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It is often the subtleties that distinguish outstanding providers for trading Forex products and CFDs from average representatives. But before even looking at the requirements that an online broker brings, traders should first ask themselves what they actually expect from their provider. This basic constellation is no different for the provider that we want to take a closer look at with this test. However, experience shows again and again that disappointments can occasionally occur when promising announcements are actually implemented. In our test, we therefore decided to subject the provider InterTrader to a practical test with a view to the various criteria. At the beginning of our analysis, we asked the question of whether it was an online broker who also met expectations in terms of seriousness and trustworthiness.

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Rating 5.0 / 5.0
🐂 Trading Forex & CFD
📈 Basiswerte Currency Pairs, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Single Stocks, Interest Rates, Bonds
💻 Software MetaTrader 4, InterTrader

Our experiences at a glance

As announced, we would like to go into detail and point by point the individual Dedicated to components of the InterTrader offer. In order to give the reader a picture of our overall impression, we would first like to present the most important experiences that we have had with this online broker headquartered in London. The first impression we have of InterTrader is absolutely positive. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a Canadian-language version of the website, which also deserves its name. Because our experiences with various other providers have shown time and again that a carefully and, above all, completely translated website is by no means a matter of course.

Different with InterTrader, where at least a large part of the content is in a clear and understandable language is shown. In this way, traders can find out directly what trading conditions are to be expected and which markets and base values ​​are available for trading. And here there is indeed a very broad spectrum. Beginning with the classic base values ​​such as stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs, there are also interest rates and bonds in the InterTrader spectrum. Another important feature of the offer is that trading can be done on the basis of favorable and fixed spreads. According to the information, the specified spreads are adhered to in 99.9 percent of cases, with exceptions only having to be expected outside regular trading hours.

Company London Capital Group Ltd (LCG)|| |97
Adresse 2nd Floor, 6 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4AB
Telephone 0044 207 456 7086
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback No

We were also impressed by the range of further training opportunities. InterTrader offers its customers a clear structure here, on the basis of which traders can select the right offers depending on their level of experience. In this way, it is possible to build up retail skills step by step by using a comprehensive introductory offer. Events in the form of webinars also take place regularly, in some of which direct exchange with trading experts from InterTrader is also possible. With the package for technical analysis, beginners can also familiarize themselves with the most important analysis techniques.

Those who do not immediately dare to trade with real assets also have the option of starting with a demo account, i.e. to trade with virtual capital. While there is a pleasingly wide selection of underlying assets and markets, only one single account is offered for trading. We also see this as an advantage, since the different support offers are made available to all traders and are not made dependent on the amount of the deposit. All in all, it can be stated at this point that InterTrader customers can expect an outstanding offer, regardless of whether it is about the selection of underlying assets or whether the focus is on the support offers.

InterTrader in the check: fraud or serious?

As already announced, we want to ask the question of the seriousness of the provider at the very beginning of our review. The main reason for this is that we believe that this question should be given more importance than is currently the case for many traders. In principle, there is nothing wrong with approaching an online broker with openness and trust. A certain skepticism has never hurt either. There are a large number of online brokers in this area, most of which are solid and reputable. Nevertheless, it should be possible to rule out meeting a candidate where fraud or rip-offs are the order of the day.

Because then the trader not only runs the risk of being treated unfairly when processing transactions, but in the worst case, jeopardize their deposits. In the case of InterTrader, however, we came to the conclusion during our test that traders have every reason to trust InterTrader as an online broker. The fixed spreads allow trading on the basis of reliable and transparent conditions, so the trader knows exactly what to expect in terms of conditions before each transaction. The fact that the deposits are also safe can be deduced from the fact that there is regulation by the British supervisory authority FCA, as we will explain in more detail later. In any case, this authority is also responsible for ensuring that the interests of customers are taken into account. All in all, the customers are in good hands with regard to seriousness and trustworthiness.

Many base values ​​and one trading account

So after it has been clarified that the traders can rely on a solid provider, Let's now take a look at the actual offer. And here, too, we came across a very broad and well-structured range during our test. Not only the classics in this area, i.e. currency pairs, commodities and indices, are on the program, but also interest rate products and bonds. From the trader's point of view, this means that a very wide range of different strategies can be used. In detail, we would now like to introduce the categories of Forex, CFDs and trading products that are available for trading at InterTrader.

InterTrader's website
Vorschaubild InterTrader PlattformVorschaubild Demokonto

Forex trading with a large selection

To a certain extent, the currency pairs and raw materials can be described as the main product ofOnline brokers in the forex area. And of course a lot of trading variants are possible at InterTrader in this category. The fact that the world's most important currencies can be traded in various combinations does not have to be discussed further. The so-called majors, i.e. US dollars, British pounds, euros and Japanese yen, are a matter of course in the range of tradable combinations. As already mentioned, traders can rely on fixed spreads. These are only one pip in relation to the US dollar to the euro. The same applies to the US dollar to Japanese yen combination.

Even cheaper is the euro versus British pound combination, with a spread of only 0.8 pips. Furthermore, of course, you can also choose from a number of other globally important currencies, which are offered in different combinations for trading. The available currencies include the Swiss franc, the South African rand, the Norwegian krone or a selection of other dollar currencies, such as those from New Zealand or Canada. The second important area in this category is the raw materials. Of course, the well-known precious metals gold and silver are initially available for trading. In addition, you can bet on the development of the energy stocks oil and gas traded worldwide. And a selection of the soft commodities mentioned is also available for trading via InterTrader. These include soybeans, cotton, coffee, cocoa and wheat. In this area, the fixed spreads start at three points (silver) or four points (gold), oil can also be traded from a spread of 4 points.

CFDs for stocks and indices offer many opportunities for trading

The second major area available for traders to trade is CFDs for stocks and stock indices. In our experience, InterTrader also follows the strategy of providing traders with the widest possible range of tradable underlyings. In the area of ​​equities, this means that the most important stocks from different markets around the world are offered for leveraged trading. These include the globally important markets of the USA, Great Britain and Kenya. In some cases, smaller values ​​can also be accessed for trading. In addition, the most important titles from other European markets are made available, such as those from the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The most important titles from South Africa are also on offer. With a view to the regions that are taken into account for trading, the range for the indices is even larger. Of course, the well-known index values ​​Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P, Dax, Nikkei or EuroStoxx are on offer. In addition, however, it is just as possible to bet on the performance of the stock market barometers of countries such as Switzerland, Australia, Russia, China or India. Here, too, the trader will find competitive and fixed spreads for trading. In the case of US values, this means that spreads of four pips can be traded. With the Canadian indices DAX or MDAX, the spreads start at three points, with the specifications fluctuating depending on the trading time. Shares can also be traded from a spread point. Here, too, there is a very wide range available at favorable trading conditions.

Further base values ​​in the area of ​​bonds and interest

But the possibilities are far from exhausted with the base instruments described so far, the InterTrader has to offer its customers. In addition, there are the categories "bonds" and "interest rates", i.e. government bonds and interest rates. This means that various alternative strategy options can also be pursued. You can choose from the products Euribor, Short Sterling and Swiss Euroswiss in this area, so you can bet on the development of interest rates in Europe, Great Britain or Switzerland. In the case of government bonds, there are also securities from the USA, federal bonds (BOBL) and British government bonds (gilts) to choose from for trading.

Bonus for new customers not currently available

The statements that we found in our test on the subject of bonuses are somewhat contradictory. Although it is already pointed out on the start page that theoretically up to 5,000 euros in additional bonus capital are available, a look at the corresponding campaign page shows that this offer expired a few years ago. Investors who decide in favor of InterTrader should not rely on the bonus first, but rather deal with the online broker's offer, which certainly offers arguments to start trading here. In addition, every trader is of course free to contact support and ask directly about the possibilities of paying out bonus capital.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made using different methods

Ein weiteres Kriterium, mit dem sich die Trader im Vorfeld der endgültigen Entscheidung für einen bestimmten Online Broker beschäftigen sollten, ist das Thema Ein- und Auszahlung. Zumindest sollte sichergestellt werden, dass die Methode zur Verfügung steht, mit der voraussichtlich eingezahlt werden soll. Darüber hinaus lohnt es auch, einen Blick auf die Gebühren zu werfen, die bei Einzahlungen bzw. Auszahlungen fällig werden. Im Falle von InterTrader haben wir in unserem Test festgestellt, dass auf alle derzeit gängigen Methoden für Einzahlungen und Auszahlungen zurückgegriffen werden kann.

First of all, this includes the classic bank transfer. Various credit cards can also be used, including MasterCard and Visa. InterTrader also works with the online provider Skrill to process payment transactions. As a fourth option, the trading balance can also be paid in by check, although long periods of time are to be expected here. When depositing by credit card, a fee of two percent of the deposit amount is to be expected. Withdrawals come at a cost, especially for international customers residing outside of the UK. Here, too, fees in the range of two percent can be expected.

Overview of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
diese Zahlungsmöglichkeiten gibt es
Payment Options: Bank Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Cheque
Minimum Deposit: keine
Fees: 2 percent for credit card payments
Account management possible in: Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.
Withdrawal options: Bank Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Cheque

Security through FCA regulation

As announced, we would like to do it again touch briefly on the area of ​​safety and regulation. In our experience, regulation is an aspect that initially signals to traders that their money is in good hands with a particular online broker. Specifically, InterTrader, which has its headquarters in the British capital of London, is regulated by the British authority FCA. The specifications are closely based on the regulations of the EU. In addition to various specifications on the subject of customer protection, the regulation that their credit is managed separately from the company's funds is particularly important for traders. In this way, the money can be accessed at any time, even if the online broker should have payment difficulties or even become insolvent.

Support and customer service

For a satisfactory and relaxed trade, it is also from Meaning that there is always the possibility of receiving competent help from the online broker. In the case of InterTrader, there are three different options to choose from. First, a request can be formulated by e-mail and addressed to the support team. In addition, it is possible to call the office directly on trading days between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. However, it can be assumed that primarily English-speaking employees will be available. A live chat is offered as a third option, which was not in operation at the time of our test.

Professional website

Of course, the overall picture of an online broker also includes the presence on the Internet. Here we first gained a very professional impression. As part of the appearance, the most important conditions and trading opportunities will be explained. However, navigation is not always easy. We had to search longer for some content and also came across outdated information such as the bonus offer. In our opinion, the presentation of the deposit and withdrawal options within the FAQs could also be made much simpler and clearer. In principle, however, it is possible to obtain all the necessary information about trading. We have already pointed out the very interesting offers in the area of ​​further training and market information.

Mobile App

For the implementation of concrete trading, the classic software MetaTrader is initially available for download. Traders who are interested in browser-based trading, on the other hand, can call up the so-called InterTrader and thus implement their trade. In addition, of course, there is also the option of intervening in the trade on the go. Even if the corresponding links to the download options are missing, traders are free to download the appropriate apps elsewhere.

Conclusion - Wide range of trading at reliable conditions

With InterTrader we have an online Broker tested for the Forex and CFD area, which has its strengths above all in a very broadly differentiated trading offer. In addition, the provider was able to convince by offering fixed spreads and thus very predictable conditions. On the other hand, we were less convinced of the presentation of some content, which sometimes makes it more difficult for InterTrader customers than necessary if they want to get certain information. On the other hand, we found a convincing offer in the area of ​​further training and supply with market information. And a look at the appearance of InterTrader shows that the traders are dealing with a reputable representative of the industry. The fact that the provider is regulated by the British authority FCA also ensures that there is no need to fear fraud or rip-offs.

Roland Herrmann
In trading via InterTrader I can rely on solid and leave cheap spreads!
5.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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