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There are now quite a number of online traders for trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies contact points. The market is generally still very young and so there are numerous companies in the industry who want to convince with their offers and services. A fairly experienced representative is theHitBTC platform, which has been available since 2013. But what qualities characterize the provider? And is it even a serious offer? We have summarized our HitBTC experiences below and listed all the important aspects.

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Right at the beginning of our test report, we can go into the seriousness of the provider, because it is an absolutely trustworthy and reputable representatives of the industry. In any case, the unreliable providers are only a very small part of all companies, but they still exist. It is precisely for this reason that the seriousness of a platform should always be checked carefully, because in the worst case your own investment is lost.

Our experiences at a glance

HitBTC is one prominent platform for bitcoin exchanges, which was founded in 2013. The company behind the offer, HIT Solution Inc., has been working with a license from the responsible authorities in Great Britain for around two years, which should give every user of the platform a good feeling when trading. Incidentally, not only private individuals can trade through the provider, but also companies and institutions.

The most well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Dash are available for trading. Appealing: The coins can not only be traded with each other, but also with the fiat currencies euro, US dollar and British pound. According to our HitBTC experience, trading takes place on a web-based trading platform, so that no download is required to get started.

Company HIT Solution Inc.
Registration number
E-mail [email protected]
Live Chat No

Apart from direct trading, the provider naturally also provides customer support, who takes care of the concerns of the users and can be reached via e-mail or ticket system. There are no fees, an FAQ area is also offered. Pleasant for beginners: Before trading with your own capital, you can use a demo account with HitBTC. In this way, you can hone your own trading strategy, while at the same time newcomers get to know the functions of the platform. However, it is a pity that there is no dedicated mobile app available. Access with a smartphone or tablet is possible, but has not yet been optimally implemented for the smaller screens of the end devices.

HitBTC Check: Fraud or serious?

Probably the most important question: “Is HitBTC serious?” Of course we want to answer right at the beginning. The most compelling evidence in this regard is found in a license issued by the British authorities. They monitor what is offered on the platform and, if necessary, intervene to regulate it. In this respect, every trader can rely on the fact that their transactions via HitBTC are carried out properly and HitBTC fraud can be completely ruled out. In addition to this, the provider naturally uses the classic two-factor authentication, which requires a security key in addition to the login.

An indication of the serious working methods of the platform can also be found in the history. After all, HitBTC has held its own in the highly competitive market for four years. But not only that, because the portfolio is now one of the best-known offers in the industry. Of course, this would not be the case if the provider did not comply with the legal requirements. In this respect: Two thumbs up for the seriousness of HitBTC.

Overview of the offer

In order to be able to trade Bitcoin or other currencies via HitBTC, you first need your own user account. This can be opened within a few moments, so that trading can be started after a short time. The trading platform can be accessed without prior software download and is accessed directly in the browser. The traders do not have to consider a specific operating system or free storage space.

The website of HitBTC
Die Homepage von hitbtc.comDie Märkte bei hitbtc.com

The trading platform can be described as very clear at first glance and should even be newcomers a good way to get here. Of course, a graphical chart analysis can be seen, which can be adjusted with various filters and functions. For example, the developments of a currency can be filtered out in certain periods of time, but at the same time an overview of the developments of all coins is possible. After a short time, the operation should be clear, even if, as usual, all functions are described in English. Another option for trading is the provider's API, which can be described as extremely responsive and, above all, stable. So if you already have a few more experiences "under your belt", you can easily use the interface for your trading.

As already mentioned, the HitBTC trading platform can also be tested in a demo version, which is something for all newcomers is definitely recommended. Around 20 currencies are offered for trading, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and ZCash. A good 120 currency pairs are formed from this, such as BTC/EUR or LTC/USD. Interesting: While many competitors only focus on stop and limit orders, HitBTC also has good-til-cancelled, good-til-date/time, day-orders, immediate-or-cancel or fill-or- Kill orders available. In addition, the provider provides a trading history in which all of its own orders can be found. In order to be able to access these, users must of course be logged into their account. The bottom line is that HitBTC's offer makes a good and, above all, beginner-friendly impression. If the English language doesn't bother you, you should have a lot of fun trading here.

Fees for trading at HitBTC

In terms of fees, the transparency of the provider can first of all be praised received, because the fees for trading can be called up with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, the fee on the part of the provider is only 0.10 percent and is therefore significantly lower than that of many other competitors. This makes trading even more attractive, especially since it is a flat fee. This is also an interesting aspect, because the percentage always remains the same for small or large trading volumes. A good and above all customer-friendly regulation.

Deposits and withdrawals

In the case of deposits and withdrawals via HitBTC, a clear distinction is made between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. For example, deposits in euros can only be processed by bank transfer. Other faster options are not available. Of course, this is not optimal, because a certain waiting time always has to be accepted before the deposited amount can be used for trading. In addition, there are fees of five euros per deposit for deposits made by bank transfer if the deposit is less than 50,000 euros. For more than 50,000 euros, the fee is one percent of the deposit amount. Again, it is much better to deposit a cryptocurrency directly, since in this case no fees are charged by the provider. According to our HitBTC experience, there is also no minimum or maximum for the coins.

Payment options at HitBTC
Payment options: Bank transfer, eWalletn
Minimum deposit: No requirement
Fees: Deposits free of charge, withdrawals dependent on network fees
Account management possible in: EUR, GBP, USD
Withdrawal options: eWallet, bank transfer

The amount of the fees for the payouts always depends on the respective cryptocurrency or the associated network fees. With Bitcoin, for example, this means that a fee of 0.00085 BTC is charged for withdrawals. With Litecoin, on the other hand, 0.001 LTC is due for the payout. Important to note: HitBTC does not require a minimum withdrawal for withdrawals. Of course, this must of course be higher than the respective fee.

Security and regulation

According to our HitBTC experience, there are no reasons for security or seriousness regarding the way the platform works to doubt. In contrast to many other Bitcoin exchanges, HitBTC has a regular license from the British authorities, which monitor the offer intensively. In addition, a two-factor authentication is used here, which makes access to the user account for unauthorized persons as good as impossible. Another protective measure on the part of the provider is the use of a cold wallet, in which a large part of the assets are kept. Only a small part can be found in the hot wallet and could be threatened by a hacker attack, for example. Thanks to the modern and always up-to-date security measures of the provider, however, the risk is low.

In the last four years since it was founded, HitBTC has also blossomed into one of the most sought-after contact points in the field of Bitcoin exchanges, especially in Europe. This would not be possible if the provider would not do serious work. In this respect, the platform provides several good reasons to believe in a secure and regulated offer.

Customer support

Customer support at HitBTC is divided into two different areas. On the one hand, a so-called support center is available, in which users are forwarded directly to a ticket system. Here you can describe your own problem and send it to customer support. It is practical here that screenshots or other files can also be attached to clarify the problem. Nevertheless, a ticket system is always associated with a waiting time of several hours, which cannot be avoided here either. It is also important to note that user questions are always answered in English. A plus point: The support center can be called up at any time by clicking on the "Support" button, which can be found permanently on the right-hand side of the screen.

In addition to the ticket system, the provider also has an FAQ area available, which can even be described as the better solution in many situations. Although only an English version is offered here, many questions can be answered with just a few mouse clicks. Of course, there is no waiting time either, so the provider's FAQ area should be checked before sending a ticket message.

User friendliness

Flaws in terms of user friendliness we could not discover in the HitBTC test report. The homepage makes a very tidy impression and can explain the different components well. Each section can be reached via the footer area at the bottom of the website - with just one click. The only small drawback here can only be the language barrier, since there is no Canadian-language homepage available. Apart from that, the website invites you to click and find out more. The trading interface can also be described as clear. The individual design options, with which the visual impressions can be intensified even further, deserve special mention.

Mobile App

A slight point of criticism in our test report can be seen in the mobile area. The provider does not provide a native download app, but only allows access via mobile browser. This is not really a problem, but the display could use a little more work. In particular, the trading interface is not really optimally represented here, since some functions and control panels are a bit too small. So there is still room for improvement.

Conclusion: HitBTC has a lot on the box

According to our HitBTC experience, the provider belowthe many Bitcoin Exchanges can be described as enormously attractive and we could completely rule out fraud and rip-offs. The portfolio is extensive and, with more than 100 currency pairs, ensures that your own strategy can be implemented well at any time. In addition, the low fees catch the eye, with only 0.10 percent fees regardless of volume. In terms of customer support, there is also no reason to complain. The employees do a good job, the ticket system can be described as the absolute market average and solves the problem within a few hours. Also helpful: The FAQ center, where most of the general questions can be answered. Only the mobile offer could be expanded a little, but otherwise the portfolio is well positioned. In addition, the high level of protection can be mentioned, since all transactions are monitored thanks to the British authorities. In short: The offer is definitely recommended.

Steffen Breitner
HitBTC is a well-known platform that offers its users safe and reliable trading in coins enabled.
4.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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