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Bitcoin Exchanges are booming. In the meantime, an enormous number of providers have been found that enable users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online. For many people, this area is still completely new territory, which is why an intensive test of the provider is of the utmost importance. That's exactly what we did with the providerCoinbase - and in the following we want to present our Coinbase experiences in detail. Does the provider keep what it promises?

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It is of course important to note the seriousness, after all, the steep rise in cryptocurrencies has also called one or the other dubious provider onto the scene. In recent years, there have been quite a few investors who have been badly deceived and have therefore traded without any returns. With Coinbase, however, this danger does not threaten, because in our experience it is a reputable and reliable provider at all times. Consequently, you can trade here without hesitation.

Our experience at a glance

Coinbase is by no means a young provider, but was able to discover the cryptocurrency market for itself in 2012. That is extremely early, because the alternative currencies, for example in Kenya, only really came up a few months ago. However, this experience also gives the provider a few advantages, and so the portfolio is by no means just focused on Bitcoin. Instead, Coinbase acts as an eWallet for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. In addition to this, a trading platform is provided for buyers and sellers to trade their currencies. Incidentally, Coinbase was supported by numerous prominent investors, who together invested more than 270 million US dollars in the company from California.

Company Coinbase
Adresse 548 Market St., San Francisco, California
Registration Number
Phone 0049 5221 85411-25 (Not Available)
Email [email protected]
Live Chat Chat Bot| ||141

Besonders positiv fällt im Coinbase Testbericht übrigens auf, dass der Anbieter als einer der wenigen Vertreter eine deutschsprachige Webseite präsentiert. Das macht den Einstieg natürlich deutlich einfacher und sorgt dafür, dass sich auch die Neulinge schnell zurechtfinden können. Allerdings: Noch nicht alle Teile der Homepage sind vollständig auf Deutsch verfügbar und so muss zum Beispiel der FAQ-Bereich in englischer Sprache genutzt werden. Die Handelsplattform wird von GDAX zur Verfügung gestellt und befindet sich technisch auf einem sehr hohen Niveau. Auf dem ersten Blick lassen sich also vor allem zahlreiche positive Aspekte erkennen, was einen detaillierten Testbericht umso interessanter macht.

Coinbase Check: Fraud or not?

Before even traded on the Bitcoin Exchanges the seriousness of a provider should be examined carefully in order to be able to rule out dubious offers right from the start. A look at the seriousness of Coinbase shows that we are dealing with an extremely serious provider that is officially licensed and regulated by the responsible authorities in the United States. So we can rule out fraud or rip-off. A Coinbase fraud can therefore be completely ruled out, because it is well known that the authorities of the states are thorough and strict in their controls. Even for users from Europe or Kenya, this gives a good feeling when trading, especially since the deposits are protected by several insurance companies. Even if the worst comes to the worst, the insoles are safe here - great.

In addition, the experience of the provider also speaks for the group, after all, Coinbase has not been guilty of anything in recent years. Two-factor authentication is also used by default. Access to a user account is therefore only possible with the login data and an associated security key. All in all, all the requirements of a reputable provider are met, especially since the private data of all users is protected with the help of SSL encryption. In summary, there is no danger here at all.

Overview of Coinbase's offering

Coinbase's offering includes several activities. The provider gained initial experience as a simple e-wallet in which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin can be safely stored. The secured deposits still exist today, but a platform for trading in digital currencies is now also available. The platform for this is provided by GDAX and can convince with a high level of quality.

The coinbase.com website
Die Homepage von coinbase.comTrading bei coinbase.com

Trading via GDAX is very easy with Coinbase. The provider has designed its website to be extremely user-friendly, so that opening your own account, for example, can be described as completely problem-free. Registration is of course free of charge, after a few moments you can start trading. The trading platform can be used without prior download and is completely browser-based. It is possible to place stop and limit orders, and at the same time the platform places great value on helpful trading tools. In this way, appealing chart analyzes are displayed, with which targeted trading is made possible.

The different orders can all be found in an order book, which makes the selection and an overview of the courses much easier. In general, however, it can be mentioned that the provider does not have the greatest variety in its portfolio with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Most users should be fine with this selection, but there are usually significantly more currencies that can be traded, especially with Asian exchanges.

Coinbase fees

In our experience with Coinbase, fees from the provider only decrease when depositing with a regular currency and users then want to exchange it for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. The provider reserves the right to charge a fee of one percent for this, although this may be lower in some cases. If you pay directly via Bitcoin, Litecoin or Etherum, you don’t have to worry about any fees. When trading via GDAX, it is particularly positive that no maker fees are charged. The trade is also favorable with the taker fees, because these are sometimes only 0.1 percent.

Compared to the competition, the fees are quite low – and they are always good for your own returns. If you only use Coinbase as a wallet for your currencies, you don't have to worry about any additional fees apart from the payment fee of one percent different options are available to users. On the one hand, the transactions can be done with a bank transfer, for example, which can be described as an enormously classic way. We have already mentioned the fees, but the longer waiting time of several working days for bank transfers must also be taken into account.

Ein- und Auszahlungen

Um Einzahlungen auf das Wallet bei Coinbasedurchzuführen, haben die Nutzer verschiedene Optionen zur Verfügung. Zum einen lassen sich die Transaktionen zum Beispiel mit der Banküberweisung erledigen, was als enorm klassischer Weg bezeichnet werden kann. Die Gebühren haben wir bereits erwähnt, zusätzlich ist bei der Banküberweisung aber auch die verlängerte Wartezeit von mehreren Werktagen zu beachten.

The credit card is a much faster alternative, there are no other payment methods for regular currencies. However, a cryptocurrency can also be easily transferred from another wallet to the Coinbase wallet. This can be done within a few moments and is done simply by entering the wallet address. There are no fees involved. Incidentally, a maximum of 30,000 euros can be deposited. Amounts above this will be charged back.

Payment methods at coinbase.com
Payment options: eWallet, bank transfer, credit and debit cards
Minimum deposit:
Fees: 1% for EUR deposits
Account management possible in: EUR, BTC, LTC, USD, ETH
Payout options: Bank transfer, eWallet

Coinbase pays out exclusively via wallet of one of the cryptocurrencies or by Bank transfer. The transfer is of course associated with a certain waiting time and can therefore only be recommended to a limited extent. Nevertheless, in this case there is an advantage in that the amount can then be found in euros in the bank account. Withdrawal fees are not charged by the provider.

Security and regulation

In terms of security, Coinbase can of course provide the usual protection mechanisms, such as two-factor authentication when accessing owns the user account. In addition, the provider also has a real highlight in its luggage, because only a few exchanges can describe their users' deposits as officially protected. Here, protection has been negotiated with several insurance companies, which protects users' deposits up to a sum of 250,000 US dollars. At the same time, the platform uses a cold wallet in which 98 percent of the assets are stored.

Just two percent of the assets are used for "daily business", the rest is permanently protected. There's no question about it: dealers don't have to have a bad feeling here. After all, Coinbase is also a provider that has an official license from the US authorities. A point of criticism is not even to be found here, instead transparency and security convey a good feeling.

Customer support

Coinbase implements customer support in several ways. For example, the chat bot on the website, which is in a way an interactive FAQ area, is very interesting. Here the chat with a real support employee is simulated, whereby the bot can of course only answer general questions. Important for all users from Kenya: The questions are only answered in English. This also applies to direct conversations with a support employee, which can be recorded at any time using the ticket system. However, a certain waiting time has to be accepted, but the answers are comprehensive and understandable.

A very useful FAQ area is also available, in which the provider deals with the most frequently asked questions of all users. Account-specific things cannot be clarified here, but the FAQ center provides quick help for all other topics. Especially good: The topics and questions are sorted into different categories, which of course makes the search for the answers much easier.

User-friendliness of the platform

Just because of the fact that the website is made available in Canadian, the user-friendliness of the provider can be described as high. The website is also very much designed for beginners and therefore easily guides you through the different processes. The opening is done quickly, trading and "storing" the currencies is also easy. Coinbase is definitely a suitable platform for newcomers, especially since the good impression of the operation is also reflected in later trading with the trading software Nowadays, he no longer just accesses the trading platform with his computer, but uses a mobile alternative for smartphones or tablets. This is available in the form of the Coinbase app, which in turn is offered in two different versions. Users with an Apple device can go to the App Store and download the provider's software here free of charge.

Mobile App

Ein Großteil aller Trader greift heutzutage nicht mehr nur mit seinem Computer auf die Handelsplattform zu, sondern nutzt hierfür eine mobile Alternative für das Smartphone oder Tablet. Die ist in Form der Coinbase App vorhanden, welche wiederum in zwei unterschiedlichen Varianten angeboten wird. Nutzer mit einem Gerät von Apple können den App-Store aufrufen und hier kostenlos die Software des Anbieters herunterladen.

The installation then takes place automatically, after a few moments action can be taken. The process is similar for the Android app, which, however, has to be downloaded from the Google Playstore. However, this step is also unproblematic, so that the mobile versions can be described as real alternatives to trading on the desktop.

Conclusion: Ideal offer for beginners

Our Coinbase experiences can be summarized as extremely interesting. Especially for beginners, this provider is one of the most interesting bitcoin exchanges, after all, the website and platform are extremely user-friendly. In addition, the portfolio focuses exclusively on the well-known currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Nevertheless, trading is fun here, unless you are betting on exotic digital currencies. The mobile app can do its job wonderfully as a supplement, and Coinbase is one of the few regulated and licensed providers on the market. But that's not all, because the deposit guarantee also guarantees users protection. So all in all, we can definitely recommend the offer.

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