Casual Dating – which portal is really serious?

When it comes to that To get to know new and interesting people without obligation, various casual dating portals have specialized in exactly that. Like-minded people meet here who are not necessarily looking for a hot adventure, but maybe just interested in a close friendship. So getting to know each other on the Internet does not necessarily have to lead to love for life. Because one advantage of flirting and getting to know each other online is that the inhibition threshold here is much lower, so that many people dare more. It is therefore easier with the portals to approach other people and open up to them.

But so that this trust is there and the members can really exchange ideas, a casual dating platform that is as trustworthy as possible has to be created. What makes a reputable provider and what distinguishes the black sheep from the white ones? We have looked around the casual dating market in detail and collected our own experiences, which we would like to share with our readers at this point. The table below is therefore a competent guide when it comes to selecting a suitable portal. Of course, we also have reports on the various providers ready so that every reader can get their own picture of the portals tested at cpaws-ov.org =Table of contents

Casual Dating – das steckt hinter dem Begriff

Selecting a platform

When choosing your provider for casual dating, pay attention to the following criteria. This is how you can find the best platform and meet new people.

Important criteria

  • Anonymity, security & seriousness
  • Structure and counts of members
  • Ease of use and mobile app

Casual dating is of course not the same as regular online dating and there are huge differences to report, especially to the conventionalsingle exchanges. Incidentally, casual is a term that comes from English and translated means something like loose. In casual dating, friendships and relationships are made very loosely and without expectations. Intimacy and sexual activity between two people can occur, although it is not a must. However, the sexual relationship does not give rise to any expectations that it must also develop into a stable, romantic relationship. Therein lies the biggest difference to the regular dating sites.

Because with dating sites and online dating in general it is the case that most people willing to flirt and singles are looking for great love are for life. They want a partner who exclusively enters into a deep, intimate relationship with them, which is not necessarily the case with casual dating. Of course, it can also happen that two people fall head over heels in love, although this is not the declared goal.

Nevertheless, casual dating is only to be seen as a preliminary stage of erotic dating. Because in casual dating, sex is not a must and many friendships are made that only develop into something much later. In contrast, the expectations for erotic dating are completely different. This is about living out your own sexual preferences and inclinations. Sex is explicitly desired and the partners often only meet to become intimate with each other. A different kind of interpersonal relationship rarely takes place, since many people do not even want this in erotic dating. They are looking for the kick and the adventure in part by having sex with a partner who is otherwise largely unknown to them. In comparison to casual dating, getting to know each other in erotic dating is much more secondary.

Casual dating is by no means to be compared with a fling. Because anyone who does casual dating is single. Even if these singles often casually date several partners and arrange to meet again and again on different dates, nobody is cheated. This is different with the various infidelity portals. This is explicitly about secretly cheating on your partner and finding a woman, a man or even a couple for a few pleasurable hours. Compared to fling portals, erotic dating sites and dating sites, it has become clear that the goal of casual dating is different.

Criteria for selecting the appropriate portal

Casual dating is It's not as tricky a thing as erotic dating or a fling, but the members still want to know that they are in safe and trustworthy hands with these portals. We therefore took a close look at the various portals and checked them using the following criteria. Because these selection criteria are what distinguish the reputable providers from the black sheep.

Anonymity, security & seriousness

Since casual dating can definitely lead to sexual acts between two people, many members of the common portals attach great importance to the highest possible level of security and anonymity. The providers have of course understood this and therefore make it possible to register with the platforms if the members only provide their e-mail address and no other personal data. This means that the registration remains almost completely anonymous, without the creators of the platform having to find out their own name, address or other personal data. In addition, many portals even offer completely anonymous payment methods that users can choose from. This ensures that your identity is protected even more sustainably. Reputable providers also value the fact that members can decide for themselves when they want to share their photos with whom. Thus, the two members can first get to know each other in peace before exchanging their photos. This also ensures a higher degree of security, since the anonymity of the exchange between the individual members can be maintained over a longer period of time.

Member Structure & Target Group

Who wants to improve their chances of success with the Casual If you want to drastically increase dating, you should also find out which age group and target group the respective portal primarily addresses. Because this looks very different from provider to provider. While academics tend to romp about on some portals, it is people over 50 who become active on other platforms. It is therefore important to select the portal that addresses your own desired partner as far as possible. The size of the portal should also not be lost sight of. Because the chances of flirting increase with an increase in the number of members. This is particularly important for people who live in a less densely populated region. You can actually only hope for a flirt in your area on really big platforms. In addition, the design of the portal can also provide information as to whether the flirt is in the right place there. Each portal was of course designed in such a way that a very specific target group should be addressed. Anyone who does not feel addressed by the look of such a website can assume that he or she does not belong to the respective target group. Your own gut feeling can therefore also play an important role when it comes to choosing the right platform for your own needs.

Contact options & mobile app

In addition, the different ones differ Providers, especially with regard to the contact options offered. There isn't always a mobile app and anonymous phone calls aren't always possible. These two contact options are particularly important in the area of ​​casual dating. Because if you want to get to know other people quickly and without obligation, you want to do this from anywhere and maybe also make spontaneous appointments on site using the app. The more of the following contact options are offered, the better the respective casual dating portal atscamtest.com cut off:

  • Live Chat
  • Communicate via app
  • Send messages
  • Call anonymously
  • Exchange photos
  • Send an icebreaker
  • Send small gifts
  • Send questions to another member
  • Send a little flirty message

Membership Options

The difference between the various platforms is partly a question of cost. Of course, there are also free providers and significantly more than the regular dating sites. This is probably mainly due to the fact that honest intentions when looking for a partner are linked in the minds of many people with paying for a membership in a dating site. With the providers, however, it is anyway the case that you do not expect such intentions from your flirt partner, so that more people are willing to accept a free offer. However, the relationship between the sexes is not always balanced, especially in casual dating. In order to change this, many providers have switched to the fact that women can flirt with them completely free of charge and can use all available communication options free of charge. Thus, the ladies have a clear advantage, while the gentlemen are asked to pay. When paying for the membership, either a monthly statement is made or the credit system is used. The gentlemen have to buy credits with which they can then pay for various actions. If you want to write to your flirt partner, you have to pay a certain number of credits. If the membership fees are billed monthly, the fee to be paid usually falls with the length of the contract period. The longer the customer is committed, the less he pays per month.

Customer service

A reputable portal naturally also offers trustworthy customer service. In our test, however, we at Fraudtest.com unfortunately found that only very few portals offer the customer service that would be desirable. In some cases there are almost no possibilities to reach the provider and the members have to rely more on the answers in the FAQ area. However, the following contact options would be desirable and distinguish many of the trustworthy providers:

  • Telephone support
  • A contact form on the provider side
  • The contact by mail or fax
  • The contact via email


Finally, we would also like to go into the user-friendliness of the various casual dating portals, which fortunately is usually very high. Because the creation of a profile is often possible within a few minutes and this also applies to the registration itself. A few clicks are usually enough to get started. In comparison to the usual dating sites, users do not have to wait for a manual check of their profile, but can start flirting immediately. a certain amount of self-marketing is of course a must. But before the user can design his profile in such a way that it appeals to as many flirt partners as possible, the appropriate portal should first be selected. Because only there will you meet like-minded people with whom you have hoped for a hot flirt. When creating a profile, it is then important to emphasize your own tendencies in order to find a suitable opponent. Meaningful pictures that show the person from a cheeky, wild or sexy side are also recommended. So fill out your own profile with a lot of humor and use only current photos, so that you can quickly find the right flirt partner ||157


Um beim Casual Dating möglichst große Erfolge feiern zu können, gehört eine gewisse Portion an Selbstvermarktung natürlich unbedingt dazu. Doch bevor der User sein Profil so gestalten kann, dass es möglichst viele Flirtpartner anspricht, sollte erst einmal das geeignete Portal ausgewählt werden. Denn nur dort wird man die gleichgesinnten Menschen antreffen, mit denen man sich einen heißen Flirt erhofft hat. Bei der Profilerstellung gilt es dann die eigenen Neigungen zu betonen, um einen passenden Gegenspieler zu finden. Aussagekräftige Bilder, welche die Person von einer frechen, wilden oder sexy Seite zeigen, sind ebenfalls zu empfehlen. Also das eigene Profil mit viel Humor ausfüllen und am besten nur aktuelle Fotos verwenden, damit sich schnell der geeignete Flirtpartner findet.

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