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The online broker FxPro has been on the market for ten years and offers its customers professional access to a wide range of underlying assets and trading instruments from the Forex and CFD trading sectors. But a large selection awaits customers in other areas as well. Depending on the type of trade, specific account versions are available and the customers of this provider are not limited to a specific version of the trading platform either. In addition, FxPro claims to offer particularly good conditions for trading through the technology used. In addition to the possibilities in direct trading, FxPro also offers various additional services in the areas of service, education and market information.

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In our current test, we tried to find out how trading is actually processed, what conditions investors can expect and what benefits they can draw from the additional offers. In addition to the technical and content-related details, we are of course always interested in the aspect of security and the seriousness of each provider. Because traders who choose a specific provider should be on the safe side with a view to fair processing of all transactions and the protection of their financial deposits, so that they can concentrate entirely on what is important: trading. Fraud or rip-off should be categorically ruled out.

An overview of our experiences with the provider FxPro

We tested the broker and in this context gained a number of experiences that we summarized this report. First of all, what struck us as positive about this provider is that, despite a very broad and international positioning, he makes every effort to make every potential customer an offer tailored to his individual needs. Against this background, both beginners and novices as well as seasoned trading professionals can look forward to an adequate offer. Different account versions are possible. Starting with a demo account, which can be used to trade risk-free with virtual capital, there is a trading account for beginners, while intensive and professional traders can choose the SuperTrader account or the Pamm account, which offers numerous additional services, trading opportunities and instruments, but also separate ones Offer conditions.

Company FxPro UK Limited
Address 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ (Head office )
Registration Number 078/07 (CySec) and 509956 (FCA)
Regulatory License CySec and FCA
Telephone 44 (0) 203 151 5550
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback Yes
Service times 24 h Mon to Fri

There are numerous basic products available for trading itself, which enable many different variations of specific trading strategies. One focus is in the area of ​​forex trading, where you can choose between almost 60 different currency pairs. The online broker FxPro also specializes in trading CFD products, where underlying assets from the categories of shares, indices and bonds can be traded, with leverage ratios of up to 1:500 being available. In any case, the offer that can be used at FxPro for trading in stock market products is also professional and substantial. Current market information, trading signals and automated trading can be used both via the website and via the trading platforms offered. Formats such as webinars and video courses are available for building and developing individual skills in retail. And of course professional support is also offered, which is available in many different languages, including Canadian.

With FxPro, investors have a fully-fledged and highly professional online broker that has something to offer in all important areas.

Is FxPro serious or not?

How Most investors know that when trading innovative financial products, it is not just a matter of professional and technically flawless processing of the transactions, but also of the measures taken by the respective provider to protect the interests and, in particular, the deposits of the customers. In short, it is about whether it is a reputable provider that customers can trust.

In the case of the provider FxPro, we got to know a company that is not only fair to its customers, by offering competitive conditions, but which also sets high standards with regard to security. On the one hand, customers can rely on FxPro because in its 10-year history there has been no reason to doubt the professional working methods of the broker. Another important guarantee that customers can feel safe here and do not have to fear fraud or rip-off is the regulation by various state authorities. For example, FxPro is subject to the British FCA and the Cypriot CySec, and is obliged to comply with basic standards.

Liquid trading at tight spreads

If the requirements in the field of seriousness are right, you can investors are fully focused on the trading itself, and this is where FxPro certainly has something to offer. Investors can choose from various categories of underlying assets and, in some cases, use flexible leverage in trading. First of all, there is a selection of around 70 currency pairs available for trading on the forex, and precious metals and energy commodities can also be traded. Another category is forward transactions, where so-called future products can be traded.

In addition to forex trading, investors have the option of using CFD trading to bet on shares and indices. In the area of ​​indices, you can choose from a well-structured selection of values ​​that can be used to map the most important markets on four continents (Europe, Asia, America, Australia). A look at the stocks available shows that the approximately 150 stocks come from the markets of the USA, Great Britain, France and Kenya.

In terms of conditions, FxPro's philosophy is to orientate itself on the possibilities that prevail in the markets and to pass these directly on to the investors. For this reason, fixed conditions, i.e. fixed spreads, are only offered in part. With the currency pairs, however, a total of ten of the 70 available currency pairs can also be traded at fixed spreads. During the most important trading hours, when the highest liquidity can be expected, a fixed spread of around 1.6 to 1.9 points is available for the most important currency pairs.

Trade directly on the provider's website
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In the futures category, leverage of 1:50 can be used to focus on the development of the most important futures products. The flexible spreads start at 0.5 points on Nasdaq or S&P. The DAX30 Future comes with a premium of 2 points. In addition, European indices can be traded with leverage ratios of 1:500 to 1:50, and flexible spreads are also used here, which are closely based on market spreads. The leverage available for stocks is somewhat lower. A flexible leverage is offered, which adapts to the invested capital of the investor. Leverage ratios of 1:25 are available for investments of less than 20,000 euros.

With leverage of 1:100 energy stocks such as oil and gas can still be traded, where the minimum spreads are four to five points. The levers in the precious metals category range up to 1:200.

All in all, a look at the available underlying assets and the leverage and spreads offered makes it clear that the provider FxPro primarily focuses on a targeted selection of values relies on an extremely wide range. Thanks to access to the most important trading venues, very good conditions can also be guaranteed.

Current No bonus for new customers

The opinions that prevail among traders on the subject of bonuses are very different. When choosing the right online broker, some orientate themselves primarily on whether a bonus in the form of additional trading capital is offered at all. Others consider the bonus only to be an apparent additional benefit, which is primarily suitable for motivating young and inexperienced traders in particular to deposit more into the trading account and possibly risk more in trading than they had originally planned. In the case of FxPro, prospects do not have to engage in such mind games, as the provider, at least for the moment, refrains from luring new customers with the offer of providing them with additional trading capital if they open an account and deposit a certain amount into it. At least this has the advantage that investors can concentrate solely on the online broker's offer.

Deposit bonus:
Bonus conditions:
more bonuses: none

Multiple possibilities for a - and payout

An aspect of trading stock exchange products that should also be given some attention is the question of how deposits and withdrawals are regulated. Two aspects are particularly important here. On the one hand, it depends on how quickly money can be transferred to the trading account, or how long it takes until the corresponding credit can be transferred back to the private checking account. In addition, it is of course of crucial importance which options and providers are available for these processes, and which costs are associated with deposits and withdrawals.

Diese Methoden stehen für Zahlungen zur Verfügung
Payment options:|| |235 Online Banküberweisung, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, iDeal, EPS, Offline Überweisung
Minimum deposit: 10 – 20CAD/EUR/USD| ||245
Gebühren: no
Account management possible in: USD, Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer

FxPro offers its customers a decent selection of options in any case. Various options can also be used free of charge. The first option is to transfer money to the trading account by bank transfer. FxPro does not charge any fees. Experience shows that with this method, a delay of one working day must be expected before the process is completed. The second option available to customers is deposits and withdrawals by credit card or EC card. According to the company, amounts are available on the trading account for use on the stock exchange after just ten minutes. In the other direction, one working day must be expected for the transaction. Depending on the type of card, fees between 0.35 percent and 1.6 percent must be calculated for deposits.

The third option available for transactions to and from the trading account is the use of various online services. In addition to Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and UnionPay can be used. With the exception of Paypal, where 2.7 percent is due for deposits, all services can be used free of charge. When making a deposit, a period of only ten minutes must be expected before the money is placed in the trading account. Withdrawals take one working day on average.

Good standard of security

When private funds are to be transferred to a third party, it is important to know that the money is in good hands located. The regulation of a company is decisive for the assessment of the security level. Here customers are on the safe side who have decided on a provider that is based in the EU and is therefore subject to very strict regulatory requirements. One such provider is FxPro, which has a number of other offices in addition to its UK headquarters. In addition to the British regulator, the FCA, the Cypriot authority CySec is also responsible for regulation for this reason. Against this background, investors can feel confident that the online broker is obliged to comply with common standards in order to avoid financial difficulties. But even in the event of insolvency, investors do not need to fear for their deposits in the trading account, as these are in separate accounts and are therefore also protected by the state deposit insurance fund. Thus, fraud or rip-off can definitely be ruled out.

Customer service at a high level

The provider FxPro also has a comprehensive and very decent range of services in the area of ​​service and support. Since the online broker has a very broad international base, special contact options are offered for different countries. Canadian-speaking customers have their own hotline, which can be called around the clock from Monday to Friday. In addition, investors also have the option of contacting them via live chat and requesting a free callback service.

But not only in terms of technical support is there a decent range available. Various formats are also offered for the strategic further development of the skills of each investor. Starting with a demo account, an economic calendar as well as webinars and video courses can also be used.

Clearly structured structure of the website

With the many offers that the online broker makes available to its customers , it is of course crucial that these can also be found quickly and used easily. It is therefore important that the provider also offers a well thought-out and clearly structured offer with its online presence, where customers can quickly find the content they are looking for. In terms of structure, this project has definitely succeeded, but the presentation of conditions and trading options is sometimes so extensive that it can be confusing. Here the provider apparently requires good previous knowledge and a patient understanding of its customers.

A mobile app is also offered

It probably does not have to be mentioned that the provider FxPro as a professional online Broker also offers its customers the opportunity to participate in trading with the various financial products on the move. In addition to the possibility of trading with the mobile device, we would like to draw attention to the various additional tools that FxPro offers its customers for trading. With the dashboard, important additional information can be obtained from the markets and used. In this way, the retailer can get an up-to-date overview of which products are currently being traded particularly heavily. Furthermore, instruments can be used that make targeted market observation possible and, last but not least, there is the possibility of using a blog to benefit from exclusive assessments.

Conclusion - Many opportunities for trading at FxPro| ||289

Mit dem Anbieter FxPro haben wir einen Handelsspezialisten getestet, der seine professionellen Kompetenzen vor allem im Handel mit Forex Produkten sowie im CFD Handel ausspielt. Auf Grundlage einer der kleinen, aber durchaus ausreichenden Auswahl von Basiswerten, ist ein schneller Handel mit zum Teil flexiblen Hebelverhältnissen und günstigen Spreads möglich. Eine Auswahl haben die Anleger bei FxPro zudem bei der Wahl des passenden Kontos sowie bei der Plattform, bei der zwischen drei Versionen gewählt werden kann. Auch die Möglichkeiten, die im Bereich des mobilen Handels angeboten werden, tragen dazu bei, dass dieser Anbieter empfohlen werden kann. Da FxPro sowohl in Großbritannien als auch in Zypern reguliert wird, können sich die Anleger zudem auf eine faire und seriöse Geschäftspolitik verlassen, die weder Betrug noch Abzocke Platz lässt.

Roland Herrmann
At FxPro you can choose between several trading platforms and account types!
4.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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The online broker FxPro also has a demo account. This has helped me a lot in building knowledge and experience in trading, to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of CFD trading.

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