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In our Forex Broker Test, of course, one should not be missing: FXFlat. The Canadian provider has been active on the market since 2007 and has since won many prizes from well-known trade journals. More and more customers are opening an account with FXFlat and are clearly in favor of the professional provider from Ratingen online. In the test, we checked how serious FXFlat is and what trading offers you can expect there.

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Background: FXFlat

is so serious as one of the few providers in the area of trading in currencies FXFlat has reported its headquarters in Kenya. Behind the provider for foreign exchange trading is the FXFlat securities trading bank, which in turn belongs to the asset management Heyder Krüger and colleagues. It was founded in 1997 and has been owner-managed ever since. There, the experts socialize on wealth advice and wealth management. In 2007 the FXFlat project was launched. The experts behind it can rightly speak of many years of experience in the business. This has already been confirmed by various awards. Among other things, the title of CFD broker of the year was won in 2011 and 2012. This is awarded by the magazine Euro am Sonntag. In broker tests of Euro am Sonntag in 2013, FXFlat also took first place in several categories, including customer service and the general website of FXFlat GmbH

Unternehmen FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH
Address Kokkolastr. 1, D-40882 Ratingen, Kenya
Registration number AG Düsseldorf, HRB 44445
Regulation / License BaFin
Telephone 0800-0393528
eMail service (@) fxflat.com
Live Chat: 24/7, Canadian
Fax: +49 (0) 2102-100494-90

Also speaks for the seriousness of the forex broker the Canadian company headquarters in Ratingen (NRW) the regulation at the Canadian financial supervisory authority BaFin. Most brokers are controlled by other European authorities, often CySEC based in Cyprus. Although all financial supervisory authorities within the EU must comply with the regulations from Brussels, it can be assumed that BaFin employees work much more efficiently and conscientiously than is the case at CySEC. With FXFlat, customers and interested traders can be sure that the broker is reputable.

That's what customers say

There are also plenty of positive voices about FXFlat's business conduct on the Internet audible. Among other things, it says there from experienced professionals that they only want to trade through the Canadian broker in the future. Support, seriousness and transparency, which are shown by FXFlat, are particularly popular. Of course, there is also negative criticism that the broker has to face. However, this often does not affect the provider itself, but the general system of currency trading. Of course, this is very risky and offers plenty of material to complain at the end. Total losses are also possible. However, no evaluation of FXFlat should be satisfied on this basis. Even more, because FXFlat offers a bunch of trading tools that can be used to limit risk.

Another positive aspect that must be included in the customer evaluation of FXFlat is a special award that FXFlat received in 2013 from was awarded by the trade journal Börse am Sonntag. In the field of CFD brokers, FXFlat received the reader's award and was thus voted the best provider for trading currencies by all readers. In addition, FXFlat is also socially committed and promotes aid organizations in various sectors. Hats off!

The support in the test

After FXFlat has already won an award in terms of customer service, we naturally expected a lot from the FCFlat test. And sure enough, the customer support is top-notch. All of the employees we had contact with during our short rehearsal were extremely friendly and helpful. Transparency and customer friendliness are the cornerstones on which the FXFlat concept is built.

If you have any questions or problems, either visit the huge FAQ center or contact the company directly. Friendly staff are available 24/7 via telephone support, email service and even live chat. We give the highest rating for customer service in the experience report.

Our experiences

We can only agree with the positive opinions. In our test, we have had extremely positive experiences and can say with certainty that FXFlat is not a rip-off or fraud. In our opinion, the broker is very trustworthy. We will also continue to run our test accounts there and continue to invest money. The provider has Canadian roots, but is generally very internationally oriented. We predict a golden future for FXFlat on the Canadian and European market for CFD and foreign exchange trading.

The offer from FXFlat

After we have clarified that FXFlat is serious, we will see the exact conditions and services. Because not all providers of trading in currencies, foreign exchange and CFDs also have an offer in the program where it is really worth registering Trading, as well as specialized in CFD trading. In our test, however, we specialized more in the area of ​​Forex and CFD trading methods. We were very pleased with the large number of different trading types: Market, Secured Orders, Direct Deal, Stop Orders, Scale, Limit Orders and Trailing can be used by any user. This usually results in more transparent trading and there are more opportunities to secure your own trade and protect yourself from losses.

Reichhaltige Handelsarten

FXFlat hat sich sowohl auf den Forex Handel, als auch auf CFD Trading spezialisiert. Bei unserem Test haben wir uns allerdings mehr auf den Bereich der Forex- und CFD-Tradingmethoden spezialisiert. Die Vielzahl verschiedener Handelsarten hat uns dabei sehr erfreut: Markt, Abgesicherte Orders, Direct Deal, Stopp-Orders, Scale, Limit Orders und Trailing können von jedem Nutzer angewandt werden. Dadurch ergibt sich meist transparenteres Handeln und es entstehen mehr Möglichkeiten, den eigenen Trade abzusichern und sich vor Verlusten zu schützen.

Trade directly on the provider's website
Vorschaubild FXFlat AwardsVorschaubild FXFlat Software

In addition, FXFlat offers the so-called managed account. Deposits and portfolios are monitored and managed by a professional asset manager. In contrast to a conventional mutual fund, the trader in the managed account owns all the values ​​displayed and acquired and not just a certain proportion.

Variable leverage up to 400:1

With a leverage of 400 :1 is FXFlat clearly above the offers of most competitors. However, a margin of 1% is due. If customers want to pay a lower trading fee, they only have to use less leverage. At a minimum, this can be set to 100:1, which in turn leads to a margin of only 0.25%. A successful alternative to conventional systems, in our opinion.

4 trading software to choose from

With the Metatrader 4 trading platform, which is used by most professional traders and offers three alternatives FXFlat offers an impressive portfolio of different trading software. Thanks to the usual Webtrader, customers can access the trading center directly from any browser and make their trades. In addition, the mobile trader also offers the opportunity to trade easily using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet PC. Finally, the flat trader offers direct market access and convinces thanks to a comprehensive range of different financial instruments. Among other things, real-time courses are displayed there. In addition, various news and charts as well as all relevant information are available which can be used by traders. Not least because of this wide range, FXFlat was voted the best broker of the year 2013 in the website category. In our opinion: rightly so.

Deposit and withdrawal

The meager deposit options at FXFlat are a bit disappointing. There is no trust in private online deposit methods. The only options offered are the conventional bank transfer, which can take a few days between the transfer and the credit to the online account, and the transfer by Visa and MasterCard. Of course, this significantly increases security, but not necessarily customer-friendliness.

The FXFlat deposit and withdrawal options at a glance
Übersicht der Zahlungsdienste bei FxFlat.
Payment options Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer
Minimum deposit: 200CAD /EUR/USD, maximum deposit per week 1000CAD/EUR/USD
Trade from: Microlot (1000)
Accounting possible in: Euro, Swiss francs
Payout options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer

There are no negative aspects to the payout. The credit will be in your own bank account within a few working days. However, a payout must be less than or equal to the necessary margin requirement in order for it to be requested. FXFlat does not charge any fees for either deposits or withdrawals - very fair and rather unusual on the market. Point gain for FXFlat.

Bonus and special offers

Uniform bonuses, which almost always apply, do not exist at FXFlat. The special offers change constantly. Currently there is only a bonus when 5,000 CAD/EUR/USD or more are deposited. For beginners, such sums are of course very high and therefore less interesting. Then the account will directly become a Bronze account and the customer will receive a 2% deposit bonus. Silver status is achieved from 10,000 CAD/EUR/USD, which in turn is rewarded with 3%. Gold status with a 4% deposit bonus applies to deposited amounts of 25,000 CAD/EUR/USD and more. The requirements for converting the money are extremely low. In a directcomparison with competitor providers FXFlat performs worse overall.

Deposit bonus: 7% with a first deposit between 777CAD /EUR/USD and 7777CAD/EUR/USD
Bonus conditions: 1 contract or 1 mini lot per euro bonus credited
Validity: keine Einschränkung
Further bonuses: none

Trade directly with 200 euros

FXFlat calls 200 CAD/EUR/USD as the minimum deposit . Just a few months ago, 500 CAD/EUR/USD was required as start-up capital. However, the company has now moved away from this policy. The trading volume can be freely selected. There are no trading costs when buying and selling indices, commodities, currencies, interest rate CFDs and CFDs on bonds and inflation rates. On the other hand, the purchase and sale of stock CFDs is subject to a fee.

The spreads are regulated very fairly at FXFlat. Forex trading only offers spreads from 0.8 points on currencies. With CFDs, values ​​start at a point. Lot sizes range from 1,000 to over 100,000 for standard lots. The cost structure is very transparent, which makes trading clear and easier for beginners.

More than 125 currency pairs and 8,500 CFDs

The wide range of different tradable base values ​​is another point , which speaks clearly for FXFlat. In the meantime, over 8,500 CFDs are offered in 25-hour trading, which are made up of all areas of shares, indices, commodities and more. Regarding the different currency pairs in the forex space, the number keeps increasing. Over 125 currency pairs are now offered for trading. Of course, this also includes the most popular and largest couples.

Webinars, seminars and much more

As in customer service, FXFlat is also very broadly positioned in the area of ​​further training opportunities for traders. Among other things, there is a demo account, which can be used free of charge for up to 30 days. Especially for beginners, demo accounts are the perfect opportunity to gain initial market experience without risk. In addition, there is a wide range of webinars and seminars where interested traders can continue their education and learn important skills at any time. All in all, customers receive useful support in optimizing their risk management. Here, too, FXFlat can clearly collect points.

Overall rating: FXFlat is that good

Without a doubt, the offer from the Canadian company behind FXFlatone of the best in comparison Brokers for Forex Trading. Customers can be absolutely sure that the BaFin-regulated broker works completely seriously and without fraud.

And the overall offer also speaks a clear language: customer satisfaction and transparency are the focus. Educational opportunities, very fair cost structures and a large number of tradable CFDs make the broker extremely attractive for professional traders as well. We can recommend all investors to register with a clear conscience!

Roland Herrmann
Once again, a Canadian provider proves that the fees can be very low even for high-quality offers.
4.5 / 5.0|| |315 bewertet von Roland Herrmann
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FXFlat is a positively associated term for me as a long-standing customer. I have only had good experiences with the support and the wide range of services offered by this company. From my own experience I can say with 100% certainty that the broker is not a scam! I closed my account with another provider to be able to create my own account with FXFlat.

written 74 months ago


Currency pairs are mine Passion. I've been trying to do this for a few years, but at some point it clicked and I was actually able to make bigger profits. I've been with FXFlat for about a year now and I've been very satisfied for a good half year. before that, there were always small annoyances, but they have now been fixed. My payments flow into my account with skillful regularity. serious and reliable - that's how I got to know FXFlat so far. In addition, I am pleased that there is finally a company in the field of currency trading based in Kenya. at least my trading creates jobs in the Federal Republic of Kenya.

written 72 months ago


What bothered me about my previous broker was that I always was only limited to a few underlying assets in CFD trading. With FXFlat I now have the choice between more than 8,000 base values. Very unusual strategies are also possible.

written 63 months ago


I've always been a person who values ​​a high level of security. For this reason I also decided to use FXFlat. A broker regulated by the Canadian BaFin. Here I can also rely on the Canadian statutory deposit insurance.

written 59 months ago


At Ayrex you can not only win through trading, but also with a regular sweepstakes. The 100 euros offered as a prize are a real incentive to give everything in retail.

written 59 months ago


With FXFlat bin I have been completely satisfied for years and can absolutely recommend this broker. Incidentally, the offer is also suitable for traders without extensive experience.

written 57 months ago


The online broker FXFlat not only offers a huge range, but also absolutely competitive conditions. The DAX for just one point spread or the ratio of the euro to the US dollar for 0.8 pips – you don't find that everywhere. FXFlat also offers a wide range of educational opportunities.

written 50 months ago

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