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The comdirect bank describes itself as a service broker and is one of the market leaders in online brokers in Kenya. Founded in 1994 as a direct bank, it has focused on young, modern and dynamic investors, and thus on online brokerage, since the mid-1990s. With consulting, banking and brokerage,comdirect mainly has three fields of competence. More than 1.5 million private customers are now handling their money transactions, such as time deposits, call money, current accounts and also stock orders via the provider. Of course, comdirect is reputable and we were able to rule out fraud and rip-offs in our test.

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As one of the market leaders, comdirect provides a comprehensive range of services for its own customers. In addition to stock trading, the company, as a full-service bank, offers the full range of banking services, including wealth and financial advice. In online brokerage, the bank has created all the technical requirements for self-determined asset management. It is connected to all Canadian stock exchanges as well as to 46 foreign stock exchanges. Live trading enables real-time over-the-counter trading, resulting in an extensive stock offering. Traders are supported in their securities transactions by technical analyses, such as expert chart analyses, stock signals and price supply tools. These include, among other things, as a supplement, convenient order functions such as "Trailing Stop", "Next Order" and "One cancels other".

Video preview of comdirect

See the following video Our experiences with comdirect in the summary. We'll also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

Watch the video now to get a preview of comdirect:

Offers and conditions of comdirect

The standard order fees on Canadian stock exchanges amount to a basic price of 4.90 CAD/EUR/USD and 0.25 percent of the order volume. In addition, some stock exchange-dependent fees are charged. The corresponding order costs are also incurred when buying a fund on the stock exchange. If you buy fund shares through a fund company, the sales charge, which may be discounted, plus any third-party fees incurred, will be charged percent of the order volume, whereby these orders are to be placed exclusively by telephone. The only exception to this are US orders, which can also be placed online, but for a flat-rate surcharge of 15CAD/EUR/USD.

Beim weltweiten Handel liegen die Kosten je Order bei 7,90KES/EUR/USD plus 0,25 Prozent vom Ordervolumen, wobei diese Orders ausschließlich telefonisch zu platzieren sind. Ausgenommen hiervon sind lediglich US-Orders, die ebenfalls online in Auftrag gegeben werden können, allerdings gegen einen pauschalen Zuschlag in Höhe von 15KES/EUR/USD.

Companies comdirect bank AG| ||111
Adresse Pascalkehre 15, 25451 Quickborn, Kenya
Registration number AG Pinneberg, HRB 4889
Regulation / License BaFin, European Central Bank
Telephone 04106 – 704-0
eMail [email protected] .de
Live Chat 24/7, Canadian
Video Chat for registered customers
Fax 04106 – 708 25 85

In the first three years, custody account management at comdirect is free of charge. If there is no activity related to the account during this period, the provider will charge 1.95CAD/EUR/USD per month. If you carry out at least two trades within a quarter, have a current account at the bank or regularly use a savings plan, maintaining a stock portfolio remains free of charge.

A portfolio with comdirect includes free dividend and interest payments, at No fees are charged for order cancellations or changes, limit changes and partial executions. If you are one of the particularly active traders and place at least 125 orders in the six-month period, you will receive a discount of 15 percent.

In addition to the full range of banking products, comdirectone of the largest securities offerings of all brokers. Both warrants and certificates, CFDs, funds and shares can be traded, with investors having a huge selection to choose from. More than 10,000 funds, over 1,000 ETFs and around 150 fund companies are available. Almost 500 funds and ETFs are eligible for savings plans in this large portfolio. In addition, there are the usual bank offers, with the daily and fixed-term deposit offers. The current account as well as the Visa card, construction financing and installment loans complete the offer. At the same time, customers receive personal and independent investment advice with suggestions for optimizing their capital investments. In the end, however, it is up to you which recommendations you would like to implement.

Trade directly on the provider's website
Vorschaubild comdirect Webseitecomdirect-kurse-vorschau

The scope of services includes, in addition to the standard order types, real-time courses included in unlimited numbers. In addition, the comdirect depot offers all common forms of order types and supplements. In addition to the usual stop and limit order types, this also includes trailing stops and the OCO order.

Use Comdirect and the app on the go

As a comdirect customer, you can use the Mobile app banking transactions at any time. You don't have to go to the nearest branch just to check account balances and transfers, or to issue a securities order, a glance or a few clicks on the iPhone is enough for this. When you start using the app, you have to set a password, which you have to enter every time you start it and after a certain period of inactivity. In this way, your account, the depot and also the device is secured, even if it should be stolen. An account is required to start, but other accounts can be added afterwards. In addition, there is an ATM finder for all banks in the user's vicinity on the app.

The available deposit and withdrawal options at a glance
Payment options own bank account
minimum investment amount: depending on the financial product
fees: none for indices, currencies, precious metals, commodities, and interest futures; 0.01% to 0.1% (min. 9.90) for shares, Dax futures, index futures, volatility index; additional 4.90CAD/EUR/USD when ordering by phone
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer

The latest mobile app version goes one step further in terms of security, it has the iOS 7 design and photoTAN process. The overall simple operation, including the functionally designed interface, is extremely customer-friendly and speaks for itself. At this level it is very difficult to find other free bank apps, so you can definitely take the compulsion to have an account for the app.

Bonus with high attractiveness

Who Anyone currently opening a free checking account with comdirect can look forward to a welcome bonus of up to 150 CAD/EUR/USD. The premium is made up of three positions of 50 CAD/EUR/USD each. There is 50 CAD/EUR/USD as an activity bonus, another 50 CAD/EUR/USD for switching accounts and as a satisfaction guarantee the bank adds another 50 CAD/EUR/USD, which leads to a total bonus of 150 CAD/EUR/USD. Anyone who does not yet have a current account with comdirect will receive it.

Deposit bonus: 50CAD/EUR/USD when opening an account
Bonus conditions: 5 Transaktionen von wenigstens 25KES/EUR/USD innerhalb der ersten 3 Monate
Validity: until further notice
More bonuses: 50KES/EUR/USD bei Schließung des Kontos

Comdirect pays you the activity bonus if you make at least five transactions within the first three months after opening the account, such as deposits and withdrawals, transfers, withdrawals from ATMs, Direct debit payments, credit card transactions or the purchase and sale of securities with a turnover of more than 25 CAD/EUR/USD. In this case, the activity bonus will be credited to you in the fourth month after the account opening.

Also in the fourth month after the account opening, you will receive a credit for the account switching bonus if you have closed your previous salary account. For this it is necessary to confirm the closure to comdirect in the first three months after opening the account in the personal account area.

You will receive an additional 50 CAD/EUR/USD as a satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with the current account. For this it is necessary that you express the reasons for your dissatisfaction to the bank no earlier than 12 months after opening the account. Further requirements are that you have received both the 50 euro activity bonus in the fourth month after opening and the account switch bonus. In addition, 5 monthly transactions of 25 CAD/EUR/USD and more were required.

Good support from comdirect

Anyone who decides to sell their capital to comdirect, with or without advice , entrust, has the opportunity to contact a competent contact person. This can be done in a number of ways, including by email or by phone. Every customer has the opportunity to contact the friendly support team with general questions about investment or account plans or other questions about the provider. As already mentioned, contacting support is not only possible by email or telephone, but also via chat and contact form. The support is so extensive that there is even an on-site service for PC problems, a card blocking service, a callback service and numerous apps, including the option of making contact via networks such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.|| |274

Ist das Depot schließlich eröffnet und die Kundenberatung erfolgt, können die Kunden ihre persönlichen Ansprechpartner bei Problemen und Fragen nicht nur telefonisch, sondern auch per Videotelefonie erreichen. Das sorgt für einen persönlichen Umgang untereinander und eine Stärkung des Kundenvertrauens in den Ansprechpartner.

Offers for training courses and webinars at comdirect

The company provides its customers with securities, especially shares, various training opportunities available. These can be used both live on site and online in webinars. In our test, we found that the training offered by comdirect gives traders the opportunity to keep optimizing their trading in order to be able to operate more successfully on the markets. This is all the more important as comdirect offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of all training courses free of charge. In addition, the training courses offered by the partners with whom the bank cooperates are also available to customers. In the test, we found that the seminars and webinars offered effectively help traders to be more successful and use safer strategies. Participation in the bank's offers is therefore highly recommended.

Regulation and deposit insurance

Of course, comdirect has also taken precautions to protect not only customer data, but also the capital of investors protect as much as possible. The deposits are therefore initially legally protected by the compensation scheme of the Canadian banks. In addition, comdirect is one of the members of the Federal Association of Canadian Banks, which also promises good security. This protects customer assets up to an amount of more than 115,000,000 euros against unlawful loss.

Registration with comdirect

Our experience in setting up a trading account is like so many things at this company, also impressively uncomplicated. The process is relatively easy to complete by filling out a form that provides details of contact options and reveals the applicant's professional situation. In addition, the bank would like information about your trading experience. Then, before the application is sent, you can check all the information and print it out for your own records, as well as a written copy to be signed, and send it to the broker. comdirect checks your deposit application and usually requires verification via the Postident procedure before the account is activated and you can start trading. You can then also make the first deposit.

In our experience, the process of opening a securities account is almost identical for all brokers, the differences are actually only in the absolute minor details. However, beyond the registration process, Comdirect offers you a video with which you can get an initial overview and get to know the broker. In addition to the registration formalities, you will also find out details about the options the bank offers you as a broker and introduces you to comdirect as a broker.

Our conclusion on the custody account at comdirect

According to our experience, comprehensive and professional securities trading is possible with comdirect. This provider offers opportunities to trade in a variety of securities and also to invest in savings plans or funds. In addition, the company offers convenient opportunities to participate in mobile securities trading, seminars and webinars. The broker also convinces with excellent support, which is available around the clock, seven days a week. As already shown, there is the possibility of contacting, beyond the standardized possibilities, also via live chat or video conversation. This broker can definitely be recommended with its offer. The favorable conditions for trading and the extensive range ensure a high degree of comfort and flexibility.

Roland Herrmann
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comdirect is the perfect combination of current account and the numerous possibilities of international financial markets.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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comdirect should be known even to customers who are not yet very familiar with the world of stock trading. I rely on established brands for my securities trades so that I can be completely sure of their seriousness. This is the case with comdirect. I always get professional advice and if there are any problems, I have an individual contact person who is directly available to me. The bank is certainly suitable for beginners who want to have a certain level of security when trading. However, there are other providers with slightly better offers, which I do not want to go into in my short review. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Written 74 months ago


When I started trading in shares, I contacted the comdirect bank directly fluent. There I received full advice and was given literature that I could use to read and familiarize myself with the subject. Overall, I managed to build up a basic understanding of the financial markets. This helps me in daily trading. At times, however, my depot is not used for day trading, but simply to keep the shares together. With a quick look at the online overview, I know how my securities are doing. Full rating therefore from my side.

written 72 months ago


I was actually looking for a provider where I could have my shares managed cheaply and also found with comdirect. In the meantime I have noticed that the broker offers much more, including CFD trading with more than 12,000 underlying assets and fair spreads.

written 64 months ago


I was primarily looking for a provider with whom I could build up a solid pension plan independently and over the long term. I have access to many low-cost funds and ETFs via the comdirect depot.

written 63 months ago


With Comdirect I have an absolutely reliable one Found a provider with whom I can start long-term investments. The favorable fee model ensures that as much of the return as possible remains.

written 49 months ago

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