Our Cryptohopper experiences 2022

You have heard of the Cryptohopper company and would like to invest in Bitcoin here? Then you should not miss out on our following Cryptohopper experiences: Among other things, we will deal withwhether Cryptohopper acts seriously. First of all, we have received several reports about the company that do not suggest this. Therefore, we recommend that you rather rely on safe companies likeBinance.

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Was ihr hier nachlesen könnt? Zum einen erfahrt ihr genau, was ihr vor der Kryptowährungen Broker Wahl und dem kaufen wissen müsst. Zum anderen machen wir euch deutlich, wie ihr sicherstellt, dass eure payments are made with a secure provider and that you can make real profits. In addition, we use our blacklist to show you which contact points you should ideally avoid.

Cryptohopper experiences at a glance

In our Cryptohopper test, we first checked what opinions there were on the company . We noticed that the provider is very serious - butonly a few real opinions about the operator can be found. But don't let the first glance fool you.

Die Webseite von Cryptohopper.

If you come across news articles online, they were most likely written by the provider himself or by a bot. Our Cryptohopper test makes it clear: no positive experiences have been made public by real customers, which can indicate a possible Cryptohopper fraud. Another criterion makes this assumption just as clear: Despite the reputable appearancethe provider lacks an official, European license.

Therefore we suspect Cryptohopper fraud|| |107

Wie konnte der Anbieter allerdings so viele Kunden generieren und mehrere Monate bestehen, wenn ein Cryptohopper Betrug nicht ausgeschlossen werden kann? Das liegt unter anderem an dem seriösen Erscheinungsbild des Unternehmens, aber auch an der Vorgehensweise: Der vermeintliche Cryptohopper Fake macht sich auf den ersten Blick nicht bemerkbar. Wollt ihr in Bitcoin investieren und registriert ihr euch hierbei bei Informations-Webseiten über einen Newsletter, kommt euch das Unternehmen mit E-Mails entgegen. Es wird euch schmackhaft gemacht, register with Cryptohopper.

This is how you recognizeCryptohopper Betrug:

  • Intrusive online ads
  • Simple registration form
  • Call center calls
  • No existing license

In order to fully convince you, a call center call usually follows. This is based on the data you provided when registering and is intended to assure you that your deposits are in good hands here. The employees are friendly and give you avery trustworthy feeling.

Eine Simulation zum Trading bei Cryptohopper.

You can also recognize a Cryptohopper scam by the fact that celebrities publish statements about the company will. In the case of Cryptohopper, these are not (yet) to be found, but they are common for black sheep in the industry. So if you come across such forms of advertising, you should keep your distance fromthe respective provider.

Cryptohopper Test: What we know about this broker|| |138

Schaut man sich auf Vergleichswebseiten um, bemerkt man schnell: Cryptohopper gilt nicht als ein Broker, bei denen man wirklich Geld verdienen kann. Denn: Zu viele Eigenschaften ähneln denen von nicht-vertrauenswürdigen Seiten wie Crypto Trader andBizz Coin. According to our Cryptohopper test, the provider belongs to theBlacklist of platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

You think you've already been scammed? Here are our tips

You have the impression that you have already come into contact with the possible Cryptohopper rip-off? Then you should immediately stop all deposits in the form of money in order not to experience any further damage. If possible, ask your bank to provide you with proof of your previous payments so that you have something to hand in the event of legal action. It may also be worth taking a look atBaFin to see the first reviews of Cryptohopper. This is where the reallylicensed companies are listed.

Secure Alternatives to Cryptohopper

Now that you know that Cryptohopper is not necessarily a reputable company, you need good alternatives. We have already found some companies among the providers who welcome you with many advantages. This iseToro – a company that offers you, among other things, a demo version for practicing and is thereforeparticularly good for beginners.

Why we eToro among theForex brokers or alsoCFD brokers empfehlen? Weil sich der Anbieter auf eure Sicherheit spezialisiert hat. So werden Zahlungen wie mit Paypal beispielsweise mit Verschlüsselungen vor dem Übergriff Dritter geschützt. Some are even listed on exchanges.

Cryptohopper vs. eToro

Comparing Cryptohopper to eToro, one can expect some downsides. These only become particularly clear through a comparison, as we find. According to our experience, Cryptohopper does nothave a license with. Also, the provider cannot provide any financial security or encrypted payments. More importantly, real customer reviews cannot be found.

Cryptohopper vs eToro Cryptohopper eToro
Is the broker registered and owns one European license? ✔️
Is the broker listed in the CONSOB register? ✔️
Is the company located in a country that is not on the black list of tax havens? ✔️
Does the provider transparently point out investment risks? ✔️
Are the reviews real? ✔️
Have users already made profits with this broker? ✔️

At this point we should remind you again that investing your own capital in cryptocurrencies and trading them is always associated with risks. Even the best brokers cannot ensure you make profits.

Introduction to safely investing in bitcoin

You want invest safely in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Then you should not do without the top providereToro. This offers you a simple registration in three steps, after which you can start making a deposit and investing. In between, your account must also be verified, for which you must submit your identification documents. This servesyour protection and the prevention of money laundering.

Conclusion on Cryptohopper

What can we finally clarify? If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you'll be glad to have encountered our Cryptohopper experiences. Otherwise you might have registered with a provider where we suspect a Cryptohopper Fake. But with us you will find really safe platforms, so that youcannot go wrong.

Roland Herrmann
eToro setzt mit seinem Angebot auf maximale Sicherheit – und überzeugt.
4.5 / 5.0 rated by Roland Herrmann

We also looked at all the important criteria for choosing the best provider and subjected the safe companies to a test. We noticed that eToro is our absolute favourite. The provider passes every test category with flying colours, whichclearly differs from our Cryptohopper experience.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

At this point we would like to answer frequently asked questions that may also be on the tip of your tongue. Why are we doing this? Because we are always asked how secure Cryptohopper really is - and theWant to clarify the answer below once and for all.

Does Cryptohopper really work?

OurCryptohopper experiences|| |285 nach könnt ihr leider nicht allzu viel Vertrauen in das Unternehmen setzen. Denn: Dieses kommt weder mit einer Lizenz daher, noch mit Rücklagen als Sicherheit. Plus: Man findet kaum echte Bewertungen zu dem Unternehmen, die positiv ausfallen.

Why is Cryptohopper a scam?

The indications of apossible Cryptohopper scam|| |291 fallen sehr umfangreich aus: Es gibt beispielsweise keine europäische Lizenz zu entdecken, auch ist das Unternehmen nicht gelistet. Zwar nimmt der Anbieter keine aggressive Werbung vor, dafür stellt er aber auch keine transparenten Informationen zu Gebühren bereit.

Are there safe alternatives?

As you will see with us, there are soon severalsafe alternativesto discover, so that you don't have to do without anything. All you have to do is choose the right company from our list to connect to a secure cryptocurrency trading platform.

What to consider when choosing a broker?

If you want your owncomparison, you can rely on our most important selection criteria. This includes, among other things, that the provider has a license and enables you to make secure transactions. But it is also important that the customer service meets your needs.

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