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Internationally, the broker IG Markets now belongs to the absolute upper class. Not only trading in CFDs is offered, but also forex trading. By the way: for some time now, the broker has no longer marketed itself under the name IG Markets, but simply calls itself IG. In our field report, we not only checked the seriousness and reliability of the company, but also compared services and conditions.

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Background: IG Markets is that serious

IG is definitely one of the oldest providers for trading with forex, CFDs, stocks and other financial products. The main company IG Group Holding can now look back on more than 40 years of experience. The successful company was founded in 1974 in London. The head office is still there, with which decouplings such as IG Markets have been made. Projekt IG is available in over ten different languages, including Canadian, of course. A Canadian branch is located in Düsseldorf. This is where the friendly service staff work, who will be happy to help and advise you.

Company IG Markets Ltd. Branch Kenya
Address Berliner Allee 1040212 Düsseldorf, Kenya
Registration number AG Düsseldorf, HRB 59471
Regulation / License BaFin (121333)
Telephone interested parties: 0800 664 8454
Telephone customers: 0800 181 8831
eMail: [email protected]
Service times: Monday to Friday between 08 :15 and 22:15
Callback service: available

The world's largest broker impresses with its trustworthiness. IG Markets is reputable, which is already evident from the regulations by official supervisory authorities in various countries. Among other things, there is a registration with the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, there is also Canadian regulation by BaFin. These regulators are looking right over the broker's shoulder and keeping an eye on them. This makes it almost impossible for fraudulent behavior to occur.

Over 1,000 employees work for IG Group Holding worldwide. IG Holdings plc, the company's UK limited company, is listed on the TFSE 250 stock index, which lists the 250 largest companies in England. In addition, the Canadian IG offshoot has received various awards such asbest CFD broker 2013 from the magazine Euro am Sonntag.

With pride adorns itself IG that the broker is the world's largest operating service provider for trading in Forex and CFDs. The range of IG Markets is regularly adjusted and expanded. This is another reason why we got an extraordinarily professional impression of the provider in the test. In terms of seriousness and trustworthiness, we can only give IG top marks.

Video preview of IG Markets

In the following video you will find a summary of our experiences with IG Markets. We'll also show you how to sign up and also walk you through how to get started with the provider.

To preview IG, watch the video now:

That's what customers say

First of all: there are critical voices on the Internet about every broker for trading in foreign exchange. There, however, there is usually more excitement about the general principle of trading in currencies than constructive criticism of the broker. This is also the case with IG. InComparison to other forex brokers IG Markets also shows that a significantly higher number of users are very satisfied with IG's offer. Traders know that IG is a reliable broker they can trust at all times. This is also reflected in the steadily increasing number of users.

Customers also say that without prior internet research, IG Markets would probably not have been their first choice. Other providers advertise with fast deposits and excessively high deposit bonuses. These, in turn, often conceal the fact that the broker's actual offer is not particularly attractive. At IG, no value is placed on such an external effect. That is why the customers are mainly experienced and professional traders who like to have a reliable partner at their side.

The support in the test

The support options at IG are widely staggered. A distinction is made between customers and non-customers when contacting them. Both have phone numbers and email addresses that traders can use to get in touch directly and get any questions answered. However, some telephone numbers, such as those for technical support, lead to England, so you should be able to speak English with such a request.

In addition, IG has a live chat, which you can use to quickly and easily communicate with the employees can chat. Unfortunately, this option was not available in our test, although we tried it between the available times (Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 10:15 p.m.). Telephone support is also not available 24 hours a day for questions. Our IG Marktes experience report comes to the conclusion that the employees are generally very competent and friendly, but seem to be under a certain amount of time pressure. Questions are answered correctly and quickly. Maybe IG Markets in Kenya should slightly increase the number of employees to relieve the current service staff.

Our experience with IG

The huge experience of the parent company IG Group Holding is convincing. The now more than 17 branches worldwide and the general attitude towards an international audience are also an indicator that IG Markets is striving for higher things. IG shows itself to be completely serious and reliable due to the double regulation in Great Britain and Kenya. Other countries will definitely follow.

In terms of seriousness, we can only give IG the very best conclusion. Here you don't need to be afraid of being ripped off or subject to fraud.

The range of IG Markets

In order to be able to compare forex brokers better, there are overviews of the different conditions and services as well as compare important indicators such as maximum leverage and spread. In our experience report, we have taken a close look at exactly these points and compared them in a short overview, structured according to thematic aspects.

The trade directly on the website of the provider
Vorschaubild Forex IG MarketsVorschaubild Basiswerte IG MArkets

How can be traded at IG Markets?

IG's offering is fundamentally based on trading with different currency pairs. Forex trading is therefore the focus and was the first business area in which the company specialized. Over the years, however, the range of offers has clearly increased in potential. Traders can now also trade other financial products with experts in this field. These include trading CFDs, which works similar to forex trading with leverage. This gives you the opportunity to increase your actual stake and deposit per position and to generate profits faster.

All in all, IG's range is very extensive and offers all financial traders interesting opportunities to use their money. Here IG Markets lives up to its reputation as a market leader.

Maximum Leverage of 200:1

Leverage is one of the important indicators used to compare different forex brokers. At IG Markets the leverage is 200:1. This means that with a transaction stake of 50 euros, 10,000 euros can be traded on the market. Changes in the last decimal place in the exchange rates of the currency pairs also affect profit and loss. With a maximum leverage of 200:1, however, IG is in our experience rather in the lower range of forex brokers. Other providers offer significantly higher leverage here, which increases the chances of profit, but also the risk for the trader.

The spread, i.e. the costs per transaction that are deducted directly, is from 0.8 pips at IG. Compared to the competition, this benchmark is very low, but only applies to a few currency pairs. Some other pairs have a spread of up to 200.

Trade with IG Markets mobile

IG offers a wide range of different trading software. In our test, we were not only able to use external programs such as the popular MateTrader4 and ProRealTime. L2Dealer was also available for professional traders and their own trading platform, which was impressive in terms of functionality and stability. In addition, mobile trading apps are available for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iOS. According to our experience, a rich offer, which has definitely convinced us.

Deposit and withdrawal

IG Markets does less positively in the area of ​​deposit and withdrawal. The latter are done dutifully and the money is in the account within a few days, but deposits and withdrawals are only available by bank transfer and credit card. For deposits via credit card, 1.5% transaction costs are added as fees. In general, these two transaction options are secure, but they are simply not enough nowadays.

The IG Markets deposit and withdrawal options at a glance
Die Einzahlungsoptionen von IG Markets auf einem Blick
Payment options Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer
Minimum deposit: none
Fees: 1.5% for credit card payments
Account management possible in: Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, Hungarian forint, Polish zloty
Payout options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer| ||268

Bonus und Sonderaktionen

Unfortunately, IG does not offer any deposit bonuses or other promotions that promise you more money to trade. Only the "customer recruits customer" area can lead to a slight increase in the account in the form of a bonus.

No minimum deposit - trade directly

A full account can be opened from as little as one euro will. While the competition requires minimum deposits of at least 50 euros, IG Markets is very customer-friendly here. In addition, there is no minimum transaction size, so interested parties can start trading with as little as 5 euros.

77 currency pairs, over 7,000 CFDs

The number of tradable underlying assets is impressive: There are also virtual and exotic pairs among the total of 77 currency pairs available for forex trading. More than 7,000 CFDs add an important component to the IG Markets range, which is also only available in a slimmed-down form with other brokers.

Rich Education Center

The trading platform includes additional functions such as a Built-in live message box. The Education Center also offers interesting video courses, webinars, seminars in Canadian and actually everything that beginners and professional traders alike can use to educate themselves. Market data is given, analysis and news are given and an economic calendar is also part of the offer.

As a special add-on, a 14-day free demo account is made available to all customers. With the IG demo account you can get to know the market with 10,000 virtual euros and try out strategies on a demo.

Overall rating: IG Markets is that good

The enormous seriousness and reliability of IG is in Combined with the stable trading system and a rich educational offer, as well as the small spread one of the main arguments why you should register with IG Markets. We can overlook the low leverage of 200:1 here and would like to recommend the provider to anyone who wants to trade foreign exchange really seriously and professionally.

Roland Herrmann
IG ist ein seriöser Broker und verfügt weltweit über alle Lizenzen um das größte Handelsangebot online bieten zu können.
3.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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For trading in finance I was looking for a real all-rounder and, in my opinion, found it in the market leader IG Markets. CFD trading, forex trading, trading are the options that are offered to me by the experts. I am currently using all trading opportunities, but would like to specialize in the near future in order to have better chances of making a profit.

written 74 months ago


An dieser Stelle möchte ich noch einmal dem Support von IG meinen größten Dank aussprechen! Die Mitarbeiter helfen wirklich bei jedem kleineren und größeren Problem, das in Verbindung mit ihrer Software auftritt. Auch inhaltlich konnten mir die meisten Kundenservicemitarbeiter bisher einfach und simpel weiterhelfen, um direkt Gewinne zu erzielen. Ich lobe den Kundenservice voll und möchte darauf hinweisen, dass anders als im Artikel erwähnt bei mir jederzeit ein Live Chat für allerlei Fragen bereitsteht. Auch dort sind die Mitarbeiter besonders freundlich. IG hat es geschafft, bei mir eine gewisse Kundenbindung auszulösen. Ich werde meinen Forex Broker wahrscheinlich nicht noch einmal wechseln. Der Marktführer hat zwar etwas höhere Gebühren, es lohnt sich aber vollkommen.

written 72 months ago


I can only comment on forex trading at IG Markets. Unfortunately, I have not yet had any further experience with CFD trading. With forex trading, however, I am offered very good leverage that is not too risky but not too low either. There are now over 80 currency pairs that I can bet on with IG. If I don't know what to do on a particular course, I just take a look at the Education Center. All the necessary information is served to me directly there. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not giving the free demo account enough credit at the beginning. The 14-day trial period has now expired and I can't simply test my strategies and tactics at IG easily and without risk. I think IG should make this demo account available longer.

written 69 months ago


Some brokers seem to only use education as an alibi. Not so with IG. This topic is taken very seriously here and the investor has access to a wide range of content.

written 64 months ago

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