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Die klassischen Online Casinos sind mittlerweile nicht nur enorm beliebt bei den echten „Zockern“, sondern können locker und leicht als fester Bestandteil des Internets bezeichnet werden. Gleichzeitig lässt sich das Prinzip aber auch in andere Bereiche übertragen, wie zum Beispiel die CS:GO Casinos. Hierbei handelt es sich um sehr interessante Angebote, bei denen die Spieler um gewisse Skins für ihre Waffen spielen können.

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CSGoatse is one of these CS:GO casinos and is considered by quite a few players to be one of the best places to go on the market. In fact, at least in our experience with CSGoatse, there is no doubt that the work here is serious and customer-friendly. What else distinguishes the portfolio of the casino and where weaknesses in the offer may be hidden, we will now tell you in detail below.

Our experiences at a glance

CSGoatse can be used as one || |98der innovativsten CS:GO Casinos and that's exactly why it's so popular with players. In addition, our test report shows that there is no reason to worry at all, because all games are proven to be fair and therefore 100 percent correct. What is really appealing is the fact that there are several games in the portfolio and a certain selection is offered. At the same time, in addition to the regular transfers of the skins, there is also the possibility of receiving free coins for the games. So even without making a deposit, customers can play and win valuable skins. Important note for all Canadian players: Currently there is still no Canadian translation, so the entire website is only available in English.

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CSGoatse checked: Fraud or serious?

The fact that CSGoatse works seriously and customer-compliant can be seen from several factors. On the one hand, the large customer base speaks for the provider, because several thousand players are registered here. At the same time, there is always a large number of players online, so this aspect also clearly speaks for the provider. But it only becomes really tangible with a look at the games in the portfolio. These are provably fair and therefore proven to be fair. Here, mathematical calculations decide who wins a round, so that no player has to feel disadvantaged. If a test is nevertheless desired, the calculation methods and results can be viewed afterwards. This ensures 100 percent that CSGoates fraud can be ruled out and the players are treated fairly.

The offer at a glance

Of course, every player should first open their account with the Top up coins before luck can be challenged in the games. In our experience with CSGoatse, charging is quick and easy, so this "intermediate stop" cannot be described as a real obstacle. After filling up the account, the game selection is imminent, where customers can choose between a total of six games. The portfolio is led by roulette, which can be found in almost every CS:GO casino. In addition to this classic, Crash is also a fairly new game available, in which bets are placed on the crash point of a course. We can recommend a round of blackjack for those who think this is going too much in the direction of finances, whereby the rules of the game should be known. Also on offer are the games Tibian Dice, Russian Coinflip and Jackpot. Jackpot in particular should appeal to many players, since higher stakes also allow higher chances of winning.

CSGoatse's website
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Should the players ever lose their coin balance, new coins can be obtained in various ways. For example, the casino's Twitter account can be followed, which earns players a whopping 40 coins. At the same time, the name of the casino can also be added to the Steam name, for which the provider lets another 40 coins jump. To find out exactly what needs to be done for the payout of the coins, we recommend taking a look at the "Free Coins" area, which can be called up by clicking on the associated button.

Payment: Faster and less complicated Transfer

Without depositing the skins into your own player account, nothing works in the casino. The deposit area can be accessed by clicking on the "Deposit" button located at the top of the website. After the players have clicked here, the respective inventory list opens, where the desired skins can be easily selected. Once the trade is complete, these are then entirely in the hands of the casino. And the casino in turn transfers the respective number of coins to the customer's player account. The transfer is completed within a few seconds. Thus, no long waiting time has to be accepted, but the game can start immediately.

Security and regulation: All games proven to be fair

Who is in the lobby and the chat of the provider looks around, he will already find the first indication that CSGoatse works seriously. Several hundred players are regularly active here, although the 1,000 limit can be broken from time to time. In any case, the large number of players speaks clearly for the provider, because with a dubious address the response would not be nearly as high. The provider does not have an official license from a gaming authority, because this is not required. Since the players here only play for skins and not for real money, the offer does not have to be regulated by any official authority. Nevertheless, the games in the portfolio can be described as fair, because every single game works according to the provably fair principle. This in turn means that the game results are proven to be fair and can also be understood by customers afterwards.

Support and customer service: Help from the admins and the FAQ area

Who Contact the casino's customer support, who can contact the developers and admins of the casino directly via the Steam community. This is of course a first-class way, which, in addition to a qualified contact, also underlines the transparency on the part of the provider. This is also an indication that CSGoatse fraud can be ruled out. As an alternative to advice from the "executive floor", there is also an FAQ area with the most frequently asked questions and answers. So if you want to get some general information about the offer, you are usually well served here. Attention: The FAQ area and customer support are only offered in English.

Ease of use: Clever choice of colors favors orientation

The website of the casino is only available in English, which is something for some player may pose a problem. However, since even minimal knowledge of English is sufficient, this aspect cannot serve as a real point of criticism in our test report by CSGoatse. In addition, the provider has made a clever choice of colors, enhancing a dark background with numerous light colors. The result: All important aspects and components of the menu can be seen at a glance, which contributes to a noticeably faster orientation.

Conclusion: The offer is impressive

The overall conclusion in the test by CSGoatse it was clearly positive. The provider provides its customers with a colorful and interesting portfolio, at the top of which are the free game coins. In addition, every customer can rely on the Provably Fair games, which ensure correct and honest play at all times. There is clearly no reason to worry or doubt that CSGoatse works seriously. Apart from small language barriers, the portfolio is almost perfect and can therefore be recommended without hesitation.

Steffen Breitner
CSGoatse offers customers proven fair games and thus leaves no doubt as to their seriousness.
4.5 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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