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The online broker is a comparatively young provider for trading CFDs in the areas of shares, indices, commodities and currency pairs. A total of almost 300 instruments are available for leveraged trading. Leverage ratios of up to 1:50 are available. In addition, our experience with has shown that traders can count on excellent overall trading support. This includes, for example, a comprehensive glossary, regular news from the business world, but also the possibility of telephone support.

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Unfortunately, there are always black sheep among online brokers who have made fraud and rip-offs their business model. With, however, we have tested an absolutely reputable provider that was able to convince in all relevant categories. is licensed in Cyprus, a longstanding EU member state. Both a fair and fast processing of the trade as well as quick payouts are guaranteed here.

Our experience at a glance

In a detailed test of the online broker we have extensive experience around this offer collected. The impression we got from this was consistently positive. trades exclusively via a mobile app. This can be downloaded free of charge from the website and trading with almost 300 instruments can start. In our experience at, traders can rest assured that their transactions will be executed quickly and reliably. Leverage of up to 1:50 can be used. Even with small price changes, considerable profits are possible. Of course, these opportunities are offset by considerable risks of loss. In principle, a loss that goes beyond the actual stake is also possible.

Company Capital Com SV Investments Limited
Address 237 , 6th floor, 28th October Street, Limassol, Cyprus, 3035
Registration number 319/17
Regulation CySec
Telephone +49 201 555-123
eMail via Online Form
Live Chat ja

Traders at are informed in detail about this risk as well as about the trading instruments and many other aspects and terms related to trading. The homepage is only available in English. Effective support can also be used. This can be reached both by telephone and via an online form. And an online chat is also available for this purpose. In general, in our experience, the website offers a very good structure that makes it easier to find your way around quickly. An easy entry into trading is also possible because the minimum deposit is only 100 euros. Alternatively, the account can also be managed in US dollars and British pounds. The provider also guarantees to process payouts within just 24 hours. under review: fraud or serious?

Who decides to trade CFDs on the stock exchanges To enter this world, you absolutely needa top CFD broker whose seriousness you can fully rely on. First of all, it is important that trading is carried out at real exchange rates. In addition to the direct execution of the operations, a reputable provider also means that no hidden fees are charged that reduce the profits afterwards. And last but not least, traders should be able to rely on the fact that their deposits are safe with the chosen broker. However, when it comes to these categories, traders at need not worry. The regulated online broker can be classified as trustworthy and reliable in every respect. This is initially ensured by the Cypriot regulatory authority CySec, which strictly monitors compliance with important standards. Additionally, no reports of fraud or rip-offs have surfaced regarding this provider.

The cooperation with reputable payment providers can also be seen as an important indication of the seriousness of It is well known that credit card providers such as VISA expect high security standards from their cooperation partners. Last but not least, also has a few other locations in London and Gibraltar, so that other state authorities can also keep an eye on the serious handling of transactions. Fraud or rip-off can therefore definitely be ruled out.

Overview of the offer

From the point of view of many traders, in addition to the reliability and seriousness of a provider, their offer is one of the selection criteria. In our experience, the online broker can convince with a very compact and well-structured offer. Trading is done with Contracts for Difference (CFD), each of which offers a leverage of up to 1:50. The trading instruments are divided into four categories: stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. The most important globally represented trading instruments can be accessed in the respective categories.

The website of
Homepage von Capital.comAngebot von

Favorable conditions and fixed leverage ratios

The online broker has focused on classic CFD trading. This means that no physical shares or commodities can be bought, but only contracts that are equipped with a specific leverage. A fixed leverage is available for each instrument. A maximum of moderate leverage ratios of up to 1:50 are available. Trading fees are not explicitly calculated. The transactions are billed exclusively on the basis of spreads. In our test, we found that overall spreads that are extremely fair, which are very close to market conditions, can be expected. So the traders can count on an overall very cheap trade even with comparatively low stakes. However, no fixed spreads are specified, so that the specific conditions can vary depending on the instrument, market situation and trading time. For example, CFDs on Apple shares can be traded with a spread of 20 cents per share. It is also possible with the provider to hold positions overnight. The costs for such positions are based on the monthly interbank interest rates. There is a clear page for each of the tradable instruments on which all conditions are listed. By clicking on the corresponding value, traders can find out, among other things, the minimum trading volume, the spread calculation mode, the trading hours and the fees for overnight positions. The following is an overview of the instruments available at

Trading instruments from four categories - large selection of share CFDs

The instruments available for trading are distributed to the classic four categories. So CFDs are available for trading stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. There is a decent selection available in each category. By far the largest selection is in the area of ​​equities. Here traders can choose from a range of 261 individual titles. Companies from the USA, Great Britain and Kenya are represented. There is also a wide range of available branches to choose from. The offer ranges from stocks from the areas of commodities, energy, cyclical consumer goods, to the big car manufacturers, health and finance. And of course Internet companies and telecommunications companies are also part of the available selection. According to our experience, the online broker's range of shares can cover an almost complete spectrum of the most important sectors and companies in the global economy. Each share CFD is offered with its own leverage. In most cases, this leverage is 1:50. Numerous share CFDs can also be traded with leverage of 1:25.

While experience has shown that shares are exposed to relatively strong and short-term fluctuations in value, which private traders can sometimes find very difficult to predict, indices of a somewhat less volatile price development can be assumed. In addition, indices can be used to speculate on the development of an entire economy. Indexes are therefore very popular in leveraged trading. At, traders can choose between the six most important stocks, including DAX, S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE 100 or EuroStoxx. When it comes to commodities, the supply is limited to gold and silver and two types of oil. In addition, a total of six currency pairs can be used for leveraged trading. In addition to the US dollar, euro and pound, the Australian dollar and the Japanese yen are also available in the six combinations. In our experience, the levers in the categories of commodities, indices and currency pairs are consistently 1:50.

All in all, according to the result of our test by, the traders have a very well-structured offer for leveraged trading, which opens up many opportunities for different trading ideas and strategies.

None Bonus in the program

An important argument in the eyes of many traders who are looking for a suitable online broker is and remains the bonus. A remarkable variety of different offers has developed here in recent years. For traders, however, this was more of a curse than a blessing. Because it was by no means always clear at first glance what the bonus actually consisted of. In many cases, the payment of a bonus was also linked to a number of conditions that could hardly be met in actual trading. In addition, some bonus variants were apparently designed primarily to motivate the new and often inexperienced traders to take particularly risky trades and higher stakes. Whether you actually benefit from the bonus was sometimes a matter of luck. A bonus is therefore often a somewhat double-edged sword.

In the case of the online broker, however, customers do not need to worry about such regulations. Because a separate bonus, for example in the form of additional trading capital, is not currently offered at Against the background of the relationships just presented, however, there is absolutely no disadvantage to be seen in this. In our experience, it is much more important for long-term success in trading to work with a solid and reputable provider. In our experience, this is always the case with

Deposits and withdrawals are possible on the basis of three methods

Every trade with an online broker includes the necessary one financial endowment of the trading account with capital. Depending on the provider, different methods are available for this. In the case of, according to our test, a total of three different methods can be used for the deposit. In the classic way, money can first be transferred to the trading account by credit card. In our experience, this is the simplest and most uncomplicated method. The main advantage is that the corresponding amount is available for trading after just a few minutes. Bank transfers can also be used for this purpose. However, experience has shown that it will take a few days for the transaction to be completed. As a third variant, the services of various e-wallets can be used. currently cooperates with Neteller, Skrill and Bank Wire Transfer. The minimum deposit is 100 euros. No fees are charged for deposits.

Payment Methods at
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei
Deposit Methods: Credit Card, E-Wallet and Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit : 100 Euro
Deposit Fees: None
Accepted Currencies: Euro, US Dollar, British Pounds
Payout methods: same method as for deposit

The three mentioned variants can also be used for paying out funds. However, the trader is committed to the method that was also used when depositing trading capital. As with deposits, there are no additional costs to be expected with withdrawals. The regulations at, according to which payment requests are processed and processed within 24 hours, should also be positively emphasized. Depending on the method used, it can be expected after a relatively short time that the corresponding amount will be available on the account.

Security and regulation at a good level

We have very good conditions in the Also found in the Safety & Regulatory section as part of our test. As already mentioned, is one of the online brokers that are regulated by the authorities of an EU country. It can therefore be assumed that the provider is based on solid standards and that compliance with them is also effectively monitored. Customers also have the option of reporting irregularities via the regulatory authority CySec. Both our experience and the experience of numerous other traders show that fair and serious processing of all transactions can be expected. In addition to the processing of commercial transactions, the question of security also affects the handling of customer funds. After all, every customer who wants to participate in trading with his money makes his own capital available to the online broker. You should also be able to assume that the money is in good hands. Among other things, the regulation common to regulated providers that customer funds are always kept separately from the actual funds of the company ensures a corresponding security standard. A possible insolvency of the provider would not result in the customers losing their deposits. As a trader, you can feel safe in every respect with and do not need to be afraid of fraud or rip-offs.

The support seems competent

After our test by, we can also give positive feedback regarding the support. Customers have several options for contacting the provider with questions or in the event of technical problems. The first point of contact should be the FAQ area, where a number of other questions are explained in addition to the actual offer. But there are also several options for direct contact. In addition to an e-mail form, there is also a telephone number for a Canadian-speaking service. Last but not least, support can also be accessed via an online chat. In this context, our experience has shown that it is always possible at to clarify any questions that arise or to solve any problems that arise in an uncomplicated manner. The employees were always ready to help quickly and effectively.

Structure of the site very user-friendly

The positive overall impression is also supported by the structure of the website. The site is entirely in English. However, it is possible to grasp the relevant content with simple language skills. The information you are looking for can usually be accessed with just a few clicks. The design and structure of the site ensure that users will find their way around very quickly.

Mobile App

The online broker only offers mobile trading. The corresponding app can be downloaded from the website and installed on the mobile device. Appropriate versions are available for download for the current operating systems iOS and Android. Installing the app only takes a few minutes and once the account has been funded, you can basically start trading right away. Sooner or later, however, the trader will have to be authenticated. This step is mandatory at the latest before the first payout.

Conclusion - can convince in every respect

With we have presented an online broker that has one in many categories left a very positive impression. The first thing to emphasize is the selection of trading instruments, which enables a huge selection of strategies for different requirements. In addition to a very wide range of stocks, traders can also use instruments from the commodities, indices and currency pairs categories. Trading is settled based on spreads. On the other hand, there are no fees to be expected. The leverages go up to a ratio of 1:50. In addition, traders can rely on a very good website that provides the most important information about trading. Additional support is also available through the support offering. also meets the highest standards in terms of security and regulation. So the traders don't have to reckon with fraud and rip-offs here.

Roland Herrmann was able to convince us in many respects, especially in the stock selection!
4.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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