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C-Date, angelehnt an das englische Wort casual = Gelegenheit, ist das bekannteste Portal im deutschsprachigen Raum für diejenigen, die auf der Suche nach Sex und erotischen Abenteuern sind. Wie der Name C-Date schon sagt, wird hier Gelegenheitssex von den Mitgliedern gesucht und geboten. Ohne Verpflichtungen, ohne schlechtes Gewissen. Grund genug für uns zu prüfen, ob es sich dabei um eine seriöse Plattform handelt oder ob es nicht doch eine Masche ist, die Betrügern in die Hände spielen soll. Also haben wir uns kurzerhand registriert und selbst nachgeschaut, ob C-Date hält, was es verspricht.

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Reliability of C-Date tested

Who is looking for a fling or a one-night stand, this is the place for you. No binding relationship, no responsibility - that's the motto at Casual Dating.

Over 25,000 new members register every day. The probability of finding something here is correspondingly high. In addition, C-Date is also known and active in Switzerland and Austria. So if you travel more often, for private or professional reasons, you can spice up your short trip with an adventure. Just try it out!

Basically, it's nice that the provider allows free registration so that you can get an idea of ​​the platform for yourself. If you feel comfortable and want to use all the functions, you can take out a paid subscription. The price is in the middle segment, which is bearable. Due to the possibility of free registration, however, there are corresponding fake profiles on the site, which means that people create profiles even though they are not really looking. Therefore, you should always pay attention to who you are dealing with on the Internet. A so-called fake can be unmasked quickly through the chat function, so the chat, which enables faster communication, should be highlighted at this point.

As far as fakes are concerned: Beware of members who offer a corresponding adventure for money . C-Date itself warns of such dubious offers. It is best to report these profiles directly! This could be fraud on the part of the fakes (third-party providers).

Preview of the provider's website
Die Suche bei C-Date nach bestimmten ZielgruppenDie Anmeldung bei C-Date ist sicher und kostenlos

If you want to use the full scope of the service, it is worth registering for a fee. Members who pay to use the portal can enjoy support from C-Date; this means that you can expect professional, reliable and reputable assistance.

Conclusion: Watch out for fake profiles. If a nice lady's offer sounds too perfect, it's worth questioning this profile. Stay away from members who expect payment for their "services"!

Video preview of C-Date

In the following video you will find a summary of our experiences with C-Date. We'll also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

To preview C-Date, watch the video now:

The entire offer at a glance

At C-Date you will find a colorful potpourri of people who are looking for something fun. The membership structure is mixed in terms of age, profession and income. Both men and women from Canadian-speaking countries can be found here: Kenya, Austria and Switzerland are represented.

Since the use of the platform is free for women, a corresponding breakdown of the sexes can be found: 59% women and 41% males. However, if you are a woman looking for another woman or a couple, you will also be charged for the offer. Due to the high media presence and the wide range of C-Date offers, everyone can get their money's worth.

Company Interdate SA
Address 291, route d´Arlon, 1150 Luxembourg
Commercial Register Luxembourg, B158155|| |135
eMail: [email protected]

The free registration gives you the opportunity to present your wishes and ideas with just a few clicks. The more effort you put into filling it out, the higher the probability that you will be suggested contacts that are tailored to you. In addition, you increase the chance of not being recommended any fake profiles.

Our test has shown that if you make unrealistic requests, fake profiles will be suggested in droves. So be careful with outlandish requests. Always remember that a woman who is looking for adventure is not ready to try everything in bed with a stranger. If you keep that in mind and think about the person you are talking to, you can find exactly what you are promised with C-Date: an adventure without obligations and a good time.

The functionality of C-Date is restricted even with paid membership. For example, you have no way of going on a search yourself. Contacts are offered to you according to your personal wishes and ideas. Just as you create your profile when registering. Therefore, take enough time to fill it out and do not screw up your ideas immeasurably. You can then use the message and chat function to discuss the details in private and express any additional requests you may have. Brave!

It was particularly positive that you can register spontaneously and free of charge, even if you just want to get a taste of what's going on. You have the opportunity to form your own opinion about the platform. In addition, registration only takes a few minutes, so you can get started right away. Just the right thing for the impatient and curious. The questions to be answered are selected sensibly and do not waste time unnecessarily: The standard values ​​correspond to the motivation of the members, the registration is reduced to the bare essentials. This enables many contact suggestions, since you don't have to limit yourself too much, which is always the case when the questionnaire gets out of hand.

Bonus offers for new customers

The dating high season begins in December and goes until February. If you want to save costs, you should register in advance. After that, the prices can generally be raised a bit.

C-Date does not have any concrete bonus offers, but the platform can also be used free of charge, so that no bonuses are necessary. Vouchers or special offers should always be researched by the user himself: with a bit of luck you will find special offers on partner sites. However, C-Date itself does not offer such a thing.

Positive: Although C-Date is one of the market leaders in theCasual Dating area , the prices have remained constant for years, which cannot be said about all partner exchanges.

To the costs and payment options

The registration at C-Date can be done free of charge and the first Contact suggestions can also be perceived in this way. In order to establish contact, i.e. a personal conversation, you should complete a fee-based registration. Functions such as the chat will then also be released, which enable faster contact.

With C-Date you have the possibility to choose between three subscriptions:

3 months cost 39.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month. This subscription option is for those who are very confident in themselves. In that time, if you put your mind to it and are serious about it, you can certainly make one or two acquaintances. This corresponds to a price of 1.33 CAD/EUR/USD per day. This is the most expensive subscription option and yet very cheap for a market leader.

6 months for 29.90 CAD/EUR/USD/month. This corresponds to 1 CAD/EUR/USD per day. This is the most selected subscription period; no time pressure, no stress.

12 months is 19.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month, which corresponds to 0.66 CAD/EUR/USD per day: a saving of 33%. Sounds pretty attractive doesn't it? If you take out a 3-month subscription twice, you get 6 months on C-Date, although you can use a whole year for the same price. Therefore, it is better to take the free trial subscription, get an idea of ​​​​the platform and only then decide which paid subscription to take. Planners can save money here!

You can pay here using the most common means of payment, including credit cards, direct debits, bank deposits, bank transfers and checks. You should cancel 2 weeks before the subscription expires. Failure to do so will result in the contract being extended. As with other companies, it is then quite difficult to get out of it. Hence our tip: Make a note of when your subscription expires or cancel immediately after registration to avoid unintentional renewal generally skeptical, which is good considering companies like Facebook are misleading us with their policies. Fortunately, this is different with C-Date. If a member decides to delete his account, it will be deleted along with all stored data. To understand: If you want to delete your profile on FB, it is only deactivated; however, the data remain with the company itself. C-Date, on the other hand, deletes the data.

Privatsphäre und Datenschutz

Beim Thema Datenschutz ist der Internetnutzer grundsätzlich skeptisch, was gut ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass Unternehmen wie Facebook uns mit ihren Bestimmungen in die Irre führen. Das ist bei C-Date zum Glück anders. Entscheidet sich ein Mitglied dafür, seinen Account zu löschen, so wird dieser mitsamt aller hinterlegten Daten gelöscht. Zum Verständnis: Möchte man auf FB sein Profil löschen, so wird dieses lediglich deaktiviert; die Daten bleiben allerdings beim Unternehmen selbst. C-Date hingegen löscht die Daten.

However, by registering, you grant C-Date the right to use your data anonymously for market research purposes. However, this is absolutely normal for an internet provider, so you shouldn't be worried about it.

The way C-Date works, which works with a matching process, also protects the privacy of the user. The questions answered when registering and the wishes expressed are taken into account when matching, which means that only contacts that you were looking for in one way or another are suggested. This means that viewing the profile is only reserved for those with whom you have been »matched«.

Here, the member has control over which content he or she wants to share with whom: You can decide for yourself whether you want to share the makes photos immediately visible for contact suggestions or would rather activate them manually. Personal content can be shared or withheld based on personal preference.

About C-Date's customer service

Over 50 employees at C-Date are solely responsible for customer service and through the help section of the site available to registered members. Regardless of whether you have technical questions or about data security: you always get a personal answer. This can take up to a maximum of 3 working days, but customer inquiries are usually answered within 24 hours.

All costs and payment options at a glance
Die Vorteile der Premium Mitgliedschaft bei C-Date
Subscription 3 months: 39,90 KES/EUR/USD pro Monat, entspricht 1,33 KES/EUR/USD pro Tag
Subscription 6 months: 29.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month, corresponds to 1 CAD/EUR/USD per day
12 month subscription: 19.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month, corresponds to 0.66 CAD/EUR/USD per day
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, direct debit, cheques
Termination period: up to 2 weeks before the subscription expires

Contact via fax, on the other hand, seems to be almost out of date. B. can be reached in the event of termination. The quickest way is still via e-mail: just write to us and wait. Our experience here was very satisfactory.

In addition, C-Date is currently working on an online customer service that should make immediate self-help possible. This is still under development and is currently being tested.

On user-friendliness

C-Date has a logical and simple structure and sends out the first contact suggestions after just a few minutes. Even people who are new to online partner exchanges can get started after just a few clicks.

The mask is absolutely user-friendly and very easy to use. When creating the profile, you follow the instructions of the program, which will guide you safely from one point to the next. The settings are quickly adopted, saved and completed.

The contact suggestions are clearly structured, messages and profile visitors are clearly marked. New messages are also announced via email, so you really don't miss anything. By clicking on the link you are automatically forwarded to the message.

Conclusion: very simple operation, even for newcomers of all ages.

The mobile app from C-Date

Unfortunately there is no mobile app by and for C-Date and there probably won't be one either. This is quickly explained: Most providers of apps, such as e.g. B. the iTunes store, are bothered by obvious sex apps.

But that's not too bad, because the creators of the site didn't fall on their heads and therefore offer a mobile-optimized website. This allows you to call up and use the site with your smartphone via the normal web browser. This page can be used as usual, except that you can also play on it on the go.

Our conclusion

Among all the partner exchanges that we have examined in the last few weeks, is none like C-Date. This sets this portal apart from all the others. The fact that women can access and use the service free of charge was particularly pleasing, which explains the high proportion of women. We don't necessarily know that.

The price is in the middle segment and absolutely appropriate for the quality offered and the simple use. On the other hand, C-Date also offers its customers personal customer service and focuses on preferences that are less interesting on other platforms.

Here, men can search for and find women, women, women, partners, women. It was particularly positive that everyone can get involved here. No matter how old you are, what gender you belong to and what preferences you enjoy, although you would not otherwise talk about them. Whether you're looking for a flirt or a first SM experience: You've come to the right place. Professional and marital status are also irrelevant here, everyone is invited to take part.

Why, we asked ourselves, do you read so often on the internet that C-Date is a rip-off? We did some research and found the following: Since women can use the services of C-Date for free, there are of course also profiles that are commonly referred to as fakes. So there are also people on the road who perhaps don't mean it seriously and just want to mess around. It may even be children who want to have fun with the adults - but that's just conjecture on our part. Hence our tip: Pay attention to how someone expresses themselves. Trust your gut feeling and always remember: Nothing has fallen out of the sky yet. So if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't a serious offer. And another tip: Do not reply to e-mails and messages that ask you to use a private e-mail address. In most cases, these are third-party love services for a fee. Because such platforms are not protected from service providers who want to sell their services, although that does not correspond to the company's philosophy at all. It is best to report these contacts and inquiries directly to customer service, delete them and do not respond to them.

If you think along, you can definitely have positive experiences at C-Date and take one or the other exciting adventure with you. So, what are you waiting for? Simply register for free and get your own impression of C-Date: After all, registering costs nothing.

Denise Schlüter
By registering with You can seriously just date or chat with C-Date or look for real affairs.
4.0 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlüter
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Best portal for quick casual sex! Of course, not all women are willing to chat and talk to me directly, but I find new contacts quickly. I think that's mainly because, as I see it, C-Date does a lot of advertising on sites for women and magazines to keep the proportion of women high. Whatever the reason, it's really fun to chat there and all chat partners basically know what you're about. I probably won't meet the love of my life there, but it's perfectly okay to get away from home and I'm really satisfied. Will continue to be active. However, I have to say that the costs are a bit high. Contacting C-Date costs an above-average amount, but I can deal with that because I usually get my money's worth in the end.

written 74 months ago


Wichtig ist mir auch bei der Suche nach der schnellen Nummer zwischendurch, dass meine Chatpartner ansprechend und nicht dumm sind. Ich möchte nicht, dass es einfach so wirkt, dass ich extrem einfach zu haben bin. Die Männer sollen sich auch Gedanken machen und es muss möglich sein, auch sinnvolle Gespräche zu führen. Alles kann, nichts muss. Für Frauen ist die komplette Plattform kostenlos, deshalb möchte ich einfach empfehlen, sich einfach mal anzumelden und zu schauen was passiert. Es ist wirklich kostenlos und es entstehen auch langfristig keine Kosten. Männer müssen viel Geld zahlen, um mit uns zu chatten. Das führt dazu, dass die Herde von vorn herein ausgedünnt wird und die Männer tatsächlich eher high quality sind. Ich bin durchaus zufrieden mit C-Date und werde dort bleiben.

written 73 months ago


I'm very particular when it comes to my preferences. It is difficult to find a suitable partner for sparkling moments in normal wild life. That's why I chose C-Date. So far I've come into contact with different people.

written 64 months ago


At first I thought that in a casual dating portal there weren't that many women are to be found. But at C-Date you can't complain. There are many women there who also want to experience hot moments or tingling chats. I've had hot chats with ladies many times. Very nice there.

written 64 months ago


C-Date is one of the leading casual dating platforms on the internet. So I thought to myself, I have to try this out. Everything is done very discreetly and seriously there. I am very satisfied.

written 64 months ago


I never thought that a casual dating site was something for me. But my curiosity was too great and so I registered with C-Date. Registration was completely free of charge, so I was able to see what was available there. Great presentation and great contacts.

written 64 months ago


I'm not looking for a real erotic date. Instead, I'm always looking for erotic chats. With C-Date I have found a good provider for erotic chats. I am now one of the regular customers of the house.

written 63 months ago


I travel a lot in Kenya and of course I have my own needs. I discovered the C-Date Fling app for myself. Thanks to the app, I was able to arrange a spontaneous date and enjoy an interesting evening.

written 62 months ago


Many couples are registered at C-Date, which I find very exciting. I've also occasionally hung out with nice couples and had fun. The platform is highly recommended.

written 58 months ago


I'm kind of talentless when it comes to finding a partner. I've been looking for a nice partner for a long time. Now I tried it with C-Date. I've already met some nice people. Let's see what becomes of it.

written 39 months ago

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