Our Cryptosoft Experiences 2022

Cryptosoft is an automatic trading software intended for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. The offer is available around the world, butnot officially regulated. In addition, profits are promised on the site, but the operator is not known according to our Cryptosoft experience. You should stay away from such sites and better get into reputable trading platforms likeeToro if you want to invest in Bitcoin.

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It is true that it is no longer a utopia to make money with investments in cryptocurrencies and the possibilities are unlimited. The only important thing is that you find a platform that is reliable, serious and effective. Consequently, we decided to examine the Cryptosoft trading platform more closely to find out whether this is a scam or not.

Cryptosoft review at a glance

It's irritating when the Cryptosoft platform seriously, because theportal consists of only one page, quite apart from the cookie guidelines and data protection regulations. This is exactly where something should stand out: There is neither an imprint nor general terms and conditions. For us, this is a first indication in our Cryptosoft test that this is a scam broker.

Die Webseite von Cryptosoft.

If you search for "Cryptosoft" in the search engines, you will find a lot of positive reviews and testimonials that are presumablycommissioned by the vendor himself to present himself in a positive light. But you can also find corresponding entries in the forums, especially if there were previously some negative ones about a Cryptosoft fraud.

That's why we suspect Cryptosoft fraud

But how is it Cryptosoft possible to inspire so many users? There are different approaches behind this. The easiest way to impress people is to make money fast with a small investment. This is one way the platform uses it: Itpromises high profits and explains why it is so worthwhile to invest in Bitcoin and Co.

One thing is forgotten: to point out the risks of this investment. But at second glance you realize that this is just a landing page. Another fact that there is probably Cryptosoft Fake is thatimportant information is not disclosed such as fees, license and operator of the portal. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you need information and not just the request "Trade now".

This will tell youCryptoGold Fraud:

  • particularly high prize promises
  • simple registration form
  • no reference to fees etc.
  • no imprint & other important information

What also doesn't please is the fact that only the cryptocurrencies are explained on the homepage and an insight into the trade is given, which is presented very simply, although this is extremely difficult without the necessary experience proves complex. Basically, it's all about Cryptosoft and cryptocurrencies, but important information is also missing here, such as imprint and fee information.

Eine Erklärung wie Cryptosoft funktioniert.

There are said to be some celebrities who have already recommended Crypto Trading Bots like Cryptosoft. But here let me tell you:These claims or promotional materials are bogus. Many celebrities have already publicly distanced themselves from this and speak of alleged Cryptosoft scams and it seems that Cryptosoft is now finding other ways to win over customers.

Cryptosoft Test: What we know about this broker

The legislator basically insists on an imprint, but this is not the case with Cryptosoft and the platform behaves like many other trading bots. From our general experience, which we were able to collect in our Cryptosoft test, we can only advise you to keep your distance from these online brokers. You can find more "black sheep" in ourBlacklist of crypto brokers.

You think you have already been scammed? Here are our tips

What to do if you fell for Cryptosoft and lost your money? In that case, the first thing to do is stop all investments. It also helps to take a look at the BaFin website. Because atBaFin you can see all judgments regarding fake brokers. Next,legal help should be sought. Only then is it possible to recover lost or unpaid money.

Secure alternatives to Cryptosoft

Agood online broker is characterized by transparency aus, has a recognized license and warns of possible losses, since investments are always associated with a risk. Such a trustworthy broker iseToro, which we have also extensively tested for you and can warmly recommend to you.

The online broker is officiallyregulated by the CySec on Cyprus and must therefore meet numerous security requirements according to European standards. This guarantees 100% security. This is exactly the difference to supposed scam brokers like Cryptosoft, who work without a license and can therefore act of their own free will.

Cryptosoft compared to eToro

To compare the two portals, it doesn't take much. While Cryptosoft does not provide an imprint, does not provide any information on regulation and lists various "disclaimers" and "terms" on the website, there isno information about the operator or the developer of the software . eToro, on the other hand, is extremely transparent and users receive all the important information they need to decide for or against the platform.

Cryptosoft vs eToro Cryptosoft eToro
Is the broker registered and has a European trading license? ✔️
Is the broker in the CONSOB Register Listed? ✔️
Is the company located in a country that is not on the Black List of Tax Havens? ✔️
Does the provider point out investment risks? ✔️
Are they Ads and testimonials real? ✔️
Have users made real profits with this broker? ✔️

As soon as you invest your money at Cryptosoft, you take a big risk. Above all, the reference to a 100% free software clearly indicates a scam. Because no one can afford to sell self-developed products to customers completely free of charge and not receive anything in return. The truth is even worse becausethere is no software called Cryptosoft.

Introduction to Safe Bitcoin Investing

Wenn ihr in Bitcoin und Co. investieren wollt, dann Finger weg von betrügerischen Software-Anbietern, wie es Cryptosoft vermutlich ist, die damit werben, in kürzester Zeit Höchstgewinne zu erzielen. Besser ist es, auf seriöse und legale Trader wie eToro. Registering for an account is also quick and easy here. You will also receive a free demo account with which you can make your first trades under real conditions without your own financial risk. This is how you practice acting. There are also webinars and extensive training material to help you get started with trading.

Conclusion on Cryptosoft

In the end, you can only be shocked at the methods used to innocently to pull money out of investors' pockets. Even though there are numerous reports in the English and American online media thatallegedly fraudulent Cryptosoft experiences warn, there are still many Canadian websites that report positively about the online broker. Better look for one of theCFD brokers orForex brokers from our site.

Roland Herrmann
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4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann

If you have already fallen victim to this scam , thenlet others know. Enter your Cryptosoft experiences in the forums and warn other investors and crypto fans about the provider. With every contribution, the possible fraud becomes more known. Anyone who is currently only informed should rely directly on the market leader eToro in order to trade safely and successfully.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Even with a more than detailed field report you can it happens that questions remain unanswered or things were not properly understood. For this reason, we have set up asmall FAQ area below, in which we take up the most important thing again.

Does Cryptosoft really work?

We registered out of curiosity and then used the link to get an insight into the trading platform. This is comparable to many other Bitcoin trading bots and should work according to ourCryptosoft experiences.

Why is Cryptosoft a scam?

Ultimately, everything is made up or no important data and information is disclosed that suggest who the operator and developer is. Other points also strongly point toalleged Cryptosoft fraud.

Are there safe alternatives?

Certainly there are alternatives, that are not only safe, but also prove to be extremely serious. If you are looking forsafe alternatives, then you will find it here.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

In order to find a safe, trustworthy and reputable online broker, it is important to pay attention to the licensing. But also aComparison of brokers is helpful.

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