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Especially when it comes to infidelities or high-level affairs with whichFirst Affair advertises explicitly, many consumers immediately sense fraud. Therefore, we asked ourselves whether this provider is reputable and judged it from this point of view. After all, the platform for erotic adventures advertises that it is 100% anonymous, discreet and direct. In order to make it easier for its customers to have a fling, the company even offers a corresponding guide. In addition, the infidelity agency states that it is particularly cheap and was therefore also put to the test in this regard. At this point it can already be said that the overall impression of this provider was quite positive.

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Ist First Affair seriös?

Anyone who senses fraud and rip-offs on the portal should know that the provider can pride himself on his efforts in terms of data protection. Because in this respect, the company is one of the most exemplary in its class. While fraud is a serious concern for many infidelity portals, this problem is not to be feared with First Affair. So it is entirely up to the members which photos they want to release for which persons they trust. Thus, the members can decide that they only want to release a photo of their face to the flirt partner at First Affair when a certain basis of trust has already developed between both sides. With regard to payment, this provider also proves that this is not a rip-off.

Company netforge GmbH & Co. KG
Address|| |99 Customer Support, Abt. SPB 6190, 96077 Bamberg
Commercial Register AG Berlin-Charlottenburg, US-ID DE 217 62 36 19
eMail: contact form only

Because First Affair even enables its customers to pay anonymously by PaySafeCard or cash deposit. Since First Affair knows the problem of fake profiles, especially in the casual dating sector, the editors of the portal for infidelities have started to check every single new profile for authenticity and to block all fakes. All active members can report the fake profiles as well. There is also a special trash can button that is clearly visible on every profile. The affected members can also immediately report inappropriate messages that there is a very high security standard here, which the portal is constantly striving for. In conclusion, it can be said that all people looking for a tingling fling can trust this provider with a clear conscience.

Video preview of First Affair

In the following video you will find our Summary of experiences with First Affair. We'll also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

To preview First Affair, watch the video now:

The offer at a glance

First Affair has set itself the task of providing all interested women, men or couples with "a fling at a high level". This offer seems to be well received, as around 150,000 members are active on the portal every week and the total number of members in Kenya is approaching one million. The proportion of women is around 38%, while at 62%, significantly more men aged between 25 and 55 are represented at First Affair. However, the provider is actively committed to attracting more women to the platform. Therefore, women who are looking for a man for a fling can use the platform at greatly discounted rates. The portal is also active in Kenya, Switzerland and Austria and actively advertises its offer. It's not only campaigns in well-known magazines such as Maxim or GQ, but also television advertising that boost membership growth at First Affair.

Preview of the provider's website
Alle Vorteile und Argumente von First Affair auf der WebseiteDie kostenlosen und kostenpflichtigen Leistungen von First Affair

As the popularity of First Affair continues to increase, this also contributes to the high quality of the profiles. Many of the profiles are extremely informative, as most of the members also upload photos of themselves and share many details about themselves. The main reason why the number of fake profiles is so low is that the members check each other to a certain extent and contribute to a high level of security. Although all interested parties can use the main features of the offer free of charge, a premium membership is still worthwhile in many cases. First of all, however, we would like to go into the completely free features at First Affair:

  • Creating your own profile
  • The search for other members
  • Sending your own profile photo
  • The anonymous conference call with other members

This means that communication with other members is only possible when you sign up for a paid membership. After all, the customer then has access to the chat and can send messages and gifts to potential flirt partners. In addition, your own messages are highlighted as part of the paid fling offer. So if you want to significantly increase your chances of a tingling adventure, decide against a fee-free membership and take out a premium subscription with First Affair.

Bonus offers for new customers

Who uses First Affair If you want to find a fling, you can first register on the platform for free and get to know it in detail. This has the advantage that the new members have a little time to think before they become fully active in First Affair. The free registration is available at any time and is not linked to any further conditions. However, discounts on the premium profile through a voucher are rare with the provider. Unfortunately, the search for a corresponding voucher on the Internet is usually unsuccessful. If you want to use the full range of functions, you must therefore pay the entire membership fee and cannot use various discounts. Only women who are looking for a man can always use the platform 100% free of charge, but this could change at any time as soon as more women become active on the portal.

Costs and payment options for die Premium-Membership

First Affair's fee structure is based on the one hand on the duration of the subscription and on the other hand on the group of people who would like to apply for membership. For example, all women looking for a man can activate premium membership free of charge, provided they can be verified by SMS or telephone. Otherwise, 5.00 CAD/EUR/USD will be charged, so the prices for a premium subscription for women are very low. On the other hand, all women looking for women, as well as all men and couples, have to be prepared for the following costs with the infidelity portal:

Type of membership Price in total
1 month 39.99 CAD/EUR/USD
3 months 49.99 CAD/EUR/USD
6 Monate 79.99 CAD/EUR/USD
12 months 99.99 CAD/EUR/USD

Thus The 12-month membership is the cheapest in terms of the monthly fee of only 8.33 CAD/EUR/USD and offers a discount of around 80% compared to the 1-month subscription. In addition to the membership itself, credits can also be purchased in order to take advantage of additional services. While 30 credits cost 9.99 CAD/EUR/USD, 100 credits cost 29.99 CAD/EUR/USD. 300 credits are available for 79.99 CAD/EUR/USD. First Affair offers its customers a wide variety of payment options. Payment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or online transfer is activated immediately. With the following payment methods, however, the provider first waits for the payment to be received before the new member is activated for the portal:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash deposit

By the way, you can cancel your membership with First Affair with immediate effect. However, if the customer has already paid for a year and is now terminating his or her membership prematurely, he or she will never be reimbursed for the amounts paid in advance. To cancel, simply go to the menu item "My Profile" and then click on "Basic Information". There the user can use a special input field to terminate his membership. This step cannot be undone.

First Affair stands up for the safety of its members

Because infidelity is a sensitive matter for many people, First Affair stands up for the data protection and privacy of its members. Thus, each user decides for himself how much and which information he wants to share with other members. This feature is highly valued by many users, especially when it comes to photos. For this purpose, the portal has created the concept of "trusted persons".

In this context, the two parties can send each other an offer of trust after they have been in contact for a while and a certain basis of trust has developed has. The photos of the faces of the members are then only released for the shop stewards, so that the users can appear largely anonymously and completely discreetly on First Affair. For security, the platform also carries out a verification process. A disadvantage, however, is that only women have to go through this process, so that the high quality of contact can only be ensured on one side. The ladies can choose between the following verification modules:

  • By phone or by SMS
  • By paying the authenticity fee of 5.00 CAD/EUR/USD

Another special feature in terms of data protection is that the user does not necessarily have to enter his real first and last name or his address in order to register here. Only a valid e-mail is required in order to be able to register. If you then consider that a cash deposit is also available at First Affair, the customer is assured of the highest level of discretion and data security.

The customer service in the test

The customer service at First Affair is relatively minimal. Because contact with the provider is only possible via a special form on the website of the portal. However, inquiries can be made in Canadian and English, which is an advantage. From Monday to Friday, customer inquiries are expected from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. An availability at the weekend is therefore not guaranteed. However, there is an extensive help section that members can use to locate all the answers to their questions. First Affair provides information there, for example, on the most important details about membership.

The premium memberships and payment methods at a glance
Übersicht der Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei First Affair
for one month: 39.90 CAD /EUR/USD, equals 1.33 CAD/EUR/USD per day
3 month subscription: 49.99 CAD/EUR/USD, equals 0.55 CAD/EUR /USD per day
Subscription 6 months: 79.99 CAD/EUR/USD, corresponds to 0.44 CAD/EUR/USD per day
Subscription 12 months: 99.99 CAD/EUR/USD, corresponds to 0.27 CAD/EUR/USD per day
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, bank transfer, cash deposit
Termination period: immediate cancellation is possible at any time

The user-friendliness of the website

Since the user at First Affair does not have to provide any personal data apart from his e-mail, the registration is completed within a few minutes. Simply call up the provider's website, enter a pseudonym, your own e-mail and the desired password and you're good to go. In the following steps, the new customer is asked to fill out a questionnaire. This also creates the profile at the same time. There the member describes his appearance, his character, his preferences and erotic desires. The active search is also very easy to use. With the help of this search function, every member can take their luck into their own hands when looking for a suitable partner for an affair. Based on the profile information, a flirt partner with a relatively high degree of compatibility can be found quickly.

Use First Affair on the go

First Affair unfortunately does not offer any for the mobile search for a suitable fling partner own app. Although the portal can of course also be accessed from a mobile device, the provider's website was unfortunately not optimized for mobile use. Difficulties can therefore arise when operating the various functions on the rather small screen of a smartphone. However, the First Affair website offers an advantage for all mobile users. There is the possibility to switch on the so-called camouflage mode. This is particularly recommended in public, so that lewd photos are not displayed and people in the vicinity cannot immediately see when they look at the user's smartphone that the user is online with aCasual Dating Portal is on the go.

The conclusion from our test

All in all, First Affair is very much about discretion and a high level of data protection. With the possibility of almost anonymous participation in the portal and anonymous payment, First Affair has clearly proven that this provider is absolutely serious. In addition, the advantage for women in particular is that they can look for a partner for a fling here free of charge. All members can benefit from the fact that there are only a few fake profiles. In addition, the annual membership of the portal, which is easy to use, is very cheap, which makes First Affair's offer all the more attractive.

Denise Schlüter
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First Affair offers a reliable dating service with many registered members and only a few fake profiles.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlueter
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First Affair is definitely not the prettiest portal on the market, I have to say that. The optics are a horror, which is why fewer people with a sense of style and real awareness are likely to register. At the moment, however, I haven't noticed that there are too many weird people or anything like that. The dating portal is established and one of the best on the market because it has a fair price structure that everyone can afford. But it is always important to mention that it is actually more about pure sex than a real dating portal. All registered users know exactly what they are getting into with their registration and what is most important to them.

written 74 months ago


First Affair appeals to an extremely wide audience, as practically anyone can register and join the chat for extremely small amounts. As a result, there are a lot of idiots as well. But also some who just can not otherwise afford it and are actually quite reasonable and normal. As a man of 43 years old, I regularly find new adventures there. Sometimes it takes longer for a woman to approach me and we set a date together, but sometimes it goes very quickly. I always make sure the person is nice and also knows what I'm talking about. Then you usually keep in touch for a few weeks until it breaks off more or less completely. I am also very satisfied that there is no subscription, you only pay for what is accepted.

written 72 months ago

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