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ElitePartner is, probably also because of the very high success rate, the leading dating platform in Kenya. It has even been TÜV certified since 2005, partly because of data protection. As the name suggests, this platform features mostly academic members, which sets it apart from many others in the dating market. In Kenya alone, ElitePartner has 3,800,000 members, of whom 54% are women and 46% men.

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And because That all sounds almost too good, we couldn't help but ask ourselves: fraud or serious? This test report will show it.

Our experience with the seriousness of ElitePartner

As already mentioned at the beginning, a big advantage of this platform is that it sets itself apart from the mass of online dating portals just because of this stands out that primarily members with an academic degree can be found there. The number that 50,000 singles are active weekly in Kenya alone speaks for itself. So you actually meet educated singles with class there, as promised in the advertisement. The question still arises as to how the company deals with fake profiles, or whether there are any at all on ElitePartner. We did some research and came across this information: ElitePartner's customer service checks every single profile, manually and by hand, for accuracy, so that fake profiles and other black sheep don't stand a chance on this site. This means that rip-off is completely ruled out.

Only those who match the company's values ​​and slogan are allowed to search for a partner (academics and singles with a level). Seriousness is still very important here and that is why ElitePartner enjoys such a good reputation among dating portals.

Company EliteMedianet GmbH
Address Am Sandtorkai 50, 20457 Hamburg
Commercial Register AG Hamburg, HRB 89338, VAT ID: DE 232 608 571
Email: [email protected]
Contact form: available
Fax: 040 / 60 00 95-95

The information provided must not only be correct, which would be serious enough in itself, but also have serious intentions for which the site is ultimately intended. On a really good day, up to 7,000 new members sign up, which means customer support has their hands full, but always with the goal of offering the best quality to their members.

Wir halten fest: An sieben Tagen in der Woche arbeitet ein ganzes Team daran, jedes neue Profil unter Augenschein zu nehmen und persönlich auszuwerten, sodass Fake-Profile keine Chance haben. Wer sich bei einem Kontakt mal nicht sicher sein sollte, kann sich an den Kundensupport wenden: Dort wird einem jederzeit geholfen. Dass solche Fake-Profile bei ElitePartner eingesetzt werden, um neue Kunden zu akquirieren, konnten wir nirgendwo bestätigen und halten das daher für ein Gerücht, das im Netz kursiert. Dementsprechend ist unser Fazit eindeutig: ElitePartner ist sicher (siehe TÜV), seriös und kümmert sich um seine Mitglieder.

Video preview of ElitePartner

In the following video you will find our experiences with ElitePartner in the summary. We'll also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

To preview ElitePartner, watch the video now:

The offer at a glance

ElitePartner primarily offers serious contacts with a high degree of education who are looking for something permanent. The target group starts at young 18 years and goes up to the 55+, whereby the target group of the 35-44 year olds are still the main actors. The average age is 41 for women and 38 for men. Overall, the profiles are very clear and you can even view the profession without a premium membership, for example, which quickly makes you aware of the academic concentration of the members.

Preview of the provider's website
Die Anmeldung auf der Homepage von ElitePartnerWählen sie bei ElitePartner ein sicheres Passwort

The ElitePartner principle is very simple. It is based on various studies that have shown that a relationship lasts the longest and makes you happiest when both partners have a similarly high level of education. In addition, the agreement of values ​​and goals in life is essential. Of the approximately 3,000 members who register with ElitePartner every day on average, one in four is rejected. The criteria for this are quite obvious: racism, suggestive language and an inappropriate vocabulary are exclusion criteria in order to maintain the membership structure in the interests of the company. Likewise, an incompletely completed profile or contradictory information that raises doubts about the seriousness of the member.

If you want to look around first and don't want to invest any money in finding a partner, ElitePartner gives you the opportunity to register for free to register. You can already use a number of services for this, including the scientific personality test, which takes about 20 minutes. This is based on multiple choice answers and provides the foundation for the partner suggestions that you receive. So the search can already begin without having spent a single cent. Because after the evaluation of the test, around 200 qualified partner suggestions flutter in, whose matches are measured using so-called matching points.

The trial subscription gives you a very good first impression of ElitePartner. If you realize that it's something for you, you can use all the other services for a fee. It's definitely worth it if you're serious about looking for a partner on this platform, because only now can you write private messages and exchange ideas - in private. This is unlimited, also with regard to the photos. If you haven't found the right person yet, different search functions are offered that lead to your dream partner. You can search in the immediate vicinity and in your own region, but also take into account other important criteria such as smokers/non-smokers or the desire to have children from the outset. Due to the personality test, however, such a search at ElitePartner is almost unnecessary.

Offers for new customers

Who seeks will find! And that doesn't just refer to the partner search, but also to promotions and coupons fromsingle exchanges, with which you can save money; all you have to do is feed the search engine you trust with keywords such as "action", "voucher", "discount" and don't forget the key term ElitePartner, and offers like the one in September 2015 will open up, where you can get 135 CAD/ EUR/USD can save. If that's not an offer!

There are also other offers where you pay the 3-month subscription and get the 4th month for free. Especially around Christmas time you should keep your eyes open, because the search for a partner is particularly important at the festival of love, which is why there are even more offers.

Did you know that ElitePartner have special promotions for under 30-year-olds and single parents? You can take advantage of these discounts on the company's website under the "Services" page.

Costs and payment options

As introduced at the beginning, ElitePartner offers some free services at the beginning, why the registration and the scientific personality test as well as its evaluation belongs. You can also set search criteria and receive and send greetings. However, as soon as you want to make personal contact with an interested party, you have to take out a paid subscription, which usually costs less per month if you register for a longer period of time. The cost of a premium membership is as follows:

Prices start from 69.95 CAD/EUR/USD per month if you register for 3 months. If you double this period, the month costs from 54.90 CAD/EUR/USD upwards. The subscription for a whole year costs from 39.90 CAD/EUR/USD and two years only 24.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month.

So the discounts for a longer period are enormous and can be seen. Payment methods can be chosen freely; ElitePartner offers many different options for this: EC card, PayPal or via credit card - whether VISA, Master Card or American Express.

Membership must be canceled in writing 4 weeks before the subscription expires. If you miss this time, the subscription will be automatically renewed. If you want to be on the safe side, you can submit your cancellation directly after registering. If you want to log in again afterwards, you can simply reactivate your old profile, saving you the new settings and you can start right away.

Privacy and data protection

With ElitePartner, the identity protected by replacing the real name with a cipher. This means that you remain 100% anonymous and no data is passed on that allows conclusions to be drawn about your person. Likewise, photos are only visible here if you wish them to be.

An overview of costs and payment options at ElitePartner
Übersicht der Zahlungsdienste bei ElitePartner.
Subscription 6 months: 54.90 CAD/ EUR/USD per month, equals 1.83 CAD/EUR/USD per day
12 month subscription: 39.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month, equals 1.33 CAD/EUR/USD per day
24 month subscription: 24.90 CAD/EUR/USD per month, equivalent to 0.83 CAD/EUR/USD per day
Payment options: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, direct debit, PayPal
Termination period: visible in the customer area, between 4 and 8 weeks|| |223

Zum Thema Sicherheit bietet die Plattform hohe Maßstäbe – nicht umsonst wurde ihr als erste Online Partnervermittlung der TÜV-Siegel [email protected] verliehen. In der Ausgabe 3/11 von Stiftung Warentest kann man außerdem nachlesen, dass der Umgang mit den Kundendaten vorbildlich ist.

You choose the data that you release as a member and also decide who takes which photos and view information. Only registered members who have a premium account can do this.

If you want to delete your profile, this can be done quickly with just a few clicks and the profile will be removed from the search. If you then decide to reactivate your profile, you can do so with just a few clicks: You sign up for a new subscription and have the advantage that you do not have to repeat the test and your personal data and interests are online again.

Customer service

As already mentioned, customer service is a top priority at ElitePartner. The employees can be reached 7 days a week by e-mail and by telephone and will take care of the request promptly. Whether you think you've discovered a fake profile or can't relate to an automated rejection: an email is enough and you personally take care of the personal matter. Real people are still at work here and that will be an important reason for the success of the company. Customer service is free, response times are fast, and the team is knowledgeable.

Ease of use

The site is easy to use even for people who don't live on the internet and have a life off-line . The registration is done step by step and is very simple. The personality test is also not time-consuming at 20 minutes and the multiple choice selection allows you to choose one of several suggested answers. The profile is already online within a few minutes and in just 5 registration steps. After that, you should still take the time to maintain the profile and upload meaningful photos. Here, too, support makes sure that you introduce yourself as best you can, so that you are made aware if a snapshot as a profile picture does not seem ideal.

The first partner suggestions, based on common interests in Matching Points are calculated, take place directly after registration. The search functions also offer many different criteria to search under. Whether you are a smoker/non-smoker or if you live in the vicinity: Here you can search and be found.

Mobile App

As soon as everything is in place, you can also download the app and comfortably from Chat with your smartphone or tablet from the sofa and exchange ideas with interesting people. The apps are available for all common operators (iOS, Android, Blackberry) and can be downloaded free of charge. The following functions can be used via the app: view your own profile and partner suggestions, receive and send greetings, see prospects who have visited the profile and receive push notifications for new messages and profile prospects. As a premium member you can also receive and send unlimited messages and photos privately. With the app you have the most important functions at a glance and are not dependent on sitting at the computer to find a partner. Whether in the park or in a café: With the app, you can deepen your search and ongoing conversations anywhere and anytime. With the iPad, you can also adjust the search criteria and scroll through the partner suggestions. In addition, as a premium member you can also read and send partner requests and also use the map function, which enables a proximity search. Since the app is free, you can use the platform on multiple devices for free, depending on your preference.


At the beginning there was still the question of whether ElitePartner is a reputable provider for the online partner search. In the course of the test it became clear that there is no better provider in Kenya. Although the premium membership is chargeable, ElitePartner offers its users the certainty that there are no black sheep romping about on the site. The support, which is available 24/7, is particularly impressive, as is the fact that the members are handpicked and checked. When it comes to data protection and security, there are not many on the market that can offer and guarantee such high quality. Hence our conclusion: ElitePartner is absolutely reputable and anyone who is seriously looking should try their luck right here!

Denise Schlüter
The profile check by hand ensures that fake profiles have no chance here and so the success rate increases.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlueter
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First of all: ElitePartner would like to distinguish itself through a specially selected audience. I don't know if this is possible. Why? Quite simply, the prices are only slightly higher than comparable agencies like eDarling. For a membership of three months, I only pay 55 euros per month, which is sometimes significantly higher with competing providers. In my opinion, this does not separate the wheat from the chaff. But what is correct is that the audience generally makes a high-quality impression. I find educated people who really want to find a new partner and are not just looking for quick sex. It's really really good in general and it's also fun to hear the stories of all the people and to find out what they're up to. I think for the right upper class with only really successful people, you need an agency that costs a little more and is even more serious, but ElitePartner is very suitable for me.

written 74 months ago


Okay, ElitePartner isn't that cheap. But the service and the offer are outstanding, I'm happy to pay a little more for that. I already met my last girlfriend through ElitePartner and now, after that relationship fell apart, I'm trying again through the online service. In my opinion, the chances of success are very high.

written 72 months ago

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