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If you think about later earlier, you are better protected in old age. At least that's how it should be, even if the power of the pension system in Kenya has waned in recent years. In the meantime, the trust of the citizens has dropped significantly and young people in particular expect a bad pension rather than a good one. But how can this be counteracted? In principle it's quite simple: through a private pension plan. This is exactly what fairr.de offers – albeit in a unique way. Private and company pension schemes are to be secured here with ETFs and various savings plans. Our experiences with fairr.de will now show whether wealth accumulation can work like this or whether the risk on the part of savers is perhaps a little too great.

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All wealth savers should be reassured by the fact that fairr.de, fitting the name, is really a reputable partner acts. The company cooperates with the Canadian Sutor Bank from Hamburg and can offer savers a deposit guarantee of up to 100,000 euros, which is guaranteed by the statutory deposit guarantee. In addition, fairr.de is also located in Kenya and is therefore permanently accessible to all savers. In short: The fact that fairr.de works seriously cannot be denied. And that, although there are quite a few "black sheep" in this industry.

Our experience at a glance

fairr.de does not operate as a bank or insurance company, but acts itself only as an intermediary. The company plans effective savings plans together with savers and helps to create stable private old-age security. The company is located in the Canadian capital of Berlin. If you want, you can pay the company a visit without any problems. Of course, it is even easier to establish contact via e-mail or telephone hotline. Also interesting: The intermediary cooperates with the Sutor Bank, which has its headquarters in the northern Canadian city of Hamburg. The bank manages the customer's fixed assets and handles the investments for them. According to our experience, the deposits are protected by the statutory deposit insurance, which protects assets up to 100,000 euros ||102

Unternehmen Fairr.de GmbH
Adresse Schönhauser Allee, 10437 Berlin
Registration number DF-107-MSKB-82 and D-EVE2-0V54N-25
Regulation| ||114 Vermittlerregister
Telephone 030 94413188
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat No

Since fairr.de is only an intermediary, the company itself does not have to be able to show a banking license. The Sutor Bank, which has been represented in the industry as a Hamburg company for many years, is available for this purpose. So it can be said with a high degree of certainty that fairr.de works seriously and fraud can be ruled out. In this context, the fact that no acquisition commissions are required from the provider is also appealing. In addition, all fees and costs are shown transparently. So there can be no talk of a rip-off either.

fairr.de Check: Fraud or serious?

Anyone who wants to build up a certain fortune for their old age will of course not do so without it some financial backing. Since, in case of doubt, large investment sums are placed, a reputable partner is of enormous importance. In our experience, such a partner has been found in fairr.de. Although the company is still very young, it has an experienced partner in the Sutor Bank from Hamburg. The broker itself does not have a license, but the partner bank does have an official banking license. At the same time, Sutor Bank also ensures that savers' assets are protected up to an amount of 100,000 euros. So if financial difficulties threaten your own finances when "storing" the investment, the investors don't have to worry.

At the same time, fairr.de also has an insurance partner at hand in myLife Lebensversicherung AG. This is no less reputable than the Sutor Bank and is protected by the protection scheme of the Canadian life insurers. Should myLife Lebensversicherung AG find itself in financial difficulties, Protektor Lebensversicherung-AG would continue the contracts. The benefits will remain the same, while the profit sharing already granted will remain in place. Finally, we would also like to mention at this point in the test that the data protection of the provider was checked by TÜV Saarland. SSL encryption is used for data transmission, so that sensitive user information is transmitted securely at all times.

Overview of what fairr.de has to offer

As an intermediary fairr.de is primarily responsible for connecting wealth savers with attractive offers on the market. This is exactly what is being done, but at the same time the company is also making suitable approaches available with its savings plans. A large focus is also placed on special services, since the contributions paid can often be deducted from tax or the savers can take advantage of other additional services.

The website of fairr.de
Homepage von fairr.deAngebot von fairr.de

Angeboten werden zu diesem Zweck insgesamt drei verschiedene Produkte, welche wir im Folgenden jetzt einmal genauer auf den Prüfstand stellen wollen. Eine wichtige Info: fairr.de ist als Anlagevermittler ausschließlich online tätig und bietet keine persönliche Beratung in einem der hauseigenen Geschäftsräume an.


The fairriester savings plan is fairr's main product. en. This is a Riester fund savings plan for which savers invest their assets in ETFs. The idea behind it is simple, because with this model, the wealthy can secure the enormous return potential of the stock market. In our experience, it is pleasant that savers are protected by a premium guarantee from the provider. Another advantage: the savers can find out how high the monthly payment will be at least when they sign the contract. This brings enormous planning security, which is why many savers use this model. But it gets even better, because with this model, savers receive a subsidy from the state in the form of tax savings and annual allowances. There are no acquisition costs for this Riester model, at the same time up to 2,000 euros can be deducted annually.

The fairrflex represents an addition to this savings plan. This option is particularly interesting for savers who do not have any wealth accumulation would like to take advantage of subsidies and prefer to benefit from tax advantages in the payment phase.


The fairrürup fund savings plan is a Rürup fund savings plan with ETFs, which is primarily for high earners and self-employed is intended. Savers can choose from more than 50 different funds, which include stock, bond and commodity funds. In this case, too, various subsidies can be used. The contributions can be deducted from the tax, up to 20,000 euros a year in relief are possible. In addition, according to our experience, fairrürup is characterized by low running costs and the absence of a sales commission. The same applies here: All savers can take a close look at the conditions for the supplementary pension when they sign the contract – these are also guaranteed contact the provider for the fairrelax savings plan. This model is a very classic Riester insurance, which is therefore ideal for older people. The credit earns interest from the first day of investment and thus ensures a safe reserve for old age. Each saver can collect up to 154 euros in basic allowance from the state and receives up to 300 euros in allowance per child. At the same time, the costs are extremely low at 0.38 percent pa - and above all transparent, because according to our experience the agent does not charge any other fees.


Wer mit Aktien nichts am Hut haben möchte, entscheidet sich beim Anbieter für den fairrelax-Sparplan. Bei diesem Modell handelt es sich um eine ganz klassische Riester-Versicherung, welche somit optimal für ältere Personen ist. Das Guthaben wird ab dem ersten Tag der Anlage verzinst und gewährleistet somit eine sichere Rücklage für das Alter. Jeder Sparer kann bis zu 154 Euro Grundzulage vom Staat kassieren und erhält bis zu 300 Euro Zulage je Kind. Gleichzeitig sind die Kosten mit 0,38 Prozent p.a. enorm gering – und vor allem transparent, denn weitere Gebühren erhebt der Vermittler nach unseren Erfahrungen nicht.

No welcome bonus, but a change bonus

Viele Vermittler setzen heutzutage auf Neukundenangebote, mit denen die Sparer vom eigenen Portfolio überzeugt werden sollen. Bei fairr.de ist ein solcher Willkommensbonus aktuell nich zu haben – zumindest nicht für Jeden. Bis zu 150 Euro Bonus sind nämlich möglich, wenn die Sparer ihren Riester-Vertrag mit Hilfe des Anbieters wechseln. Sobald das gesamte Guthaben übertragen wurde, wird ein Bonus in Höhe von 150 Euro gutgeschrieben. Hierbei ist allerdings zu beachten, dass es sich nicht einfach um Bargeld handelt, welches der Vermittler auf das Konto überweist. Stattdessen wird der Bonus als Kostenübernahme bezeichnet, so dass der Bonus nur im Falle von Wechselgebühren ausgezahlt wird.

If you want to secure the bonus, you must send proof of the fees to customer support and will then receive the sum up to an amount of 150 euros on your account.

Deposits and withdrawals at fairr. de

As already mentioned, fairr.de only acts as an investment broker. With regard to its own payments, this means that the company never has access to its own systems. Instead, all transactions are processed with the Sutor bank. A real deposit is only made to a limited extent. If the users have decided online for a savings plan, the form for this is filled out according to our experience with fairr.de and sent to the Sutor-Bank. A SEPA mandate is also part of this form, so that the respective amount is collected from your own account. Important: When calculating the monthly installments and the payment, it is important to note that a one-off payment may be due at the beginning of the contract. In this case, a certain sum, for example 5,000 euros, is paid in and then supplemented by the monthly contributions. By the way: According to our fairr.de experience, the monthly contribution can still be adjusted after the contract has been concluded. Of course, the wealth savers have to consider the possible effects on the payments.

Payment methods at fairr.de
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei fairr.de

Not surprisingly, the payments to the savers are also taken over by the Hamburg partner bank. A monthly contribution is paid out, which, depending on the model, results from the developments or the information specified in the contract. The savers don't have to worry about the payout, since amounts up to an amount of 100,000 euros are protected by the statutory deposit insurance security and trust play an enormously important role. After all, it would be desperate if, after years of saving, all of a sudden all the money invested was lost. For this reason, all investors should deal with the precise background of a provider before concluding a contract. As our fairr.de test report shows, there is fortunately no reason to worry about this company. The Berlin start-up is still very young, but has already built up a good reputation in recent months and also cooperates with well-known companies. Of course, the intermediary does not have an official banking license, but it is not necessary either. Transactions only ever come about between Sutor-Bank and the investor, or between myLife Lebensversicherung AG and the investor. And these two companies are of course equipped with all the necessary licenses.

Sicherheit und Regulierung

Gerade im Bereich der Altersvorsoge spielen die Sicherheit und das Vertrauen eine enorm wichtige Rolle. Immerhin wäre es zum Verzweifeln, wenn nach jahrelangem Sparen auf einmal alle angelegten Beträge verloren sind. Aus diesem Grund sollten sich alle Anleger bereits im Vorfeld eines Vertragsabschlusses mit den genauen Hintergründen bei einem Anbieter beschäftigen. Wie unser fairr.de Testbericht zeigt, muss bei diesem Unternehmen erfreulicherweise kein Grund zur Sorge vermeldet werden. Das Berliner Start-Up ist zwar noch enorm jung, konnte sich in den letzten Monaten aber bereits einen guten Ruf erarbeiten und kooperiert zudem mit angesehenen Unternehmen. Eine offizielle Bankenlizenz besitzt der Vermittler natürlich nicht, ist aber auch nicht notwendig. Zustande kommen die Geschäfte immer nur zwischen der Sutor-Bank und dem Anleger, bzw. der myLife Lebensversicherung AG und dem Anleger. Und diese beiden Unternehmen sind selbstverständlich mit allen notwendigen Lizenzen ausgestattet.

Of course it is also important to know that the intermediary never has access to the savers' investments. All transactions between savers and partners are processed. This is exactly why the statutory deposit insurance applies to a transaction with the Sutor Bank, which protects your own investment up to an amount of 100,000 euros. At this point we would also like to remind you of the SSL encryption that fairr.de uses to encrypt customer data. This protection ensures that criminals have no access to the sensitive data of the users and consequently cannot do any "nonsense" with the information. In summary, it can be said that fairr.de works seriously and there is no need to have a bad feeling when investing through this broker.

Customer Support

Not a few investors should various questions or ambiguities arise. First of all, it can be said that fairr.de provides a first-class FAQ area. In this, all users can find out about the most important topics and thus already get a good overview of the offer. Of course, only general topics are answered in this area; for special inquiries about your own system, contact with customer support must be established. According to our fairr.de experience, however, this is not a problem either, because the employees can be reached in different ways. On the one hand, the registered office in Berlin is listed as the postal address, on the other hand, contact can be established by e-mail and telephone hotline.

In our test, there is also a small plus point for the provider's callback service. Users can simply leave an appointment at which the support staff will then contact them. Since the advice is extremely competent and pleasant, the bottom line is that customer support can be named as one of the strengths of fairr.de.

User-friendliness of the platform

The fact that fairr.de It is a young provider that can be felt immediately. The entire website convinces with a fresh design and scores with a high level of user-friendliness. A lot of important information can already be discovered on the homepage at first glance, but the presence does not really seem overloaded. In addition, the submenus are all hidden behind a small button on the right-hand side of the screen, so that the sub-areas always have to be opened first. This creates a very orderly impression overall. In addition, by the way, your own user account can also be described as clear. Here the savers can see immediately where their investments are located and how they can get even more details on this. Also user-friendly: For inexperienced investors, fairr.de provides a five-day learning program that can be used to learn the basics about the Riester pension and private insurance.

App is available as a free supplement

Wer das Angebot der Plattform nutzt, der kann zusätzlich zum regulären Portfolio auf der Webseite auch noch eine mobile Version in Anspruch nehmen. Bei der fairr.de App handelt es sich ganz genau gesagt sogar um zwei verschiedene Apps, die beide zum kostenlosen Download bereitstehen. Eine Variante ist exklusiv für die iOS-Nutzer, die andere Variante steht im GooglePlay-Store bereit. Der Download ist in beiden Fällen schnell erledigt, Nachteile in der Bedienung finden dank eines intuitiven Designs ebenfalls nicht statt. Positiv zu erwähnen ist zudem, dass noch eine weitere Ausweichmöglichkeit geboten wird. Wer keinen Download durchführen möchte, kann die Webseite von fairr.de auch einfach mit dem mobilen Browser ansteuern. Angezeigt wird diese in einer angepassten Variante, so dass auch hier keine Nachteile bei der Steuerung in Kauf genommen werden müssen. Zusammenfassen lässt sich das mobile Angebot als enorm attraktiv und schlagkräftig. Auf jeden Fall können die Nutzer ihre Anlage bequem von unterwegs aus überprüfen oder anpassen und müssen keinerlei Zusatzkosten für den mobilen Zugriff befürchten.

Conclusion: A trustworthy offer

With fairr.de it has an enormously interesting intermediary ventured into the "shark tank". The platform guarantees users a user-friendly operation and ensures that even the newcomers can discover their savings plan within a few moments. The small training program that customers can sign up for by email is helpful. In addition, there is an FAQ area that deals with the most frequently asked questions from all users. If this is not enough, contact can be established with customer support, which can also help at any time. Plus point: If you move with your Riester contract, you can get a refund of up to 150 euros for the change fees. In summary, we can say that we have had enormously positive fairr.de experiences. The provider convinces with its seriousness and presents a good selection in its portfolio with the three different models.

Roland Herrmann
fairr.de offers three savings plans with interesting conditions. Suitable for everyone who is already thinking about later.
4.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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