The most important ECN brokers in comparison 2022

In our comparison, we have tested the most important and well-known ECN brokers, who also offer their services in Canadian-speaking countries, and put them through their paces. We have written down our results and experiences in extensive test reports.

Because of the excellent overall offer,GKFX is the test winner in our ECN broker comparison.

Die folgende Vergleichsübersicht zu den unterschiedlichen Brokern ist als Rangliste zu betrachten. Mit einem Klick kannst du den Testbericht lesen oder direkt zu dem Broker gelangen.

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ECN und Forex: Wo liegt der Unterschied?

Selection of an ECN broker

Each broker has a different focus on the offer. It is therefore important to pay attention to the following points when making your selection. How to find the best broker for you!

Important criteria

  • Underlyings – and trading offer
  • Deposit – What is the minimum deposit?
  • Software – and trading platform
  • Information offer – for further education
  • Bonus - additional capital to trade

The ECN brokers are a relatively new breed of Forex brokers. They are also about trading currencies and foreign exchange. Unlike forex brokers, however, ECN brokers only provide the platform for forex trading and establish contact between individual forex traders. The transactions and deals are then only and exclusively made between the private investors. The ECN Broker does not serve as a taker for bets on currency rates. So a real market is emerging. The bigger the broker, the more opportunities there are to get rid of one's positions. It is therefore generally more interesting to bet with larger brokers.

So sieht das Netzwerk eines ECN Brokers schematisch ausBecause ECN brokers can compare their information directly with that of other brokers and thus calculate an adjusted rate, it is possible to offer lower spreads. Normally, this very small spread means that no commission is charged for the work of the ECN brokers. Instead, traders have to pay a fixed fee to enlist brokers' help.

Why compare?

The market has been flooded for a number of years. Almost every week a new provider comes onto the market, which draws attention to itself with very special offers and sometimes very high bonuses and attractive special offers. We want our readers to keep track. That is why we have made it our task to test all new and old ECN brokers and to provide extensive information about what is actually to be thought of an offer , to be able to distinguish the reputable from the dubious providers. We have done a background check for each broker and say how reliable and trustworthy the broker actually is.

Der Vergleich von cpaws-ov.org dient allerdings vor allem dazu, die seriösen von den unseriösen Anbietern unterscheiden zu können. Wir haben für jeden Broker einen Hintergrundcheck gemacht und sagen, wie zuverlässig und vertrauenswürdig der Broker tatsächlich ist.

The broker comparison helps our readers to find the best individual broker. This should best meet your own needs and ideas and offer reasonable prices for interesting offers. Every trader has different ideas about the individually best broker. That's why we say briefly and according to subject areas what to think of the individual ECN providers and where the advantages and disadvantages lie.

Background check

At Fraudtest.com, our main concern is to offer our readers the opportunity to form their own opinion of how reputable and reliable a broker is. That's why half of our broker tests always consist of an extensive background check for the individual provider. The background checks run according to the following principle:

Background check for ECN providers

Within the first background check, we are primarily concerned with illuminating the company behind the actual broker. To do this, we collect information such as the name and key data and do a short research in which we want to find out how long the company has been on the market and what experience is already available in the area of ​​trading with financial instruments. In our tests, numbers such as the number of employees are also mentioned. We rate ECN brokers that are owner-managed particularly positively. Here we can be sure that the well-being of our customers is an important factor. The necessary transparency of the company should be given in any case. We tend to be skeptical about pure investment companies that have acquired a majority stake in a broker.

Für die Regulierung der Finanzmärkte sind europäische und nationale Behörden zuständigAlso included in the background check is a review of the license and regulation that has been distributed to the broker. In principle, regulations by states from the European Union are definitely advantageous and desirable. In principle, we only recommend companies that have a license in Europe. Such a license must be applied for by the broker's company. It results in software being installed in the broker's system and trading program, which allows the financial supervisory authority to oversee business activities. Further precautions are taken, but we think this is one of the most important points.

It doesn't matter which country the regulation and license comes from. The main thing is that an ECN broker is approved within the European Union and is also controlled there. The regulations and laws that the individual financial supervisory authorities have to comply with come directly from the EU in Brussels. This ensures that there are no differences between the individual authorities such as the Canadian BaFin and the Cypriot CySEC in terms of the intensity and reliability of the controls.

In our background check, we also take a very close look at how a Broker is currently in the press. There are some trade journals and magazines as well as online newspapers that professionally and mainly deal with the movements in the Forex and ECN market. There, in turn, prizes are regularly awarded. The selection of which provider receives a prize can depend on the magazine's own tests or on customer ratings. A broker with a particularly large number of awards and distinctions is also perceived by us as positive and more serious. However, we do not allow ourselves to judge the magazines, but only state in our test reports whether and which prizes have already been awarded.

Company headquarters in Cyprus: Why is that?

One us A frequently asked question is why so many brokers from the various financial sectors such as ECN, Forex and CFD have their headquarters in Cyprus. This is relatively easy to answer with tax advantages. Often there is no real office in Cyprus, but only a letterbox company. The broker's business then runs through them. Sales taxes and some others are almost half in Cyprus compared to other European countries. So it is possible to save a lot of money there. However, this does not diminish the quality of the broker. Most providers are proud of their actual roots and also state them openly on their websites.

Customer opinions from the internet

The general mood towards the broker is also part of our background check can be caught on the internet. We take the time to collect, analyze and succinctly reflect many comments on the World Wide Web about the broker. So that it doesn't get too boring for our readers, we limit ourselves to briefly addressing the biggest points.

Here too we would like to point out once again that dissatisfied customers are more inclined to express their very negative opinion on one of the many online rating platforms. Satisfied customers usually hold back and simply continue trading with their broker. This results in masses of negative comments on many pages, which can easily convey a wrong image of the ECN broker. At first glance, many readers think of rip-offs, but this is not necessarily the case. With our compilation of customer opinions from the Internet, we want to help you get a better overview of the various brokers.

Customer service and support in the test

Transparency is extremely important for brokers. For this reason, we not only evaluate the background information and what is announced by the provider. We also want to see what services are actually provided in terms of customer satisfaction. The first point of contact for us is always customer service and support.

Der Kundendienst eines Online Brokers ist wichtiger, als bei den meisten anderen Internet DienstleistungenThe range of different contact options is checked at the beginning. Our testers are always particularly satisfied when they are not only contacted by email, but also by telephone and live chat. A truly exemplary broker is available to his customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to meet this criterion, however, large amounts of money have to be taken on the part of the broker, which in turn could be at the expense of private investors. An approximately 24-hour availability is therefore sufficient for our tests.

We would like to take a closer look at the customer support. That's why we think of small questions and problems for each ECN broker, which we gradually report to the employees. We then assess the quality of the response. A perfect customer support has employees who answer all questions competently and friendly. The response time when contacting us by email should be just as short as the queue at the telephone hotline. In the best case, the telephone hotline is completely free, so that customers do not have to pay for their problems with the service.

Traders should pay attention to this with their ECN broker

There are a few Characteristics that are important in order to select the individually suitable ECN broker. We have listed and explained the most important of them (of course in addition to the seriousness) here.

Minimum deposit

The registration with an ECN broker may fail, especially for newcomers, because the required minimum deposit is just too high. Beginners can or rarely want to lift values ​​​​of over 500 euros. At the same time, however, we have to mention that forex trading only makes sense above a certain value. No more than 5% of the total capital should be used per position. If we then assume a minimum transaction size of 20 euros, we already come to 400 euros, which traders must deposit with at least one broker in order to be able to participate in trading at all.

Further training opportunities

Gerade für Einsteiger und Neulinge ist es sehr wichtig, mit einem gewissen Grundwissen an den Markt zu gehen. Nur so ist es möglich, langfristig Gewinne aus dem Trading mit Währungen und Devisen zu ziehen. Der Broker sollte deshalb einen großen Bereich für verschiedene Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten anbieten. Darunter können sich beispielsweise kostenlose eBooks, Webinare und Seminare befinden. Auch Einführungsvideos und FAQ-Bereiche sind gern gesehen. Die Texte dort sollten auf Deutsch und leicht verständlich sein. Für Einsteiger sind die Grundkurse wichtig und interessant. Bei guten Brokern können aber auch professionelle Trader und Händler noch etwas lernen.

A demo account is also part of the further training opportunities. Not many ECN brokers provide one for free. That's why those who have a free offer up their sleeve are particularly attractive. Beginners in particular should always take the opportunity to gain risk-free experience on the market with a demo account. But demo accounts are also a real blessing for experienced traders and professionals. You can test new tactics and strategies directly on the real market and do not run the risk of losing part of your capital. However, demo accounts are usually only provided for a short period of time, such as 14 days. This period should be used as well as possible.

Bonuses and promotions

Another important point when choosing a broker can be the bonus offered. Quite a few providers offer their customers so-called deposit bonuses. This means that the first deposit is increased by a certain percentage. This makes it possible to make a profit even before you trade for the first time. However, we at cpaws-ov.org would like to point out the sometimes very difficult bonus terms and conditions. For example, they state that the bonus amount must be wagered 25 times before a withdrawal can be made. It can be a real challenge, especially for inexperienced traders, to survive in the profit area until a payout can be requested. The bonuses and special promotions should therefore be seen more as a second-class criterion for choosing a broker.

Deposits and withdrawals

While most brokers have meanwhile switched to this, so do online payment systems such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal, there are still a few providers who do without them. A deposit must then be made with them by bank transfer or credit card. This in turn has the consequence that the funds only arrive at the broker after a few working days and are only then credited online. Immediate trading will then not succeed.

A similar principle applies to the payouts. If the ECN broker allows withdrawals via online payment services, the money will reach the recipient faster. However, this is rarely the case for security reasons.

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