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The nameeDarling| ||38 ist im deutschsprachigen Raum sehr bekannt, denn schließlich handelt es sich dabei um eine der besten Partnervermittlungen für Singles im Internet. Seit 2009 ist diese Plattform bei so vielen Mitglieder beliebt, dass wir uns unbedingt selbst ein Bild davon machen wollten. Wie seriös ist diese Partnervermittlung und wie geht sie beispielsweise mit Fakeprofilen um? Handelt es sich um Abzocke oder Betrug? Worauf können sich die Neukunden freuen und was sollten sie vor ihrer Anmeldung wissen? Wie geht man mit dem Datenschutz vor? Wir haben zu diesen Punkten recherchiert und stellen hier unsere Ergebnisse vor.

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Our experiences with the eDarling platform

As far as the seriousness of eDarling is concerned, over 2.8 million users can't be wrong. Across Europe there are even more than 13 million members who use eDarling to find the right partner. This dating site differs from others in that its membership structure is very mixed. From academics to craftsmen and housewives, everything is included. Here you can let yourself fall into the hustle and bustle of people and look around in peace. The fact that fake profiles and dead files are deleted by the company itself as quickly as possible shows that they care about their members and want to offer them a good service. With the personality test you can determine directly what you are interested in and who or what you are looking for exactly. eDarling takes this into account in the proposals that are submitted to the members. The probability that the suggestion corresponds to personal wishes increases many times over. The relationship between men and women is balanced at eDarling. At the moment there are 48% men and 52% women looking for a partner. Because of this, there is probably a lid for almost every pot.

Company Affinitas GmbH
Address Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin
Commercial Register AG Berlin-Charlottenburg, 115958 B, VAT ID: DE263260611
eMail: [email protected] .de
Contact form: available
Fax: 030 22 386 739

Advice and support leave nothing to be desired; the customer service is great and all of this ensures at the end of the day that the partner suggestions are of high quality.

The awards for the site start with the TÜV seal for technical safety and service quality and go on to the highest Seriousness and the best customer service (1st place in the Kenya test) to the best website (Kenya test). We were able to convince ourselves that these awards are legitimate!

Video preview of eDarling

In the following video you will find a summary of our experiences with eDarling. We'll also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

To preview eDarling, watch the video now:

The entire offer at a glance

On eDarling you meet people who are serious about love, but also those who are looking for a harmless flirt. Because all age and professional groups are represented, it never gets boring. The relationship between the registered women and men is balanced, which makes better mediation possible. The quality of the individual profiles is high. On the one hand, this can be explained by the urge of the members, who really mean business and therefore make an effort. On the other hand, there is the customer support, which is there to help and advise you if you don't know what to do.

Preview of the provider's website
Die schnelle Anmeldung auf der eDarling HomepageeDarling ist Testsieger bei den Singlebörsen

Yes, the support takes care of it personally , that the writer's block falls and gives ideas on how to put yourself in the right light. You can expect so much support and customer friendliness from othersDating sites only wish. The personal care with which eDarling responds to its customers is also used to rid members of annoying fakes. After all, one shouldn't play with feelings and that seems to be one of the mottos of this platform.

Customer support is completely free for members of eDarling and can be accessed at any time. Because of the help that is offered, the profiles on the site are more meaningful than others. By stating your real name, you are already suggesting to interested parties that you have nothing to hide and that you are absolutely serious. If you are worried that Google will make your profile visible to the world with this information, you are wrong. Because eDarling protects its members and makes it almost impossible for search engines to find you and reveal them to the world.

A trial subscription is possible; you can get a first impression of the site at your leisure and then always opt for a paid subscription if you are convinced. You can't avoid the premium subscription if you're serious about finding a partner. This is the only way to get the chance to interact with other members and to read and send private messages. Nevertheless, the trial subscription is important to get a first impression and only book a membership when you are 100% sure.

In addition, this already allows you to register, fill out and submit Evaluation of the personality test, the first contact suggestions, sending messages of limited length, viewing profiles, requesting profile photos and sending smiles. Nobody has to buy the hated pig in a poke here.

Bonus offers for customers

Since membership with eDarling is not necessarily cheap, we took a look around to see if there were any discounts and if so yes how good these are. First of all: As everywhere on the Internet, you should always keep your eyes open with search queries such as “eDarling discount” or “eDarling code”, because you can often find great offers. In the month of October 2015, for example, there is the opportunity to get a premium month for free if you book a 6-month membership. Otherwise, third-party providers also promise 30% discounts or the like.

Pro tip: Around Christmas or Valentine's Day, ask your trusted search engine what it can do for you . At these times, promotions are usually found in abundance.

Costs and payment options

As already mentioned, eDarling offers various models for becoming a member. First, there is the free membership, which includes everything to go through the registration and personality test. You also have the option of sending messages here, but these are character-limited. If you want to see the profiles including the profile picture, you have to request them and have them activated by the respective user. The premium membership removes all restrictions and you can send messages that can be as long as you want. The communication is therefore unlimited. Profile photos are immediately visible as soon as you visit a profile and do not have to be activated first. All images and photos of this user that he has made visible to other premium members can also be viewed.

Premium memberships and payment options at eDarling
Nähere Informationen zu den Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei eDarling
Subscription 3 months: 209.70 CAD/EUR/USD, corresponds to 2.33 CAD/EUR/USD per day
Subscription 6 months: 299.40 CAD/EUR/USD, corresponds to 1.66 CAD/EUR/USD per day
12 month subscription: 418.80 CAD/EUR/USD, corresponds to 1.16 CAD/EUR/USD per day| ||200
Premium Plus: additional 5 CAD/EUR/USD per month
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, direct debit, PayPal
Termination period: 6 weeks

In addition, eDarling offers a third subscription option, namely the Premium Plus subscription. With this premium version you are even more protected against fakes. In the concrete example, this means that the identity check is made visible. eDarling gives your profile a stamp that says you are real and not a fake. Conversely, you can now also see on each profile whether the member you called up has also carried out an identity check and passed it. Admittedly, it is a very small, but not entirely unimportant, detail. Furthermore, members with a Premium Plus subscription receive a read receipt for emails and messages. Just the right thing for everyone who is impatient!

The costs of the various subscriptions vary and yet build on each other. As with most subscriptions, a short term is always more expensive on average than a longer-term commitment. A premium membership for 3 months costs 194.70 CAD/EUR/USD, which corresponds to 64.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month. 6 months cost 269.40 CAD/EUR/USD, i.e. exactly 44.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month or you take out the subscription for a whole year and pay 358.80 CAD/EUR/USD in full and thus 29.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month.

The Premium Plus membership costs exactly 5 CAD/EUR/USD more per month, which is really a reasonable increase. You can pay in the classic way via direct debit, but also via credit card and PayPal. Accepted credit cards are VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Diners Club.

Privacy and data protection

Only when all security precautions are up to date does the TÜV award the coveted seal for technical security. As already mentioned in the text, eDarling u. a. received this seal and thus proved to be absolutely safe. For the most accurate understanding: TÜV does not award this prize lightly. To be more precise, eDarling had to complete more than 100 individual criteria with very good to good and thus correspond to the complete satisfaction of the customers. Only then is the coveted seal awarded. And that's not all: The TÜV seal is only valid for a limited time and is checked several times before the current one is awarded. That convinced us of the seriousness of eDarling.

In addition, eDarling guarantees its members anonymity protection, e.g. B. is used in search engines. With the real name you give the interested party the impression that you have nothing to hide. And that's a good thing, because nobody wants to be fooled. Where other platforms have thought less than eDarling is that profiles can usually be found by search engines just by entering your real name. But what does it have to do with work colleagues or the boss, whether and where you are currently looking for a partner? Exactly, nothing. eDarling protects its members from this: the profiles may not be disclosed to third parties via search engines such as Google and Co. Great: Only people who are in the same boat and looking for a partner can see the profile and photos.

Profiles that are incomplete or show a discrepancy between the given data are also checked. Customer service takes care of this personally, checks it and deletes it quickly as soon as there is certainty that it is a fake. As a result, there are perhaps a few fewer registrations per day, but there are serious people with serious intentions.

To customer service

As already mentioned, eDarling does not shy away from personal contact with its customers members, which is not very common in the digital world. If you have difficulties or want to report something, you only have to call the hotline or write an email - the support will get back to you very quickly. Fake profiles are immediately examined and, if necessary, deleted as quickly as possible. And customer service is also there to help with profile questions such as "How can I spice up my profile?" or finding the right profile photo.

The user-friendliness of the site

Registration for new customers is quick and easy. It should take about 10 minutes, not counting the personality test. In order to beware of fake users, eDarling pays very close attention to how you fill out the registration: If all the data is correct, you can start right away. However, if the information is incomplete or contradicting itself, the registration will not be accepted. It is therefore important that you take your time.

Registration takes place directly on the eDarling start page. Once this step has been successfully completed, the next step is the personality test, which takes about 30-40 minutes. This test consists of around 200 questions, for which you should bring the necessary time, since the partner suggestions are selected on this basis. After the test, you can see directly what preferences and what you want from the partner you are looking for. The good thing: The test can also be completed via the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. So you don't have to spend unnecessary time at your desk in front of the PC, but can make yourself comfortable on the couch at home. However, it should be noted that a photo increases the chances of finding a partner many times over. Therefore, consider the fact that you have deposited a good photo on the corresponding device to upload it directly.

The mobile app

eDarling also offers a mobile app where you can log into your profile while you're on the go. All Androids and iPhones are supported, the app itself can be downloaded free of charge from the respective store.

The app is structured like the website and is therefore very easy to use. Here you can also switch on the push notifications, so that you are informed immediately with every new smile and every new message. All the functions you are used to from the website are accessible via the mobile app.

Our conclusion

The eDarling platform is so convincing in terms of data protection and security that you wish it was , several vendors would take these issues so seriously. As a member you are well protected here. Another big plus is the personal customer support that is offered. It doesn't matter whether a problem arises or a question arises: here you will be personally taken care of.

The prices made a deterrent impression at first glance. Not exactly cheap for a partner exchange. But the more you deal with the services that you are offered, the less disturbing the amount is. eDarling relies on quality and this has its price. Also: What bother you a few euros more if you get to know the love of your life. Our conclusion is therefore clear: Thumbs up for eDarling, absolutely serious and of high quality!

Denise Schlüter
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Due to the very high number of registered and Active members have a particularly high chance of success.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlueter
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eDarling has been my #1 dating site for a number of years. I really like being on the portal because people are actually shown to me with whom I might want to get in touch. The matching is very good, I always find people. Not too many, but not too few either. Of course, if you have special requirements and simply click away all of them, you won't find good ones that live in your own region or are currently there. Overall, the scientific analysis of the participants is really good and delivers. However, if I want to find a partner who may not be a “perfect” match for me, then that is not so easy. But overall good value for money.

written 75 months ago


eDarling is of course comparatively expensive if you only choose the three-month premium membership. Even more with PremiumPlus. In itself, it is more worthwhile to increase to 12 months straight away. However, at first I thought that I would find my partner through eDarling within three months, so I didn't try too hard and bothered to save a little money. The dates and meetings I had were really good, unfortunately nothing more happened. Very nice people, I can't give any criticism. Would recommend the program to anyone who wants to find their partner. But I would then recommend to choose the 12-month membership directly, otherwise no messages can be written and chatting is not possible at all.

written 73 months ago


Durch die Werbung bin ich auf die Plattform eDarling aufmerksam geworden. So hat es sich im „normalen“ Leben irgendwie nicht ergeben, einen Partner zu finden. Die Anmeldung verlief richtig schnell und problemlos. Mit einigen anderen Singles bin ich nun schon in Kontakt. Mal schaun, was sich so ergibt.

written 64 months ago


I registered with eDarling to meet a nice partner. At first, a personality test was carried out, which I found annoying at first. But in retrospect there are suitable suggestions that really suit me. So it's not that bad after all.

written 61 months ago

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