Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner: All the Facts

Die Glücksspielindustrie könnte nicht existieren, wenn nicht eine dazu passende Regulierung vorhanden wäre. Diese ist enorm wichtig, denn nur so wird ein vertrauenswürdiger Rahmen für das Glücksspiel geschaffen und die Spieler können mit einem guten Gefühl ihre Einsätze platzieren. Eine der wichtigsten Regulierungsbehörden ist das Büro des Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GGC), das einen guten Ruf in der Branche genießt.

Authority Gambling Division HM Government of Gibraltar
Adresse Suite 812 & 813, Europort Road, GX11 1AA Gibraltar
Telephone (+350) 2006 4142
E -mail [email protected]

Players should only play in licensed casinos, because only here can it be guaranteed that possible winnings actually go into the hands of the players and not be confiscated by criminals or scammers. Accordingly: Before using, always check whether you have a license from the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner or another authority.

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission: What is it?

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Damit ein Casino die Lizenz des GGC erhält, müssen Spielerschutz, faires Spiel und Datenschutz gewährleistet werden.

Important criteria

  • Protection of player data
  • Serious background of the provider
  • Fair game conditions and bonuses
  • Separate client funds
  • Financial security

The Gambling Commissioner's Office is the responsible licensing authority in Gibraltar. The authority is mainly responsible for online casinos and other games of chance on the net. The institution's field of activity includes the establishment and monitoring of legal standards for the industry. These include, for example, advertising regulations, requirements for protecting player credit and prevention of money laundering. An increasingly important area is the implementation of European data protection directives.

How the Authority works

If a Gibraltar company wishes to offer its services in any of the areas for which the Gambling Commissioner is responsible, must first go through an extensive testing process. On the one hand, the authority examines the business plan of the applicant and checks financial reserves to secure player accounts. On the other hand, the trustworthiness of the management is also checked, for example by having to present certificates of good conduct. If there are no doubts about the conscientiousness and reliability of the entrepreneurs and they have committed themselves to complying with the regulatory requirements, the license to operate online gambling is granted.

The advantages of online casinos with a license from the Commissioner

There are a number of advantages that players enjoy at licensed casinos. Or to put it another way: Here framework conditions apply that the dubious providers cannot keep up with. In the following, we will examine what that means in detail.

Player protection

One of the most important areas of regulation is player protection. If a provider wants to obtain a license from the Gibraltar authorities, strict standards must be observed. These provide for certain regulations in the area of ​​player protection and require, for example, that the providers warn their players about excessive losses. In addition, player protection also includes protecting the personal data of all customers. These must be specially protected, for example in forms or when processing payments. The strong protection against cyber attacks goes hand in hand with the regulation by the Gibraltar authorities. And for the criminals, the online casinos are of course a welcome target, after all there is a lot of money in circulation here. The protection of the provider is implemented by SSL encryption, which is also used in online banking. This applies to data transmissions and ensures that the information is only transmitted in encrypted form.

Fair game

Gaming is fun atRoulette,Blackjack or at theSlots Only given if the games can be described as completely fair. This is exactly what the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner stands for. Even before a provider is allowed to start its service in the country, it is scrutinized by the regulatory authority. This ensures that a fair random number generator is used and that the results of the games are decided at random. During operation, the random number generators are continuously checked by test laboratories certified by the Commissioner. This ensures that players can play in the casino day after day with a clear conscience and can be sure that chance really does decide whether they win or lose.

Separate play money

Trotz aller möglichen Schutzvorkehrungen kann es natürlich sein, dass ein Online Casino dennoch von Kriminellen attackiert wird – und das erfolgreich. Ist dem so, profitieren die Spieler in den lizenzierten Casinos von der separaten Aufbewahrung der Gelder. Die Einsätze der Spieler werden also separat von den operativen Geldern des Anbieters aufbewahrt. Selbst wenn es zu einem Angriff kommen sollte, können die Kunden also weiter ganz beruhigt im Casino spielen. Darüber hinaus ist diese separate Aufbewahrung der Gelder auch ein Schutz vor einer möglichen Insolvenz des Anbieters. Sollte sich das Online Casino in eine finanzielle Schieflage manövrieren, wären die Gelder der Spieler davon unberührt und könnten weiterhin ausgezahlt werden. Die operativen Gelder würden hingegen mit in die Insolvenzmasse fallen. Einen derartigen Schutz bieten nicht regulierte Anbieter natürlich nicht. Hier wären die Einzahlungen der Spieler im Zweifelsfall also verloren.

Checking the provider's working method

Another important pillar of the work of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner is checking the working method of the online casinos. In detail, this means that providers can do whatever they want without appropriate regulation. Such a market would be unimaginable. After all, in the event of a dispute, the players would have no place to turn to. This is exactly what the Gibraltar Authority is there for. This ensures that players are always well advised in disputes and can, for example, contact the authorities in the event of problems. If this were not the case, customers would probably have to fight their way through an opaque jungle that ultimately consumes a lot of money and time. Quite apart from possible chances of success. Accordingly, all players should be grateful that they have a reliable point of contact in the form of the Gibraltar Authority.

How can I find licensed casinos?

Reliable and Licensed Online Casinos auf dem Markt zu entdecken, ist erfreulicherweise nicht allzu schwer. Zunächst einmal empfehlen wir unsere Homepage, denn hier werden zahlreiche seriöse Anbieter vorgestellt und können somit im Handumdrehen angesteuert werden. Alle Anbieter sind mit einer Lizenz ausgestattet und versprechen somit ein Höchstmaß an Seriosität. Ergänzend dazu können wir einen direkten Blick auf die Webseite der Behörde empfehlen. Hier sind alle Anbieter aufgelistet, die über eine offizielle Lizenz der gibraltarischen Behörde verfügen. Ein kurzer Check hilft und es werden sofort seriöse Online Casinos gefunden.

Homepage des Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner

In addition, a logo of the authority can be found on the website of the online casino, with which the provider wants to underline his seriousness. However, a little caution is required with this logo. The graphics alone are not enough. Instead, the online casino's license number must match the license number on the agency's website. If this is not the case, it is either a mistake or intentional fraud.

In these cases, the authorities will help

There are several situations in which players contact the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. For example, there may be a discussion about whether or not the players won a game round. If this is the case, the authority can intervene as a third party. At the same time, such inconsistencies can of course also occur with deposits or withdrawals. Technical difficulties, which for example lead to a game round being aborted, are almost a classic. If there are any problems with bonus conditions or if players feel unfairly treated by the provider, these are also good reasons to contact the Gibraltar authorities. The authority is therefore responsible for all topics related to the work of online casinos and can provide help in all situations.

How does the complaint work?

Of course, an authority doesn't help the players if it's very difficult to reach them. In the case of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioners, this is fortunately different, as the complaint can be submitted directly on the website. A separate area is provided for this purpose, which can be opened with just a few clicks. Then the players only have to describe their problem in a contact form and then wait for the answer from the authorities. Alternatively, an e-mail address and a telephone number are also available directly on the homepage. A little tip: It is helpful to provide as much information as possible when making a complaint, including screenshots or the like. The authority also gives the tip on the homepage that contact should always be sought directly with the provider. The authority can only be contacted if this dialogue is unsuccessful. How quickly your own case is dealt with always depends on the workload of the authority. However, it will usually take at least a few days for the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner to step in and investigate further. For more information we recommend visiting the Authority'sComplaints Office online.

The Authority's history

The predecessor authority of Gibraltar Gambling Commissioners, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), was established in 2000. The decisive aspect for this was the so-called Gibraltar Regulatory Act. This stipulated that Gibraltar allows various games of chance and creates proper regulation for this. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority was appointed as the appropriate regulatory body for this purpose. However, the GRA worked on a wide range of tasks, including general digital communication and radio. As a result, the growing area of ​​online gambling has been spun off into a new, specialized agency, the Office of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. This exclusively takes care of the enforcement and further development of the regulation of the growing market. Since all tasks and regulations of the authority are carried out on the basis of European laws, Canadian players can also use the casinos of the licensed providers.


Nothing works without a license. Every provider of reputable casino games must be able to show an official license. This is the only way players can be sure that everything is going right here and that the conditions are fair at all times. The Gibraltar authority is one of the most trusted authorities when it comes to protecting players and their data. Whenever a provider can show a license from the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioners, this is a clear sign of serious and trustworthy work.

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