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While many online brokers only specialize in individual segments of trading on the stock exchange, ETX Capital offers the entire spectrum of trading opportunities. In addition to stocks and indices, forex instruments can be traded, i.e. currency pairs, commodities and precious metals.

Of course, such an offer sounds tempting, and we also want to take a closer look at how these diverse options are implemented in practice. In our test, we also looked at what the trader can expect in addition to the execution of the trade. In addition to education, market information and support, we always look at the question of the trustworthiness of a provider. Because only if the requirements in terms of seriousness are fully met can the other features and instruments be used without fear of fraud or rip-off.

🥇 Best bidder
Rating 4.5 / 5.0
🐂 Trade Offer Forex, CFD, Commodities
📈 Underlyings 1,000+ trades
💻 Trading Platform TraderPro, MetaTrader4
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We have summarized all of the experiences that we have gathered in connection with testing the broker in the following review.

All of the experiences with ETX Capital at a glance

ETX Capital is almost a venerable representative of the industry who has been active in the financial business for more than 40 years, since the parent company Monecor was founded in 1965. This extensive experience is of course also noticeable in day-to-day trading, which is carried out via the provider ETX Capital. First of all, it is the huge selection that the online broker makes available to its customers for trading. In addition to CFD trading, trading instruments from Forex are offered. It wasn't just the large selection that surprised us at ETX Capital, but also the technically clean execution of the trade at conditions that, in the case of the spreads, are very close to the market specifications. And the commissions are also absolutely competitive.

Company ETX Capital c/o Monecor (London) Ltd
Address One Broadgate London EC2M 2QS
Registration Number 851820
Regulatory License 124721
Phone 0800 589 2619
eMail [email protected] or [email protected]
Live Chat No
Callback No
Service Hours Monday to Friday 7.30am to 9pm (UK time)

Während also der Handel günstig und technisch einwandfrei durchgeführt werden kann, erwarten die meisten Anleger von ihren Online Brokern auch Unterstützung über den eigentlichen Handel hinaus. Auch hier können sich die Kunden auf ein vollwertiges Angebot verlassen. Bei technischen Problemen oder Fragen zu den Konditionen ist der Support zur Stelle, der per Telefon oder per Email kontaktiert werden kann. Für einen systematischen Ausbau von Kenntnissen und Erfahrungen im Handel sorgt darüber hinaus ein breites Schulungsangebot. Alles in allem haben unsere Erfahrungen gezeigt, dass mit diesem Anbieter ein vollwertiger Online Broker gewählt wird, der im Handel selber aber auch darüber hinaus überdurchschnittliches zu bieten hat, wobei sich das Angebot durchweg auf einem hoch professionellen Niveau bewegt.

Ist ETX Capital seriös oder nicht?

Regardless of features such as internet presence, trading opportunities or conditions, based on our experience, the aspect of seriousness should be evaluated. This aspect is particularly important because successful trading can only take place if the online broker takes issues such as security of deposits, serious processing of deposits and withdrawals and fair implementation of trading under the announced conditions really seriously . When assessing these questions, the investor can in principle rely on two perspectives. In addition to the experiences that other traders have made, the control by supervisory authorities can be used as an important reference.

On both levels of observation, based on our experience, the conclusion that ETX Capital is a reputable provider is permissible. So far, no cases have become known that cast doubt on the reliability of this provider. Furthermore, in the case of ETX Capital, the investor can rely on reliable regulation that ensures that everything is done correctly and there is no need to fear fraud or rip-offs.

Wide range of values ​​and instruments at the best conditions

While we have already pointed out the very wide range of trading options, in this section we want to take a closer look at the conditions, the leverage and, of course, the available underlying assets.

Grundsätzlich kann das Handelsangebot den Kategorien Forex, Aktien, Rohstoffe und Indizes zugeordnet werden. Dabei können die entsprechenden Werte aber ausschließlich in Form sogenannter Differenzkontrakte, kurz CFD gehandelt werden, d.h. der Trader erwirbt einen bestimmten Wert nicht direkt, sondern über das Instrument eines CFDs und den Einsatz von Fremdkapital, welches vom Broker zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Der Handel wird im Falle des Anbieters ETX Capital auf Basis von Spreads abgewickelt, weitere Gebühren oder Kosten sind darüber hinaus nicht zu erwarten.

Trading directly on the provider's website
Vorschaubild ETX Capital StartseiteVorschaubild ETC Capital Übersicht Plattformen

First to Trade in Forex products, i.e. currency pairs. A large selection of combinations is available here. However, the market is dominated by the so-called majors, i.e. the most important currencies in the world. As a result, the spreads are very different. In the case of the US dollar vs. euro currency pair, a spread of 0.7 points or more is due with an offered leverage of 1:200. For the other currency pairs in this area, spreads from 0.9 points can be expected with the same leverage. A total of around 50 currency pairs are available for trading.

The range of underlying assets in CFD trading with shares is significantly broader. Due to the higher volatility that is to be expected in the price development of stocks, the leverage that can be used is significantly lower than in currency trading. Leverage ratios range from 1:20 on major UK, European and US stocks to 1:3 on Australian stocks. The average spreads are between 0.1 and 0.4 points. A wide selection also awaits investors in the commodities category. Here, for example, gold can be traded with a leverage ratio of 1:200 – with a spread from 0.3 points. At the other end of the spectrum is natural gas, which is offered for trading with a leverage of 1:3 and can be purchased with a spread from 0.1. On the other hand, the available leverage in the area of ​​indices is somewhat higher. Here, too, the investor has a wide selection of the most important international stocks at his disposal.

With the stocks mentioned here, we have only presented a very small section of the available program from ETX Capital. Our experience has shown that, overall, a very broad range of underlyings can be expected, which, however, goes beyond the most important values ​​in some regions. In Great Britain, for example, shares of small and medium-sized companies can also be traded as CFDs.

Deposit bonus for new customers of up to 3,750 euros

If you know a little about the online broker scene, will know that it is now de rigueur here to offer co-pay bonuses to new clients when they decide to open an account and deposit trading capital. A traditional and established provider like ETX Capital also uses such a tool. However, this bonus is not offered permanently, but is only valid in its current version until the end of May of the current year.

The bonus amounts offered to new customers range from 100 euros to a maximum of 3,750 euros. The bonus payments of 100 euros are given to customers who make a first deposit of at least 100 euros and a maximum of 999 euros. With an amount of 1,000 euros to 14,999 euros there is a bonus of 25 percent, while with higher deposit amounts the stated maximum amount can be expected.

Deposit bonus: up to 3,750 euros
Bonus conditions: Triple turnover of the bonus amount within 60 days
Validity: until the end of May 2016
further bonuses: 20 Euro welcome bonus and first deposit bonus

But of course it's the same with ETX Capital, that the investor cannot have the bonus amount paid out immediately, but has to earn it through trading activities. With a turnover requirement of three times the bonus amount, however, very moderate conditions apply. In total, the trader has 60 days until he has to meet these requirements in order to be able to withdraw the bonus amount.

In addition, ETX Capital offers its new customers an additional 20 euros if they register. In this case, the bonus is only ready to be paid out when ten transactions have been carried out.

Several options for deposits and withdrawals

Customers can also choose from a wide range in the Ein department - and withdraw withdrawals. Initially, the classic bank transfer is available. In addition, the online payment services Skrill, Neteller, Giropay and Sofort can be used to make deposits. In our experience, a very uncomplicated way of making a deposit is with a credit card. Here ETX Capital states that practically all common credit card formats are accepted. And with a view to the possible currencies, customers have a very wide selection to choose from. In addition to the important currencies euro, US dollar, British pound or Swiss franc, the trading account can also be capitalized with Norwegian krone or South African rand. The same options are also available if capital is to be debited from the trading account.

Payment methods
Alle Zahlungsmethoden auf einen Blick
Payment options: Bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, Giropay, All known credit cards and EC cards
Minimum deposit: None
Fees: No
Account management possible in :
Payout options:

The online broker specifies one working day as the usual processing time. Overall, however, two to three working days must be planned for debit processes until the process is completed and the money is in the investor's account. Overall, experience has shown that customers can also fully rely on the provider in this respect.

High standards of security and regulation

Another important aspect that we consider in our Test do not want to fall under the table, is the question of the safety of deposits and the regulation of the provider. Both aspects are linked in that regulated providers are required to take various measures, including safeguarding the deposits held in customers' trading accounts. The broker ETX Capital is based in the financial metropolis of London and is therefore regulated by the FCA responsible there. This means that you can rely on compliance with basic standards in accounting and equity capital regulations. The main goal of regulation is, on the one hand, to prevent insolvency and, on the other hand, to guarantee fair treatment of customers.

Since even strict regulation cannot completely prevent insolvency from occurring, it should the customer's money can also be secured in the event of insolvency by managing it in separate accounts in accordance with the regulatory requirements. These accounts are held with solid UK banks, which in turn are subject to UK deposit insurance. Even if the worst comes to the worst, the assets of the investors are secured. And investors are also protected from fraud or rip-offs with this online broker.

Good service for customers

The quality of a service department can be judged primarily according to two criteria. On the one hand, there is accessibility, i.e. the options available to investors to reach an employee. In addition, the best accessibility is of course of little use if the quality of the information leaves a lot to be desired. With regard to the provider ETX Capital, however, our test showed that satisfactory results can be expected in both respects. A special number is provided for customers from Kenya, which can be called free of charge. The telephone service is available from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., British time being decisive here. Of course, customers can not only contact the service team by email outside of these times. However, online chat is not available.

The support category also includes the very wide range of information and education that ETX Capital makes available to its customers. Here the traders can first try to find a solution to their questions themselves with the help of a keyword search. In addition to technical questions, there is also a lot of content from the area of ​​basic knowledge available. In addition, ETX Capital offers webinars at regular intervals, which are also held in Canadian.

Clear structure of the website makes orientation easy

As part of our test, we have related to the website got the impression that the company put a lot of effort into the design. Despite the complexity of the offer, we have succeeded in developing a very clear product that even newcomers will find their way around very quickly. The most important information and trading conditions are clearly summarized for each category. Technical information and background information can also be found in the corresponding areas. The offer also includes a demo account, with which all trading functions can be tested without real capital investment. Here the investor can convince himself of the advantages of one of the three trading platforms offered by ETX Capital.

Flexibility in trading through the app

As it should be for a modern online broker belongs, a convenient solution for mobile trading is also provided. Mobile versions also exist for all three trading platforms offered by ETX Capital for trading, so that the trader is always up to date on the go and does not have to stand idly by when important market events occur. The solutions available as an app offer a wide range of instruments for trading, so that almost fully-fledged trading is also possible on the go. Analysis functions and special order types do not have to be dispensed with either.

Conclusion - complete offer for trading from ETX Capital

With the online broker ETX Capital we have a very well positioned provider tested, which enables its customers with a wide range in the field of CFD trading simple and fast trading. In accordance with the variety, there are also several trading platforms available, which can of course also be used with mobile devices.

The range of ETX Capital not only includes a very wide selection of trading venues and underlyings, but also a well stocked one Offer of background information with the help of which the customers can acquire a profound basic knowledge for the trade. A competent service is also available in Canadian for technical questions, and Canadian-language webinars are also offered for the exchange of content. In terms of security and regulation, investors can generally rely on a high level. In any case, there is no need to fear rip-off or fraud with this broker.

Roland Herrmann
Everyone will find what they are looking for at ETX Markets!
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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