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Wer schon einmal Skins für das Spiel CS:GO direkt bei Steam erworben hat, der wird sich mit ziemlich großer Sicherheit über die teilweise überzogenen Preise geärgert haben. Auf den ersten Blick frustrierend, doch es gibt einen simplen und spannenden Ausweg – die CS:GO Casinos. Beim Anbieter CSGOWheel zum Beispiel können alle Spieler ihre eigenen Skins hochladen und erhalten dafür eine gewisse Anzahl von Coins. Mit diesen können dann die verschiedenen Spiele im Portfolio gespielt und bessere Skins gewonnen werden. Ein simples Prinzip, welches auch genau deshalb bei den vielen Spielern so beliebt ist. Ob es sich aber auch um einen seriösen Anbieter handelt und welche Erfahrungen wir mit CSGOWheel sonst noch sammeln konnten, zeigt unser Testbericht nachfolgend im Detail.

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Our experiences with CSGOWheel

According to our experience with CSGOWheel in the casino, the entire operation and control is very easy and convenient. Registration is easy via your own Steam account, and you can import your own skins into the game immediately afterwards. For all skins, users then receive a certain amount in coins, which in turn can be used as a stake in the games. Here you can bet on various things, which in the best case scenario will of course result in nice profits. The winnings are then paid out to the player in the form of skins, which can then be easily transferred back to your own Steam account. Users do not have to worry about security, since all games are triggered and checked by mathematical calculations. Certainly also interesting: If you cannot or do not want to exchange skins, you can also receive free coins through various promotions and then use them to participate in the games again. A deposit is therefore only conditionally mandatory, but at the same time you can also play without your own skins by making a deposit.

Registration Number
Regulatory License
eMail Yes (contact form)
Live Chat No

CSGOWheel in check: Fraud or serious?

The most important question in our CSGOWheel test report is the seriousness. After all, every player has to log in with their Steam account and then upload their private skins to the offer. However, there is no need to worry about security here, since such transactions are always processed securely by the payment service. It is also reassuring to know that the games in the portfolio are all Provably Fair. This means that the games are proven to be fair and, if in doubt, every player can form their own opinion about the correctness of the random number generators. According to our experience, a CSGOWheel fraud can be completely ruled out, which of course also speaks for itself at first glance due to the provider's enormously large customer base.

The offer at a glance

As soon as the players their Once the skins have been uploaded and exchanged for coins, the games can begin. According to our experience with CSGOWheel, there are three different games in the portfolio, all of which are simple but exciting. The most well-known representative in general is the game roulette. Here, players simply bet on one of the colors and, if successful, can look forward to winnings of varying magnitude. In addition, the Explode Game is almost an even simpler game on offer. Here a small figure is sent on a journey that explodes after a certain distance. Anyone who can estimate exactly when this point in time for the explosion will be can look forward to a nice prize. Finally, the offer in the portfolio is rounded off by the wheel game and thus also the namesake of the portfolio. Although several game variants are offered, the principle always remains the same and simple. A game wheel is spun, which then stops on a certain field. Depending on what is displayed on the field, it is then a win or a loss for the players. For example, on the Standard Wheel, wins range from 0.5x to 3x your stake. On the game wheel The Boss, on the other hand, there is only one winning field, which pays out 49 times the stake to the players. A great addition to the portfolio is the live chat with the other players. If you like, you can constantly exchange ideas with the rest of the clientele and get into a few casual conversations.

Trade directly on the provider's website
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In addition, giveaways are regularly distributed to the players, which is by no means standardin the CS:GO casinos bezeichnet werden kann. Insofern können wir auch hierfür im Testbericht von CSGOWheel noch einen kleinen Pluspunkt vergeben.

Payment: error-free and worry-free

If you want to exchange your skins with the provider, you can do so within a few moments easily load onto the account in the casino. The players do not have to worry about security here, because this process is of course well protected. The same applies, by the way, when regular deposits are made. Bitcoin, for example, can be used for this, through which the payments can be described as highly secure and reliable. All important information about the processing of the deposit can also be found in the cash register area. In this respect, it can also be stated here that CSGOWheel handles the payments seriously and that no unnecessary obstacles are placed in the players' way.

Payment methods at CSGOWheel
Payment options: Bitcoin
Minimum deposit:
Account management possible in:
Withdrawal options:

Security and Regulation: No doubts at all

Anyone who spends a minute here and there in the provider's casino will quickly notice the active and large customer base. Several hundred players are active around the clock, which of course speaks for a reliable and reputable provider. Thanks to the live chat, there is also the opportunity to find out more about the company's services from the other players. Especially those who have only been involved for a short time can get so much information. We, in turn, can state at this point in the test report that there are no signs of a CSGOWheel fraud to be discovered. The games in the casino's portfolio are all proven fair and can therefore be easily checked by the players. The provably fair procedure uses mathematical calculations to ensure that chance really decides who wins and who loses in a round. So no one needs to feel disadvantaged here.

Support and customer service: Available around the clock via email

If you want to contact customer support, you only have to contact the provider an email address on his side. Contact is established via the contact form, where you only have to enter your own e-mail address. Once that's done, you have to wait. The casino usually answers after a few hours, especially since the employees are available 24/7. However, the answer will be in English. There are no costs or fees.

User-friendliness: modern design is convincing

The provider's user-friendliness is extremely high thanks to a modern design. There are no text deserts to be found on the homepage, but all important information is provided in short and concise sentences. Participating in the games is also easy and hassle-free, with appropriate instructions provided as well. Thus, even the most inexperienced players will find their way within a very short time - and this is exactly how a strong user-friendliness is characterized.

Conclusion: Entertaining and secure portfolio

Because the games are all Provably Fair in the casino, a CSGOWheel fraud can be excluded in every respect. Rather, our test report has shown that a varied and entertaining portfolio is offered. The prizes are impressive, even free participation is possible here and there through the giveaways or by completing small missions. All in all, the offer left a very good impression.

Steffen Breitner
CSGOWheel is guaranteed safe thanks to the provably fair games. In addition, customers can expect great giveaways here.
4.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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