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During the industry of the online casinos is now an established companion of society, things look a little different with the bitcoin casinos. Freshness and dynamism dominate here, because the industry is basically still in its infancy. Nevertheless, there are always a few very interesting providers who can quickly make a name for themselves. So alsoBitcoin Games, where the focus is exclusively on playing with bitcoins. Whether it is worth registering at this casino and what the players have to be prepared for, we will use our experience to make very clear below.

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Our experiences with Bitcoin Games

If you visit the Bitcoin Games website for the first time, you may be a little surprised. Instead of state-of-the-art graphics, as one might expect from such a young provider, only the functions are given priority here. The respective game can be selected directly on the start page without having to search through different categories. At the same time, the portfolio is still a bit limited and currently offers space for seven different games. The advantages of the casino are also clearly in other areas. For example, registration is not required at all, since every visitor is automatically assigned a Bitcoin address. This brings advantages for deposits and withdrawals, because according to our Bitcoin Games experience, they can be processed within a very short time. Here, modernity in the form of Bitcoin payments is cleverly combined with classic games and gaming devices.

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Bitcoin Games im Check: Fraud or serious?

The players will not find a real license from a regulatory authority at Bitcoin Games. However, this is not proof that the work is done poorly here, but rather due to the fact that this license and control are simply not necessary. The games in the portfolio are all provably fair. For the players, this means that the work of the random number generators, for example when the cards are dealt in Black Jack, can be checked very precisely. So if a result doesn't seem quite right to a customer, every player can easily get an idea of ​​the correctness for themselves. This service is onlyin the best bitcoin casinos possible, which is why no further controls are usually carried out here. Nevertheless, it can be said that fraud can be ruled out and Bitcoin Games works seriously and properly.

The range of games at a glance

With the prominent and large competition in the industry, the range of games in the Casinos don't quite keep up yet. But that is intentional, because in our experience the casino wants to offer the classic games in particular. This means that no modern video slots or similar games can be found here. Instead, the offer is very down-to-earth and includes a total of seven different games. Included are video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, a slot machine and dice. Video Poker is played as Jacks or Better and is therefore available in one of the best-known and most popular game variants. Interestingly, Black Jack is not only offered as a classic Black Jack, but also equipped with an additional jackpot function. For a small additional bet, you can play for strong jackpots, which are paid out, for example, with three 7s of diamonds. Roulette players can also use the jackpot function, although three 0s in a row have to be hit for the main prize. Craps, keno, dice and the slot machine also have their own jackpots that can be triggered by different actions.

A positive aspect of the game portfolio is that every customer can first familiarize themselves with the offer free of charge. For this purpose, a few game credits are credited to the account, which can then be used to play completely risk-free. Of course, real profits are not possible here. This is still optimal, especially for inexperienced customers, since they can take a look at the offer without using their own money.

New customer bonus: unfortunately no candy for the players yet

In our experience, the casino still keeps its distance from the topic of bonus offers. But that's a pity from the player's point of view, because with many competitors, at least the new customers can look forward to a bonus as a thank you for their registration. In addition, it is no longer uncommon for existing customers to be offered interesting offers from time to time. With Bitcoin Games, however, neither one nor the other is available, so that the provider should definitely add more.

The website of Bitcoin Games
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Deposit and withdrawal: In Done in seconds

As a pure and genuine Bitcoin Casino, Bitcoin Games naturally only offers Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. This may not be optimal for every player, as some customers also appreciate the classic deposit options such as PayPal, Neteller and Co. For Bitcoin users, however, there are no criticisms at all about payments. The deposit into the player account can be carried out from any amount, so that no limits are set for the deposits. If the amount is then sent to the casino's wallet, this amount is available in your own account within a few seconds. It is not necessary to register with the provider in advance, since each customer is simply assigned their very own receiving address. This makes it possible to visit the website, deposit and start playing within just a few seconds.

All payment methods at Bitcoin Games
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei Bitcoin Games
Payment options: Bitcoin
Minimum deposit:
Account management possible in:|| |218 BTC
Payout options: Bitcoin

The Bitcoin wallet is also pulled out for the payouts, although here the required minimum payout amount of 0.001 BTC to note. That's not really a lot, so the bottom line is that none of the players should have a problem with this hurdle. However, it is important to note that there is always a small fee for withdrawals. This is 0.0001 BTC and is used by the casino to cover the fees incurred for Bitcoin transactions. In view of this small sum, this is not really a point of criticism in our Bitcoin Games test report. The payouts are also carried out within a few seconds, so that the amount paid out always ends up in your own account immediately. In terms of speed, the Bitcoin Games is not easily fooled by anyone.

Security and regulation: trust is good, control is better

Surprising at first glance: the license A regulatory authority, which is normally found in every reputable online casino, does not appear here. However, there is a reason for this, because the players can easily check the results of the random number generators themselves. So if cards are dealt, dice are rolled or reels are spun on slot machines, these events can always be traced transparently. This procedure is called Provably Fair and can only be found in Bitcoin casinos. According to our Bitcoin Games experience, this means that customers can always check 100 percent how exactly the results of the game came about. In addition, it should be mentioned again that payments with Bitcoin are considered completely fraud-proof. It is therefore clear that the money paid in and out always appears safely at the respective destination.

Also a proof of seriousness: Bitcoin Games works with a very low house edge, which of course varies between the games. In video poker, for example, the organizer's edge is only 0.25%, in roulette it's 1 percent, and in blackjack it's 0.40 percent. In this context, it is of course also commendable that customers can easily and transparently call up an overview of the house advantage. In short: fraud can be ruled out because Bitcoin Games works seriously and transparently.

Support and customer service: Everything is clarified here in writing

In terms of customer support, Bitcoin Games could certainly improve a little in one direction or the other. For direct contact, for example, only an e-mail address is currently provided. Although it can be used around the clock, a certain waiting time of several hours must always be planned for. So that's not quite optimal, especially since live chats and telephone support are actually already good alternatives in circulation today. Also a bit of a shame: the support has so far only been provided in English. Another part of the support is the provider's FAQ area. It is quite well done and includes a large number of important questions and answers. However, there is also the small restriction here that the entire FAQ area is only available in English. In our experience, however, the "technical English" is very limited, so that even mediocre language skills are completely sufficient for a perspective.

According to our test, the work of the employees can also be rated positively. The e-mail does take time, but the questions are always answered in detail and clearly. As a result, rarely more than one e-mail has to be used to solve the problem. All in all, customer support can be rated relatively positively, despite the moderate general conditions. In our opinion, another alternative for direct contact with the employees would be desirable.

User-friendliness: No wrong turns

In general, the scope of the casino is extremely limited. This is quite pleasant for the players, because in addition to the small portfolio, a clear menu navigation can also be used. In principle, all areas are screened with just two or three clicks, so that every "corner" of the homepage can be examined quickly. All paths within the portfolio are therefore extremely short. This is of course to be rated positively, even if at least from the point of view of creativity there is still a little room for improvement here and there. Graphics or the like are completely dispensed with. Instead, the casino focuses entirely on putting customers' focus directly on the games. A search function is of course not necessary, after all, the seven available games can be viewed immediately.

The casino has also done well in the fact that the games load within a few seconds. There is no waiting period, as isin so many online casinos appropriate. But of course this is also related to the unspectacular visual representation. So there are some pros and cons, with the positives predominating from a usability perspective. One or the other missing graphics can certainly be accepted if a smooth gaming experience is available.

Mobile App: Optimized web version is offered

According to our experience, next to a mobile game variant was also made available to the regular portfolio. This is very practical, because it allows you to play comfortably on the go. So if you want to quickly spin a few reels on the way to work, this is no problem at all with Bitcoin Games. To take advantage of the mobile offer, players simply need to go to the regular website with their smartphone or tablet. Although no optimized game version is displayed here, the control is very simple, even with the end devices. Real limitations are not felt at first glance. However, players cannot yet play all games in the portfolio with the end device. Unfortunately, roulette and craps are not available. However, the remaining games can be played without restrictions. Payment processing is even possible, although the computer should ideally be used for this due to the relatively small views.

Conclusion: Strong for fans of the real classics

Be served according to ours Bitcoin Games experiences with the provider especially those who attach great importance to the classic games. At the same time, the entire rest of the portfolio uses this, so that fans of colorful and flashy graphics, for example, are not addressed here. From a user-friendliness point of view, however, this only brings advantages. The portfolio is certainly still a bit limited overall, but the bottom line is that the games still offer enough variety. The low house advantage is pleasant, although in terms of security, the provably fair is particularly convincing. It is a pity that no bonus offer or promotions are available for new customers. According to our test report, that is the only major limitation. All in all, the provider was able to leave a lasting impression. The fact that Bitcoin Games works seriously and fraud can be ruled out is also made clear in several ways. Of course, each player has to judge individually whether it is a real direct hit.

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With its classic style, Bitcoin Games is ideal for real nostalgics. At the same time, the Provably Fair is convincing.
3.5 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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