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The broker Invest.com is a provider for simple and modern trading with CFDs. This is an extremely young company, which has chosen sunny Cyprus as its home country. For all traders, this location brings a huge advantage, because the Cyprus financial supervisory authority monitors the offer itself. In the following, we reveal what Invest.com experiences we were able to gain in the test report with the young broker.

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⭐|| |58Bewertung 3.5 / 5.0
🐂 Underlyings 240
📈 Conditions from 1.1 pips and 15% success fee per quarter
💻 Software Home Development (Smart and Pro)
⚖️License|| |82
🏆 Invest.comFor comparison

It cannot be denied that in financial trading in recent years some dubious providers have been up to mischief. However, thanks to strict regulations, these have largely disappeared from the market and the majority of providers can be described as completely reputable. This also applies to Invest.com, for example, since the provider is subject to the European regulations for financial service providers, or MiFID guidelines for short. In addition, the licensing and control will be taken over by the Cyprus financial supervisory authority CySec. So there shouldn't really be any doubt that Invest.com works seriously and that fraud can be ruled out.

Our experiences at a glance

The young provider puts the big focus forward especially easy access to trade. The entire website is extremely modern and clearly laid out, which means that even absolute newcomers can quickly start trading. Of course, customer support is available, in which qualified employees take care of the problems and questions of traders at any time. Various trading platforms are offered, which are also available in several mobile versions. This means that the values ​​can also be traded while on the go, which once again underlines the modern progress of the provider. The selection in the portfolio was also positively noticed in the Invest.com test. In the area of ​​shares in particular, the provider is extremely well positioned with almost 120 underlyings. Overall, however, traders can choose from more than 200 underlying assets.

Company GS Sharestocks Ltd.
Address Chrysanthou Mylona and Griva Digeni Street, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus
Registration number 262/14
Regulation CySec
Telephone UK only (44 2036088025)
email [email protected]
Live Chat Yes (Mon. - Fri. 6 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

Trading at Invest.com is based on the strict requirements of the European Union. The Cypriot financial supervisory authority Cysec is responsible for licensing and control, after all the company has chosen Cyprus as its headquarters. According to our Invest.com experience, every trader can rely on a fair framework and trade with a clear conscience. Worries that it is a scam or rip-off are completely unfounded. Incidentally, a first indication of this can already be discovered with the risk warning on the start page, because this is how the broker draws his user's attention to the possible risk of loss in the course of trading.

Invest.com Check: Fraud or serious?| ||150

Wie zu Beginn bereits erwähnt, lässt sich ein Betrug auf Seiten des Brokers vollständig ausschließen. Feststellen konnten wir im Testbericht zum Beispiel, dass sich der Hauptsitz des Anbieters auf Zypern befindet. Das wiederum sorgt dafür, dass Invest.com von der zyprischen Finanzaufsichtsbehörde Cysec unter die Lupe genommen und kontrolliert wird. Nicht etwa einmalig, sondern regelmäßig. Zudem hat die Cysec auch die Lizenz an den Broker vergeben, so dass bereits vor der Aufnahme des Geschäftsbetriebes Kontrollen durchgeführt wurden. Selbstverständlich arbeitet der Broker zudem nach den strikten Richtlinien für Finanzdienstleister in der Europäischen Union, welche als MiFID-Richtlinien bezeichnet werden. Diese beiden Aspekte stellen deutlich unter Beweis, dass Invest.com seriös arbeitet und sich die Trader keine Gedanken um ihre Investitionen oder Rendite machen müssen.

In addition, security can also be guaranteed with regard to your own data. These are protected with the help of SSL encryption and are therefore always transmitted securely. For example, if the trader makes a payment to the trading account or fills out the form when registering, this information is completely secured by SSL encryption. Such encryption is also used for online banking, so that users can always rely on a high level of security. This also underlines once again that Invest.com works seriously and also handles user data in a trusting manner.

Overview of the Invest.com offer

The primary goal of the Brokers is to make it easier for inexperienced traders to start trading. For this reason, a modern website is offered on which all important information can be found within a few moments. Trading takes place with two different platforms, which are the provider's own developments.

The website of Invest.com
Homepage von Invest.comAngebot von Invest.com

The choice of the respective platform is decisive for the variety in the trading portfolio , because there is a variant for professionals and a variant for traders with a little less experience. Let's take a closer look at what that means.

Simple platform

According to our Invest.com test, the simple platform is the more beginner-friendly variant for the trade. The operation is extremely easy thanks to a clear design, at the same time beginners are offered various aids for chart analysis and the like. Currencies, commodities, shares and indices can be traded with the Simple platform, whereby a maximum leverage of 1:50 can be used. According to our Invest.com experience, this is also extremely beginner-friendly, since traders are protected from large losses. In detail, 26 currency pairs can be traded, including AUD/JPY, AUD/CAD, EUR/HKD or EUR/USD. In the area of ​​commodities, seven base values ​​are available, among which platinum and palladium can be discovered in addition to gold and silver. Nine indices such as the Dow Jones, the DAX 30, the Japan 225 and the FTSE can also be traded. Stocks represent the greatest variety with 70 base values ​​and list companies such as Goldman Sachs, Exxon, IBM, Amazon or Apple.

For trading on the Simple platform, a simple and easy-to-understand commission for the Trade requires, which can be viewed in advance. In general, according to our Invest.com experience, the broker distinguishes between two different fees: the portfolio management fee and the performance fee. The portfolio fee is based on the total open amount in the portfolio. If this is less than 10,000 euros, a monthly fee of 0.124 percent (annually 1.5%) is paid. With more than 10,000 euros, 0.082 percent (0.99% annually) fees are paid per month. The performance fee, in turn, is calculated quarterly at 15 percent. According to our Invest.com experience, however, the success fee is only paid on the total profit.

Pro platform

The second trading platform in the broker's portfolio is the Pro platform. This offer primarily serves the advanced traders, who can use additional features and functions. Charts can be displayed individually according to your own wishes, at the same time countless indicators are available with which the courses can be analyzed. It is also noticeable that significantly more base values ​​are available with the Pro platform. Among other things, 39 ETFs, which include US shares such as GDX, NUGT, IBB, EWL or EWI. In addition to the ETFs, shares, indices, commodities and currencies can also be discovered here. Almost 120 base values ​​can be traded in the shares, which include US securities as well as European and Canadian companies. Indices are available in ten values, including the Dow Jones and the Dow Jones Mini. Seven commodities and 65 currency pairs complete the picture. Pleasant: In addition to the majors such as EUR and USD, exotic currencies and minors are also offered.

By the way: According to our Invest.com experience, brokers do not incur any fees for forex trading, with the exception of the spread. This can be called up in the portfolio overview for all underlying assets. For the currency pair EUR/GBP a minimum of 1.8 pips applies, AUD/USD is tradable from 1.5 pips.

Invest.com Bonus: No special offers for traders available

The broker has not yet provided a welcome bonus or rewards for reaching certain trading goals. So it's a bit of a shame that an Invest.com bonus has to be dispensed with. On the other hand, this decision also speaks a little for the broker, because the focus of the trader is placed solely on the trading portfolio and the functions of the platform.

Deposits and withdrawals at Invest.com

In our Invest.com experience, the fact that the broker does not charge any fees for processing is extremely pleasant in connection with deposits into the account. In addition, no minimum deposit is required, which should play into the hands of inexperienced traders. So it doesn't matter whether a deposit of 100 euros or 500 euros is to be made for the trading account. Traders can use various payment options which include Mastercard, Visa, Dinersclub and Discover credit cards. Maestro, bank transfer and instant transfer can also be used. A little tip: With the exception of bank transfer, the remaining methods immediately credit the investment amount to the trading account. The deposit is made simply by clicking on the "Deposit" button, after which the payment method and the desired amount can be selected.

Payment methods at invest.com
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei Invest.com
Deposit methods:| ||206 Kreditkarten, Banküberweisung, Sofortüberweisung
Minimum deposit: none
Deposit fees: none
Akzeptierte Währungen: Euro
Withdrawal Methods: Credit Cards, Wire Transfer

For withdrawals from trading account are basically the same options made available. However, of course, no payment can be made with the immediate transfer. In short: Bank transfers and credit cards can be used. The broker does not charge fees for withdrawals, which also clearly speaks for the provider. Another plus point: How high the payout amount should be is up to each trader. The payouts are carried out quite quickly, so that, for example, with a bank transfer, the receipt of money should be recorded after five to ten days.

Security and regulation

This is Invest.com an extremely young broker, which means that the question of seriousness is of course asked a little louder than with a long-established provider. Fortunately, our Invest.com test also showed that no doubts can be expressed about the seriousness and professionalism of this provider. This is noticeable, for example, through compliance with the MiFID guidelines, which regulate financial trading in Europe. In addition, the broker has an official license from Cysec and is permanently controlled by the Cypriot authorities. If "crooked business" were to be transacted here, the competent authorities would immediately sound the alarm and, in extreme cases, even withdraw the license.

The SSL encryption of the broker offers traders further protection. This encryption ensures that all user data is transmitted in a protected manner. Criminals therefore have no access to this information and cannot misuse it for criminal purposes. All in all, it can be summarized that Invest.com can guarantee a safe and reputable environment in which all trades and data are reliably protected According to our Invest.com experience, the customer support staff can use different ways. On the one hand, mail support is offered around the clock, which, however, always involves a certain waiting time of several hours. If this takes too long, a telephone hotline and a live chat can be used from Monday to Friday between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. However, traders from Kenya can only use the live chat, the hotline is only available for users from Great Britain. If you like, you can also take the postal route and send a letter to Cyprus. Pleasant: The employees in customer support are always extremely friendly and can answer traders' inquiries quickly thanks to their high level of competence. So the conversation with the support is by no means annoying or disturbing.


Wer das direkte Gespräch mit den Mitarbeitern im Kundensupport such, kann nach unseren Invest.com Erfahrungen verschiedene Wege nutzen. Zum einen wird rund um die Uhr eine Mail-Betreuung angeboten, welche allerdings immer auch eine gewisse Wartezeit von mehreren Stunden mit sich bringt. Dauert das zu lange, kann von Montag bis Freitag zwischen 6 und 16 Uhr auf eine telefonische Hotline und einen Live-Chat zurückgegriffen werden. Trader aus Deutschland können allerdings nur den Live-Chat nutzen, die Hotline wird lediglich für Nutzer aus Großbritannien zur Verfügung gestellt. Wer mag, kann zudem den postalischen Weg einschlagen und einen Brief nach Zypern verschicken. Angenehm: Die Mitarbeiter im Kundensupport sind stets enorm freundlich und können die Anfragen der Trader durch ein hohes Maß an Kompetenz schnell beantworten. So ist das Gespräch mit dem Support keinesfalls lästig oder störend.

If you still prefer to look for the answer to your question on your own, you can use the FAQ area. Here the provider presents its portfolio in different categories, so that a large part of all questions can already be answered here. Of course, these are only general topics, account-specific matters must always be clarified in discussion with customer service.

User-friendliness of the platform

Even when you visit the homepage, it becomes clear that the broker great emphasis is placed on navigation and user-friendliness. The website is extremely tidy, but still shows all the important information. Exactly the same picture emerges when looking at the trading platforms. The Smart version is a bit clearer, as this is a special version for newcomers. On the other hand, there are significantly more additional functions and features in the Pro platform. In both cases, however, based on our experience with Invest.com, traders should be able to find their way around without any problems. It's a pity: there is no training program or an introduction to the platform. After a short familiarization phase, however, every trader should be "fit" enough for trading.

Invest.com App: Download apps for Android and iOS

Trading with the broker gains in flexibility as a result that an Invest.com app will be made available. This is available in two variants, which can be used in a convenient way. If you want to access the offer with an iOS device, you can simply search for Invest.com in the Apple App Store and you will find what you are looking for within seconds. The download is done quickly, as is the subsequent installation. The traders then have access to the entire portfolio and, depending on the platform, can also use the various additional functions. Exactly the same applies to users of an Android device, except that the download here is of course carried out via the Google Playstore. Disadvantages or losses do not have to be listed here either, instead the controls are easy and quick to learn thanks to an intuitive design. Even without previous experience in mobile trading, every trader should be able to trade while on the go.

Conclusion: The young broker knows how to inspire

Especially because Invest.com is a very is a young broker, the offer is to be regarded as enormously strong. The selection of base values ​​iscompared to other CFD brokers is versatile with over 200 in the Pro portfolio, even in the beginner-friendly Smart model there are still enough attractive trading opportunities. The low fees, which have to be paid primarily depending on the success and the investment, should be positively emphasized. However, with the exception of spreads, forex trading is free of charge. All in all, an attractive portfolio is made available, which is rounded off by the mobile app. A pity: The broker does not provide a bonus for the traders. In addition, according to our Invest.com experience, the selection of payment methods could be a bit wider. With regard to seriousness and security, however, only positive findings can be formulated, so that we can definitely recommend the broker.

Roland Herrmann
For comparison
Invest.com provides a flexible portfolio and can convince as a modern and regulated broker.
3.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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