CFD broker without obligation to make additional payments in the test 2022

CFD trading is an interesting facet of trading in shares, commodities or currencies. It is not the products themselves that are purchased, but rather derivatives that use financial leverage. As a result, significant profits can sometimes be achieved even with the smallest price changes, and in a short time. An important distinguishing criterion between the various providers is the so-called obligation to make additional payments.

We have tested various providers, wherebyeToro was clearly the best CFD broker without an obligation to make additional payments.

In the following table we have also listed a number of other recommended brokers through which private investors can trade CFDs without the obligation to make additional payments.

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*: 76.4% der Kleinanlegerkonten verlieren Geld beim CFD-Handel mit diesem Anbieter. Sie sollten überlegen, ob Sie es sich leisten können, das hohe Risiko einzugehen, Ihr Geld zu verlieren.

What is Margin Responsibility?

Selecting a CFD broker

When making your choice, pay particular attention to the following points.

Important Criteria

  • Vendor - Properly licensed
  • Lever – Flexibly adjustable
  • Software – Various trading platforms

In trading with Contracts for Differences, as it is called in detail, only derivatives and not the actual values ​​are acquired, unlike in classic stock trading. The brokers equip the contracts with a certain financial leverage. In fact, with a concrete amount of money invested in a CFD, a far larger amount of stocks or other underlying assets will be moved in the markets. The necessary capital, the financial leverage, is provided by the broker. On this basis, traders have the opportunity to benefit from even minimal price changes. But just as profits are multiplied according to the leverage used, there is also a risk of significantly higher losses if the price of the underlying asset does not move in the desired direction. For each position entered into by the customer, the broker therefore requires a security deposit, which is also referred to as a so-called margin. From this, possible losses are settled if the position does not develop as expected. If the negative price changes are greater than expected, this margin is not sufficient and there is a so-called obligation to make additional payments. In concrete terms, this means that the trader is asked to inject capital. However, this means that the loss of a transaction can even go beyond the actual stake. In the event of strong price fluctuations, it is even clearer, as the so-called Swiss franc shock made clear some time ago.

How can you then trade without an obligation to make additional payments?

Between online brokers for CFDs with and without an obligation to make additional payments there is one crucial difference: Online brokers with an obligation to make additional payments always demand the corresponding amount. With CFD brokers without an obligation to make additional payments, on the other hand, traders have the choice of whether capital should be injected or not. If the trader decides against it, the position is automatically liquidated in this case. This variant is also not completely free of disadvantages. Because the trader's stake is irretrievably lost when the position is closed, even if the price subsequently develops in his favor again. However, it is completely impossible to complain about losses that go beyond the actual stake and the margin. The price level at which a position is specifically closed depends primarily on the selected leverage and the associated margin requirement.

Is there fraud in margin trades?

Many traders are quick to spot fraud when their position has been automatically liquidated at a certain price level, especially if the price subsequently recovers. However, it can be assumed that there is no direct advantage for the CFD broker without an obligation to make additional payments, since he only executes the transaction. On the contrary: With the automatic cancellation, the broker reduces his own risk, since he does not get reimbursed for the losses by the trader. In fact, the previously mentioned franc shock has brought some CFD brokers to the brink of insolvency. The decisive factor for the trader is above all the specific price level at which the obligation to make additional payments or the automatic liquidation of the positions takes effect. In addition, the mechanisms for a CFD broker without an additional payment obligation are the same as for a CFD broker with an additional payment obligation.

Are brokers with or without an additional payment obligation better?

The question of whether CFD brokers with or are better without an obligation to make additional payments can only be answered against the background of the experience that the individual trader has. Beginners in particular are recommended to choose a CFD broker without an obligation to make additional payments. This is the only way to safely rule out the possibility of incalculable losses occurring, which could even pose a risk to the trader's existence. Switching to a CFD broker with an obligation to make additional payments should therefore only take place when there is really substantial experience in this area and the trader can correctly assess the associated risk.

Conclusion: There is no fear of fraud with brokers without an obligation to make additional payments| ||140

Prinzipiell ist es eine auf den ersten Blick kleine, darüber hinaus aber durchaus wichtige Unterscheidung, ob es sich um einen CFD Broker mit oder ohne Nachschusspflicht handelt. Bei Vertretern der letzteren Gruppe haben die Trader die Sicherheit, dass Positionen beim Erreichen eines bestimmten Kursniveaus automatisch geschlossen werden, so dass es niemals zu Verlusten kommen kann, die über den eigentlichen Einsatz hinausgehen. Dieses Kursniveau ist entsprechend der festgelegten Margin transparent und klar definiert, so dass es auch nicht zu Betrug kommen kann. Ist darüber hinaus sichergestellt, dass the CFD broker has an EU license, it can be completely assumed that everything is going right.

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