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growney is a robo advisor with which savers can very easily implement an individually tailored investment strategy. In a detailed test, we not only looked at the specific offer and the associated costs and fees. Among other things, we also wanted to know what services customers can expect in terms of advice and direct support for the implementation of the investment process.

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💻 Number of investment strategies five

The focus of our test is also the question of how seriously the entire offer and the company behind it can be assessed. From the point of view of the investors, it should be possible to rule out that it is a matter of fraud, in which they have to worry about their hard-earned money. Furthermore, in our growney test, we took a look at the functionality of the website, as well as the options for mobile control of the investment via growney. Before we go into detail about the results and experiences of our growney test, we would first like to present the most important experiences with growney and what it offers.

Our experiences at a glance

The possibilities that a private Savers are available to invest their money both safely and with a high return as well as oriented towards their individual requirements are quite extensive. However, for a long time it was not easy to find the way there. An independently implemented investment strategy is possible in principle, but involves a lot of effort and also requires profound knowledge of the financial market. On the other hand, anyone who turns to their house bank with a view to financial investments is also not safe from mistakes that can cost a large part of the return in the long term. Because a bank advisor is usually not as free as he may pretend. In fact, he acts primarily in the interest of his bank and strives to bring the corresponding products to the customer. His individual claims to an investment usually had to be subordinated to the interests of the bank.

Company growney GmbH
Address Gustav- Meyer-Allee 25, building 12 13355 Berlin
regulation only via partner bank (Sutor)
telephone +49 (0)30 2201 2467-0|| |115
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat yes

An absolutely interesting alternative, but not that recommended by the house bank, companies like the robo advisor growney. This is a provider who carries out fully automatic investment advice and, based on the information obtained in this way, proposes an individual investment strategy and, of course, implements it directly if desired. The investment strategy is based on the use of ETFs. These are index funds, i.e. fund products whose composition is based entirely on existing indices such as Dax, Dow Jones or MSCI World. Bond ETFs are also available. The clear advantage of these investment instruments lies in the very low costs. There is no entry fee and annual management fees are in the range of less than 0.2 percent. Compared to classic investment funds with active management, this can be seen as an important cost advantage, especially since the return is hardly better over the years. At growney, customers simply have to do without personal advice from the bank's advisor. The complete process is done online but can fully stand up to the professional standards of the industry. Before we talk about the concrete offer, the available strategies and the conditions, we would first like to take a look at growney's seriousness.

growney under review: fraud or serious?

Die Frage nach der möglichen Rendite sollte stets im Zusammenhang mit der Sicherheit und der Seriosität beantwortet werden. Freilich gibt es Anlageangebote, die extrem hohe Renditen versprechen. Erfolgen diese Ankündigungen im Zusammenhang mit Sicherheitsversprechen, kann häufig etwas nicht stimmen und das Angebot muss möglicherweise als unseriös bezeichnet werden. Im schlimmsten Fall steckt sogar Betrug dahinter. Im Falle von growney werden die Kunden dagegen umfassend über Chancen aber auch damit verbundene Risiken aufgeklärt. Hohe Renditechancen gehen dabei zwangsläufig mit Risiken für zwischenzeitliche Rückschläge einher. Dies kann aber durch eine Ausrichtung der Strategie entsprechend der individuellen Ansprüche aufgefangen werden. Für Seriosität sorgt zudem auch die Sutorbank, mit der growney als Finanzpartner zusammenarbeitet. Diese Bank hat ihren Sitz in Deutschland und wird hier vollständig reguliert. Verrechnungskonto und Depot werden bei dieser Bank geführt, wenn sich die Kunden für eine Anlagestrategie beim Anbieter entscheiden. Mit Betrug muss dabei nach unseren Erfahrungen nicht gerechnet werden.

growney's offer for cost-effective investments is convincing

growney's concept can basically be summed up in a few words: customers receive professional investment advice, in which both personal investment goals and personal Propensity to take risks and other requirements are queried. As a result, an optimal strategy is proposed, with a total of five basic strategies being available. We will now show what this looks like, what support can be expected and what costs can be expected.

Growney's website
Vorschaubild Startseite growneyVorschaubild Strategien growney

A total of five strategies to choose from

Insgesamt stehen fünf verschiedene Basisstrategien für eine Anlage über growney zur Auswahl. Diese tragen die Bezeichnung grow20 bis grow100. Aus der Zahl geht dabei jeweils der Anteil an Aktien hervor, in die im Rahmen der gewählten Strategie investiert wird. Für die Strategie mit der Bezeichnung grow20 wird also nur zu 20 Prozent in Aktien investiert. Alternativ sind die Strategien grow30, grow50, grow70 sowie grow100 im Angebot. Die Anlagestrategie basiert dabei auf ETFs und verteilt so das Geld der Anleger effektiv auf die beiden Anlageklassen bei einer breiten internationalen Streuung. Eine wichtige Rolle spielen zunächst Aktien und Anleihen aus Europa und den USA. Dazu werden aber auch Produkte aus Asien sowie weiteren Schwellenmärkten einbezogen. In einem eigenen Rechner können sich die Kunden dann über die zu erwartenden Renditen informieren. Für die konservative Strategie mit einem Anteil von nur 20 Prozent Aktien wird eine durchschnittliche Rendite in Höhe von 2,57 Prozent pro Jahr in Aussicht gestellt. Bei der ausgewogenen Strategie mit einer gleichgewichteten Verteilung auf Aktien und Anleihen zu je 50 Prozent liegen die Renditeerwartungen bei knapp fünf Prozent pro Jahr. Bei einer stark chancenorientierten Strategie, die zu 100 Prozent auf Aktien setzt, kann im Durchschnitt sogar mit 7,65 Prozent gerechnet werden. Dazu ist zunächst zu sagen, dass es sich hierbei lediglich um Prognosen handelt, die aus der historischen Wertentwicklung abgeleitet wurden. Garantierte Renditen können dagegen nicht erwartet werden. Um die prognostizierten Renditen zu erreichen, ist eine möglichst langfristige Anlagestrategie erforderlich, die mindestens auf zehn Jahre ausgerichtet ist. Bei den konservativen Strategien sind auch kürzere Anlagefristen sinnvoll.

Good support when choosing the strategy

In choosing the right strategy, customers are in principle supported just as professionally as by a well-trained person advisor in the bank. The main difference is that it is completely independent advice. First of all, the individual preferences with regard to an investment are queried. It is important, among other things, how flexibly the invested amount should be used, or whether the money can be dispensed with for a longer period of time. A very concrete investment strategy is then proposed on the basis of a compact questionnaire. And the implementation, i.e. registering with growney and paying in the money, can be completed in very few steps.

Costs and fees hardly affect the return

Looking at the structure of the costs and fees, our experience with growney has shown that customers can adapt to an absolutely transparent model. There are no hidden fees, only the management fees that are charged annually are relevant. In addition, the administration costs for the ETFs used must also be taken into account. However, these are priced directly into the price development of the index funds and therefore do not represent a separate cost item. How high the management fee is depends solely on how much capital is managed via growney. There is no minimum deposit, so that from the first euro up to a total of 10,000 euros, 0.99 percent is charged annually. Up to a managed asset of 50,000 euros, the management fees are 0.69 percent per year and then only 0.39 percent per year are to be paid. For this fee, customers receive active management of their portfolio, which is based on current market conditions and individual goals. In addition, there are regular reports on the development and the restructuring that has been carried out.

Growney also offers a deposit bonus

In addition, customers can always count on a bonus from the provider if they decide to invest as a new customer. Currently, 50 euros are offered if at least 5,000 euros are invested in a growney portfolio. This promotion is limited in time, but it can be assumed that corresponding bonus offers will be implemented again and again. Even if such a bonus is an interesting incentive, we consider the growney offer to be very convincing and attractive.

Deposit bonus: 50 euros
Bonus conditions: Depot opening until 06/15/2017 and investment of at least 5,000 euros

Deposits and withdrawals are processed by bank transfer

With regard to the possibilities for deposits and withdrawals At growney, customers have no choice. Bank transfer is the only method available. For this purpose, a clearing account is set up at Sutorbank in addition to the deposit when opening an investment. The corresponding amount to be invested is then transferred to the clearing account via SEPA direct debit mandate. With higher amounts from 25,000 euros, however, the amount can only be transferred directly. Payment plans are implemented exclusively by direct debit, which is why a corresponding direct debit authorization must be granted beforehand.

Payment methods available from the provider growney
Die Einzahlungsmethoden im Überblick
Payment options: By bank transfer via reference account|| |207
Mindesteinzahlung: no
Fees: 0.39 to 0.99 percent + ETF costs
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: By bank transfer via reference account

Security through diversification and individually tailored strategy

Ein wichtiger Grund für die Zurückhaltung der deutschen Sparer in Bezug auf die Anlage in Kapitalmarktprodukte liegt in einem geringen Zutrauen in die Sicherheit. Tatsächlich gibt es einige wichtige Unterschiede zwischen Aktien und Anleihen auf der einen Seite und klassischen Bankguthaben auf der anderen Seite. Dabei verfügen Aktien oder Anleihen, die über ein persönliches Depot verwaltet werden, zunächst über den Vorteil, dass sie selbst im Falle einer Insolvenz der verwaltenden Bank im Besitz des Inhabers bleiben. Das Risiko besteht dagegen vor allem in Wertschwankungen, die bei einer solchen Anlageart immer einkalkuliert werden müssen. Sollte das Geld kurzfristig benötigt werden, kann die Anlage zwar jederzeit aufgelöst werden, jedoch gibt es keinerlei Anspruch auf den einmal eingezahlten Betrag. In Schwächephasen der Märkte muss mit Verlusten gerechnet werden. Wichtig ist daher, eine optimale Abstimmung von Anlageperspektive und Risikostruktur. Durch eine breite Streuung auf unterschiedliche Anlageprodukte kann eine Anlage über growney aber langfristig als grundsätzlich sicher angesehen werden.

Personal support by telephone is also possible

According to our experience with growney, customers can also come along expect a total of comprehensive support. The investment process itself is carried out automatically. In addition, there are a number of offers that customers can use to find out more about the concept and philosophy of growney. If you have any further questions or if there are problems with the control of the investment or with the performance, you can also contact us directly. Various options are available for this. Among other things, the service department can be contacted on weekdays during business hours between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. However, there may be longer waiting times here. Alternatively, it is also possible to use a contact form to ask a question or request a callback.

Important content is communicated via the website

The main support is, however, offered via the website. In addition to a comprehensive FAQ, there is also an online calculator that can be used to simulate the different investment strategies. All in all, the very well-structured website offers extensive prerequisites for finding out about the concept of growney and for building up knowledge about capital market-based investments.

Mobile App

growney's offer is designed for online use. In principle, all functions can be used via the Internet. However, a special app is not currently available, although in principle it is of course also possible to access the growney website via mobile phone. However, since growney does not require active management or a quick response to any price changes, the lack of a separate app does not represent a limitation. The investment process is completed once the portfolio has been set up and an investment strategy has been determined. Further activities are not required.

Conclusion - growney offers attractive investment alternatives

For investors for whom the interest rates on classic banking products are too meager, but who, on the other hand, want the expensive and rarely independent Those who shy away from advice from their house bank have a very attractive alternative with the robo advisor growney. The advice itself is completely automatic, as is the proposal and implementation of a suitable investment strategy. Costs only become due when money has actually been invested. However, these are kept within very narrow limits and are based on the investment amount. A maximum of 0.99 percent is charged annually, with higher amounts the costs drop to just 0.39 percent per year. Since there is no minimum investment amount, you can invest from the first euro. growney operates with concrete yield expectations, which are between around three and eight percent, depending on the strategy chosen. Of course, there is no guaranteed return. Adequate security is guaranteed by a wide diversification, whereby intermittent price setbacks cannot of course be ruled out. Overall, our experiences in the growney test gave an absolutely solid impression. Investors do not need to fear fraud or rip-offs either.

Roland Herrmann
growney is a reputable robo advisor and a good alternative to the house bank.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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