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In the United States and Great Britain, the fantasy Sports has been a big topic for many years. In this case, the latest development is the Daily Fantasy Sports, in which the rating of the individual games is not only carried out at the end of the season, but every day anew. A highly interesting matter, after all, every tipster and sports fan can compete with other people in this way. The company Draftkings provides a platform for such a competition. For a long time, only English was offered here, but the homepage is now also being translated into Canadian. In the test report below, we will take a closer look at the aspects to be considered here and how it is about a possible Draftkings fraud or the seriousness of the provider.

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Our experiences at a glance

Already at first glance at the According to our experience with Draftkings, the website provides customers with all the important information about the offer. Anyone who is interested can find out more quickly here and then get started with their own account. The most important thing first: This provider is not a classic bookmaker with odds for sports betting. Instead, a platform for a manager game is offered, where the tipsters can put together their own teams. The real data of the players and teams are decisive for this. This means that every customer can build their own team and is then evaluated based on the performance of their athletes in the last game. If your own players have performed well, customers are rewarded with points at Draftkings. Of course, if your own athletes were less successful, this also affects the rating.

Company DK Malta OpCo Limited
Address Quantum House 75, Abate Rigord Street,Ta Xbiex, Malta
Regulation/License Malta
Telephone (877) 659-6066
email [email protected]
Live Chat No

Similar to A regular betting provider is also the fact that Draftkings has an official license from a regulatory authority, which was awarded by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority. There is no stronger proof that Draftkings works seriously and that fraud or rip-off can be ruled out.

Draftkings checked: Fraud or serious?

Thanks to the official license Malta there is no doubt that Draftkings works seriously. Various indications of this can be discovered, including, for example, long affiliation with the industry. Although the company is still relatively unknown in Kenya, Draftkings has long been an integral part of the market in English-speaking countries. Countless customers trust the provider, so there is no need to worry here. At the same time, the private data of the tipster is also encrypted by the provider, whereby SSL encryption is used for this. This encryption secures all of the customer's sensitive data, such as payment information or place of residence. Criminals therefore have no chance of picking up any customer information.

The offer at a glance

The portfolio in the test is extremely appealing in its own way. "Real" sports bets cannot be placed here, but thanks to the principle of the game, there is still excitement. Currently, however, the offer deals exclusively with sports, so that no casino games or poker games can be used. We are now examining which sports are available.

The Draftkings website
Vorschaubild LobbyDraftkingsVorschaubild Support Draftkings


Of course, the British-American influence can be clearly felt in the company's portfolio, which is evident, for example, in the sports on offer. Numerous top disciplines are listed here, including golf, football, baseball, soccer, Nascar, MMA or basketball. So far, the provider has only focused on the best-known leagues, so that, for example, only the MLB can be used for baseball and only the NHL for ice hockey. The football competitions are an exception, however, since college football can also be used here. The offer is rounded off by the electronic sport League of Legends. Customers can put together their team for each individual sport and then have to hope that their players will perform as well as possible.

The different types of sport are rated in different competitions. There are numerous public competitions here, with different numbers of players participating. In addition, private competitions can also be created, which are only available for selected tipsters or tipsters who are friends. Each customer also has the option of creating their own competition and inviting their friends, for example. The performance of all participants is then evaluated game day by game day, so that different placements are achieved at the end of the season. Of course, the efforts and efforts are not in vain. Of course, every customer can win something, but real money stakes must of course also be made to participate in the individual competitions. Important for Canadian customers: Currently, an entry maximum of 33 euros has been set, which cannot be exceeded. However, this will probably change in the future, so that higher entry fees will also be possible for all Canadian customers without any problems.


Different types of competitions are offered. The first variant, for example, is part of the GPP competitions. This type of event promises a certain prize pool that does not depend on the number of participants. So that means: If fewer players take part, this is more of an advantage for the winners, because larger prize money can be won. How high the individual prizes are in detail is of course always clear at the start of the competition. Again recognizable by the white text in the lobby are the Leagues leagues, which are slightly different competitions. If the number of participating players is not reached here, the event will simply be cancelled. In this case, the paid entry fees of the players will of course be credited back. The third variant is the head-to-head competition. It is always played person against person. Conversely, of course, this also means that winning the competition receives the entire prize money. In addition, however, entrance fees for other events can also be won with various competitions. This then means that with these successes, participation in further competitions can be secured.

In our experience with Draftkings, it is certainly interesting for all newcomers and inexperienced users that free contests are also offered. Participation in these competitions is possible free of charge, and the "entrance tickets" for other competitions in the provider's portfolio are also won here. In short: There are always enough places where tipsters can prove their qualities.

Draftkings Bonus: No new customer bonus yet

In our experience, the provider is the best when it comes to new customer bonusesin a direct comparison still a bit reserved compared to the competition. In concrete terms, this means that there is no special welcome offer for new customers. However, this does not mean that all customers here permanently “get nothing”. Instead, special promotions are repeatedly launched for existing customers, including free competitions. At the same time, very special prize money is enticing in some competitions, so that in this case one can certainly speak of extras. Which actions are active and which conditions apply are transparently presented by the provider on its website at all times. Accordingly, this also clearly speaks against Draftkings fraud, since every player can find out exactly about possible offers and their conditions at any time. Nevertheless, it should be noted that a new customer bonus would definitely be a nice addition to the portfolio.

Deposit and Withdrawal: A hammer on board with PayPal

The payment portfolio naturally plays an important role in the Draftkings test report and is therefore also thoroughly examined. In general, tipsters should note that the payment offer cannot yet be put on the same level as the offers of "real" bookmakers. The selection is a little smaller, which does not really make the whole process more complicated. Customers can choose between the PayPal electronic purse and credit cards for deposits into the account. A positive aspect of these two payment methods is the fact that the deposit amount is always available in the account within a few seconds. After the deposit, the ticket for one or more competitions can be purchased immediately. The provider explains whether there are fees for the deposits or which minimum amounts have to be paid in the checkout area on his deposit page.

The available payment methods at Draftkings
Die Bezahlmethoden bei Draftkings
Payment options: Kreditkarten, PayPal
Minimum deposit:
Account management possible in:| ||203 EUR, USD
Payout options: Credit card, PayPal

Payouts can be processed using the deposit methods in our experience with Draftkings. A closed money cycle is followed very precisely here, so that the exact option used for the deposit must always be used for the payout. In addition, the provider also emphasizes its seriousness when it comes to payments, because the first withdrawal from the account is only possible if a copy of the ID card, passport or other official document has been submitted. As with deposits, the required payment amounts and possible fees are stated on the withdrawal page. The withdrawals are carried out relatively quickly, although in our experience with Draftkings the respective payment method also plays a role. We still recommend PayPal, as this is the quickest way to get the payout amount to the customer.

Security and regulation: Peace of mind when participating

Whenever your own real money is involved, From the customer's point of view, particular attention must be paid to safety precautions and protective measures. As already mentioned, the provider underlines in several ways that Draftkings works seriously. The company is equipped with a license from the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority, which makes fraud or rip-off unthinkable. The offer is regularly put to the test by the competent authority, so that in the worst case inconsistencies could result in the license being withdrawn immediately. So for all customers this means: Lean back and relax, because here your own euros are always in the best hands. Of course, the many years of experience of the company, which is one of the largest providers in its class internationally, is also very promising.

The protective measures by which the individual information and data of the users are protected are also of great importance. The provider uses SSL encryption for this, which means that sensitive data is secured at all times. This means that no criminal has the slightest chance of getting the customer's address or credit card details, for example. Much more security cannot be offered, so that the interim conclusion in this category is extremely positive.

Support and customer service: English-language support is available

Even if there are usually only a few questions occur with the users of the platform, these "problems" should of course be cleared up quickly. The right contact person in this context is, of course, the provider's customer support, which customers can contact in various ways. For quick help, an FAQ area is provided directly on the website, which explains the most common questions and misunderstandings. From the point of view of Canadian users, it should only be noted that this area is unfortunately not yet available in Canadian. This also applies to the rest of the customer service, which has so far only been able to communicate with customers in English. Nonetheless, there shouldn't be any problems overall, especially since the staff can be contacted in a number of ways.

The first option is the postal route, even if it is probably only used by a few customers. Alternatively, a free hotline is available, which can be used daily from 6 a.m. to midnight. If you prefer to do it in writing, you can use the contact form on the provider's website. A short message is simply left here, whereupon Draftkings then emails the player. Apart from the relatively long waiting time of several hours, this option is highly recommended.

User-friendliness: Not yet fully translated into Canadian

The website's user-friendliness can be described as very good in principle . The structure of the menus is goal-oriented and every new visitor can find their way around within a very short time. For faster navigation, the various sections can be found at the top of the website. For example, the account overview is on the far right. Clicking on the profile window opens all the submenus where customers can find out about their profile or other important things. The lobby, the various formations and line-ups, the competitions, the sports and also the promotions can also be found in the upper area. So if the customers want to go to one of the areas, a simple click with the mouse is enough and the players are immediately forwarded to the respective sector.

The developers have also done a good job visually and built a respectable website. In addition, no unnecessary delays or waiting times have to be put up with, as the platform also works at a very sophisticated level technically. The only small point of criticism is currently the translation of the website. This is not yet fully available in Canadian, so that a little knowledge of English must be available here and there. Although most terms are international and therefore well known, a Canadian translation here and there could of course not hurt.

Mobile App

In order to always be up to date with what is happening, offers Draftkings also offers customers a mobile offer. This is available to all users with an Android or iOS device and can be used without additional fees. Special software is required for this, which in turn can be downloaded within a very short time. Users with an iOS device can easily download the software from the Apple App Store. If you want to access the portfolio with an Android device, you have to take a special route. However, this does not make access to the mobile offer any more complicated or inconvenient.

The Draftkings app is definitely extensive, because customers can use the website's regular portfolio for themselves. Not only are the various statements possible, but also the processing of payments or contact with customer support. All in all, the experiences with Draftkings around the mobile version are very positive.

Conclusion: Draftkings inspires with its own portfolio

From a typical portfolio of a bookmaker, in the case of Draft Kings out of the question. The provider relies on its own offer, which differs significantly from the regular offers in the industry. Customers can show off their skills with their own line-ups and teams, and win some nice prizes too. Of course, it is particularly exciting that friends can also be invited to their own leagues. This increases the fun factor enormously and of course also pushes the ambition significantly again. Here and there, there are still small disadvantages to be accepted, since the website has not yet been fully translated.

In the area of ​​customer service, this is of course noticeable, but we can still make a positive judgment about the advice . Since the electronic wallet PayPal can also be used for deposits and withdrawals on the betting account, Draftkings also scores in this regard. With a view to the seriousness and security, there is also no need to worry. Fraud or rip-off can be ruled out because Draftkings works seriously and reliably - in every respect.

Anatol Tsirgiotis
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Draftkings allows its customers to put their knowledge of the sport to the test.
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