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Professional conditions are also increasingly finding their way into the area of ​​private trading. Proof of this development is provided by the provider GBE Brokers, which also focuses its offer specifically on the public in Kenya. Although the company is based in Cyprus, the broker works with a number of banks that are also known in Kenya and have locations here. Equally important, however, is the fact that GBE Brokers places the highest demands on the implementation and execution of the transactions. The location of the server through which the customer's orders are processed is initially responsible for this.

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The offer that customers of GBE Brokers can expect in the area of ​​support is also very convincing. Traders can be sure that they will have a personal advisor who will accompany them through the various phases of their personal development. A high level is also ensured in this respect by the fact that even individual training courses can be used. Of course, the aspect of security and seriousness is also important to us. For the investors, we want to be able to rule out that they are confronted with fraud or rip-off.

Our experience at a glance

Before we come to the detailed field report about the online broker GBE Brokers, we would like In this section, we will first present our most important experiences with this provider. The professional claim with which GBE Brokers enters the market is already evident in the online presence. The interested party is informed about the offer and the various services related to the trade in a factual and professional language. The offer is completely in Canadian, so that there can be no misunderstandings.

Looking at the actual offer, it becomes clear that the broker concentrates primarily on a technically flawless execution, but on that refrains from providing a huge range of underlying assets. There are two different account types to choose from for the trade itself, which only differ in terms of the cost calculation. To open an account for real trading, a deposit of at least 1,000 euros is required. After registration, which can be processed very quickly without extensive formalities, 75 currency pairs and 40 CFDs from the areas of indices, commodities and bonds are then available. The trade itself is processed via the well-known MetaTrader platforms, whereby the trading offer and the execution are very well coordinated with the possibilities of this platform.

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In our experience, the online broker GBE Brokers also shows its strengths when it comes to concrete support for traders. Immediately after registration, the retailer is assigned a personal customer advisor, who then accompanies the customer's development over the long term. On this basis, very close and, above all, individually tailored support is possible. The orientation of the strategy can be discussed with this consultant. The adviser also provides information about which educational offers from the fund of GBE Brokers are specifically suitable.

But of course the best conditions can also be expected when it comes to quick practical help for trading or handling obtainable with technology. A special Canadian-speaking support at the Hamburg location can also be contacted. Our experiences with the online broker can therefore be summarized as very convincing overall. Even if the initial deposit is slightly higher than with most competitors, this investment is worthwhile because you can benefit from a comfortable range of services related to trading and a technically perfect trading experience. It should actually be self-evident that an online broker with such high standards as GBE Brokers can also offer the best level of security. We would like to clarify whether this is the case in the following section.

GBE Brokers under review: Fraud or serious?

In the field of online brokers forForex and CFD trading a dynamic development could be observed within the last few years. Many providers have been added and have ensured that the overall offer has differentiated itself quite broadly. A number of suitable offers were available for the different demands and preferences of retailers. This diversity has sometimes distracted from the fact that there are also some differences with regard to safety, which, at least in the long term, influence the quality and success in retail at least as much as the actual offer. While it can be assumed, at least in the long term, that providers with dubious business methods will sooner or later disappear from the market because they can no longer find new customers, it is not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff in the short term.

In the case of GBE Brokers, however, we were able to determine very quickly that this is an online broker that is also absolutely in the green in terms of seriousness. First of all, as part of our test, we found that optimal conditions and favorable spreads for trading are not only announced, but also reliably implemented. The fact that we are dealing with a trustworthy representative of the industry is also made clear by the fact that various well-known banks based in Kenya could be won as cooperation partners. Last but not least, the fact that regulation can be trusted speaks for the seriousness of GBE Brokers. All in all, customers can be prepared for an online broker where they will not encounter fraud or rip-offs.

Good selection of underlying assets at top conditions

After we have no doubts been able to clarify that GBE Brokers is a provider who has earned the trust of investors through reliable work, we would now like to take a detailed look at the specific offer. First of all, we would like to take a look at the two account versions that investors first have to decide between. The focus should then be on the actual range of underlying assets.

The website of GBE Brokers
Vorschaubild GBE Brokers PlattformVorschaubild Kontoarten

Two account models are available

When designing the From the range of account models on offer, one could get the impression in some cases that the advantage for the customer is less important than the interests of the online broker. A wide range of account types gives the illusion of a high degree of freedom of choice, which, however, does not exist at all. It is possible to start trading with an initially small deposit, but the corresponding account model then offers poor conditions and prevents access to additional offers. In our experience, the online broker GBE Brokers uses a completely different strategy. In principle, the two account models that are available for selection here only differ in the concrete calculation of the trading fees. However, the availability of support options, trading instruments, leverage and underlying assets are completely identical for both models. Specifically, GBE Brokers offers an account model with a traditional spread as well as the "raw spread account". In the account model with a traditional spread, the fees for trading are made up of the actual market spreads and the surcharges from the provider. This means that you can trade from a spread of just 0.7 pips.

In contrast to this, in the case of the "raw spread account" the costs are calculated on a commission basis. With the spread itself, only the market spreads are passed on, which ideally can also be 0.0 pips for the highly liquid currency pairs. Then there are the commissions, which are three euros per transaction. Account management in US dollars or Swiss francs is also possible, where three units are also charged for each transaction. It is obvious that the second account is particularly suitable for traders who will use larger amounts in trading.

Where exactly is the limit at which a switch to the "Raw Spread Account" is worthwhile, of course, also depends on the currency pair being traded. To determine this, it is worth consulting directly with the individual account manager. In addition, a further distinction is made for the use of the respective account type by GBE Brokers. The account based on traditional spreads is therefore particularly suitable for discretionary traders, i.e. players who are active on the market with their own strategy, while the "raw spread account" is primarily suitable for scalpers and users of so-called expert advisors. If you are undecided about which account to choose, you can also use the demo account to make a balanced decision.

Decent selection of base values

The selection of base values ​​does not have to play a role in the decision for the right account, since an identical offer can be used with both models. The focus is clearly in currency trading, where a very comprehensive selection of combinations is available. In addition, commodities, indices and bonds, i.e. government bonds, can also be traded via CFD. First, let's take a closer look at the currency offering. The number of 75 currency pairs already makes it clear that the offer should only have a few gaps.

It has become standard among forex providers that the four majors trade the most important currencies in the world can be used, i.e. US dollars, euros, British pounds and Japanese yen. But the possibilities that are made available to traders at the provider go far beyond that. The offer also includes the dollar currencies of Canada, New Zealand and Singapore. The Swiss franc, the South African rand and the Russian ruble can also be found in the available combinations. In addition, the currencies of Mexico and Turkey are still available for trading.

In principle, it can also be expected that adjustments will be made to the combinations offered from time to time. In addition to currencies, indices are also ideally suited to benefiting from regional developments. A total of 22 indices are offered for trading. Not only are the world's most important titles available, i.e. Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax or Nikkei, but also the stock market barometers of countries such as Australia, India, Italy or Switzerland. Oil and gas can be used for energy values ​​and gold, silver, copper and palladium can be traded for precious metals. An additional possibility, which according to our experience only a few online brokers currently provide, is leveraged trading with bonds. In addition to various European titles, British papers can also be traded. The range of underlying assets from GBE Brokers allows traders to have many options and strategies.

No bonus for new customers

We have already mentioned the fact that one is currently discussing a Lack of different providers for Forex and CFD trading cannot complain. For providers, this means that they have to think about how to attract customers' attention. The bonus has developed into a popular instrument. Customers who choose a specific provider are promised that they will be provided with additional capital for trading. Here, too, a certain arms race between the providers seems to be going on.

However, by no means all online brokers are involved in this game. GBE Brokers is also one of the providers in the second category. This can be seen both positively and negatively. First of all, a bonus and the associated additional capital offer more leeway for trading. On the other hand, this capital and the profit achieved with it cannot be paid out without further ado. The conditions often presuppose that high turnovers are achieved in trading, which sometimes leads to high-risk trading behavior on the part of traders. Another negative aspect of a bonus is that it distracts from the actual quality of the offer. If the waiver of a bonus is interpreted in such a way that the convincing offer should be placed more in the foreground, this circumstance should at least not be interpreted to the detriment of GBE Brokers.

All common methods for entry and exit Withdrawals Possible

A look at the deposit and withdrawal options shows that GBE Brokers customers have a wide range of options available. In principle, a fee-free processing of deposits and withdrawals is possible, although some providers charge fees. And there are also some differences to consider when it comes to the time it takes for the capital to be credited to the trading account. Initially, it is possible to make a deposit by bank transfer, although here there is specific cooperation with the Canadian Sutor Bank, the WireCard Bank and the Bank of Cyprus.

There are no fees charged, but it can take anywhere from 1-4 business days to be credited. The withdrawal fees for this method are 0.15 percent of the amount. On the other hand, it is much faster if the credit card is used, here the capital is available on the trading account within one day. The fee for the process is at least 2.5 percent when making a deposit, while a withdrawal by credit card is currently not available at all. Last but not least, the Internet-based payment services Neteller and Skrill are available. Here, too, the processing takes place within one day. The fees are 2.9 percent and 3.6 percent for deposits and one percent for withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal fee is 15 euros.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
Bei Zahlungsmöglichkeiten große Auswahl
Payment options: MasterCard, VISA, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer|| |207
Mindesteinzahlung: 1,000 euros
Fees: partly, depending on the method
Account management possible in:|| |221 USD, EUR, Schweizer Franken
Withdrawal Options: MasterCard, VISA, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer

Everything ok with security and regulation

The provider GBE Brokers has its main location in Cyprus and is therefore also regulated by the competent authority here, i.e. the CySec. For customers, this means that they can rely on a definitely sufficient level of security. In particular, the deposits in the trading account are protected even if the online broker becomes insolvent. The background is the regulation that customer funds and company funds must be managed separately.

Customer service is absolutely convincing

A very high level can also be expected in the area of ​​customer service and support. In addition to the personal advisor already mentioned, a very comprehensive range of educational opportunities can also be accessed. In the training center, customers first have the opportunity to deal with the most important basic terms relating to forex trading. If required, individual training or personal advice can then be requested by e-mail. Here it is possible to ask specific questions about the commercial offer or the commercial technology. Targeted training courses on specific strategies are also possible within this framework.

Website looks very professional

A very professionally structured and informative website is also made available to customers. This makes it possible to obtain targeted information about the offer and the conditions. The offer is completely in Canadian, so that no knowledge of English is required. The MetaTrader, which is made available free of charge as a trading platform, is also easy to use.

Mobile App

The GBE Brokers offer also includes the option of participating in mobile trading . The mobile platform based on MetaTrader is made available for this purpose. The corresponding app can be downloaded for either the iOS or Android system. This gives traders the opportunity to use numerous instruments and offers from the online broker independently of their home computer. According to our experience, there are no significant limitations in terms of quality or tradable underlying assets.

Conclusion - trading at a high technical level with GBE Brokers

The online broker GBE Brokers is to a provider who advertises to customers with the claim to offer the best conditions for trading currency pairs and CFDs. In our test, we were able to determine that this requirement is implemented very well overall. On a technical level, the trader is offered an optimal trading experience, whereby very favorable conditions can be expected. The trader can choose whether to trade based on spreads or commissions.

To find out which version is most suitable, a personal account manager can also be contacted. The offers from GBE Brokers can be used from a minimum deposit of 1,000 euros. In addition, it is also possible to first open a demo account and test the offer. The online broker is also regulated by CySec, so that the best conditions can also be assumed with regard to security. Against this background, there is definitely no need to fear fraud or rip-off.

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GBE Brokers also offers individual training, a very effective method!
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