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Important: The company CS:GO Coins was recently renamed to EarnCoin.gg.

The CS:GO casinos are on the move and have in has gained in importance in recent months and years. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the great potential for savings and, on the other hand, the ongoing progress in the industry. At the same time, apart from these CS:GO casinos, a special area has emerged into which the provider CS:GO Coins has advanced. This is only a real casino to a limited extent, because in practice the skills of the players are challenged. What that means in detail, how the offer is designed and whether CS:GO Coins works seriously, we will now clarify in the following.

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Our experiences at a glance

The classic process in a CS:GO casino usually involves players charging their account and then purchasing crates containing certain skins and weapons. However, our experience with CS:GO coins shows that a slightly different business model is used here. Anyone who registers does not have to deposit any amount into their account, but instead has to fulfill various tasks. Once these have been completed, the customer is rewarded with points and can in turn purchase various skins in the shop for them. It is not only possible to use existing skins, but also to order your own skins. In this case, the order is simply handed over to the provider, who then orders the respective skin for the user. The CS:GO Coins offer is particularly interesting for newcomers, since no real money has to be used.

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CS:GO Coins checked: Fraud or serious?

Probably the most important question about what the casino has to offer is whether CS:GO Coins works seriously. From our point of view, this question can be answered with a clear yes, because the provider presents itself as reliable on various levels. First of all, the offer has been an integral part of the market for several years and has been able to build up a customer base of over 155,000 users. This number clearly speaks for itself, after all, with a dubious portfolio there would probably not have been such a large rush. In addition, the principle itself is also safe, after all, customers do not have to deposit their own real money. In this respect, there is no threat of fraud or rip-off, since the customers only acquire the important points for the skins through their own skills.

The offer at a glance

First of all, there is the portfolio of the provider, of course, the account opening in the room, because of course only registered customers can participate. Particularly practical: the registration can be processed easily via your own Steam account. Directly after that, the tasks that have to be fulfilled for the points at the provider start. Various tasks are provided here, including, for example, testing and evaluating new games. In addition, users can also easily watch videos, for which coins are also paid out again. A positive aspect is the quick crediting of the coins, because they end up in your own account within a few moments. The account overview also shows at any time how many coins the customer currently has. The collected coins can then be used in the shop, where there are always several skins "in stock". In addition, there is the already mentioned possibility to order certain skins. Here, too, a pleasing speed can be reported. If the provider has the skin in stock, according to our CS:GO Coins experience, it will be loaded onto the Steam account within a few seconds.

The provider's website with all the important information
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The luck factor also plays an important role in the provider's portfolio. Each user can secure additional coins through so-called match betting. Bets can be placed between three and 100 coins, which are then placed on a fictitious match between two teams. A little tip: The chance that a draw will be played is only ten percent. So the chances of the right winner are not that bad. There are no additional fees for participating in match betting.

Deposit: Participation without a deposit

The topic of deposits does not play a role in our test report of CS:GO Coins. The provider does not require any deposits from its customers, but instead presents them with various tasks. If these are met, users can secure coins and then invest them in their skins in the in-house shop. The users therefore never come into contact with payment methods, fees or the like.

The available payment options for CS:GO Coins
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei CSGO Coins
Payment options Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, OPSkins
Minimum deposit:
Account management possible in:
Payout options:

Security and regulation: user conclusion is positive

How already mentioned, CS:GO Coins are nota regular casino orCS:GO Casino. The luck factor does not play a major role here, so that the provider does not require an official gambling license. So players shouldn't be surprised if they can't find what they're looking for on the website for regulation. The fact that CS:GO Coins works seriously and fraud and rip-off can be ruled out is primarily made clear by the large number of users. More than 155,000 players are registered and active - underlining that the work here is fair and serious.

Support and customer service: Extremely innovative with the live chat

If you want to contact the platform's customer service, you can do so in a number of ways. On the one hand, the company is extremely present in social networks, so that users can ask a question on Twitter, for example. It is also possible to contact them directly via Steam, which can also be described as positive. In addition, of course, a very classic e-mail address is also provided, whereby according to our CS:GO Coins experience, the live chat is particularly recommended. However, it is important to note that all contact methods only connect to English-speaking support. However, there are no costs or fees for the consultation. In addition, the employees in customer support are extremely competent and can answer users' questions quickly.

User-friendliness: Very user-friendly design

Right from the start, in our CS:GO Coins test, we want to the user-friendliness state that the website is only available in English so far. However, really big problems should not normally arise, since most of the terms should probably be familiar. In addition, the provider relies on a very clear and informative website that every user can find their way around within a very short time. The main offer can be found right in the center of the website. The various activities and the chat are shown on the right edge of the screen. By the way, you can chat not only with customer support, but also with other users. If you look at the left side of the screen, you will find a small "cockpit" in which the most important subcategories of the portfolio are shown. With a simple click, users can jump to the next area, which then loads within a few seconds. One thing is certain: In terms of user-friendliness, CS:GO Coins can present itself really well.

Conclusion: Appealing business model with great opportunities

If you only have limited confidence in gambling in the CS:GO casinos who dares to go their own way can treat themselves to a large portion of variety with CS:GO Coins. Here the success of the players is entirely in their own hands, after all only a few tasks have to be completed for the required coins. There are definitely no doubts about the seriousness or security of this provider, especially since no deposits or withdrawals have to be made. The structure of the website is extremely pleasing and scores with a very clear structure. Every user can find their way around within a very short time, which speaks for a transparent provider. Fraud or rip-off are excluded, the offer is right - this platform can be recommended without hesitation.

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By completing tasks, users get points and skins in CS:GO Coins. A great offer.
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