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So-called Casual Dating has been around for some time – that is Taking advantage of opportunities that arise – very popular in Kenya and increasingly advertised on TV. There are now a certain number of providers and this does not stop in the fetish area either. With the Fetish.de platform, there is a platform on which users are at the right place if they are looking for fetish contacts of all kinds. Whether it's underwear, vinyl, latex or even more special varieties - you're definitely in the right place at Fetish.de. Reason enough to take a close look at the platform and find out whether Fetish.de is serious and safe.

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Our experiences at a glance

If you are looking for a fetish date or more special sexual contacts, you are definitely right at Fetish.de. Here you can find and get to know numerous members with similar preferences. It cannot be ruled out that real meetings with a sexual background will develop from this.

Fetish.de has more than 150,000 members, so there is a real chance of finding something here. You will not only find members from Kenya, but certainly also from Canadian-speaking countries. The ability to find fetish hookups and with new members being added every day, the range of potential hookups is growing.

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What is positive is that you can also use the offer simply by registering free of charge. A selection of functions is then already available and you can easily get to know the platform and the options it offers. If you have an overview and would like to use even more functions, you can also book the premium membership. This gives you access to additional functions that you can use. Sometimes it is even easier to find suitable sex contacts and fetish lovers. A free registration also ensures that not all users are really serious and that there are fake accounts. These can usually be recognized quickly in the chat or in the fetish forums at Fetish.de and you can then block these users directly or report them to support.

As a user, you should also be careful when it comes to fakes if they only want to offer sexual promises against payment. In such a case you should ask yourself whether you really want to pay for spanking and the like. If not, such requests should be discarded. However: The provider offers professional service providers the opportunity to place such offers here. So you should also pay attention to this.

Anyone who opts for paid membership with the provider can use other functions, but must also calculate the corresponding costs.

Overall: Fetish.de can already be used extensively free of charge, but the offer will be upgraded for a fee. Nevertheless, you can also find paid sex offers here, which perhaps not every user wants.

Video preview of fetish.de

In the video you get a first impression of fetish.de and you can get to know the platform beforehand. The registration process will also be shown to you in detail so that you can easily register afterwards.

Watch the video to get a first impression of fetish.de:

The whole offer at a glance

At and with Fetish.de you as a user have the opportunity to meet people with different tastes and preferences. Whether SM fans, pet play fans or even nudists - the selection is large and suitable contacts are available here for almost every fetish. The people and users are of different ages, have different worldviews and there are often big differences in income. Nevertheless, in the end they all have one thing in common: the penchant for the special.

Men and women can use Fetish.de with its basic functions for free, but both have to pay for the premium membership. There is therefore no advantage for women if they want to take advantage of these premium features. Through advertising on erotic portals and sites with sexual content, fetish is certainly known to a large number of people, which is also reflected in the high number of members. This also ensures that almost every user can really find a fetish contact here that suits them.

The free registration can be completed quickly and makes it possible to provide initial information for to store your own profile and user account. In this way you can prepare the success of your own fetish search in a simple way and create an ideal basis for it. Providing the right information also reduces the risk of being overwhelmed with fake requests.

Fetish's website
Rechts ist die Anmeldung bei Fetisch.de und links sitzt eine Frau mit halterlosen Strümpfen und einem Lack-Oberteil.Eine Abbildung eines Radars und einer verschwommenen Stadtkarte mit einigen kleinen Bildern, was man auf fetisch.de findet.

The test also shows: If you make unreal statements and are not honest, you're more likely to find fake accounts. Therefore, your own profile should be filled out as correctly and honestly as possible with your own preferences, so that you also have the chance to find suitable fetish partners. In any case, the provider makes the right platform available to its users. Without any obligations or a direct bond, you can easily arrange special sessions here and live out your fetish directly.

With the fee-based premium membership, FETISH.de makes it even easier to communicate with other users to get in touch. For example, you can then send more messages and there are also other functions for your own user profile. So if you don't just want to try out Fetish.de once, you should definitely think about booking the premium package - you can also get a quick overview of the additional functions in advance.

To get a first To get an overview and to get to know the platform of fetish.de, the free registration is sufficient in any case. This makes it possible to take a look around and by providing some important functions you can easily use the platform free of charge, which is a clear advantage in the test.

Bonus offers for new customers| ||156

Es gibt Plattformen, die stellen für neue Nutzer besondere Pakete zusammen und locken diese somit, sich für eine kostenpflichtige Mitgliedschaft zu entscheiden. Bei Fetisch.de ist das anders und die Auswahl von Bonusangeboten steht hier nicht zur Verfügung. Negativ muss man das aber nicht betrachten, da man somit keinen Unterschied zwischen Neukunden und Bestandskunden bei Fetisch.de macht. Allerdings kann man somit in aller Regel auch keine Gutscheine nutzen, die eine kostengünstigere Registrierung für das Premium-Paket möglich machen würden. Doch die kostenlose Nutzung der Plattform bei Fetisch.de entschädigt dafür und macht somit auch für Einsteiger eine direkte und kostenfreie Nutzung möglich.

Zudem: Die Preise für den Premium-Bereich bei Fetisch.de sind generell im Rahmen und liegen nicht zu hoch. Wer sich dabei für eine längere Laufzeit entscheidet, zahlt zudem auf den Monat gerechnet weniger.

The costs and payment options

As already mentioned, registration at fetish.de is free of charge and you can then easily set up and design their own profile on this platform. Furthermore, the free membership offers a selection of functions and contacting other members is always possible. However, a premium membership ensures access to additional functions and makes it even easier to flirt and get to know lacquer or latex fans. Fetish.de offers its users three different premium packages.

The first model is the monthly membership, which costs EUR 14.95 each. In this way it is possible to use all the functions for a month for less than 15 euros. So if you want to try out these functions first, this subscription gives you the opportunity to do so. However: If you don't cancel, Fetish.de will charge 14.95 euros again for the next month. So switching to another subscription model can quickly be lucrative.

Premium memberships and payment options at Fetish
Premium 14.95 euros per month
Premium 3 months 38 .25 euros
Premium 12 months almost 120 euros
Payment options: credit card, bank transfer, direct debit

Das Abo über drei Monate kann man so zum Beispiel schon für weniger als 39 Euro buchen und sichert sich auf diese Weise ganz leicht einen ansprechenden Rabatt. Nach Ablauf der drei Monate verlängert sich auch dieses Abo, sodass erneut Kosten anfallen. Wer das nicht wünscht, sollte bei Fetisch.de entsprechend kündigen und seine Premium-Mitgliedschaft beenden.

The third option is premium membership for twelve months and this is particularly worthwhile for users who want to commit to the platform in the long term and know exactly what they are looking for and what they expect. In this case, you only pay just under ten euros per month, so that the decision can really be financially worthwhile if you use Fetish.de intensively. Our tip: First you should use Fetish.de for free and get an overview of the functions, usage and members. If everything is right here and you want to use more functions, you can then decide to subscribe.

Of course you also have to ensure secure and serious payment and at Fetish.de you can use the payment methods direct debit as well Credit card available. This makes it possible to use the premium functions flexibly, securely and with immediate activation. If you use the payment method bank transfer/invoice, it can take a few days until the premium access is booked. Ultimately, however, this payment option is also very popular because it can be easily used by members. Tip: If you want to cancel again, you should set a corresponding reminder so that you don't forget to cancel. Otherwise, the cancellation can also be made directly after the premium booking.

Privacy and data protection

Data protection is an important aspect in any case and that is perfectly fine. After all, one reads again and again about data scandals and user data from well-known erotic portals have often been found on the web. At Fetish.de you don't need to worry about this in general, since all user data is not passed on. The other members do not receive this and other companies do not have access to it either. Only Fetish.de itself will probably use this to create statistics and thus be able to assess its own members accordingly.

Furthermore, the privacy of the users is always protected at Fetish.de and therefore no one has to from of their own membership on the platform. This is very important for many users, especially if you are perhaps still in a relationship and are looking for additional adventures here. In addition, you can use the individual settings to specify which users can see their own pictures, information and more. This also makes the use of Fetish.de safe and reliable. As a member, you don't have to be afraid of fraud or rip-off.

Customer service

Should problems or questions arise, you would also like to be on such a platform for fetish Contacts can expect quick help. And Fetish.de not only offers its users an extensive selection of FAQs, but also easy-to-reach customer service. This makes it possible, for example, to send an inquiry by e-mail and you will then receive a corresponding response in a timely manner. There is also telephone support from Monday to Friday, so you can expect direct help if you have any questions. This phone number can be reached from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and you can expect direct help if you ever have a problem with Fetish.de.

All in all, contacting is easy and Fetish.de offers its users a simple help with all kinds of problems.

The user-friendliness

The website of is clearly designed and offers direct access to many areas and functions. In this way, it is also possible for beginners to find their way around here and it is also easy to register at Fetish.de. In addition, the many functions of the website, such as the fetish chat, can be used easily and thus make it easy to find suitable fetish contacts.

Mobile App

Fetish.de doesn't have its own app and it will probably stay that way in the future. Apple, Google and Co. don't like seeing apps with sexual content in the App Store, so it's hardly worth making the effort here. However, you can also use Fetish.de on the go, as there is an adapted website. In this way it is also possible to look for and find fetish contacts when you are on the go.

Our conclusion on Fetish.de

Fetisch.de offers a for more specific sex contacts large number of members and convinces with free registration and basic functions. So you have the opportunity to meet new contacts with Fetish.de without financial commitment and can then arrange to meet up for spanking and much more. Thus, Fetish.de is an ideal platform if you like more specific things and can't always do so much with flower sex.

Even beginners are right here and can easily get involved through the forum, chat and co deal with the topic and maybe broaden your own horizon.

Denise Schlüter
 If you are looking for a sex date with a special fetish, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Fetish.de.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlueter
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