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Immediate Edge advertises with a community feeling and would like to help you if you want to invest in Bitcoin quickly and easily. But we have received some reports about the company that areanything but positive. Therefore we have collected our own Immediate Edge experiences. First of all: Turn to alternatives likeeToro. Because Immediate Edge is not necessarily one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry. We will reveal why this is the case below.

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What you can find out below? We took a closer look at the supposedly good broker and found out: An investment of your capital seems anything but sensible here. Because you only get a little background information. It seems like the cryptocurrency exchange platform uses the same negative features and even the same page layout as other dubious providers. This is of course a warning signal for us, which is why we would like to advise youurgently against the operator.

Immediate Edge experiences at a glance

Wir haben uns im ersten Schritt einige Reviews und Erfahrungen zu der Plattform Immediate Edge angesehen und feststellen können: Viele Details weisen darauf hin, dass hier mit einem Ponzi Schema gearbeitet wird. Dieses wiederum zeigt, dass ein Immediate Edge fraud cannot be ruled out.

Die Webseite von Immediate Edge.

If you type in the name Immediate Edge in the online search, you will you will quickly see that good reviews and even news articles can be found here. Theseare really praising and most likely come from the company itself. Because: In our Immediate Edge test, we noticed mostly negative customer opinions. This also speaks for a possible Immediate Edge fraud: customer experiences differ greatly from what the company advertises. However, Immediate Edge does not advertise quite as aggressively as other providers.

That's why we suspect Immediate Edge fraud

But how did the trading platform manage to win over many users? According to our Immediate Edge experience, customer acquisition follows a certain pattern, which is primarily aimed at people who have been looking for their opportunities to invest in Bitcoin online. For example, if you register for a newsletter on an information portalzum Newsletter anmeldet, you will quickly receive e-mails from companies like this one. In contrast to our favoriteForex brokers orBitcoin trading sites these are usually wrong platforms who rely on such aggressive advertising.

The Immediate Edge Fake also includes promising you a very time-saving and easy registration. This can be done in just three steps, accordingto statements on the website of the platform, so that at first you don't think that this step could do any harm.

How to recognizeImmediate Edge Scam:

  • Intrusive online ads
  • Highly simplified registration form
  • Call center calls
  • Wrong reviews

After these steps, according to the Immediate Edge Forum, this company also relies on human contact in order to convince you all round. Trained and very friendly employees of a call center will call you to point out a deposit after registration. The focus in our Immediate Edge Test is ongiving you security.

Der FAQ-Bereich von Immediate Edge.

Companies of the dubious kind on the market often also use celebrities - made statements. These are of course fake, but should give the impression that this platform is a worthwhile contact point for you. If there are no celebrity ratings,mostly false news reports online to convince you. It can be assumed that such forms of advertising were created by the cryptocurrency exchange platform itself. Both variants strongly indicate an alleged Immediate Edge fraud - however, we could not discover any celebrity advertising for this company.

Immediate Edge Test: What we know about this broker

What do we know so let's go to the company that arouses mixed feelings among many interested parties, and not for nothing? If you rummage through comparison websites, you will quickly find out that Immediate Edge works seriously, you can largely rule out. It is almost certain that there is no money to be made here. The company has the same alarming features asBitcoin Circuit or alsoBitcoin Code, so it is not recommended in any way is. According to our Immediate Edge test, many clues such as the missing licenses indicate a rip-off.

You think you have already been scammed? Here are our tips

Feeling like you've already fallen for a possible Immediate Edge rip-off? Then we can give you our recommendations at this point, which will help you to keep a clear head and reduce the damage. So you shouldstop making any deposits, so as not to accept any more risks.

Also secure proof of your bank transactions of past deposits, these can be ask your financial institution or receive it through online banking. A look at the judgments ofBaFin can also be worthwhile, since the Institute for Finance regulates various companies in this sector. If Immediate Edge has been classified as serious or as a scam, you can find out here. In the worst case, you should seek legal advice toClaim and Compensation.

Safe Alternatives to Immediate Edge

Wenn ihr noch nicht bei Immediate Edge registriert und mit Deposits involviert seid, seid ihr einem Betrug möglicherweise davongekommen. Ihr müsst euch keine Sorgen machen, denn der Markt bietet ausreichend Alternativen wie etwa eToro and manyCFD brokers, with which your wishes are fulfilled.

Companies like eToro are characterized on the one hand by the fact that they work with a European license. Furthermore, they are regulated by the BaFin, so that financial transactions can only be carried out here seriously and securely. eToro itself also offers afirst class customer service in different languages which in itself is a sign of seriousness.

Immediate Edge compared to eToro

If you compare Immediate Edge with eToro, you can see at first glance which operator seems safer. In contrast to Immediate EdgeeToro is licensed, so you can be absolutely sure that you will not encounter any fraud here. Also, the company doesn't advertise as aggressively and superficially as Immediate Edge. Even the company history, or description without imprint - makes a rather dubious impression according to our Immediate Edge experiences.

Immediate Edge vs eToro Immediate Edge eToro| ||194
Ist der Broker mit einer europäischen Handelslizenz ausgestattet? ✔️
Is the broker listed in the CONSOB register? ✔️
Is the company located in a country that is not on the black list of tax havens? ✔️
Does the provider transparently inform customers about investment risks? ✔️
Are the ads and opinions genuine? ✔️
Have users already made profits with this broker? ✔️| ||244

An dieser Stelle möchten wir noch einmal verdeutlichen: Es ist immer ein Risiko mit dabei, wenn ihr euer Kapital in Bitcoin investieren möchtet. Dessen solltet ihr euch auch bei den seriösesten Trading Plattformen bewusst sein. Überlegt euch also gut, ob ihr dieses capital in an emergency.

Introduction to the safe investment in Bitcoin

If you want to invest in Bitcoin and trade other types of cryptocurrencies in the safest way, we can recommendeToro. Registering an account doesn't take long and will soon enable you to make your first deposit - there are even a variety of payment methods available to you for this purpose. Furthermore, this provider is characterized by the fact that you have to confirm your identity – which is usually only due for payouts. After your deposit, you can start investing straight away.

Conclusion on Immediate Edge

What can we finally say about Immediate Edge? According to our Immediate Edge experience, this is a company that cannot be classified as serious and secure. You wanted to invest in Bitcoin and came across Immediate Edge? Then you will surely be glad to have read our review. Because: Here you will findsafer alternatives without a long search.

Roland Herrmann
eToro scores with many features that even beginners like.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann

Within our Immediate Edge experience, we also checked the variousApps and payment methods of your alternatives and came to the conclusion that eToro is the best choice. Here you have many advantages like the software - but what is more important is that absolute security can be guaranteed when trading with money or profits.

Frequently asked questions and answers

You still have Do you have any questions or would you liketo review the most important thing about the topic in general? Then you should read the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we have for you below. Maybe there is one or the other piece of information hidden here that is important to you.

Does Immediate Edge really work?

OurImmediate Edge experiences|| |289 nach gibt es bei diesem Unternehmen nicht viel Hoffnung auf Geldgewinne durch das Traden mit Kryptowährungen. Weil hier außerdem keine Regulierungen vorliegen, solltet ihr euer Kapital bei anderen Anbietern sicherer einsetzen - Immediate Edge funktioniert für euch höchstwahrscheinlich nicht.

Why is Immediate Edge a scam?

By aalleged Immediate Edge scamyou can assume based on several characteristics. The company is not regulated, which you can see from the lack of a license. The provider also does not offer you any information about fees and advertises aggressively, so that one cannot speak of seriousness here.

Are there safe alternatives?

In fact, there are several | ||300sichere Alternativento discover, as you will discover. In addition to eToro, there are, for example, Binance and similar companies, which you can discover in our list of top operators. In contrast to this are theBitcoin exchange platforms of our blacklist| ||305, die ihr unbedingt vermeiden solltet.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

If you compare brokersVergleich you will find that licenses are the most important criterion for reputable providers. You should also pay close attention to finding an imprint and being able to discover real reviews. The latter already say a lot about the way the platform works and its security.

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