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Of course, in recent years it has been the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in particular that has been discussed a lot and widely was spoken. Almost in the shadow of Bitcoin, Ethereum, a no less interesting cryptocurrency, has meanwhile been discussed. The response is impressive and so it is not surprising that various Ethereum lottery providers have also found their way onto the market. One of the best-known representatives in this area is ethereumlottery.io, which is why we took a close look at the provider below. And our test report reveals what experiences we were able to gain.

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Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum can generally be described as a very safe currency. Nevertheless, rising developments in value and the associated business opportunities always attract criminals. In this respect, it is extremely important to take a close look at the background before participating in an Ethereum lottery. Fortunately, ethereumlottery.io fraud can be ruled out, for which there are several reasons for the provider - and we will of course go into them in more detail later.

Our experience at a glance

First First of all, it is obvious that the entire website of the provider is only available in English. However, this should not surprise most players, after all, almost all Ethereum lottery providers are international companies. Especially in Kenya, the popularity of the currency is not that great, which is why no translation is offered yet. With a little knowledge of English, however, every user should be able to orientate themselves. The clear website, which immediately informs the players about all important aspects and components, should be mentioned positively in this context.

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An official license is on The provider's website does not exist, but it is not required either. The reason for this is that the lottery draws can be described as safe and reliable anyway, since all results are still understandable afterwards thanks to blockchain technology. However, it is a pity that there is no obvious contact option for customer support or other support on the website. This is a bit unfortunate and should be implemented better in the future.

Ethereumlottery.io Check: Fraud or not?

What a lottery provider is all about is clear: the largest possible winnings. Precisely for this reason, however, security should be a top priority, after all, every player really wants to receive their winnings. Fortunately, eretherumlottery.io fraud can be ruled out, because all draw results can be easily traced by the provider. It is therefore quite possible to convince oneself afterwards of the correctness of the lottery or game round. Accordingly, all players can sit back and place their bets without a guilty conscience.

By the way, we can also mention at this point in the ethereumlottery.io test report that the provider enjoys an excellent reputation among players, and of course that can also be seen as proof of the good work of the provider. In this respect, several points speak for the fact that it is a reputable and reliable provider.

Overview of what ethereumlottery.io has to offer

The name of the website pretty much says everything players need to know about what this lottery has to offer. It is important to note that participation can only take place if your browser supports Ethereum technology. Extensions such as MetaMask can be used for this, for example, or programs such as Mist or Parity. As soon as access has been set up, you can take part in the lottery. A total of 300 numbers from 0 to 299 are available from which players must determine their lucky numbers. At the top of the website you can find all the information about the draw, including, for example, the total number of tickets or the number of tickets sold. The amount of the jackpot can also be found here, conveniently converted into US dollars.

The homepage of etherumlottery.io
Die Homepage von ethereumlottery.ioDie Lotterie bei ethereumlottery.io

In our experience, the provider places great value on additional extras . If you win the lottery, for example, a small card is displayed on your screen, which allows you to say a few words to the other players. A nice feature that is not found in many providers.

Deposits and withdrawals

It should not surprise any player that deposits at ethereumlottery.io are made with the Ethereum wallet be performed. This brings with it a clear speed advantage, since deposited amounts are immediately available in the player account. This means that only a short time elapses between the deposit and the first round of play, and at the same time all payments are completely counterfeit and fraud-proof.

Payment options at ethereumlottery.io
Payment options: ETH
Minimum deposit:
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Withdrawal methods: ETH|| |212

Auszahlungen werden ebenfalls mit dem Etherum-Wallet durchgeführt, wobei hier lediglich die Adresse des Empfängers eingetragen werden muss. Anschließend wird der Betrag überwiesen und landet innerhalb kürzester Zeit im eigenen Wallet. Auch hier kommen die Spieler also in den Vorteil der besonders schnellen Zahlungsabwicklung und können sich gleichzeitig darauf verlassen, dass die Auszahlungen auch immer sicher im eigenen Wallet ankommen.

Security and regulation

As before mentioned, in this case there is no regulatory authority responsible for controlling the lottery provider. However, this is nothing special in the area of ​​Ethereum lotteries, because none of the providers can show such a license. However, this does not mean that all offers are illegal. Instead, it is the case that the market is simply not yet so heavily regulated and therefore there is no license.

Nevertheless, the offer can be described as completely safe. Fraud on the part of the provider can be ruled out, after all, Etherum technology does not allow fraud or criminal activities. In this respect, you can take part in the draws with a good feeling in your stomach.

Customer support

In terms of customer support, the provider still has to improve, because according to our experience there have been no possibilities so far deal with customer service. This is not optimal and is implementedby other providers in some cases much better. In addition, an FAQ area is also missing, in which the most frequently asked questions of the players can be answered. All in all, the implementation is still a bit lacking.

User-friendliness of the provider

The website of the lottery provider makes a good and tidy impression. Although quite a lot of information can be found here, one cannot speak of a text desert. Rather, the provider has found a clever way to clearly bundle a lot of information on the homepage. A possibly small disadvantage is of course the missing translation into the Canadian language. Apart from this little thing, however, the appearance is definitely pleasing.

Mobile App

The provider cannot yet provide its own ethereumlottery.io app. In this case, however, this only means that there is no download app available for download. Instead, the focus is on a mobile website that can be accessed with any device. There are no disadvantages when using this variant, since the design is intuitive. This means that you can easily take part in the lottery on the subway or the bus - and in the best case scenario, of course, you can also win it. However, it is important that you have a stable and reliable internet connection.

Conclusion: Interesting, but not yet mature

According to our ethereumlottery.io experience, the quality of the provider can certainly be described as high. The game is easy to understand and the website is clearly and attractively designed. In addition, the provider has come up with something nice with the little extras like the words of the winner. However, there are still a few things here and there that can be adjusted. An example of this is the lack of customer support, which should be written on the provider's agenda as a matter of urgency. However, since this is still a very young market, this point is at least manageable. Apart from this, the entire offer can also be described as interesting. However, if other portfolios should be checked for comparison, we recommend our overview of Ethereum lottery providers.

Steffen Breitner
The offer from ethereumlottery.io is very interesting, but there are small improvements still possible.
3.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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