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Thanks to the use of the Internet, playing the lottery has never been easier. For a long time now, customers have no longer had to visit the lottery shop to be able to play the classic 6 out of 49, for example. Clicking on a simpleLotto provider on the Internet is enough to not only be able to play the classics from Kenya, but also the classics from other countries. Jackpot.com is a provider with plenty of choice and many years of experience. The provider Jackpot clearly shows that serious behavior and a comprehensive selection are possible to inspire customers to the lottery. The Jackpot.com test report also shows that the provider not only offers a large selection, but can also help its customers with service. Nobody has to fear a rip-off or fraud here.

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Our experiences at a glance

The provider Jackpot.com can convince customers with its large selection. In the range of lotteries, the company not only has the classics, which many people know from Kenya, but also comprehensive foreign lotteries. Overall, the player can look forward to more than ten offers. These numerous offers are available daily. According to our jackpot experience, playing at Jackpot.com is very easy. What is striking, however, is that no syndicates and no system game are offered. Apart from that, any player can access and fill out the lottery ticket with the simple selection of the lottery game. In addition, the user can determine the duration of the lottery ticket.

Company LMATRIX Limited
Address No information available
Email [email protected]
Live Chat Yes

The concept , which Jackpot.com offers, differs slightly from other providers. Jackpot.com enables its customers to purchase a lottery ticket in the system, and the selected ticket is played by the company's employees on behalf of the customer. After successfully handing in the ticket at a suitable lottery acceptance point, the customer receives a scan of the lottery ticket. Jackpot.com is therefore merely the intermediary between the online lottery variant and the actual lottery system.

Jackpot.com under review: fraud or serious?

Jackpot.com is serious, that much can be said find out very quickly. Although the company does not require a license for gambling, as it does not offer this in full, the MGA license from Malta can be seen on the company's website. Why does the lottery provider not need a license? The provider Jackpot.com offers the lottery variants with the matching lottery tickets. The customer has the chance to fill out the lottery tickets accordingly. Now the game does not take place directly at the provider, but the provider Jackpot.com only serves as an intermediary and therefore does not require a license. The fact that he still owns one shows that he is very serious.

The Jackpot.com offer

The Jackpot.com company has a good selection of well-known and lesser-known lottery games collected. All in all, every user can not only look at the selection, but also use it to clear away. When looking at the jackpot offers, it quickly became apparent that not only well-known lotteries such as Eurojackpot or Powerball could be found. Also unknown lotteries such as Irish Lotto are available.

The website of Jackpot.com
Die Startseite von JackpotDer Support von Jackpit


Eurojackpot bet online, that will be also available from the provider Jackpot. This lottery is one of the best known and most played. The reason for the popularity is that the user can still win tens of millions of euros with the smallest win. The provider Jackpot provides the opportunity to purchase the lottery ticket once or with a subscription. Each user must be able to decide for himself which of these seems cheaper. Then five digits from 50 and two special numbers from ten are typed. If you can already show two correct tips, you have the chance to win the smallest prize.


Alsothe lottery game Euromillions can be found in the test from Jackpot.com. In terms of structure and process, the game is very similar to the Eurojackpot, which is why many players also consider the Euromillions game in addition to the Eurojackpot. Here, too, five numbers from 50 are selected on a lottery ticket. However, there is a difference in the special numbers. The user has to choose two numbers out of 12. The maximum jackpot that can be won here is 190 million euros.


Powerball is a lottery game from North America. The lottery player must choose exactly five numbers from 69 and also type the correct Powerball number from the 26 digits in order to win the jackpot. Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the world and has also started to gain acceptance in Kenya. The reason for this popularity lies in the jackpots, because these are set correspondingly high.

Mega Millions

In this lottery, five out of 75 numbers must be typed. The additional special number can be selected from 15 numbers. Mega Millions is also blessed with very high jackpots, which naturally attract players. Almost as well known in Kenya as the Euromillions.

6 out of 49

TheLotto classic 6 out of 49 is of course allowed with one Lottery providers are not missing and so this game caught our eye during the jackpot test. The classic is still the most popular in Kenya. Six picks out of 49 are played, with a super number or special number being drawn. With the classic, this can be selected from 9 numbers.

Other lotteries

In addition to these well-known lottery games, the provider also offers other lottery games. However, these are rather unknown in Kenya and only rarely played. A closer look reveals, among other things, the Polish Lotto or the Irish Lotto. The Polish Lotto can be compared to the classic 6 out of 49. However, there are no special numbers in the Polish Lotto. The situation is similar with Irish Lotto, but here too a clear difference to the Canadian variant can be found. Because the Irish Lotto has 47 numbers, not 49. These two lottery variants are a good way to simply get to know a different lottery game.

Bonus for new customers

Although the selection of lottery games is first class and the provider appears reputable, no bonus for new customers can be found. Although the company has introduced various FAQ areas on the website, no more detailed information on the respective bonus programs can be found. The only benefit customers get is found in the subscriber. This can be found when paying for the tickets or lottery tickets. By activating the subscriber, every customer has the opportunity to save the numbers they have typed and use them again and again. No further advantages can be seen when registering either. Due to the lack of bonus programs, the provider Jackpot.com has asignificant disadvantage compared to other internet lottery companies that operate in the same area.

Deposits and Payouts

The area of ​​deposits and also payouts is unfortunately far too little considered. The biggest security gap can be seen here if a provider is planning a rip-off. We took a closer look at the topic of deposits and withdrawals in the jackpot test.

The numerous payment methods can be clearly viewed and understood under the FAQ tab. The company offers a wide range of payment methods. Not only the usual options, such as credit card or bank transfer, are possible, but also different mobile variants. You can find Skrill and Neteller among others. But also Giropay, Webmoney and eKonto are available. With these payment methods, every Canadian player can top up their account in a few minutes or days. Of course, the company also offers other payment methods, but these are not well known and are not used in Kenya. If anyone is interested in these payment methods, information can be found in the questions and answers. It is very easy to make a deposit, simply press the "Pay in" button.

The available deposit methods at Jackpot
Der Support von Jackpit
Payment options: Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard
Minimum deposit: depending on Payment method
Account management possible in: EUR/ Country currency
Payout options: Visa, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller

Only a few payment variants stand out when it comes to payment methods. In addition to the Visa card and the typical bank transfers, the company also offers the variants Skrill and Neteller. Basically, these payout methods are completely sufficient. In order to have money transferred to a bank account, the respective bank details must be stored. If money is paid out, it can take up to 24 hours for it to reach the recipient's account.

Security and regulation

No customer really has to fear fraud or a rip-off at the provider Jackpot . Although the company doesn't offer PayPal or Paysafecard, there doesn't necessarily have to be a downside in security. Because Jackpot.com has a license, although this is not required by the company itself. The license from Malta is only issued under strict guidelines and the companies are also repeatedly checked for compliance with the rules laid down. Thus, customers always have the certainty that they are submitting their lottery tickets to a reputable provider.

Now many users are wondering why the lottery provider does not need a license. This question can be explained very easily by considering the concept. The provider provides so-called virtual lottery tickets. These lottery tickets are filled out and serve as a template for the provider to play the lottery ticket at a lottery acceptance point on behalf of the customer. Taking this procedure into account, a user does not play the lottery ticket, i.e. the game of chance, directly with the provider Jackpot, because the latter only acts as an intermediary. Acting as an intermediary in this context usually spares the company the license. However, in order to be able to provide the customer with security, the Jackpot.com company has applied for a license. In addition, the payment methods can be used to ensure security. Because the companies Skrill and Neteller also check the companies with which they work closely.

Support and customer service

Customers expect a very well-functioning customer service that answers the questions of the customers and these can answer accordingly extensively. Not all companies have good customer service. Jackpot.com, on the other hand, has put some real thought into this case and offers its customers a comprehensive service. The ladies and gentlemen of customer service can be reached several times. Accordingly, each user can decide for himself which contact method he would like to use. A personal chat is available, which can be reached via the envelope on the site. Customer service can also be reached by phone. The employees can be reached every day of the week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Customers can leave a message under the "Contact Us" tab found at the bottom of the page. For this purpose, the e-mail address and the request must be entered in the contact form. The last option offered by support is simple email. Simply enter the company's e-mail address and present the request.

Ultimately, many questions can also be answered by oneself without having to call a customer advisor. According to our experience, the questions and answers area is sufficiently developed at the company. There, questions are asked about the game processes, payouts and deposits and other relevant content. In addition, the company has explained every game that it offers itself. In order to find these explanations, it is enough to look at the lottery variant.

User-friendliness of the website

We have also looked at the website and in particular the operation of the website. Here, too, the provider Jackpot can convince. The site itself is very simple with few distractions. The customer can therefore fully concentrate on the game and the process. Navigation is easy. The upper tabs of the website reveal all important information. In addition to logging in and registering, the many games can also be found right on the start page. Customers therefore do not have to fear a long search task at the provider. Additional information about the licenses and contact details can be found below.

The handling cannot be proven to have any disadvantages. Not even when it comes to using the actual lottery tickets. These are displayed quickly and without advertising. Filling in is done with the mouse. The payment can then be made. A customer does not have to do more with the provider Jackpot.com.

Mobile App

TheThe online lottery mobile app topic occupies many people Users, because gaming on the go is becoming more and more popular. When we looked closely at the possible uses, we noticed that unfortunately there is no mobile app in this sense. Facebook and Twitter pages can be seen. However, these are more suitable for information transmission. Unfortunately, there is no app as you are used to. As a result, the company stands out from the competition only slightly. However, mobile use is still possible. Because the jackpot company has taken care to make the main page and the lottery tickets compatible with mobile devices. Accordingly, as a customer, you can enter the company's website into the browser of a mobile device and then call up the website. The game processes are the same and will not be changed.

This has its advantages, because as a customer or user of the site you don't have to get used to a new structure or different graphics. This is often a problem when using the app. Players do not have this problem when using the mobile site.

Conclusion: Good provider, well thought-out concept

Lotto lovers will get their money's worth at Jackpot.com. No player stays long without a lottery ticket here. In our test, the company proves to be serious and very secure, which can definitely be seen as a big plus. There are also many small advantages that users enjoy extensively as soon as they register. One of the biggest advantages is the many game options, even ifclassics like El Gordo are unfortunately not offered. Because in addition to the classics from Kenya, foreign lottery games can also be found. It is very easy to use, mainly because the website has been designed to be easy to use. Advertisements or distracting image elements were not displayed. But it's still a lot of fun to use. Also noteworthy are the numerous deposit options. These refer to the standards and also to some foreign methods. The payout methods are limited but quite sufficient.

The many security features should also be emphasized, because the company offers a license that it actually doesn't need. What also impressed us in the test is the customer service. In addition to e-mail readiness, this can be reached via telephone or live chat. Perfect when questions need to be answered quickly. In addition, most questions can be answered in the FAQ area.

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