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CakeBet is one of the younger faces and have only been in the industry for a few months. However, the provider is also taking a very independent path with its portfolio, which is why many players may not have come into contact with the offer at all. According to our CakeBet experience, only blackjack and dice games are offered, so that fans of classic table games in particular will get their money's worth here. In addition, it is a bitcoin casino where payments can only be made with electronic currency. Of course, we took a closer look at what the offer can do.

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Our experience with CakeBet

The good news of our CakeBet experience is right at the beginning, because the provider works completely fairly and securely. Fraud or rip-off can be ruled out as the casino is provably fair and every customer can easily monitor the results of the games and draws themselves. There can't really be any other signs that CakeBet works seriously. The admittedly very small range of games is made available in an instant play variant, which is started directly in the browser on the homepage. In any case, no customer has to download any software to use the offer. Quite a pleasant side effect, because certain system requirements or requirements only play a subordinate role.

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CakeBet in check: scam or reputable?

Especially in the Bitcoin Casino industry, an intensive check of the seriousness often pays off. In contrast to "normal" casinos, there is no competent regulatory authority in this case. However, this does not mean that the Bitcoin casinos can do whatever they want. Every reputable provider can prove that their games are actually fair and that no customer receives an advantage or disadvantage. In our experience, this is guaranteed by the provider through the so-called "Provably Fair". This means that customers can, for example, independently check the random number generators in the card games. In this way, each player can convince himself that chance was actually responsible for the allocation of the cards in the last hand. The bottom line is that it can be said very clearly that CakeBet works seriously and reliably. Fraud or rip-off on the part of the provider can thus be clearly ruled out.

The range of games at a glance

Whoever looks at the casino's range for the first time will definitely find a few surprises experience. No slot machines or a live casino are offered here, only Black Jack and dice. The portfolio may not be suitable for every player, but according to our CakeBet experience it can certainly captivate one or the other customer. The games are all organized in an instant game variant that can be used without a prior download. In addition, customers can also play for free and thus test their own skills. This does not even require registration, so that anyone who is interested can get an impression of the casino. Of course, the provider always plays against other customers, so that the players can compete with other players at any time.

CakeBet's website
Vorschaubild Lobby CakeBetVorschaubild Support CakeBet

The chat is also interesting in this context, in which customers can also talk to the other players. It is guaranteed never to be boring during the game. Practical: If you have found a real "friend" for the game, you can easily invite him to your games.

Dice are rolled according to the well-known rules, which are also explained again at the gaming table. Blackjack is played with a total of six decks of cards, with a maximum of five players allowed at each table. The rules also stipulate that the dealer always hits a soft 17 again. In addition, players cannot double down after a split. Blackjack pays 3 to 2. Important: Only the classic Black Jack is actually played. Special versions, such as Surrender or Insurance cannot be played.

New customer bonus: No bonus, but always free Bitcoins

It's a bit of a shame in our CakeBet test that there is currently no special offer for the new customers is made available. Other casinos solve this much better, so that customers can often look forward to a welcome bonus of several hundred euros. This is not the case with CakeBet, but the provider still has a lot to offer in terms of the bonus offer. Immediately after registration, for example, a tutorial for blackjack can be completed. This is not only helpful, but also brings a hefty reward, as all players receive free bitcoins after a successful run.

Deposit Bonus:
Other Bonuses: free bitcoins for achievements

But that's not the only way to play for free, because the provider also regularly gives away free bitcoins to the players. This can be understood in the chat on the right side, because there players can always look forward to a so-called "Coin Sprinkle". This is the case if, for example, a particularly successful game was played at the Black Jack table. In this case, the bonus will be paid out automatically. The respective value of the bitcoins depends on the stakes at the table. Despite the waiver of a new customer bonus, it can be said that players at CakeBet can still benefit from one or the other great offer.

Deposit and withdrawal: Nothing works here without Bitcoin

How As befits a Bitcoin-only casino, payments at CakeBet can only be made using electronic currency. This is certainly not ideal for every player, but of course it has a few clear advantages for all Bitcoin users. For example, deposit fees are not charged. In addition, the provider does not set any requirements for a minimum amount. So if you want to look around the casino’s offer with a small deposit, you can do so without any problems. At the same time, it is positive that the deposits are credited to the player account within a few seconds. So refilling is always a quick thing and can only be done a few moments before the game starts. Of course, players don't have to worry about security in this case, since payments with Bitcoin can be described as completely safe.

All payment methods at CakeBet
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei CakeBet
Payment options:|| |229 Bitcoin
Minimum deposit:
Account management possible in : BTC
Payout options: Bitcoin

For the payouts from the player account only the Bitcoin is used. Here, too, the provider waives withdrawal fees, and there are also some advantages for the payer. Usually, the withdrawals are processed within an hour in the company's payment department. So players don't have to wait long for a win. However, it should be noted that larger payout amounts may take a little more time. Customer funds are kept separate from the rest of the casino's business and must therefore be paid out separately for larger payouts. This may be a bit annoying, but in the end it only underlines that CakeBet works seriously and reliably. It's certainly manageable if you have to wait 24 hours to get through the stage.

Security and regulation: Every player becomes an examiner

A real license from a regulatory authority, as itis available in most online casinos it is not for the pure Bitcoin casinos. But the reasons for this are obvious, because at CakeBet players can easily take control themselves. The decisive factor here is the so-called "Provably Fair", which allows the players to check the results. This function only existsin the Bitcoin Casinos and accordingly ensures a profound sense of security here. The players do not have to worry about the payments themselves, because they are known to be well secured.

In our experience, it is also very positive to mention that the provider deals transparently with his house advantage - which is also pleasingly low. If the players sit down at the blackjack table, the home advantage is always only 0.9 percent. The “Coin Sprinkles”, for example, reduces the house edge significantly. For example, these are given out at tables with five players and bets of 20 bits (1 bit equals 0.000001). the house edge drops to just 0.3 percent. The dice are always played with a house edge of one percent. In both cases, these are fair values ​​that allow us to completely rule out fraud or rip-off.

Support and customer service: Contact is only possible by email

Of course, the casino provides its players also has customer support. Of course, that's always a positive thing, after all, most customers have a few questions here and there over time. In our experience, players can only reach support via email. This is basically nice, since the employees can be reached around the clock, but many competitors also have a few much faster alternatives. A telephone hotline or a live chat, for example, through which customers can get the answer to their questions within a few moments, would be nice. Unfortunately, this is not the case with CakeBet, so you always have to wait a few hours for feedback from support.

A clear plus in our CakeBet experience is the provider's FAQ area, there many questions are asked and answered here. However, it is important to note that this area is currently only available in English. So it can't be a pity if some knowledge of the language is present. But the FAQ section won't really drive anyone to despair, as most things can be understood quickly - even with an average knowledge of English.

User-friendliness: The focus is on modernity

Really plump The casino website is not full compared to the competition. This is of course logical with a limited range of games, but it does not necessarily only have disadvantages anyway. The navigation on the website, for example, works extremely well. A positive aspect here is that customers can choose between several languages ​​and that Canadian is also offered as a possible language for the homepage. As already mentioned, not all areas have been fully translated, which can still be seen as a small point of criticism.

A positive aspect is that the casino does not have excessive loading times and the customers are always very comfortable switch between the different areas. All in all, the user-friendliness deserves praise, even if a little tweaking can of course still be done here and there.

Mobile App: Play without downloading here, too

Playable the games at CakeBet are not only on the computer, but also on the go. The keyword in this context is the CakeBet app, because it allows all customers to play games on the way to work or on appointments. A software download is not required for this. Customers simply need to go to the casino's regular website with their smartphone or tablet and can then use a customized version of the portfolio. Praiseworthy: The good and clear design of the desktop version could be kept. Very few players will have real problems with the controls and navigation. Even inexperienced customers should be able to find their way around the mobile portfolio within a very short time. Costs or fees do not have to be considered for mobile use.

The app not only allows you to participate in the game. Contacting customer support is also possible without any problems, which is why the mobile version can earn another small plus point. So: the bottom line is that CakeBet presents a very good alternative to the offer on the computer.

Conclusion: Unconventional but exciting casino

Admittedly, CakeBet is still a bit reserved at first glance. Only blackjack and dice are offered, which means that the casino is probably not interesting for every player. The fans of these two games, however, get their money's worth here - especially if they appreciate the duel with other players. In this regard, in our experience, the provider is extremely strong. In addition to this, it is ensured that everything is always right here and that customers can rely on safe gaming fun. We can only do a scam or a rip-off, instead it can easily be said that CakeBet works seriously and reliably. However, there is still a need to catch up at the moment, especially in the bonus offer, which currently only rewards existing customers. In addition, an alternative to e-mail support could also be created in the best case. So bottom line, a good performance, even ifcompared to other top bitcoin casinos not everything is perfect yet.

Steffen Breitner
CakeBet is not a typical casino, but can score with a strong community, great promos & a 1a appearance.
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