards. For example, BrokerDeal regularly rewards all active traders by paying back part of the commissions received to the users.

Regulation and security: Everything in perfect order

Doubly interesting BrokerDeal's test report on the subject of seriousness and security. First and foremost, of course, the respective brokers are interesting, but also the platform itself. It is good to know that only licensed and regulated brokers are listed on BrokerDeal. For example, they hold a license from the Canadian BaFin and can therefore officially provide their services in retail. Such a license must be available from a broker, because only then can it be described as really serious. In addition, we can state that every reputable broker on the market also guarantees protection of user data. This is implemented by SSL encryption, which brokers use to protect their traders' sensitive data. If they then process a payment, for example, or enter their personal data in a form, they are completely secured with the help of SSL encryption.

The provider's website with all the important information
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Regarding the platform itself, based on our experience, it can be stated that BrokerDeal fraud can be completely ruled out. For one thing, registration does not involve any risk as it can be done for free. On the other hand, BrokerDeal has been very successful in its industry for several years and can look forward to a first-class reputation. This is also supported and strengthened by the fact that the provider has been officially active as a licensed investment broker since 2015. Accordingly, there is absolutely no doubt that BrokerDeal works seriously and responsibly. Positive: The risk warning, with which traders are informed about possible risks in trading, can also be found directly on the platform's start page. BrokerDeal also encrypts personal user data.

Customer support & service: This is what BrokerDeal looks like

Anyone who has questions about the platform or the brokerage can send them to the Provide customer support for the provider. The support staff can be reached in two different ways, which include not only a telephone hotline but also an e-mail address. Pleasant: This is a Canadian telephone number, so there are no possible charges for an international call. The type of telephone advice should also be highlighted positively, because the employees were able to leave a first-class and reliable impression in the BrokerDeal test. All questions and ambiguities are answered competently within a very short time and are therefore no longer an obstacle. The same applies to advice by e-mail, although here, in contrast to the telephone number, a certain waiting time of several hours has to be accepted. In our opinion, the telephone hotline is preferable. But if you prefer to put your request in writing, you can also enjoy good support.

In our experience, we can also award plus points for the integrated FAQ area. This deals with various general questions, which the broker then answers at this point. For example, you can find information on security, membership or other aspects related to the account. This area is therefore particularly recommended if users want to make a general inquiry to customer support.

Platform and user-friendliness: clear and problem-free navigation

Traders are welcomed on the Website of the platform with the most important aspect: the broker comparison. This is located at the top of the website and immediately catches the eye when you call up the start page. First of all, the traders can determine here what kind of broker they want to trade with. You can choose between brokers for foreign exchange, futures, CFDs, certificates or shares. If the search is then started, the first results are already displayed, with the search field being supplemented with additional filter options. For example, traders can select the respective instrument for trading, determine the number of trades and determine the respective position size. Practical: The search results displayed can be sorted, for example by popularity, match or customer ratings. According to our experience with BrokerDeal, another positive aspect is that the respective fees for trading are displayed in large and transparent form. Also listed are the different products, the required minimum deposit, the different platforms and the spreads. In short: All important information about the broker and his offer can be seen here at a glance.

The platform has also done a great job in listing the results in displaying the index cards. These deal with the details, the costs, the customer opinions or the member benefits. So it's also worth checking these little "cards" quickly, as they provide the most important details about the different areas. With regard to the structure and structure of the website, we cannot blame the provider at all. With just a few clicks, every trader can find what they are looking for and then sort the results. The integrated search function, with which the entire portfolio can be searched within a few moments, is also first class. The appearance is rounded off by an attractive design, which can always draw attention to the right places with a good combination of light and dark colors.

Fees and costs: How much does BrokerDeal cost?

According to our BrokerDeal experience, registration and account management on the platform are completely free of charge. So traders have nothing to fear here, but can use the service without a bad gut feeling. When it comes to choosing the right broker, it is important to pay attention to possible fees and costs. After all, these are crucial for your own return and should therefore be extremely low at best. There are now several fee models on the market, which BrokerDeal also explains on its homepage. That's a real plus point, because it's not always easy to understand such fee structures.

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When using the broker comparison, the traders can then also specifically pay attention to the possible fees or select the cheapest broker. The displayed selection can be sorted, for example, according to the costs per trade, and at the same time there is an extra card with a lot of information about the individual costs and cost structures at the broker. Particularly strong: A small selection of detailed costs is always listed, which includes the spreads of the most important products. Transparency is therefore taken very seriously here and no trader has to worry about not being informed about possible fees somewhere here. Of course, this also significantly strengthens the credibility and trust in the comparison. By the way: According to our BrokerDeal experience, in addition to the filters and sorting functions already mentioned, there are a few other filters that can be displayed by clicking on "Refine search". This also includes criteria such as deposit protection, your own broker license or the obligation to make additional payments.

BrokerDeal Bonus and promotions: Several offers are available for traders

The platform is extremely well positioned in the test with a view to the promotions and additional offers. The provider has negotiated various offers with the brokers, which offer traders, for example, spread repayments, lower commissions or a deposit bonus after registering with a broker. How high the respective offer is, of course, always depends on the deal and the negotiations with the broker. In this context, the credit list, which anyone visiting the platform can easily call up, is particularly useful. Here is a list of exactly which promotions are waiting for traders with which broker. A small decision-making aid is thus given with certainty, whereby of course nothing stands in the way of registering with several brokers. Important: So that the deals and bonuses can actually be used, it is always necessary to register with the broker via BrokerDeal. In addition, of course, the requirements and conditions relating to the bonus offer must then be met.

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Note: The platform can of course also be used easily without registration . However, there is only access to the promotions and bonuses if you have opened your own account with BrokerDeal. The credits of the bonus offers are collected here and then transferred to the trader as soon as a sum of at least 20 euros has been collected.

Conclusion: With BrokerDeal the right broker is found quickly

Without question, BrokerDeal is a very useful and functional platform. Traders can specify their desired criteria for the broker search directly on the home page and carry them out within a few seconds. The more than 40 additional filter functions, which include, for example, the fees for the trades, the obligation to make additional payments or similar criteria, should be positively emphasized. In this way, every trader can choose exactly the offer that really suits him.

Furthermore, using the platform even brings some advantages and provides traders with spread cashbacks or similar bonus offers. Control and user-friendliness are also well done and ensure that every customer can not only find their way around, but also receives all important information about the various brokers within a very short time. According to our BrokerDeal experience, there are also no concerns regarding security and seriousness, after all it is a licensed investment broker. In short: BrokerDeal is a real help on the way to finding a broker with the best conditions. In addition, we can recommendour big forex broker comparison.

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BrokerDeal ist eine funktionelle und sehr nützliche Plattform um einen geeigneten Broker zu finden.
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