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What is actually important when trading CFDs? Many traders and those who want to become one ask themselves this question, with a view to the now very extensive range of online brokers. And the answer to this is unfortunately anything but simple and clear. In particular, traders with little experience are somewhat at a loss when faced with the large number of providers in this area. Because this diversity means that there is not only a suitable model for almost every requirement, but also that sufficient effort should be invested in making the right choice. In any case, the online broker DeltaStock can be classified as such a provider.

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Rating| ||53 4.5 / 5.0
🐂 Trading Forex & CFD
📈 Underlyings 77 currency pairs, 2 precious metals, 700 stocks, 24 indices, 42 ETFs
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This is also the reason why we take a closer look at the online broker DeltaStock and what it offers. A very important aspect is the question of the seriousness of this provider. So we also want to clarify whether fraud or rip-off can be ruled out with certainty. This offers trading on a CFD basis with a very wide selection of different underlying assets from the areas of foreign exchange, precious metals, indices, ETF and shares.

Our experience at a glance

Before we in The individual sections of our review go into the respective results of the test, in this introductory section we would first like to give an overview of our general experiences with this online broker. First of all, we noticed very positively that the provider has a consistent website in Canadian. This is by no means a matter of course for all online brokers, where often only the start page has been translated but all other content is only available in English. Here, Canadian customers find it very easy to quickly find their way around the well-structured website. First of all, it quickly becomes clear that a very extensive range can be expected, especially with a view to the available underlying assets. First of all, the range of around 80 currency pairs should leave little to be desired in the area of ​​forex trading, especially since precious metals can also be traded. In addition, trading via DeltaStock offers an extremely wide range of stocks, ETFs and indices. Around 800 individual titles are available for trading in these areas. It can be traded with a leverage of up to 1:200.

Company Financial Supervision Commission
Address Megapark office building Floor 6, Office area E, 115G Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone +359 2 811 50 50
Email [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback No

Anyone who feels intimidated by this diversity has the opportunity to get help of the demo account to start trading risk-free and without obligation. The extensive range of further education and support offers can already be accessed. There are special courses for beginners that are dedicated to forex trading, the special trading form CFD and the available trading platforms. Here, too, traders have an interesting choice. In addition to what is probably the most widespread trading software at the moment, the MetaTrader, the DeltaTrader is also a trading software specially designed for this online broker. There is also support for day-to-day trading. You can choose between an economic calendar, a daily market analysis and the market statistics section, in which traders can find out about the performance of the available titles, among other things. And also with regard to the support, we were able to gain good experiences during our test. Competent employees can be reached both by telephone and via live chat, whereby Canadian-speaking colleagues can also be used here. We would now like to clarify the question of whether DeltaStock is a reputable provider.

DeltaStock checked: fraud or serious?

Of course, all online brokers emphasize that the security and interests of customers are taken very seriously. There are sometimes significant differences in the implementation of this claim alone. This is already clear from the fact that there are providers who have regulation and those who do not. In the case of DeltaStock, regulation can be trusted, which is an important plus point. But beyond that, with DeltaStock we got to know an online broker who definitely takes the interests of his customers into account. Transactions are always processed fairly and announced conditions are observed. Transparent and speedy processing can be expected for deposits and withdrawals, and the provider also cuts a very good figure when dealing with complaints or criticism. As part of our test, we came to the conclusion that DeltaStock is an absolutely reputable provider. There is no need to fear fraud or rip-off here.

DeltaStock offers a very wide range of stocks in particular

While questions about security and also support offers are aspects that should be fulfilled in any case, we see a very important distinguishing criterion between the individual brokers in the specific trading offer. And in that regard, DeltaStock undoubtedly has a lot to offer. Since the conditions are of course also important for traders in view of this variety, we would like to devote ourselves to the offer in this regard as well. First, however, to the available base values ​​in the field of foreign exchange.

DeltaStock's website
Vorschaubild DeltaStock Plattform1Vorschaubild DeltaStock Plattform

Almost 80 currency pairs are available

First of all, it can be said that DeltaStock offers its customers only provides one account version. In our experience, there are no minimum deposit requirements. However, it is necessary to make a decision regarding the trading platform used. In addition to MetaTrader 4, the DeltaTrading platform, which was specially developed to meet the requirements of DeltaStock, is also available for trading. The difference between the two variants with regard to the conditions is that only with delta trading can the decision be made whether to trade on the basis of fixed or variable spreads. In addition, trading with comparatively lower stakes is also possible with DeltaTrading. The background is the respective lot size. While 1,000 units are traded per lot in DeltaTrading, it is 100,000 units per lot in MetaTrader trading. On the other hand, the margin requirements and leverage are largely identical for both variants. These range from ratios of 1:10 to 1:200. The range of underlying assets that can be used across the two platform variants is also identical. The offer is very extensive in the categories of foreign exchange as well as stocks and indices.

In forex trading, the selection of currency combinations includes more than 70 positions. So it should be clear that the offer goes far beyond the majors, i.e. the currencies most traded globally. In addition to the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound, many other currencies can be traded in various combinations. These include the Scandinavian crown currencies of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, but also the various Eastern European currencies such as the Polish zloty or the Hungarian forint.

There are also other international currencies such as the Turkish lira, the Mexican Peso or the South African Rand. Other dollar currencies from Singapore, New Zealand and Canada can also be traded at DeltaStock. Of course, the respective conditions depend on the selected currency combination, but also on the corresponding market situation. Average values ​​for trading with variable spreads are specified. When trading with the combination Euro vs. Dollar, an average spread of 0.8 pips can be expected. The fixed spread is 2 pips. Detailed lists provide information about the conditions. It is also possible to trade gold and silver. Here the available leverage is 1:100.

Large selection of underlyings in the equities and indices

The range of equities, indices and ETFs is also very extensive. Especially in the area of ​​share CFDs, traders at DeltaStock can choose between around 700 stocks from different regions and industries. The international top values ​​are of course available. In addition, many values ​​​​of the second row can also be traded via CFD. For the Canadian market, this means specifically that the selection of underlyings includes not only the Dax but also all the values ​​of the MDax and the TecDax. The range is similarly broad in the other markets, including the USA and Japan, but also Great Britain, Italy and Sweden. In total, share CFDs from 13 countries can be traded. A very wide selection is also available in the area of ​​indices for CFD trading. Among the 24 stocks are of course the most important global stocks such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, 'FTSE or EuroStoxx. In addition, titles from the Swiss and Spanish markets are also on offer. In the futures market, you can also bet on the performance of different types of oil and natural gas. A number of other trading strategies also result from the ETFs on offer. In addition to other indices of certain countries, this offers the opportunity to bet on the development of government bonds or the volatility of individual stock markets.

In summary, we have found an extremely comprehensive range at DeltaStock, in which not only Beginners can trade with the well-known titles, but where experienced traders also have the opportunity to pursue very specific strategies on the basis of a very wide range.

No bonus for new customers

Who If you look around atthe providers for trading CFDs, you will quickly see that bonus offers are still a constant here. But by no means all online brokers rely on this argument when it comes to winning new customers. DeltaStock is also one of the providers who are currently doing without this type of customer acquisition. Since bonus offers are of dubious use in some cases, we do not want to interpret this fact as a disadvantage. Specifically, in most cases it is not the case that traders are actually given gifts of money. Rather, they receive virtual trading capital, the payment of which they must first earn through intensive trading. It is often a prerequisite that sales of 20 to 30 times the desired payout amount must be achieved. As a result, traders may initially deposit more than they originally planned in order to get a bigger bonus and trade even more risky in order to meet withdrawal requirements. At DeltaStock, such a strategy is not currently being pursued as part of the bonus policy.

Deposit bonus: no
Bonus conditions: –|| |188
More bonuses: none

Deposits and withdrawals possible in different ways|| |204

Wie bereits erwähnt, kann bei DeltaStock zunächst ein Demokonto genutzt werden, um sich an die Möglichkeiten des Handels heranzutasten. Ferner kann auch ein Live Konto eröffnet werden, ohne dass zunächst Geld eingezahlt werden muss. Um jedoch irgendwann am echten Handel teilzunehmen, ist es erforderlich, Geld auf das Handelskonto zu transferieren. Hierfür stehen die drei derzeit gängigen Methoden zur Verfügung. Zum einen kann auf die Dienste der Kreditkartenanbieter MasterCard und Visa zurückgegriffen werden. Daneben arbeitet DeltaStock auch mit den Internetdienstleistern Skrill und Neteller zusammen. Als dritte Variante ist es möglich, Geld per klassischer Banküberweisung auf das Handelskonto zu transferieren. Während die Einzahlungen in allen Fällen ohne Gebühren möglich sind, werden bei der Auszahlung von Geldern Gebühren fällig. Bei der Variante Kreditkarte müssen dabei zwei Prozent des Überweisungsbetrags abgeführt werden, bei Skrill müssen die Trader mit einer Gebühr von 3,4 Prozent oder wenigstens 0,50 Cent rechnen, wenn sie sich Geld vom Handelskonto auszahlen lassen möchten.

Overview of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Mehrere Zahlungsmethoden zur Verfügung
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit: keine
Fees: none on deposit, 2 percent on withdrawal
Account management possible in: EUR, GBP and USD
Withdrawal options: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, Skrill, bank transfer

All right with security and regulation

To a convincing standard traders can rely on for security and regulation. The online broker is based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The regulation of the broker also takes place here, namely by the responsible financial supervisory authority FSC. However, since DeltaStock is also present in numerous other countries, other supervisory authorities are also keeping an eye on this provider. In Kenya, BaFin is responsible for ensuring that all EU requirements are met. Among other things, it is checked that the interests of the customers are sufficiently protected. Specifically, the traders should be protected against fraud or rip-off. This includes, among other things, that customer deposits are handled responsibly. So it is mandatory that customer funds are managed in separate accounts. If, contrary to expectations, the provider goes bankrupt, traders do not have to worry about their deposits being lost. High standards are also used with regard to data security. By using an SSL certificate, all customer information is encrypted so that it cannot fall into the hands of third parties.

Support and customer service also available in Canadian

For a good online service Broker also includes a convincing support. Even if a lot of information about trade is made available on the basis of the Internet offer, in our experience it is inevitable that questions arise that cannot be clarified so easily. It is then important that targeted personal help can be taken advantage of by an employee. In the case of DeltaStock, this requirement has also been met. During the opening times from 9.00 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. you can contact an employee by telephone. In principle, Canadian customers can assume that support is available in Canadian. In addition to the possibility of telephone contact, a live chat is also offered, as well as it is possible to contact the broker by email.

User-friendly website

Both the website and the trading platforms provided by DeltaStock also made a very user-friendly impression on us. As part of the online presence, it is very easy to find your way around quickly and to obtain the necessary information. In addition to up-to-date information on what is happening in the market, the offer also includes content for further training, such as a glossary or an archive for training videos. Webinars, on the other hand, are not offered. It is also true for the platform that it is not particularly difficult to find your way around the operation. Both the MetaTrader 4 and the DeltaTrading platform make it very easy for beginners to work out the possibilities step by step. They are supported by a corresponding manual, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Mobile App

More and more traders are also using the possibilities offered by a mobile platform in trading expand their radius of action. So you are no longer tied to your home computer when it comes to waiting for good opportunities. For mobile trading, mobile variants are also offered for both available platforms. These are each available for free download as an app. The possibilities that these mobile solutions now give the trader are hardly any different from the instruments that the actual platforms offer. The variants are also very similar in terms of handling and design, so that traders hardly need to change.

Conclusion - positive overall impression

With a view to the services we offer in the As part of our DeltaStock test, we can draw an extremely positive conclusion. We first got to know the wide range of underlying assets as convincing, which enables an enormous variety of strategies for trading. The focus is on foreign exchange and shares, where almost 80 or around 700 individual titles can be traded via CFD. Trading can be done either via the MetaTrader or via the special DeltaTrading platform. Traders can also draw from a wide range of support for trading. And since DeltaStock is an online broker that is regulated and supervised by several European authorities, traders can also rely on serious processing of all transactions without fraud and rip-offs.

Roland Herrmann
DeltaStock offers its traders a wide range of trading opportunities.
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